Anthony Sorace | 19 Dec 19:10 2014

9p on iOS?

I have a project for which I need 9p on iOS. Anyone have an Objective C module that'll do that, or experience
fitting in a C library? I'm looking for something much more self-contained than what's found in the
drawterm port.

Rudolf Sykora | 18 Dec 16:06 2014

questions about 9atom and 9legacy; and their updates


I've been recently reconsidering employment of
plan9. And (probably like many others) I find myself
indecisive about whom to follow. It seems that the
most conservative option is Bell Labs (BL). Then, still in
sync, there is 9legacy. Slightly separate there is 9atom,
and finally there is 9front. The latter two probably
live on their own. The questions that arise:

1) How often does Bell Lab's version change? How often/well
do patches from 9legacy enter BL's version? Some numbers?

2) How do 9atom and 9legacy notice that there has been
a change in BL? (I'd guess that 9legacy could notice
immediately, but ...) How is it with 9atom?

3) How is updating supposed to work in case of 9atom
and 9legacy (as compared to BL's replica) I.e., when
I decide to use either 9atom or 9legacy and at some
point there is some change in them, will I / can I
easily notice and follow?

4) Is there any good reason not to follow 9atom, but
BL instead?

5) I am puzzled about licences. At one point I almost
thought that the software is actually BSD-like
(i.e. you can do almost whatever, no copyleft,
Lucent Public License Version 1.02). Now I read:
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Jens Staal | 12 Dec 11:49 2014

FUSE on Plan9

This might not be popular among most Plan9 users, but I started thinking about 
the possibility of FUSE on Plan9 after seeing the FUSE on WebDAV [1] project.
At least on 9front, WebDAV should be integrated in webfs.

Would this theoretically work? The advantage of FUSE is access to a number of 
popular file systems (most notably ext4, NTFS, ZFS) and also many special-
purpose file systems. 

It feels a bit round-about and wasteful to go via webfs, so I guess the most 
appropriate method would be to implement a FUSE library directly on top of 9P 
instead of the kernel VFS - possibly by porting the NetBSD 
librefuse/libperfused [2] or the OpenBSD libfuse [3]. The disadvantage with 
this approach is that I am far too inexperienced and have far too little time 
to actually attempt this.

What are your thoughts? Should I try to get the fuse-on-webdav working on 
Plan9? Any other attempts with a more proper port/implementation already 


Rudolf Sykora | 11 Dec 11:50 2014

advice? fossil+venti (p9), vbackup+venti (p9p) vs. some other means of backup

Dear all,

I'd like to ask for an advice/experience.

Does anybody rely on a backup scheme using, say,
vbackup+venti on linux? Does it work well, or would
you recomment other means of doing a backup?

I guess there are also people using fossil+venti on
p9. Are those happy?

I am looking for a sustainable means of backup,
mainly on linux, and am avaluating different options
(rdiff-backup, rsnapshot, dump/restore, rdup...)

I have some 500 GB to care about (usual home use +
some backup of computational data)

Thanks for your comments
and sorry for a bit vague question.


mischief | 11 Dec 07:56 2014

tcp port scanner

hi 9fans,

i wrote a little tcp port scanner using libthread's ioprocs. i wasn't able to test ipv6. enjoy :)

who needs select(2) anyway?

yoann padioleau | 10 Dec 01:21 2014

memory bug in 5l

in 5l/obj.c#zaddr()
there is:
	case D_FCONST:
		while(nhunk < sizeof(Ieee))
		a->ieee = (Ieee*)hunk;
		nhunk -= NSNAME;
		hunk += NSNAME;

I think it’s a copy paste bug, it should
be sizeof(Ieee) instead of those NSNAME
(or even better the whole code could be factorized
in a call to a->ieee = malloc(sizeof(Ieee));

fernan VE4FEB | 7 Dec 23:53 2014

upas/nedmail quoting after htmlfmt

Hi all

Anybody have any tips on how to quote an html format email. even after the message has went through
!htmlfmt and I was able to read the email the " command will quote the html version.

I am using p9p version of upas/nedmail and upas/marshal.


Roswell Grey | 7 Dec 20:35 2014

Chrome and 9

It's no question that the Chromebook makes a wonderful candidate to integrate features of 9 into. The thing was practically BUILT for distributed computing, what with app servers and cloud integration tightly integrated into the hardware. What I was thinking was creating a chrome extension for 9P and the distributed file system, so that there'd be an easy way to connect 9 machines and maybe even create a chrome 9 grid for super processing. What would be your opinion on doing such a thing? Practical? Waste of time? Wanna help?

David du Colombier | 7 Dec 17:41 2014

plan 9 on github

I've recently converted my archives of /n/sources/plan9
to Git and uploaded the repository on GitHub.

It contains the entire history of /n/sources/plan9,
one commit per day, from December 12, 2002 to today,
excluding the binaries and empty directories.

I tried to make it as accurate as possible with the
exact content, dates and permissions.

Please let me know if you notice any mistake.

I think this repository could be used as a reference
for people interested in the history of Plan 9 or
wanting to use it as a basis for their own changes.

It could also be useful for people wanting to merge
Plan 9 code in their projects like plan9port, vx32,
drawterm and others.

Have fun.


David du Colombier

Dmitry Golubovsky | 6 Dec 06:10 2014

Is the go9p project still maintained?


Thanks to everybody who answered. I posted another comment to the issue 34

where explained the use case and provided the diagnostics for the problem.

Briefly, the problem is: when using 9p kernel mounts in Linux over a
domain socket, a 9p server program never gets a valid numeric user ID,
just -1 regardless of the username.

Even if there was a way to pass desired numeric UID to a 9p server,
this would make little sense in case of a remote connection because on
the remote system the same user would have different (and often
unknown numeric ID).

So even in the .u mode, fallback character username recognition is
necessary to use if no valid numeric user ID can be provided.



Dmitry Golubovsky

Anywhere on the Web

lucio | 5 Dec 11:02 2014

9 Atom - installation troubles

I started on my ESX (3.5i) platform, but that installs on SCSI drives
and I assume that these are not configured in the 9atom.iso image.

So I tried my fanciest (newest) motherboard, with a 500GB SATA drive.
Booting off USB suggests that the SATA controller is not recognised.
The PCI identification is Vendor 8086 (Intel) and, for some reason I
can't fathom, device 27df or 27c0.  The latter seems to require IRQ 11
(I only glimpsed at that).

Well, I guess I'll need to give 9 Atom a miss for a while.  I could
rebuild it on the Bell Labs distributions I use, but I suspect that
there will be many gotchas to overcome.

I'll gladly provide more info, if anyone feels like giving me some


PS: It's tempting to shove the drive in an external USB cabinet and
configure it that way.  Anyone who may know better must shout now :-)

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