Riccardo Mottola | 21 Apr 12:54 2016

debugging failing build / additional make parameters

Hi all,

I am still tring do debug whi I can't build gnustep-back on Solaris 9 
while it does build on 10!
I have a problem with missing includes or wrong order of includes with 
freetype and cairo.

One think I'd like to know if and what path is really used to build.

GNUstep make builds without issuing the actual compile command line.
E.g one sees only

Compiling xxxx....
Compiling xxxx....

one needs to run "make messages=yes" to see the actual commands (debug).
How can I pass this?
I thought

BUILD_ARGS += messages=yes

would so it, but it doesn't work... perhaps something in the receipe 
"breask" that? Or isn't BUILD_ARGS the variable I need to add options to 

To that I also have the curiosity if we can enable in mgar 
parallel-build. E.g. am extra BUILD arg could be -j$(CPU_NUM)


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rupert THURNER | 15 Apr 19:41 2016

respin apache24, solarisstudio12.4 on experimental?


on experiementatal10x i tried to respin apache24 and configure tries to use
while there is only

cause might be that i upgraded apr on unstable10x, where
solarisstudio12.4 is installed.


rupert THURNER | 15 Apr 16:35 2016



i am trying to respin apache2 and apr to solve
(missing symbol ap_filter_flush, and others)

when doingn it with apache2 i get:
rupert <at> experimental10x [global]:~/opencsw/apache2/trunk > mgar package
Transferring <CSWapache2rt> package instance
mkp: exec( gzip -9 -f
/tmp/apache2rt-2.2.31,REV=2016.04.15-SunOS5.10-all-CSW.pkg )
mkp: exec( mv /tmp/apache2rt-2.2.31,REV=2016.04.15-SunOS5.10-all-CSW.pkg.gz
/home/rupert/pkgs/15.Apr.2016 )
mkp: exec( rm -rf /home/rupert/spool/5.10-i386/CSWapache2rt )
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/rupert/opencsw/.buildsys/v2/gar//bin/../lib/python/checkpkg2.py",
line 268, in <module>
  File "/home/rupert/opencsw/.buildsys/v2/gar//bin/../lib/python/checkpkg2.py",
line 140, in main
  File "/home/rupert/opencsw/.buildsys/v2/gar/lib/python/package_stats.py",
line 115, in __init__
    pkgdb_url=self.config.get('rest', 'pkgdb'),
  File "/opt/csw/lib/python2.6/ConfigParser.py", line 532, in get
    raise NoSectionError(section)
ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: 'rest'
/home/rupert/opencsw/.buildsys/v2/gar//gar.pkg.mk:1169: recipe for
target 'pkgcheck' failed
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Peter FELECAN | 26 Mar 13:57 2016

where is the GAR documentation?

Usually I have a bookmark on it but lately I cannot access it anymore.

For example, when going to our Wiki: http://wiki.opencsw.org/build and
choosing the link named "Official GAR documentation", which eventually
resolves to https://buildfarm.opencsw.org/trac/ , I'm getting an ugly:
"Service Temporarily Unavailable".



rupert THURNER | 25 Mar 13:15 2016

experimental, or test install


how you guys do to get something into experimental, either on the
website, or install something after a mgar package?

experimental10x# pkgutil -i /home/rupert/pkgs/22.Mar.2016/*i386*
Installing your local packages ...

=> Installing /home/rupert/pkgs/22.Mar.2016/ap2_subversion-1.9.3,REV=2016.03.22-SunOS5.10-i386-CSW.pkg.gz
sh: /home/rupert/pkgs/22.Mar.2016/ap2_subversion-1.9.3,REV=2016.03.22-SunOS5.10-i386-CSW.pkg:
cannot create
pkginfo: ERROR: unable to complete package transfer
    - unable to obtain package volume
Use of uninitialized value $pkg in concatenation (.) or string at
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil line 222.
Use of uninitialized value $pkg in concatenation (.) or string at
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil line 227.
Use of uninitialized value $pkgname in concatenation (.) or string at
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil line 913.

=> Removing currently installed
Use of uninitialized value $pkgname in string at /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil line 914.
pkgrm: ERROR: no package associated with <>
pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
    - open of </home/rupert/pkgs/22.Mar.2016/ap2_subversion-1.9.3,REV=2016.03.22-SunOS5.10-i386-CSW.pkg>
failed, errno=2
pkgadd: ERROR: could not process datastream from

pkgadd failed with exit code: 99
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Dagobert Michelsen | 24 Mar 14:36 2016

mkdtemp only on Solaris 10 Sparc

Hi folks,

I just a funny thing: the new libc-function mkdtemp() is only available on Solaris 10 Sparc,
although the release between Sparc and i386 and identical:

> dam <at> unstable10s [unstable10s]:/home/dam > more /etc/release
>                    Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 s10s_u10wos_17b SPARC
>   Copyright (c) 1983, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
>                             Assembled 23 August 2011
> dam <at> unstable10s [unstable10s]:/home/dam > nm -D /usr/lib/libc.so | grep mkdtemp
> [2326]  |    364852|       168|FUNC |GLOB |0    |9      |mkdtemp
> dam <at> unstable10s [unstable10s]:/home/dam > pvs -d /usr/lib/libc.so
>         libc.so.1;
>         SUNW_1.23;
>         SUNW_1.22.7;
>         SUNW_1.22.6;
>         SUNW_1.22.5;
>         SUNW_1.22.4;
>         SUNW_1.22.3;
>         SUNW_1.22.2;
>         SUNW_1.22.1;
>         SUNW_1.22;
>         SUNW_1.21.3;
>         SUNW_1.21.2;
>         SUNW_1.21.1;
>         SUNW_1.21;
>         SUNW_1.20.4;
>         SUNW_1.20.1;
>         SUNW_1.20;
>         SUNW_1.19;
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Jan Holzhüter | 20 Mar 11:16 2016

Buildfarm died.

the buildfarm can't fork anymore :)
core and reboot in progress.


rupert THURNER | 20 Mar 09:48 2016

make platforms goes to unstable9s and fails


make platforms on the mercrial package fails, going to unstable9x.
this is not what it should do, isn't it?


rupert THURNER | 20 Mar 09:44 2016

experimental password


as this gcc-4.9 problem in python is still not fixed on unstable i
tried to build mercurial on experimental. last time sudo was possible
to install missing packages, now not? which password does it take, if
it is not the one on login.opencsw?


İhsan Doğan | 2 Mar 20:55 2016

Mail & Web Server Downtime


I'm going on site to the Data 11 [1] data center tomorrow evening. While
being there I will replace the faulty disk (thanks Laurent for the disk)
and the ALOM battery. For this I have to shut down the machine.

Date: 3. March 2016
Time: 15:15 UTC (16:16 CET)

[1] http://www.data11.ch/



ihsan@...        http://blog.dogan.ch/

Jan Holzhueter | 2 Mar 15:36 2016

thoughts on openssl update

as posted to users list I was kind of to quick with rebuild of the new
openssl. As I thought like many there will be not much stuff out there
still using the sslv2* functions.
Seems like I was wrong.

I'm not sure what might be broken. e.g. curl wget etc will probably only
explode if they try sslv2 connection but other stuff might check all the
So whats your take?
Stay with sslv2 disabled. And rebuild stuff that explodes.
Or enable sslv2 for the time beeing. Or do a cleanup/rebuild with the
openssl 1.0.2 that I'm working on anyway. ?

Anyone with some time could run through our stuff to check for

Those would need a rebuild.

I'm not sure though since our libssl has elf versions if those would
just show up in general on everything linked with libssl.

 <at> Maciej do we might even have that info in pkgdb (maybe just not exposed)

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