Dave Sill | 9 Aug 18:54 2007

Administrivia: Tru64-UNIX-Managers information and policy statement


Tru64-UNIX-Managers Information and Rules

This message is a summary of the Tru64-UNIX-managers charter and rules.
Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in severe chastisement by
the list maintainer and other list participants. Retain a copy of this
statement and refer to it before submitting messages to the list or the list

Last modified: 2002-10-09                                                     |

  1. Send only HP Tru64 UNIX (formerly Compaq Tru64 UNIX (formerly            |
     Digital UNIX (formerly Digital OSF/1))) system management questions and  |
     summaries to tru64-unix-managers <at> ornl.gov. Include your return address in
     the body of your message so people can reply directly to you. Avoid MIME
     and HTML--many people can't read them.

  2. This list is not moderated! Every message that is sent to the list will
     be passed on to every member of the list (with a few small exceptions).

  3. This mailing list is managed by a utility called Majordomo. You can
     subscribe to the list by sending a message like:

           subscribe tru64-unix-managers

     to majordomo <at> ornl.gov.

     Likewise, if you want to remove yourself from the list, send the
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J Bacher | 10 Aug 17:25 2007

CPU Panic

Tru64 v5.1B
Dual CPU
2G memory

PROBLEM:  cpu 0 panic system uncorrectable machine check

ON BOOT:  error identifies problem in Bank 3 DIMM 0 Byte 4

  * We have swapped to a different chassis/motherboard/etc using only same CPUs 
and memory
  * CPU0 swapped with spare
  * CPU0's memory swapped with spare
  * We then took the original CPU0 and put it into CPU1 (still cpu 0 panic)
  * We reduced the memory down to 1M (so that above dimm/bank was empty)
  * We have swapped the memory between the two banks (expecting to see the error 
move, it did not).

We have replaced everything, tried moving CPUs and memory (cpu0<->cpu1) to see 
if the problem traveled.  We are still crashing and always on boot we see the 
same memory error even when memory was swapped out and when no memory was in 
that bank.

Aug 10 08:19:18 ns vmunix: Machine check code = 0x100000202
Aug 10 08:19:18 ns vmunix:      Ibox Status                             = 
Aug 10 08:19:18 ns vmunix:      Dcache Status                           = 
Aug 10 08:19:18 ns vmunix:      Cbox Address                            = 
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Uwe Lienig | 15 Aug 17:02 2007

Reason for a broken fuse in the fan control of a GS140

Hi managers,

I hope, someone is still watching the list. This is more a hardware question.

I have a GS140 (converted from a 8400). The fan caused a machine stop. Since the
fan wasn't working anymore. I checked the power supply to the fan. Everything
was normal, no power supply was broken. Therefore I pulled the fan housing. In
the housing is a controlling unit installed. The controlling unit has a 6.3 A
fuse that protects the input. The fuse was broken. After replacing the fuse, the
fan started working again (I provided 48V by a external power supply).

Since everything seems to be in workng condition again, I'm curious, why the
fuse broke. Is anybody out there who has gotten across the same problem? May be
the fuse is a bit to close to the maximum current that is needed by the fan.
I've seen a peak of 7 A during start of the fan. Would it help to replace the
fuse by a 8A type?

Thank you very much.


Uwe Lienig
fon: (+49 351) 462 2780
fax: (+49 351) 462 3476
mailto:uwe.lienig <at> fif.mw.htw-dresden.de

Forschungsinstitut Fahrzeugtechnik
parcels: Gutzkowstr. 22, 01069 Dresden
letters: PF 12 07 01,    01008 Dresden
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Vimal Upreti | 29 Aug 10:43 2007

SUMMARY:ZIP & UNZIP Software for Tru64 Unix

Thanks a lot to:
Olle Eriksson, Franz Fischer, Alen.Yokhanis, Gutierrez, Richard Jackson,
Jeffrey for providing the source, Link & files for ZIP & UNZIP. 
We needed only ZIP & UNZIP SW as there is some Oracle script which while
running uses ZIP & UNZIP SW. Any other form of zipping SW was not
supported ie.-GZIP, BZIP etc.

Following are the Links:

Thanks & regards.
Vimal Upreti