Mattia Tristo | 7 Jul 10:10 2009

Re: [ros-announce] ReactOS 0.3.10 Released


2009/7/7 Aleksey Bragin <aleksey <at>>
The ReactOS team is proud to announce the release of ReactOS 0.3.10.
This version is the first to use the Universal ATA driver as the
default disk driver, adding support for Serial ATA and partitions
greater than 8GB. In addition, recent work was done on the USB stack
to increase compatibility with USB keyboards and mice. These features
are still under heavy development and have several known bugs, but
their inclusion should allow more people to run ReactOS on real
hardware and are part of the extensive work to make ReactOS usable as
an every day operating system.

Apart from that, ReactOS made it into the final round of the
SourceForge Community Choice Awards. If you like it, you can vote for
us ( ) in the
categories Best Project, Best Project for Government and Most Likely
to Change the Way you Do Everything

Along with the rest of the 0.3 series, this release is still
considered alpha quality software so it may not run all your apps or
run on your hardware.

A detailed consolidation of all changes can be found in the changelog
( ). A sum up
of some of the more important changes is as follows:

    * Fixed inability to work with partitions bigger than 8Gb
    * Added possibility of installing into any of four primary
    * Initial support for SerialATA controllers along with enhanced
ATA support
    * Initial USB keyboards and mice support
    * Greatly improved network cards support (20 different NICs were
tested successfully)
    * Increased stability in networking
    * A clone of MS paint application has been introduced
    * Initial support for MSVC compilation
    * Better cleanup of system resource usage
    * Synchronization of most of the Wine usermode DLLs and some
Win32 subsystem code shared with Wine

Main news link:
Download link:

Aleksey Bragin
ReactOS Foundation President

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Colin Finck | 20 Jul 01:58 2009

Web and Mail system migration


We're planning to migrate the Web and Mail system to a new server and
upgrade these components in the next 24 hours.
This affects the whole Website at plus all  <at> mail
addresses including the mailing lists. During the migration, these services
may be temporarily unavailable.

The Web server migration includes upgrading the server components (e.g.
Apache, MySQL, PHP) and applications (e.g. RosCMS, phpBB) to newer versions.
Besides, the configuration of the server components was tuned for a better
overall performance.
The mail boxes, mail relays and mailing lists will be moved to a dedicated
virtual machine, which will also offer a groupware system for official
ReactOS developers and testers.

Our plan is to do this upgrade in two big steps, namely first the Website
and afterwards the mail stuff, to keep the downtime as low as possible.
Minor problems are expected after the migration and will be fixed shortly.
In case of major unforeseen problems, the downtime of particular components
might be extended to the next 48 hours.

Best regards,

Colin Finck
Colin Finck | 21 Jul 03:27 2009

Status of the server migration

Hello all,

As most of you probably noticed, the downtime of the website was quite long
now due to the server migration.
But finally, we switched the DNS records of the ReactOS domains now, so as
soon as the DNS servers around the world got the update, you should see the
website again at the new server.

So far, the migration only affected the Website itself. Originally, we
planned to do the mail system migration as well on the same day, but ran out
of time due to some unforeseen problems with the Website migration.
This also means that you currently cannot send any E-Mails from our web
services (such as Bugzilla and phpBB). Also the mailing list archives are
currently not available.
Anyway, we're going to do the mail migration in the next 24 hours and target
these problems by then.

After all, let's come to some advantages of the upgrade:
First of all, we finally upgraded to RosCMS version 4. This version was
mainly developed by Danny and went through beta testing for quite some
months now. Some of the new features it provides include dependency handling
(so you don't need to regenerate all pages affected by your change
manually), a faster generator and a much better codebase.
Secondly, there should be notably performance improvements. A component that
especially benefits from them is Bugzilla.
Besides, we don't use a reverse-proxy for static pages any longer. This
means as much as that you don't have to press Ctrl+F5 anymore to see updated
web pages, which weren't noticed by our caching proxy.

Just try the Website out now and if you find any problems not mentioned
here, post them to this list or try to contact Danny or me on IRC directly.

Best regards,