jmk | 1 Jul 01:29 2002

Re: aux/vga

i'd worked out how to deal with some of these problems, but didn't
finish it off. i'll try to get back to it this week.
From: andrey mirtchovski <andrey <at>>
Subject: Re: [9fans] aux/vga
Date: 2002-06-30 20:00:31 GMT
On Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Richard Miller wrote:

> 1. After rebooting with Ctrl-Alt-Delete or ^t^tr, the cga display comes
> up (usually but not every time) with "doubled" characters -- i.e. instead of
>   PBS...Plan 9 from Bell Labs
> it says
>   PPSS..PPaa    rrmmBBll  aass
> and so on.  If you type on the keyboard, only every second character is
> echoed (twice).

this seems to be general for all t21 and t23's i've seen... happens under freebsd also..

> 2. In vga mode, if you close and reopen the cover, the display is replicated
> three times horizontally across the screen.

has happened only once under frreebsd (t21), not observed under p9...

our solution to 1) is to power down on reboot and close the screen rarely..
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Peter A. Cejchan | 1 Jul 09:42 2002

Hi all,
my first attempt to write sthg in native code ... just wanted to tell it to sb.
Comments more than welcome!!!

Peter A. Cejchan
Paleobiology Lab, GLU Acad. Sci. CZ
<pac <at>>
[http | ftp]://

Content-Type: text/x-csrc; charset=us-ascii
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="cnl.c"

// cnl.c
// extracts red (green, blue) channel from an image
// first step to RG anaglyphs (stereo images)
// heavily, and in a dirty(?) way, reuses code from resample.c
// sorry,
// Tue Jun 25 14:04:30 EDT 2002  <pac <at>>

#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <draw.h>
#include <memdraw.h>

#define ALPHA 3
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Ralph Corderoy | 1 Jul 11:46 2002

Re: dumb question

Hi Douglas,

> But in general one might be processing files named by somebody else,
> e.g. to move the last user off a mounted filesystem onto a new larger
> one.  And in general it's a serious problem:
> 	$ > 'funny file name; rm -rf /'
> 	$ ls
> 	funny file name; rm -rf /
> 	$ find . -print | xargs echo
> 	funny file name
> 	panic -- essential files not found

The shell doesn't necessarily get involved with xargs' processing
though.  Here's some actual output, rather than theorectical.

    $ ls h*
    hello; date
    $ ls h* | xargs echo
    hello; date

I agree the problem exists, just that it doesn't always trigger.



Douglas A. Gwyn | 1 Jul 11:46 2002

Re: rage 2 driver

bigbinc wrote:
> Since my monitor only supports 640x480x8, I am thinking that the card
> or settings are set at a higher mode.  How would I check that also.

Certainly, if you have told it to drive the monitor beyond its
capabilities you'll see strange artifacts and maybe some Magic

Check the plan9.ini file (in the installed Plan 9 filesystem, not
the diskette nor DOS C: partition).  It specifies the resolution
to be used as well as the monitor type.  This is explained in the
installation guide (last time I looked).

> Since plan9 works in vga mode, ...

Not last I heard.  Maybe it's using CGA mode for console text.
Anyway, not bitmap graphics support in VGA mode.  The reason was
said to be lack of software cursor (which VGA would require).
You can use Plan 9 in a rio-less (text) mode, but it won't be
very satisfying, e.g. no "acme" environment.  The text-mode
editors are "ed" and "sam -d"; usually that's all you really
need to fix things so that rio can be run.

bigbinc | 1 Jul 11:45 2002

Re: rage 2 driver

I am excercising my rights to free speech.  I have two disks, one an install
disk, the other a boot disk.  The boot disk has nothing on it except
PLAN9INI.BAK and some other big binary file.  Maybe I need to put plan9.ini
in the boot disk?  My install disk has plan9.ini and vgadb and vgainfo.txt.
I havent looked at my vgadb file on my hard drive, one I dont know how.  And
the plan9.ini file on hard drive, I can seem to find.  Actually I do 'cat'
in console mode but is there a 'less' or 'more'.

Berlin Brown
bigbinc <at>

"bigbinc" <bigbinc <at>> wrote in message
news:d1b33313.0206271852.44c96e9d <at>
> I am using ATI rage 2 driver and I got the install to work, but for
> some reason the display is messed beyond usability.  In the upper
> right side of the screen, there is a flickering white line.  When I
> try to scroll the text over laps the existing text.  On the left side
> of the screen it is completely black.  So basically I have what looks
> like the plan9 gui, but it is messed up and unreadable.  The funny
> thing is that the screen was perfect! when I did the install.  But
> once I wanted to use the system every thing went to pieces?
> Question 1, what is the best card for plan9?
> Question 2, do you think it is my monitor which is generic
> 640x480(actually a hybrid mac monitor, dont ask)
> Question 3, Why would the screen work for install mode from the floppy
> but once I get to booting from the harddrive it doesnt work.
> Berlin Brown
> bigbinc <at>
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Jim Meier | 1 Jul 11:45 2002

Re: MIPS Support in Release 4

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:04:36 -0600, rob pike, esq. wrote:

> Geoff is right.  Despite repeated requests by a number of people, SGI
> has never given us the right to distribute our kernel source for their
> machines under an open source agreement.
> -rob

That's too bad. Is there any way to obtain a binary-only kernel? Perhaps
one from an older release?


Douglas A. Gwyn | 1 Jul 11:46 2002

Re: back on line

"rob pike, esq." wrote:
> The distribution is back.

Is that "Space Bunny" or what?

bigbinc | 1 Jul 11:46 2002

Re: ati card

Ok, this is fun, my card is a mach64 not an rage2 so it should work at least
that is what the bios says on boot up.  Now, first off I am using lilo to
boot plan9, probably a bad idea.  Anyway, once I boot plan9 I get to a
prompt that asks 'root is from: [local!stuff.../sd0/fs] I press enter and
then it asks for user:[none] I type glenda and the rio system boots(all
messed up of course), I manage to barely crawl to a command line prompt in
of the windows and find the /n/9fat directory but nothing is there.  I
assume that plan9.ini is supposed to be loaded and this is why my windowing
system is screwed up.  So I guess the question is how do mount '9fat:' at
boot.  Once again I dont know what ini file the system is booting off of?

"bigbinc" <bigbinc <at>> wrote in message
news:3d1bfd63$1_1 <at>
> I have another post coming on this, but I have to ask, my ati rage 2 pro
> graphics card is doing some funny stuff once I boot off the hard drive.
> When I am working with the installation disk, the vga is fine.  My theory
> that the install program is under vga and once I get plan9 installed it is
> running off the rage graphics driver and hence is screwy.  Once I log in,
> the screen is partially black and partially has some of the windows, it is
> hard to describe but it is clearly messed up.  The text overlaps whenever
> scroll.  And there is a strange flickering white line in the upper right
> hand corner of the screen.  I want to play with plan9 so I will just get a
> new card, but I thought I would mention it anyway.
> Berlin Brown
> bigbinc <at>

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Jim Meier | 1 Jul 11:46 2002

Re: MIPS Support in Release 4

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:04:36 -0600, rob pike, esq. wrote:

> Geoff is right.  Despite repeated requests by a number of people, SGI
> has never given us the right to distribute our kernel source for their
> machines under an open source agreement.
> -rob

That's too bad. Is there a binary-only kernel available? I assume it
would have to be purchased, if it is even available..


rog | 1 Jul 13:03 2002

Re: dumb question

> It strikes me that the arguments people are making against having
> blanks in file names are the same arguments I heard against converting
> Plan 9 to Unicode and UTF

the benefits of converting to utf-8 throughout were obvious.  does the
ability to type ' ' rather than (say) ALT-' ' really confer comparable