Timo Kreuzer | 13 Dec 01:57 2014

Re: [ros-diffs] [akhaldi] 65617: [USER32] We're not using any debugging routines here.

Honestly, I don't see any point in these modifications. The next time 
someone wants to use these debug routines, he will need to add it back. 
Or he will start using DPRINT stuff again. I'd prefer to have this in 
all files!

Am 12.12.2014 14:23, schrieb akhaldi@...:
> Author: akhaldi
> Date: Fri Dec 12 13:23:45 2014
> New Revision: 65617
> URL: http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos?rev=65617&view=rev
> Log:
> [USER32] We're not using any debugging routines here.
> Modified:
>      trunk/reactos/win32ss/user/user32/misc/rtlstr.c
> Modified: trunk/reactos/win32ss/user/user32/misc/rtlstr.c
> URL: http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos/trunk/reactos/win32ss/user/user32/misc/rtlstr.c?rev=65617&r1=65616&r2=65617&view=diff
> ==============================================================================
> --- trunk/reactos/win32ss/user/user32/misc/rtlstr.c	[iso-8859-1] (original)
> +++ trunk/reactos/win32ss/user/user32/misc/rtlstr.c	[iso-8859-1] Fri Dec 12 13:23:45 2014
>  <at>  <at>  -10,10 +10,6  <at>  <at> 
>   /* INCLUDES ******************************************************************/
>   #include <user32.h>
> -
> -#include <wine/debug.h>
> -
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Colin Finck | 11 Dec 17:07 2014

Fezile motherboard has finally failed

Hi all,

Today, the motherboard in our Fezile server has finally failed after
many hick-ups over the year. This causes an outage for the following

* doxygen.reactos.org
* cppcheck.reactos.org
* VMware Player Test slave
* VMware Player Patchbot

As this is not the first time we struggle with such problems,
iso.reactos.org is routed to a different server right now and not affected.

We have already ordered replacement hardware for this system and hope to
be able to get it back to a working state soon. Even if this machine is
from 2007, we have decided to revive it with replacement parts instead
of going for a brand-new one as this is much cheaper and quicker to
realize. Also there is a huge pile of replacement hardware available.

Sorry for the inconveniences!



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Michael Fritscher | 10 Dec 09:15 2014

Re: [ros-diffs] [pschweitzer] 65596: [NTOSKRNL] THE oneliner.... Properly read the information from the IRP to get the reparse tag. This fixes the handling of reparse mount points in ReactOS. To make it short and ...


congratulations! It's a pity that MS hardcodes the C:\ at more and more
places... Original Windows NT 4.0 can boot completely even if the
drive-letter changes, WinNT + IE throws an error message but works, on
Windows 2000 one is automatically logged out again if it changes, on
Windows XP even the login-Screen doesn't appear...

Best regards,
Michael Fritscher
João Jerónimo | 8 Dec 18:10 2014

Installing ReactOS to a folder


Is there a build command to install ReactOS to a folder. Something 
equivalent to "make install" of good old RBuild days?
I used to install ReactOS on real hardware this way, because it allowed 
me to have more control over the install process (aka control it 

João Jerónimo

Ros-dev mailing list
Ros-dev <at> reactos.org
Colin Finck | 7 Dec 21:48 2014

Server downtime tomorrow (Monday)

Hi all,

Due to an OS upgrade on one of our VMs, the following services will
temporarily be down tomorrow (Monday):

* BuildBot Buildmaster
* Git Mirror
* Secondary nameserver
* File server at svn.reactos.org

I'll try to get this done as fast as possible, so that the downtime will
be reduced to a minimum.
Sorry for the inconveniences!



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Ros-dev mailing list
Thomas Faber | 7 Dec 21:15 2014

Re: [ros-diffs] [dreimer] 65574: Rule #1 of today: If you steal from resources... then at least steal from the most fitting one in layout matters... [OSK] Fix german layout by moving the "#" button where it should...

On 2014-12-06 08:43, dreimer@... wrote:
> [OSK]
> Fix german layout by moving the "#" button where it should be and adding the "<" button next to "Y"

Erm... hard-coding keyboard layouts into OSK is a broken design by the
way. It should determine the current layout from the OS and display
(Point in case: some people *cough cough* use custom keyboard layouts)
Thomas Mueller | 7 Dec 11:07 2014

Partition size and FAT32 cluster size?

What is the biggest partition size compatible with 4096-byte (4 KB) cluster size, cluster size being the
minimum amount of space taken by a file however small?

I googled some years ago and found it to be about 8 GB, however now I wonder if that was wrong, and I can
accommodate a bigger partition.

From what I read years back, minimum cluster size would go to 8 KB when partition size goes above 8 GB, 16 GB
when partition size goes above 16 GB, 32 KB when partition size goes above 32 GB, meaning a lot of disk space
wasted by small files.

I believe the best file system ReactOS can use so far is FAT32, true also for FreeDOS.

My first formatting might be done from FreeBSD, NetBSD or Linux, since I don't have ReactOS or MS-Windows
installation currently.

James Tabor | 5 Dec 23:32 2014

[ros-diffs] [hbelusca] 65569: [OSK] - Fix some coding style (whitespace): this is not win32k!! - Remove unneeded headers.

Watch OUT! This was from the ORIGINAL patch!!! I did not code it!!!!
Ros-dev mailing list

silverblade´s wife

Hello guys, 

I have just read this sad news on facebook

Andrew´s wife has passed away this thursday evening. May i ask web developers to put the attached image in the webpage?

for those who dont know who Andrew is, he is the first responsable of the audio stack in ReactOS. He is known as silverblade in IRC and the web

My condolences to him and families and friends, from here.
Ros-dev mailing list
Robert Naumann | 3 Dec 21:14 2014

great chance

Hey guys,

I previously talked to daniel and colin about this thing and colin told me to write a mail to this list.

I read about a big chance for the preject to show a presentation at the CeBIT, the biggest german IT convention. 

Sadly, I only have links to german websites but maybe you are satisfied with google translation.

Here they are:

This would be a big chance for the project as there are people from all over the world and a bigger audience than the one of all Linux days together could learn about the project.

Best Regards


Ros-dev mailing list
Aleksey Bragin | 30 Nov 20:02 2014

Status Meeting

since we skipped the meeting this week, I propose we do make a joint 
November-December meeting somewhere in the middle of December. (as we 
did in the previous year too).

How about 18th of December?

Aleksey Bragin