Toni Schmidbauer | 13 Nov 22:31 2014

[HEADSDOWN] augeas support in puppet3 works again

i've finished updating all puppet related packages and they are now in
the unstable catalog. 

this also fixes augeas support on solaris 10 x86 which did not work.

just as a reminder: the newer puppet packages require ruby20, so it will
get installed alongside ruby18.

to switch between default ruby versions use

alternatives --config ruby

puppet related packages (ruby_augeas, hiera, facter and puppet itself)
always use ruby20.

please test and report any bugs you might discover.


Toni Schmidbauer | 12 Nov 23:08 2014

[HEADSUP] facter updated to 1.7.6, pulls in ruby20

it's me once again...

i've just updated facter in the unstable catalog to 1.7.6. the updated
version uses ruby 2.0.0 instead of 1.8. so on upgrading to facter 1.7.6
you will also get a newer ruby version.

running ruby 1.8 and 2.0 in parallel should work without any
problems. you can always switch the default ruby version with

alternatives --config ruby

if you have any problems running facter 1.7.6 please drop me an e-mail
and open a bug report.


Toni Schmidbauer | 10 Nov 10:31 2014

[HEADSUP] augeas support in puppet3 currently broken


as i'm on my way updating puppet3 and all the packages it depends on to
more recent versions, augeas support in puppet3 is currently broken in
the unstable catalog.

when i'm finished building the packages the unstable catalog will

- puppet 3.6.2
- facter 1.7.6
- hiera 1.3.4
- augeas 1.2.0
- ruby-augeas 0.5.0
- ruby 2.0.0p594

sorry for any inconvenience this may cause


Dagobert Michelsen | 4 Nov 20:11 2014

Re: OpenCSW question about package py_openssl

Hi Marc,

> Am 04.11.2014 um 16:02 schrieb Hej.Dagobert@...:
> I would like to compile the pyopenssl package but have it difficulties due to lots of headers missing.

If you want to compile stuff make sure to install all the CSW*-dev packages. Unfortunately
not all Makefiles list all needed header files, so you may need to find the others. If you
encounter such an issue just drop us a note so we can add that to the Makefiles.

> Anyway, I was wondering when there will be an update for python2.7, or if you have any tips you could provide
me of being more successful in compiling other than just \'pip install pyopenssl\'.
> I appreciare your feedback.

That is strange, CSWpy-openssl is already dual-build for 2.6 and 2.7:

„dublin“ is the only release that still has the 2.6-only build py_openssl-0.11,REV=2011.07.16,
all other releases already have py_openssl-0.13.1,REV=2013.10.23. Please verify
with pkgutil -V to which release you are subscribed.

Best regards

  — Dago


"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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David Long | 1 Nov 00:35 2014


Does anybody know if opencsw has mongodb package?

I tried "/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -a mongodb"
And got no package listed.
root # /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -a mongodb
Checking integrity of
/var/opt/csw/pkgutil/catalog.mirror.opencsw.org_opencsw_stable_sparc_5.10 with gpg.
gpg: Signature made Mon Oct 13 03:09:15 2014 PDT using DSA key ID 9306CC77
gpg: Good signature from "OpenCSW catalog signing <board@...>"
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: 4DCE 3C80 AAB2 CAB1 E60C  9A3C 05F4 2D66 9306 CC77
common               package              catalog                        size

No exact matches found, doing fuzzy matching for first argument (mongodb) ...

But website show opencsw has it ""


Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński | 30 Oct 10:42 2014

Inactive maintainer accounts have been retired

Hello OpenCSW maintainers and users,

We've done a cleanup of maintainer accounts.

Some maintainer accounts were not active for a long time. If a
maintainer did not upload a package in the last 2 years, we've changed
the account status to 'Retired'. This allows our website to display
information which is closer to the truth.

Changing status to retired is a reversible operation, so if anybody
wants to come back and build packages, please do!

Many thanks go to Ben for handling it.


Dagobert Michelsen | 30 Oct 09:30 2014

Re: New package request : libgmp 5.1

Hi Yuri,

> Am 29.10.2014 um 09:49 schrieb via pkgrequests <pkgrequests@...>:
> Dear maintainers,
> A new package request has been received from Yuri
(mailto:yvoinov@...). libgmp 5.1 is requested to be added to
our catalog.
> Here is the attached message : 
> Hi guys, I really need fresh version of GMP library ASAP. Please assign new maintainer to do that. Thanks.

This is a volunteer project, so if there is someone around who wants a new gmp for himself
he will probably do it. We are always looking for maintainers, so if you are able to help
your contribution is very welcome. Nonetheless I’ll post the request and see if there is
interest among the maintainers to make an updated package.

Best regards

  — Dago


"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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David Hollenberg | 22 Oct 19:14 2014

OpenSSL 1.0.1j not in testing catalog

I see that package CSWlibssl1-0-0 has been updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1j in
the unstable catalog, but doesn't seem to be in the testing catalog
(which is what we are using).  Is this latest version going to be in
the testing catalog any time soon?  If not, is there a way to get just
that one package from the unstable catalog, since it has fixes for


Toni Schmidbauer | 22 Oct 16:17 2014

updated ruby20/puppet3 packages


i'm just getting my feet wet with building opencsw packages with
mgar. we are using puppet on solaris and i would like to update the
puppet3 packages. as far as i know the current maintainer of the puppet3
packages is no longer interested in updating to a newer version

what i've done so far:

- updated the puppet3 Makefile to puppet 3.6.2 and added a dependency on
  ruby20. the current ruby version used for puppet (1.8) is old and
  according to out of maintenance.

- created a new package for hiera, as the puppet master now depends on

- refactored the ruby20 package into ruby20, ruby20_ri and ruby20_dev
  and added a dependency on libssl_1_0_0

we are going to do some more testing with these new packages and i would
love to bring these changes upstream.

what's not quite clear to me is how do i bring these changes upstream?
should i open bug reports for puppet3 and ruby20? what about the new
hiera package?

or should i post patches?

sorry for all the questions, any help would be appreciated
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Dagobert Michelsen | 16 Oct 16:43 2014

Re: OpenCSW contact maintainer

Hi David,

Am 14.10.2014 um 23:45 schrieb david.r.linn@...:
> I have a question about OpenCSW apache24 (2.4.7,REV=2014.02.21).
> In the httpd.conf file, there are a number of references to //opt/csw
> (yes, that\'s 2 slashes before \"opt\").  Is this a substitution error or is this intentional (making use
of something I haven\'t found in the apache 2.4 manual).  Here are some of the instances of the string:
> ./httpd.conf.CSW:DocumentRoot \"/var//opt/csw/apache2/htdocs\"
> ./httpd.conf.CSW:<Directory \"/var//opt/csw/apache2/htdocs\">

This looks like a substitution error. I am still looking into the build recipe
where this artifact comes from. Would you mind also opening a bug report? This way
I can properly track the issue.

Best regards

  — Dago


"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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dam | 16 Oct 14:41 2014

Re: OpenCSW question about package CSWapache24

Hi Daniel,

Am 2014-10-16 12:24, schrieb daniel.bossert@...:
> I wanted to install apache2.4 on Solaris 10 SPARC. However, when I
> access a php-file, then firefox tells he want\'s to download it
> instead of executing it.
> I ve seen that there is a package called ap2_modphp5, but that works
> only with apache2.2 .
> Is there somewhere an analog package for 2.4 or how can I execute php 
> files?

Not yet. Unfortunately maintainer headcount is declining and until 
steps up to make packages for php5 and apache 2.4 there won't be 

Best regards

   -- Dago