Lyle Bickley | 20 May 23:49 2015

Veritas Storage/Volume Replicator

Hi All,

I'm looking for an old (before 3/2000) copy of Veritas* Systems "Storage
Replicator" for Windows or "Volume Replicator" for Solaris.

This is for business purposes - so there's a "bounty" available :)

I'm normally in "hobby" mode on these lists - so forgive this "crass"
business request ;)


* Later sold to Symantec

Bickley Consulting West Inc.

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Lyle Bickley | 5 May 22:33 2015

Solaris, etc. NOS...

I visit Weirdstuff Warehouse regularly - and today came across some
items that Sun lovers might find useful.

I found a LOT of boxes of NOS older versions of Solaris. Also some
open (but boxed) Sun software apps (StarOffice, Framemaker, etc.).

If you are interested in any of the above, contact "Jim"  <at>  Weirdstuff.


(My only affiliation with Weirdstuff is as a client. I attempt to
preserve what I can of vintage hardware and software. I do NOT receive
any compensation from them).


Bickley Consulting West Inc.

"Black holes are where God is dividing by zero"
Lyle Bickley | 8 Oct 06:05 2014

Sun systems available...

I friend of mine is putting a number of vintage Sun systems up for
auction tomorrow. I expect them to go for modest prices.

The auction is at:

I have no financial relationship with either the seller or the


Bickley Consulting West Inc.

"Black holes are where God is dividing by zero"
J C Laughton | 14 Oct 18:28 2013

SBus GPIB cards looking for good home

NI SBUS GPIB cards looking for good home

I have a couple of unused, National Instruments, SBUS GPIB cards, and an accompanying (unused) GPIB cable
going spare. If anyone is interested in them, I can provide further details. There are no driver software
discs or documentation with them. Available for the cost of postage.


Jon Laughton
Jim Carpenter | 30 Sep 12:21 2013

Fwd: Free Sun items for Sun 2 and Sun 3

I'm just passing this on. E-mail him, not me!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: silvercreekvalley <silvercreekvalley <at>>
Date: Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 6:11 PM
Subject: Free Sun items for Sun 2 and Sun 3
To: cctalk <at>

Clearing my storage unit and have a few bits and pieces of Sun stuff  if
anyone is interested. All items are not tested, so for parts only, and they
are free but collection only. I have some pictures.

Sun 3/60 - seems complete with colour frame buffer and memory

Sun 3/80 - case, motherboard, floppy drive and PSU only (no memory or HD)

Sun 3/80 - case only

Sun 2 monitor on swivel pedestal. This looks to be mono ECL but serial
number is hard to
read so not sure. Hard to find these days.

A large CPU board - I think from a SPARCserver of some kind
(501-2055), it is fully populated
with memory, has an SBUS card (frame buffer possibly), and two CPU
modules fitted.

A boxed Sun keyboard (probably Sun sparcstation era).

Collection from South bay area (near San Jose, CA). All items free.
(Continue reading)

Paxton | 6 Sep 18:40 2013

Re: Suns-at-Home Digest, Vol 33, Issue 3

> Some 34 hours ago, I sent mail to the list about a SS20 whose case I
> wanted to glue back together.

I would use a two part clear 5 minute epoxy to glue it back together and rig some way to hold the joints tight.


Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR
Suns-at-Home mailing list
Suns-at-Home <at>
Kurt M. Nowak | 1 Sep 06:57 2013

***JUNK MAIL*** Sun 3/60 SCSI issues

Hi all,

I have a Sun 3/60 and I hooked up a terminated 411 box with a Sun D-50 to HD-50 cable and a Sun terminator. The LED on the terminator does not come on when I power on the machine. I did some diagnostics using the loopback connector mentioned in and I get an error message (see the end of the test output). The other tests (b,c,s and u) all are ok...its the external loopback test that I have problems with. I know its not the cable, because it works on another machine. Someone mentioned that I might have a faulty fuse, but both of the two fuses on the board are ok.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Boot PROM Monitor Commands

a [digit]                               | Open CPU Addr Reg (0-7)
b [dev([cntrl],[unit],[part])]          | Boot a file
c [addr]                                | Continue program at Addr
d [digit]                               | Open CPU Data Reg (0-7)
e [addr]                                | Open Addr as 16 bit word
f beg_addr end_addr pattn [size]        | Fill Memory
g [addr]                                | Go to Addr
h                                       | Help Menu
k [number]                              | Reset (0)CPU, (1)MMU, (2)System
l [addr]                                | Open Addr as 32 bit long
m [addr]                                | Open Segment Map
o [addr]                                | Open Addr as 8 bit byte
p [addr]                                | Open Page Map
q [addr]                                | Open EEPROM
r                                       | Open CPU Regs (i.e. PC)
s [digit]                               | Set/Query Function Code (0-7)
t [y/n/c]                               | Trace: Yes/No/Continue
u [arg]                                 | Select Console Device
v beg_addr end_addr [size]              | Display Memory
w [addr] [string]                       | Vector
x                                       | Extended Diag Tests
z [addr]                                | Set Breakpoint


Extended Test Menu:  (Enter 'q' to return to Monitor)

Cmd -  Test

  ae - Ethernet Test
  kb - Keyboard Input Test
  me - Memory Test
  mk - Mouse/Keyboard Ports Test
  rs - Serial Ports Test
  sd - SCSI Disk Bootpath Test
  si - SCSI Interface Test
  st - SCSI Tape Bootpath Test
  vm - Video (Monochrome) Test
  vc - Video (Color) Test
  ve - Video Enable Plane Test
  cm - Color Map Test
  vo - Video Overlay Plane Test


SCSI Interface Tests:  (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

Cmd -  Test

  b - SCSI Byte Ctr Wr/Rd Test
  c - SCSI CS Reg Wr/Rd Test
  s - SBC Chip Wr/Rd Test
  u - 9516 UDC Chip Wr/Rd Test
  x - SCSI Bus External Loopback Test


Test Options: (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)

Cmd  -  Option

 f   -  Loop forever
 h   -  Loop forever with Halt on error
 l   -  Loop once with Loop on error
 n   -  Loop forever with error messages inhibited
<cr> -  Loop once


SCSI Loopback Error: all signals shld be off(high) exp 0, obs 80
SCSI Loopback Error: Signals:ACK,BSY,SEL,ATN,REQ,MSG,C/D,I/O: exp F0, obs 90
SCSI Loopback Error: Signals:ACK,BSY,SEL,ATN,REQ,MSG,C/D,I/O: exp F, obs C2
Test failed during pass 1.  Total errors = 1.

SCSI Interface Tests:  (Enter 'q' to return to Test Menu)
Suns-at-Home mailing list
Suns-at-Home <at>
E. L. Evans V | 1 Sep 13:52 2013

Re: Suns-at-Home Digest, Vol 32, Issue 8 SS20 case glue?

On 8/31/13 12:00 PM, suns-at-home-request <at> wrote:

> ...
> what sort of glue will
> work on that plastic.  I've tried using acetone to solvent-weld it in
> the past (for much more minor damage), with no success.  Anyone have
> success stories to share?

I haven't had to glue Sun cases in particular.

Otherwise my go-to is to use steel wool or Scotch-Brite to scuff the
mating surfaces, use rubbing alcohol to clean them, and once thoroughly
dry store or house brand Super Glue adhesive.  A flat level area for the
object to lay for ~24 hours for the set-up and cure and Robert's your
mother or fathers brother.  Well ventilated room, 65 degress F or more,
read and follow all manufacturers instructions, &c.

I have used additional lengths of similar (and not) plastic laid and
glued similarly on the inside to strengthen the joints, both across and
with the crack being repaired.

The house brand glue often comes in a convenient and inexpensive
three-pack so if nec'y I can test in a small inconspicuous area the
reaction of the plastic to the glue if I think that is warranted.

You will likely want to ponder a bit, considering the layout and
(relative) sizes of the edges to be joined, deciding if you want to do
one glue-up up everything and perhaps gentle application of carpenters
clamps borrowed or rented for the occasion, or reassemble bit-by-bit.
If you have scrap wood and tie-down straps they can make surprisingly
good clamps, just mind it doesn't buckle.

Good luck and glad it didn't fall on you.
Alan Perry | 1 Sep 05:09 2013

Axil update

Got all of the parts that I needed for the Axil.  64M sticks of RAM were 
$7, so I bumped the 32M to 160M.  Got a 2.1G Barracuda HDD and a TurboGX 
frame buffer.  And a NOS Axil Type 5 keyboard (but the mouse doesn't work).

Installed OpenStep 4.2 on it and it works great.  It certainly has more 
pep than I remember my '30 NeXT slab having ;)

It talks nicely on my network and out my DSL, but its 10M ethernet is 
slower than my DSL line.  Except for one notable exception, it has 
worked with all of the NeXTSTEP/OpenStep SPARC code that I have found on 
the net.  The one exception that I have found is the newest browser 
known to work with OpenStep, OmniWeb.

I decided to build some modern open source packages on it, but the 1995 
vintage compiler and tools aren't quite up to snuff for this kind of 
work.  I have even had problems with gzip and tar.  But it is fun trying.

Mouse | 31 Aug 08:59 2013

SS20 case glue?

I dropped a SS20 today.  (Well, it's more like, I thought I had it
secured, but a critical strap holding it came undone unexpectedly.)  It
fell maybe four feet onto a wooden porch.

The case top broke, with three pieces covering maybe 15-20 square
inches breaking off the main body of it.  The metal piece into which
the screw at the back left of the machine screws also bent.  (It was
easy to bend back.)

But I consider that good, because in the breaking it absorbed enough of
the energy of the fall that the machine itself appears to have
survived.  I'd much rather have a working machine and a broken case
than a broken machine in an intact case.  (And I count myself lucky; if
it had waited five more minutes, it would have been more like six feet
onto pavement, instead, quite possibly in the middle of traffic.)

But it does prompt me to ask if anyone knows what sort of glue will
work on that plastic.  I've tried using acetone to solvent-weld it in
the past (for much more minor damage), with no success.  Anyone have
success stories to share?

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Paul E Coad | 23 Aug 00:13 2013

Sparc clone manufacturers list

mrbeanix <at> Wrote:

> On 20/08/2013 10:41 AM, Paul E Coad wrote:
> > Volker Borchert wrote:
> >> In message <52117BFA.1080809 <at>> you write:
> >>
> >> |> I have an SS20 clone, never knew anything about it. Is it automatically
> >> |> an Axil or were there other clones?
> >>
> >> Plenty. I have encountered dtk, Tritec, FORCE,
> >>
> >>
> > Sorry if the attributions are messed up.  I have a list of Sparc
> > manufacturers (clones and Sparc-alikes).
> >
> >
> >
> > Any additions would be appreciated.  Some of the entries have some of their
> > machines listed, but that part is totally incomplete.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > --paul
> > _______________________________________________
> Some background info on SPARC in Australia can be found at 
> GCS in later years produced workstation/servers using the ROSS SparcPlug 
> units.

That is an excellent writeup!  Thanks for the information.

Thanks to everyone who responded on and off list for the list.  My
next plan with the list of Sparc manufacturers is to drill down to 
list the models of systems produced and years of manufacture/operation.

I forsee  many happy hours with SunExpert back issues and the WayBack