KADOTA Kyohei | 24 Aug 18:42 2015

sources down?

Hello fans.

currently, is sources.cs.bell-labs.com down?

on my plan9 box:

% ndb/dnsquery
> sources.cs.bell-labs.com
!dns: dns failure
> plan9.bell-labs.com
plan9.bell-labs.com ip

Grant Mather | 23 Aug 18:40 2015

Locked out of secstore


I had secstore running on my Mac via plan9port, but it seems the account
has expired, and I can't figure out how to re-enable it. When logging in
I get the message 'error: account expired'. 

I've tried re-enabling it via secuser, but have had no luck. I've ran
the command `secuser -v $user`, with my user and it notes that changes
have been written, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I still get the
previous error. What am I missing?



Shane Morris | 17 Aug 04:36 2015


Hi 9fans,

Just working with 9PCloud today, made a backup of some files I'm going
to 3D print in the next four weeks - ended up making two copies, one
in a specific folder, one in the parent folder...

Was wondering if I'd be able to connect to the 9PCloud via my Mac9P
(Finder interface) to do some management on the files rather than
through the web interface? This may work for people who wish to have a
"Dropbox alike" interface.

Failing that, how can I delete the second copy of the files from 9PCloud?

Many thanks!


Rudolf Sykora | 12 Aug 09:39 2015

p9p sed vs linux sed


is this as expected?

perseus=; echo -n aaa | 9 sed 's/^/</'
perseus=; echo -n aaa | sed 's/^/</'

For me the linux sed does what I expect,
but not the p9p one (it adds a newline). Why?


Giacomo Tesio | 10 Aug 16:11 2015

read9pmsg usage

Hi, I've a probably naive question that I can't figure out.
I've just noticed that fcall(2) states
Read9pmsg calls read(2) multiple times, if necessary, to read an entire 9P message into buf. The return value is 0 for end of file, or -1 for error; it does not return partial messages.

but I've noticed that a few client does not interpret a 0 return value as a EOF, eg


The comment there states that
/* * reading from a pipe or a network device * will give an error after a few eof reads. * however, we cannot tell the difference * between a zero-length read and an interrupt * on the processes writing to us, * so we wait for the error. */ However many other fs just handle errors and eof together, for example here:

I'm a bit confused about this. What's the proper use of the 0 return value?

Ingo Krabbe | 10 Aug 12:04 2015

github blob exchange

Hi Plan9ers,

I wrote a little rc script for my personal use. I want to share it with you, as it look quite usefull to me (why
would I have wrote it otherwise).


Check it out and tell me your thoughts.



cinap_lenrek | 8 Aug 11:50 2015


recently the /spim directory for little endian mips was
commited to the repository. sysupdate will create this
directory under /dist/plan9front as the namespace (and cwfs)
prevent it from creating directories in /.

there will be no error message and no harm is done. just
for the people who wonder whats going on :)

anyway, this can be fixed easily:

# mount fs root with create flag
mount -c /srv/boot /n/root

# try to create the directory
mkdir /n/root/spim

# the above will likely fail on cwfs as / as permission
# 0755 so adm group has no write access... check:
#  ld -ld /n/root
# give the adm group write access to /
#  echo allow >> /srv/cwfs.cmd
#  chmod 0775 /n/root
#  echo disallow >> /srv/cwfs.cmd
# now try again. alternatively, you can create the
# directory on the fs console directly:
#  echo cfs main >> /srv/cwfs.cmd
#  echo create /spim adm adm 0775 d >> /srv/cwfs.cmd

# copy
dircp /dist/plan9front/spim /spim

# get rid of the old one
rm -r /dist/plan9front/spim

trust, but verify.


Brian L. Stuart | 5 Aug 22:39 2015

Small Plan 9 Platforms

I'm teaching a special topics course this fall I'm
calling Computing in the Small.  Right now, I'm
leaning toward conducting it on a platform that
runs Plan 9.  I'm looking for something based on
ARM or MIPS and that has some useful connection
to the external world in the form of GPIOs.  SPI,
I2C, and analog I/O would be nice to have too.
Obviously, the Raspberry Pi is a candidate.  What
are some others?  I've seen some code in the
source tree for the BBB.  Has anyone tried it out
to see what is and isn't there?  How about the
Banana Pi?  The SATA port on it is quite appealing.
Some of the other options I've been looking at
include the VIA APC Rock and Paper, the Phytec
Cosmic, the CubieBoard, the Odroid, the Riotboard,
and the Wandboard.  Has anyone done anything
on porting Plan 9 to any of them?  Are there others
I'm missing that would be good targets for such a class?

Thanks in advance,

dexen deVries | 4 Aug 14:40 2015

Rc redirect woes

bug in plan9port rc(1):
straightforward mix of input and output redirects inside of a block (`for' loop, `if' clase) causes subsequent commands' stdout to be errorously redirected too.
the trigger is one or more input redirects (<{COMMAND}).
problem disappears once executions falls outside of the block.

#!/usr/bin/env rc

if (true) {
    echo bah blah blah > /dev/null
    echo AAA works just fine
    cat <{echo aaa} > /tmp/junk-if.txt
    echo this gets redirected errorously
    echo this gets redirected errorously

for (i in 1 2 3) {
    echo bah blah blah > /dev/null
    echo AAA works just fine
    cat <{echo aaa} > /tmp/junk-for.txt
    echo this gets redirected errorously
    echo this gets redirected errorously

echo ZZZ works just fine

arisawa | 2 Aug 14:28 2015

ipv6on bug?


in /rc/bin/ipv6on, we have:

mev6=`{ndb/query -f $ndbf sys $sysname ipv6}
if (~ $#sysname 0 || ~ $sysname '')
	mev6=`{ndb/query -f $ndbf sys $sysname ip | grep :}

this code is something curious. 

mev6=`{ndb/query -f $ndbf sys $sysname ipv6}
if (~ $#mev6 0 || ~ $mev6 ‘')		### s/sysname/mev6/g
	mev6=`{ndb/query -mf $ndbf sys $sysname ip | grep :}		### s/-f/-mf/

Kenji Arisawa

erik quanstrom | 31 Jul 14:58 2015

dhcp problem with windows 7 client

i'm looking at a windows 7 client that is not happy with dhcp.  i know this machine had
been happy dhcp'ing on the network 18 months ago, but now it's not.  here's the symptom:

lilly Jul 31 05:57:38 Discover(>
xid(e52418a9)flag(0)ea(6480993af534)id(id016480993af534)need(mask dom router dns NBns NBtype
NBscope discoverrouter staticroutes 121 249 vendorinfo )
lilly Jul 31 05:57:38
typ(2)leas(1800)sid( dns(
lilly Jul 31 05:57:38 Request(>
dom router dns NBns NBtype NBscope discoverrouter staticroutes 121 249 vendorinfo )
lilly Jul 31 05:57:38
typ(5)leas(1800)sid( dns(
lilly Jul 31 05:57:38 Decline(> xid(e52418a9)flag(0)ea(6480993af534)ci(

it appears to ask for 
	mask dom router dns NBns NBtype NBscope discoverrouter staticroutes 121 249
121 is classless static routes

it's not clear to me why the win 7 machine is declining the address.  has anyone seen this before?

- erik