Paul Clark | 23 Jul 13:37 2014

Changes to 9front httpd

I have a little internal web site running on a Raspberry Pi. The only
line in /lib/namespace.httpd is

bind /usr/paul/w/web /usr/web

I am trying to set up the same thing on 9front on a Thinkpad T60.
Is /usr/web still bound/mounted to /?

Starting ip/httpd complained about missing /sys/log/httpd/url
and /sys/log/httpd/pathstat so I replaced /sys/log/httpd file with those
2 directories/files but nothing appears in those? Why is this different
to the Raspberry Pi?

Sorry if this is a FQA but I can't find it.

Paul Clark 

Nick Owens | 22 Jul 02:41 2014

interleaved output of ratrace


i'm trying to use ratrace to debug a go binary.
what i don't understand is why records of syscalls sometimes appear on
top of one another.

here's the output of 'ratrace -c ./strings.test >[2]/tmp/ratrace.log',
where strings.test is made with 'go test -c strings'.

you can see in several places that more than one syscall record is
printed on the same line.

i find this quite odd since in /sys/src/cmd/ratrace.c:/^writer all
output comes from a channel.

i'm running this on 9front/amd64, but i'd appreciate if anyone can test
on other systems.

Richard Miller | 21 Jul 21:52 2014

Re: raspberry pi model B+

>>> the B+ has some power supply improvements and two more USB
>>> ports, which are said to make it work better with usb hard drives.
>> You mean B+ may be able to use as a Plan9 file server?

It may be more reliable but I would still expect it to be slow.  I don't
have a usb hard drive so I can't give any experimental results.

dante | 21 Jul 15:08 2014

The Third Button

Dear 9fans,

Is there any situation (i.e., GUI area) where both the 2nd *and* the 
3rd mouse button are indispensable options?
Except for chording.

Would it be possible to create the option of merging these two buttons 
for machines not blessed with the traditional rodent?

I ask this because 3-button-mice (*not* 2-button-and-wheel) are almost 
impossible to find nowadays.
Moreover, many notebooks have good touchpads to be used in situations 
when mice are impractical (on train, on the lap).
These interfaces present pretty nice solutions for button-1 and 
button-3, but it's hard to impossible to do a button-2 click.

In Acme, for instance, you generally need button-3 in the text area and 
button-2 in the menu area.
I'm not sure when button-2 in the text area and button-3 in the menu 
area would be indispensable.
In Rio, you generally need button-3 when you click outside the focused 
window and button-2 when you click inside the focused window.


Shane Morris | 21 Jul 04:55 2014

Compiler Message

Hello again 9fans,

I'm also trying to compile hosted Inferno for OS X 10.9, all seems to go well until the "mk install" giving this error message:

shanes-air-2:inferno-os boris$ PATH=`pwd`/MacOSX/386/bin:$PATH mk install
(cd lib9; mk  install)
cc -c -arch i386 -mmacosx-version-min=10.4 -Wno-deprecated-declarations -Wuninitialized -Wunused -Wreturn-type -Wimplicit -Wno-four-char-constants -Wno-unknown-pragmas -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -no-cpp-precomp -mno-fused-madd -I/Users/boris/Documents/inferno-os/MacOSX/386/include -I/Users/boris/Documents/inferno-os/include -Os convD2M.c
clang: error: unknown argument: '-mno-fused-madd' [-Wunused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future]
clang: note: this will be a hard error (cannot be downgraded to a warning) in the future
mk: cc -c -arch ...  : exit status=exit(1)
mk: for j in ...  : exit status=exit(1)
shanes-air-2:inferno-os boris$

Does anyone have any insight?

Many thanks!

Shane Morris | 21 Jul 04:28 2014

ANTS and Atoms

Hello 9fans,

If I were to follow these commands:

DNSSERVER= ip/ipconfig ndb/cs ndb/dns -r mkdir ants 9fs dircp /n/ ants cd ants build isoinstall build worker cd cfg stockmod fshalt

On a vanilla 9atom VM install, would it erase the /bin directory of the 9atom installation? I'd like to play with the ANTS Toolkit, but I'd also like to have all of the /bin folder there locally, rather than populated by "addsources." I've also installed the contrib GUI into 9atom thus far.

Many thanks!

Patryk Laurent | 20 Jul 07:37 2014

Pull and compile latest kernel (sys call 53 error)


How should I properly update to the latest kernel on a new install of Plan 9 from Bell Labs?

I downloaded Plan9, ran the "pull" script, and then tried to compile and install a new kernel by running mk
install in /sys/src/9/pc

Compilation seemed to go fine, but then I got an syscall 53 error (the error seems to come from "ar", see below).

Thank you,

-- snip --
8c -FTVw -I. ../port/sysproc.c
8c -FTVw -I. ../port/taslock.c
8c -FTVw -I. ../port/tod.c
8c -FTVw -I. ../port/xalloc.c
8c -FTVw main.c
names=`{membername $newprereq}
ar vu ../boot/libboot.a8 $names
rm $names
ar 856: bad sys call number 53 pc becd
ar 856: suicide: sys: bad sys call pc=0x0000becd
mk: names=`{membername $newprereq} ar ...  : exit status=rc 849: ar 856: sys: bad sys call pc=0x0000becd

trebol | 19 Jul 17:17 2014

NetBSD venti server

Hello everyone.

I'm turning my NetBSD gateway in a venti server with plan9port.  Reading
the list I have saw a lot of considerations about the configuration.
I'll appreciate any information (links to docs?) about setting venti.
The man pages and /sys/doc/venti/ are too much technical for me now!.
Maybe it's time to dig in file systems/servers and study the venti
implementation (Any introductory docs suggestion about this will be
appreciated too) to be able to make my own decisions. Or just

Index 5% of Arenas, go on with the defaults, and see the sunset on the
beach with my hands on my nape?

I plan mirror the venti disk with RAIDframe (two 250GB sata disks),
and use it to incremental backup my work with vac(1).  I was thinking
of encrypt the disks with cgd.

Also, p9p doesn't support NetBSD-amd64, and current NetBSD-i386
is broken.  I had to compile in Netbsd-i386 4.0 in Qemu, and use

	install netbsd32_compat40
	Compile p9p in netbsd-4.0 i386 (needs perl)
	cp i386's to /emul/netbsd32/lib and soft link to
	create /etc/
	create ptys:
	# cd /dev
	# sh MAKEDEV opty

For now, all is going like a charm.  I hope this will be usefull to someone.

Nice summer (Or winter).

cinap_lenrek | 19 Jul 03:57 2014

extern register

the amd64 compiler reserves R14 and R15 for extern register
declarations. these are used by the kernel for the mach
and up pointers, but currently are not preserved during
system calls.

would it make sense to save and restore the two registers
on syscall entry/exit, so userspace programs could make use
of them for per process data?


dante | 18 Jul 15:21 2014

Keeping 9pi up to date

Dear Mr. Miller,

Would a "replica/pull -v /dist/replica/network" result in the same 
system as the last 9pi kit 


dante | 18 Jul 15:19 2014

Plan9 Sources Repository

Dear 9Fans,

I see that Bell Labs offers a sources repository of Plan9, that is 
kindly kept up-to-date by volonteers (thanks!).

Yet: is there a source control system behind it?
Would it be possible to check out directly from there?

If there is none, could it be that this contributes to the lack of 
popularity and to the fragmentation of Plan9 (9front, 9atom, 9legacy, 
PlanB, other plans...)?

Kind Regards,