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"The First Step in the New Mobility Agenda . . . is not to take that step at all"


Getting your words out:

This is to invite you to consider posting your incisive comments on matters
which concern us here also to the new World Streets platform at, which offers some nice advantages.

The routine is that your comments need to be associated with a given
article, and of course once posted they then become part of the article. (We
do need to admit that the comments are moderated and selected for relevance
in the context of the issues under discussion.)

Beyond this and in addition, if you scroll down a bit in the right hand
column you will see that the latest batch of comments are also brought to
the reader's attention there. And if you have signed in they will see your
pic and whatever contact information or references you may care to provide
there. This of course helps to the extent to which the various postings are
part of a broader knowledge-building exercise (one of the most important
objectives of this whole effort).

So I very much hope you will check it out and give it a try. It seems
important that these good exchanges not just get tossed up into the ethers
of cyberspace and then effectively disappear into the void forever.

And here is an example: - Cities need mobility, not cars

This discussion was initiated this week under the Sustran Forum and we
thought it would be a good idea if we could use the wide outreach of World
Streets to draw more attention to the exchanges, which you will now see are
unfolding under the heading of the introductory article, which you can see
here -

The first two comments have been plugged in by the editor, in the hope of
showing the way for others. And if this is topic which you have been giving
thought to, check it out and perhaps share your comments with our readers.

I very much hope we will be hearing from you.

And don't forget: "The First Step in the New Mobility Agenda . . . is not to
take that step at all"

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    chbuckeye | 14 Jun 18:47 2010
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    Re: Carfree Family Life


    This article mentioned public transit. For many
    folks, biking and busing really are satisfying.
    Even a family of 6 members can bike and bus our
    regional transit county wide system (although
    no guarantees that all 6 slots on the bike racks
    will be available on the return trip!).

    For San Luis Obispo County, California, the bike-bus
    experience for a family is wonderfully rich.
    Biking to the bus stop, riding to the Bob Jones
    Trail to Avila Beach, and biking back on the
    trail to the bus ride home is such a great
    way to enjoy the day.


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    > Going car-free with kids in America:
    > Sort of a primer for the dubious.
    > R
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      J.H. Crawford | 18 Jun 17:18 2010

      Towards Carfree Cities Conference IX


      Hi All,

      Just a reminder that Towards Carfree Cities IX begins in
      just 10 days. The conference theme is "How do We Get There?"

      The conference is hosted in York, England, 28 June to 1 July.
      York is a mid-sized city in norther England with a long
      history and a significant carfree area at the center.

      I'll be giving one of the keynotes and holding a workshop
      on the design of carfree areas.

      For more information:

      I look forward to seeing you there.



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      J.H. Crawford . Carfree Cities .

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        Mixed-Use Neighborhoods and Physical Activity


        A report on how living in denser mixed-use neighborhoods improves
        health by facilitating physical activity as part of daily life.


        Richard Risemberg

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