northeast16th | 31 Dec 08:43 2004

go by bicycle

Just a quick announcement for all y'all who've ordered or been 
interested in the past.

The new issue of Go By Bicycle (#3) is out and ready for mailing if 
you are interested. You may go to the following page and pay via 
paypal, or send cash to my po box. It's $3 by paypal or snailmail, 
but if you use the po box, please send cash as I don't have a 
business bank account. There are also issues of #1 and #2 available 
if you'd like one of those too. Just add $2 for each extra issue.

In this issue:

"random observations"
"local portland voices"
"michael rasmussen, bicycle commuter"
excerpt from "life in the bike lane"
and cartoons by neal skorpen, tom lechner and andy singer.
and many other bits and pieces
snazzy cover drawing from juliette oblivion

hope you enjoy the newest issue, and pedal fast.......

scott larkin 

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