erik quanstrom | 28 Nov 01:54 2015


hmac_x(uchar *p, ulong len, uchar *key, ulong klen, uchar *digest, DigestState *s,
	DigestState*(*x)(uchar*, ulong, uchar*, DigestState*), int xlen)
	int i;
	uchar pad[Hmacblksz+1], innerdigest[256];

	if(xlen > sizeof(innerdigest))
		return nil;
	if(klen > Hmacblksz)
		return nil;

	/* first time through */
	if(s == nil || s->seeded == 0){
>>		if(klen >= Hmacblksz){
			print("klen too large: %lud", klen);

i'm pretty sure that > is ment here, not >=.  am i missing something?

- erik

Vasudev Kamath | 25 Nov 18:10 2015

Compiling ken-cc on Linux


I'm trying to compile ken-cc from ¹. Its giving me following error

cc -c -m32 -g -O -I/home/vasudev/Documents/C_programming/compilers/9-cc/Linux/386/include
-I/home/vasudev/Documents/C_programming/compilers/9-cc/include -DLINUX_386 -I../cmd/ 9obj.c
In file included from /home/vasudev/Documents/C_programming/compilers/9-cc/Linux/386/include/lib9.h:9:0,
                 from 9obj.c:5:
/usr/include/features.h:148:3: warning: #warning "_BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE are deprecated, use
 # warning "_BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE are deprecated, use _DEFAULT_SOURCE"
9obj.c:8:22: fatal error: 9c/9.out.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
mk: cc -c -m32 ...  : exit status=exit(1)
mk: for j in ...  : exit status=exit(1)

I can't find 9c under src/cmd folder. Any hints on how to get it



Rudolf Sykora | 25 Nov 10:05 2015

9atom, S-ATA hard disk not detected


when trying to install 9atom I get to to the point
where I should presumably say that the installation should
go to the hard disc, but the only option I see is the usb
flash device from which I have run the installation itself.
I do not see any sd... under /dev.

It's a Samsung HD103Si S-ATA disc plugged into
P5GL-MX Asus mother board
Bios detects it as the 3rd IDE master.

Can anybody tell me if there is any chance to have it run?


Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan | 23 Nov 11:20 2015

Undefined Behaviour in C

Had been reading the SOSP paper:

and this blog post that proposes a simpler C:

I wonder how Plan 9 C compiler, which is a non-ANSI compliant compiler,
treats those parts that the ANSI C standard treats as undefined.



a | 21 Nov 19:38 2015

Two faces(1) derivatives

I really like faces(1). I've got a pair of derivatives I've been
playing around with. The first, cleverly called nfaces, overlays
the user, rather than the domain, on unknown senders (I have
good coverage of the domains I exchange mail with even
semi-frequently), and doesn't print anything below the icons.
This allows for a shorter display, and I generally have it running
across the top of my screen. The second, inbox, displays a
single column of faces, with sender, date, and subject off to the
right (it also eliminates faces' -h option and assumes -i). My
startup script has this on the left side, ~450px wide, with acme
covering all but the left 100 or so. Both have minor cosmetic

Both of these are based on Erik's faces derivative, so they
pick up his middle button delete, although I end up using that
very rarely. I'm likely to remove it from nfaces to further
shrink the display, and replace it with a menu in inbox which
will allow more actions on the message (like more easily
sticking them in other folders, my most frequent frustration
with mail on Plan 9).

Inbox has some minor display bugs I haven't gotten around
to tracking down. It also has a man page.

The screenshot attached shows both. You can get them at
/n/sources/contrib/anothy/src/cmd/(nfaces inbox) if you're
interested. I also have most of my faces additions online, as
described on the wiki:
Submissions (code and faces) welcome.
(Continue reading)

Oleksandr Iakovliev | 20 Nov 09:14 2015

Inferno-rpi-0.3 release

Releasing Inferno-rpi-0.3

* Enabled JIT
* Included recent updated of Inferno-Os
* Memory split 240/16
* devcons is added


1. Download latest zip package from
2. Pepare SD card with just one DOS partition (just format into the dos)
3. Unzip all files to SD (boot.scr, kernel.bin, … – should in root of SD)
4. Boot Raspberry Pi
5. By default it starts “`styxlisten -A tcp!*!564 export /“`, so you can mount it on other host by “`mount -A tcp!!564 /n/remote/rpi“` (-A means no auth, IP is for example, see what it got by DHCP)
6. If you do not want GUI (wm/wm) to be started just edit config.txt and replacekernel.bin to kernel-nogui.bin

Rudolf Sykora | 18 Nov 15:24 2015

9atom boot, reset when rio starts


I tried to boot plan9, in the incarnations of 9front (on machine 1)
and 9atom (on machine 1 and 2) but did not succeed in either
case. The furthest I got was with 9atom. On machine 1 it booted
(using amd64) as far as I could already see a few rio windows, but
then it suddenly went into reboot by itself. Can anybody comment
on what can go wrong at that point?


arisawa | 12 Nov 08:30 2015

9grid again


I am considering a new project that is related to big data.
assume we have data on several distributed server.
current common approach is:
downloading these data from servers to local side and process them.
however data is big but program is small. 
if the data is 1GB order, this approach is practically infeasible.
9grid enables opposite approach:
login to servers and process the data there and gather the results.
we have all the tools that are necessary to do this as much as 10 years ago.
what is lacking is target data.
any idea?

Kenji Arisawa

arisawa | 9 Nov 13:29 2015

blank line in /lib/ndb/local


manual ndb(6) says: "Each line starting without white space starts a new tuple. Lines starting with # are comments.”

assume we have an entry such as:
	# a blank line follows


if the blank line contains a white space, then
	ndb/query dom foo auth
will produce
	dom=foo auth=bar
on the other hand, if the blank line is empty, then the command will produce

Is this a bug or a specification?
I want to believe this is a bug.

Kenji Arisawa

Burton Samograd | 6 Nov 17:24 2015

Re: cpu from one CPU server to another CPU server

Turned out to be 2 issues: 1 i didn't have an auth/authdom line in /lib/ndb/local and 2 I wasn't running keyfs
prior to setting up my listeners.  Looks like it's working now, thanks for the top on auth/debug.


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Steve Simon | 5 Nov 12:13 2015

off topic - free signed SSL/TLS certs

Anyone any experience of a provider of free SSL/TLS
certificates they would reccomend?

I appologise if my terminology is imperfect, I am new
to this game.