Jason Stubbs | 26 Jul 02:17 2009

East Asian Character Sets


Before I get into this issue, I'll state that I've only been using PC-BSD 
since yesterday. I've had a few issues that I'll be spamming to this list as 
it's got a low noise ratio and seems to get dev attention. If any of them 
should be posted elsewhere, please point me in the right direction. ;)

Qt4 codecs for characters sets such as Shift-JIS and EUC-JP don't seem 
to be installed with the base system. This of course means that 
Konqueror, KMail, etc can't correctly display content in those character 
sets. As far as Japanese is concerned, this is a big problem as the 
standard character set for email is ISO-2022-JP.

The relevant ports are:


A web page showing the problematic behaviour is:


Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs | 26 Jul 02:21 2009

System Component listed as "NOT INSTALLED"


During the installation of PC-BSD, I didn't install any of the optional system 
components. After installation, I attempted to install "Education Games" but 
it remains listed as "NOT INSTALLED" even though the contents has actually 
been installed. I've also installed the "Ports Tree" component, which is 
showing correctly as "INSTALLED".

Is this problem known? If not, what steps should I take to debug and/or 
provide useful information?

Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs | 26 Jul 02:25 2009

Widelands PBI always shown as updatable


I have a strong feeling I should be reporting this elsewhere, but don't know 

After installing Widelands (http://www.pbidir.com/bt/pbi/177/widelands) the 
update manager always shows that an update to it is available. I'm guessing 
this is a packaging problem as the available update is listed as "Widelands 
13" whereas the PBI manager lists it as "Widelands build13".

Jason Stubbs
Jason Stubbs | 26 Jul 02:43 2009

Corrupted PBIs


Trying to install the following PBIs results in the message "ERROR: PBI 
extraction failed. File is corrupt!"


I tried re-downloading Tremulous with no change.

I'm not sure of the process involved in publishing PBIs to pbiDIR, but 
would some sort of verification be possible before making PBIs user 
accessible? Being in Australia where monthly transfer limits still remain, 
400mb of pointless downloading is not a small thing...

Jason Stubbs