Laurent Blume | 11 Dec 14:27 2014

SF commit emails not arriving

Apparently, my own commits don't get an email, though I'm receiving 
those of a few others.

What gives?


Jake Goerzen | 11 Dec 00:15 2014

road block updating sdlimage


   I can successfully build updated sdlimage packages on unstable10x but 
I'm having trouble building them on unstable10s.  The problem is 
undefined symbol during linking on sparc.   The missing symbols are 
provided by it's self and seem to be included (.libs/IMG_webp.o). Would 
someone take the current recipe for a spin and see if can find what is 

Here's a snip of where the compile stops on sparc:

libtool: link: /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -G -z defs -h 
-o .libs/ .libs/IMG.o .libs/IMG_bmp.o 
.libs/IMG_gif.o .libs/IMG_jpg.o .libs/IMG_lbm.o .libs/IMG_pcx.o 
.libs/IMG_png.o .libs/IMG_pnm.o .libs/IMG_tga.o .libs/IMG_tif.o 
.libs/IMG_xcf.o .libs/IMG_xpm.o .libs/IMG_xv.o .libs/IMG_webp.o   
-R/opt/csw/lib -L/opt/csw/lib -lSDL -lpthread -lposix4 -lc  -m32 
-xarch=sparc -m32 -xarch=sparc
Undefined                       first referenced
  symbol                             in file
WebPInitDecBufferInternal           .libs/IMG_webp.o
WebPGetFeaturesInternal             .libs/IMG_webp.o
WebPInitDecoderConfigInternal       .libs/IMG_webp.o
WebPIDecGetYUVA                     .libs/IMG_webp.o
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors. No output written to 

Best regards,

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Riccardo Mottola | 7 Dec 19:28 2014

problem committing (from my own box)


when trying to commit from my own box, I get this:

bash-4.3$ mgar commit -m "adopt changes made by Dago in gnustep-base"
Committing changes.
Authentication realm: <> SourceForge User
Password for 'rmottola': **********

svn: E000013: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E000013: could not begin a transaction

username & password are correct though! Ideas? I was able to commit in 
the past... and i am able to commit from the buidl farm, at least I was 
a couple of days ago.

bash-4.3$ /usr/sbin/ping is alive


Riccardo Mottola | 7 Dec 19:23 2014

gnutar vs gtar ?


After Dagobert made several changes to gnustep-base (there is stills 
something left), I tried to update also gnustep-gui to his suggestions. 
I wanted, at least locally, go up with his changes to an application and 
see it all works compared to mine.

gnustep-base builds on my box just fine, as on the buildfarm.

while building gnustep-gui on my own box

Making install for bundle libgmodel...
  Installing headers...
  Installing bundle directory...
/bin/sh: gnutar: not found
/bin/sh: gnutar: not found
recipe for target 'shared-instance-bundle-install' failed

bash-4.3$ which gtar
bash-4.3$ which gnutar
no gnutar in /opt/csw/bin /usr/bin /usr/ucb /etc .

What's the situation at your place? Who is invoking "gnutar" ? It is not 
something usual, I don't have gnutar on other platforms like NetBSD, but 

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Carsten Grzemba | 5 Dec 10:48 2014

which compiler should I use

I like to push a new netsnmp package and thought that is  a good idea to use GCC for that, but
it  delivers a Perl and Python binding and perl says:
perl -V:cc

python2.6 likes: /opt/solarisstudio12.3/bin/cc
python2.7 likes: /opt/csw/bin/gcc4.9

What is the best match?

Jan Holzhueter | 5 Dec 10:14 2014

Re: Some packages are missing bundle information, we need to fix it

Am 05.12.14 um 10:05 schrieb Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński:
>     Bundle names changes are not inherently bad, but the package
>     promotion code can't handle them correctly at the moment.

so should I push those just manual?
As I think the packages are fine?

Or would that brake new updates still?


Some packages are missing bundle information, we need to fix it

Hello maintainers,

Our package integration doesn't work properly because some packages
are missing the bundle information. The list can be seen near the end
of the package promotions page.

Would anyone like to volunteer and debug this? Do these packages
actually miss the bundle field? What to do to restore the field?

Then, rebuild and upload packages with the bundle information.

Affected packages:
- flac (multiple packages)
- libmysqlclient18

This should fix the package promotion. By the way, the munich catalog
is broken and this blocks catalog generation. This doesn't prevent us
from uploading fixed packages, but it does block the generation of the
testing catalog.


Laurent Blume | 3 Dec 23:09 2014

IT's time to remove the Solaris 8 packages


There's another guy on IRC coming to ask for S8 binaries. I think it is 
more than time to remove them from the archive.

I have nothing against him, he asked nicely, But nevertheless, they must go.

At this point, they are more a liability than anything else. All the 
famous vulnerabilities are there, HEARTBLEED, SHELLSHOCK, POODLE, and 
those who've not done the headlines.

The people who come asking for them are following a pattern: they're 
obviously not experimented, and they clearly are not able to assess the 
risks, and *never* in a position to take decision.

Then, their employers follow a similar pattern: they're cheapskates, who 
want to get as much money as possible from obsolete systems with no 
investment in time nor money. They willingly put their customers are 
risk because of their greed.

And lastly, there's an existing alternative, there's SunFreeware, which, 
from a quick look, has much more recent packages.

So frankly, I think we're doing a disservice to everybody by keeping 
those old files online. They should be removed. If a company is 
motivated to revive it and provides resources for it, welcome to it. But 
those files as they stand are just used as an excuse to avoid doing that.



rupert THURNER | 30 Nov 13:37 2014

example for working github configuration

i tried to update mod_wsgi to the new release on github:

i checked the documentation:

which states:
GITHUB_USER     =       flavio
DISTNAME        =       $(GITHUB_USER)-$(NAME)-101a7c5

but i can enter whatever i want, it does not fail on fetching the
contents but later on.

rupert  <at>  unstable10x : ~/opencsw/mod_wsgi/trunk
$ mgar makesums
[===== NOW BUILDING: mod_wsgi-4.4.0 =====]
        [prerequisite] complete for mod_wsgi.
        [fetch] complete for mod_wsgi.


Dagobert Michelsen | 24 Nov 22:12 2014

Re: gnustep-base, package warnings

Hi Riccardo,

> Am 24.11.2014 um 20:26 schrieb Dagobert Michelsen <dam@...>:
> Hi Riccardo,
>> Am 21.11.2014 um 15:51 schrieb Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola@...>:
>> Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
>>> I became you and can reproduce the different behavior: it works on your account but not mine
>>> on the same machine. I’ll investigate further, please don’t build in gnustep-base until I’m done
>>> as I effectively work as you on unstable10s.
>> Do you have some news? Why can't you build if you don't impersonate me?
>> And then of course the original problem about all the problems in the package :)
> Ok, I found the issue why my build was different than yours: some experimental
> feature I added and didn’t remember. Now I can reproduce your issue, I’ll see
> if I can fix the issues.

Ok, I restructured the Makefile a bit, so please „mgar up“. The following issues

> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWgnustep-base += binary-architecture-does-not-match-placement|file=opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Tools/autogsdoc|arch_id=18|arch_name=sparcv8+
> …

This is ok and must be overidden as the location is really non-standard.

> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWgnustep-base += file-with-bad-content|/usr/local|root/opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/
> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWgnustep-base += file-with-bad-content|/usr/share|root/opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/

These are for zoneinfo, there are a number of locations used, the only one should be
and then override the /usr/share, but make sure to skip /usr/local as it is really ugly.

> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWgnustep-base += no-direct-binding|/opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/|is|not|directly|bound|to|soname|
> …

This is because LD_OPTIONS is not inherited. It is an environment-variable with the value
       LD_OPTIONS = -R/opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries/$ISALIST
-R/opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Library/Libraries -R/opt/csw/lib/$ISALIST -R/opt/csw/lib -M
/home/dam/mgar/pkg/.buildsys/v2/gar/lib/map.solaris10 -B direct -z ignore
Please note the „-B direct“ which is missing in the resulting binaries.

> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWgnustep-base += soname-not-found||is|needed|by|opt/csw/GNUstep/System/Tools/gdnc
> ...

This is a followup to the previous error because -R also didn’t make it into the binary.

I hope it helps and you are able to fix the issues.

Best regards

  — Dago


"You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something,
and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process." - xkcd #896

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Laurent Blume | 24 Nov 17:18 2014

Re: OpenCSW contact maintainer

Hello Kruno,

CC:ing the maintainers list for future reference.

About the legal issues, Wireshark is distributed under the terms of the 
GNU GPLv2. Best to ask your lawyer to be sure, see the Wireshark FAQ as 
a starting point:

Technically, you can create you own buildfarm as described there:

The first steps are easy and allow you to get the recipes and work on 
them locally. Having checkpkg allows to get the dependencies right, but 
it's somewhat more difficult. The OpenCSW buildfarm has all this 
running, of course.

If your changes are of common interest, you could get them included. 
More generally, if you are planning to work with Wireshark as a Solaris 
product on the long term, I can only encourage you to participate in 
OpenCSW, where you could keep it up-to-date more easily, and make sure 
whatever changes you need can be applied.
Myself, I had a need it for it and it was broken, so I fixed it, but I 
have little time for it now.



Le 2014/11/24 14:30 +0100, Kfranic a écrit:
> Hello,
> I have one question about repackaging the openCSW Wireshark package.
> We would like to unpack it, make some changes then repackage it and provide that package to the customer.
> I am finding it difficult to get the info if this is allowed or not, do you have info if this is allowed and if so
under which license?
> Any info would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Br,
> Kruno