Rarback, Harvey | 1 Nov 01:41 2008

Disabling XDMCP

	Tru64 gurus,

I am running 4.0f with Enhanced Security and cde as my login manager.  The security people here are requiring
me to disable XDMCP.  Here is what I have tried so far

  1. Adding the resource to /usr/var/X11/xdm/xdm-config: 
DisplayManager.requestPort:     0

  2. Adding the entry to /usr/var/X11/xdm/Xaccess:

  3. Modifying the line in /sbin/init.d/xlogin:

The first two options didn't change the XDMCP behavior.  The last option didn't allow DHCP access which I need.

I don't believe the first two options did anything because there is no xdm process running and there is no
xdm-errors or xdm-pid file created.

When the remote host makes an XDMCP Query request, the remote sees a popup dialog:
"Cannot obtain database information on this terminal"
And then a popup with the /etc/issue contents, but no login window.  When the remote host makes an XDMCP
Broadcast the remote host gets a Chooser box which includes the Tru64 hostname and then the above two popups.

How can I eliminate any vestige of an XDMCP server?

Many thanks for any insights.

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Didier Godefroy | 3 Nov 14:06 2008

Troubleshooting php/apache on tru64

Hello whoever is left on this list,

I hope enough of us are still on this mailing list to continue helping eahc

I have a problem with php on a tru64 system. I have two systems, that are
mostly the same, with 5.1b and they both have an apache 2.0 with php 4.4.x
setup already running right now. Without taking this existing setup offline,
I am trying to get apache 2.2 (2.2.10 now) working and if possible with
On one of the systems, after many attempts, I finally got apache2.2 working
and a php 5.2.5 working with it. I put that on port 81 for testing while the
existing setup is on port 80, so they coexist just fine.
However on that other system, even after finally getting apache2.2 working,
php won't work at all, in any version, I tried it with several php4.4
versions and php5.2 versions, even latest dev versions and still nothing.
The CLI works fine but not as a module.
What happens is that if I start apache without the php module enabled,
apache starts normally and it works fine. But when I enable the php module,
it won't start. If I start apache with the disabled php module and then let
it run while I enable the php module before doing a gentle restart, the it's
like php wasn't there (either php4 or php5).
There is no core dump to be found, no errors reported in any log, the only
message in a log is the normal apache suexec message that says it's enabled,
and nothing else.

I tried not compiling anything extra, turning off whatever could be turned
off to get a minimal version, even disabling the cli and cgi.
I have php compiled with debug, actually here is my configure line:

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Rarback, Harvey | 3 Nov 20:21 2008



I had asked:

> I am running 4.0f with Enhanced Security and cde as my login manager.  The
> security people here are requiring me to disable XDMCP.  Here is what I have
> tried so far
>   2. Adding the entry to /usr/var/X11/xdm/Xaccess:
> !*
> How can I eliminate any vestige of an XDMCP server?

Thanks to Trevor Osatchuk, Michael Polnick and Eric Sisson who asked about the files in /etc/dt/config/.  I
didn't have a /etc/dt/config directory.  Once I created it and copied over the modified files Xaccess and
Xconfig, all is well.  Eric also pointed out that this is documented in dtlogin(1).

Thanks to all.  This is a great list.

                          --Harvey Rarback

Dave Sill | 9 Nov 18:54 2008

Administrivia: Tru64-UNIX-Managers information and policy statement


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