Francesco Cardi | 31 Jul 15:23 2014

I want manual of OS

Hallo, i send some email for order the plan9´s manual, i want order
from, but don´t reply me. Anyone have got a idea, where
i will find this manual? greetings


Francesco Cardi alias Il Parente
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CEO/President Movimento Culturale GNU CODICE LIBERO

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Steve Simon | 31 Jul 13:49 2014

ssh and interrupts

I am working on linux from my plan9 terminal
quite a bit these days.

If I have some app on linux which spews a lot of
text over the ssh link, hitting interrupt takes a long
time to stop the text.

The problem is not teh interrupt iself but that ssh does not
flush the incomming tcp buffer.

Is there any way to do this on plan9 or is it just
not possible?



kokamoto | 31 Jul 07:18 2014

(no subject)

Subkject: A68-N5000 cabini motherboard

I got it functional partially.

This is for energy-saving motherboard with APU (15W TDP)
on it without coolong fan.

I just moved the HDD used on a C2D machine
to this box, where it booted successfully with only
one problem, ether chip.

The ether chip on this board is:
1.0.0: net 02.00.00 10ec/8168 ....,
and the error message from the kernel is:
rtl8169: unknown mac 8168 4c000000.

No, the ether8169.c file does not have that line.
However ether82598.c file does.  
Then, I checked out the ether8169 line from /sys/src/9/pc/pcf, 
and tried to recompile the kernel, and got a huge sized one:
size 9pcf
  1309468t + 6491264d + 375712b = 8176444.

I think the second size may be too big!

I recompiled the 386 kernel many times and had
no problem like this.
The compilation after the last kernel recompilation are
go(1.3?) and amd64 kernel.

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kokamoto | 30 Jul 01:50 2014

booting 9pi terminal for 9front server

If I choose 9front machine as for network file/auth/cpu server (cwfs),
and try to boot Richard's 9pi terminal (fossil) but root from the server, 
can I do it?


Carsten Kunze | 28 Jul 17:09 2014

troff documentation link broken


the link

on the web site

does not work.  There is a lot of information about troff but I am interested in special plan9 troff extensions.

Is there someone maintaining plan9 troff?  It seems to have bugs and I'd like to investigate that.


dante | 27 Jul 09:44 2014

Web Site broken

Dear 9fans,

looks nowadays like this:

sed: Can't open /usr/web/plan9/sources.html d-rwxrwxr-x 9grid 9grid 0 
Oct 20 2005 9grid --rw-rw-r-- bootes sys [etc.]


trebol | 25 Jul 01:02 2014

Venti on NetBSD64

This mail is just in case someone is thinking on setting a venti server
or just install plan9port in NetBSD64.  I know is a p9p matter, but I've
saw a lot of people on this list using p9p to serve venti and even fossil
for their Plan9 machines.  If this is a bad behavior on the mailing list,
please let me know!

The torture begins...

        install netbsd32_compat40.

        Compile p9p in netbsd-4.0 i386 (needs perl), and move to the 64
        machine, in the same path or change $PLAN9/lib/moveplan9.files.
        I'll use /emul/netbsd32/usr/local/plan9port

        cp i386's to /emul/netbsd32/lib and soft link to:

        create /etc/

        create ptys:
        # cd /dev
        # sh MAKEDEV opty

        Edit .profile
                export PLAN9=/emul/netbsd32/usr/local/plan9port
                export PATH=$PATH:$PLAN9/bin
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trebol | 25 Jul 00:56 2014

Venti on NetBSD64

Paul Clark | 23 Jul 13:37 2014

Changes to 9front httpd

I have a little internal web site running on a Raspberry Pi. The only
line in /lib/namespace.httpd is

bind /usr/paul/w/web /usr/web

I am trying to set up the same thing on 9front on a Thinkpad T60.
Is /usr/web still bound/mounted to /?

Starting ip/httpd complained about missing /sys/log/httpd/url
and /sys/log/httpd/pathstat so I replaced /sys/log/httpd file with those
2 directories/files but nothing appears in those? Why is this different
to the Raspberry Pi?

Sorry if this is a FQA but I can't find it.

Paul Clark 

Nick Owens | 22 Jul 02:41 2014

interleaved output of ratrace


i'm trying to use ratrace to debug a go binary.
what i don't understand is why records of syscalls sometimes appear on
top of one another.

here's the output of 'ratrace -c ./strings.test >[2]/tmp/ratrace.log',
where strings.test is made with 'go test -c strings'.

you can see in several places that more than one syscall record is
printed on the same line.

i find this quite odd since in /sys/src/cmd/ratrace.c:/^writer all
output comes from a channel.

i'm running this on 9front/amd64, but i'd appreciate if anyone can test
on other systems.

Richard Miller | 21 Jul 21:52 2014

Re: raspberry pi model B+

>>> the B+ has some power supply improvements and two more USB
>>> ports, which are said to make it work better with usb hard drives.
>> You mean B+ may be able to use as a Plan9 file server?

It may be more reliable but I would still expect it to be slow.  I don't
have a usb hard drive so I can't give any experimental results.