Stefan Fuhrmann | 23 Jun 17:51 2016

pcbsd, spice as graphic card

Hello all,

I installed the latest pcbsd on proxmox (kvm based virtualisaion) with spice 
dual monitor (qxl2). But I dont know which driver I should use in pcbsd. In 
the moment its vesa. Having only 1 Monitor and the graphic is slow.

I search but can not find a solution.
Which graphic- driver I have to use with with spice?

Can someone help?

jungle Boogie | 12 Dec 15:37 2015

dell e6420 support

Hello All,

I'm interested in this laptop:

I made an iso of PC-BSD Desktop - 4.1GB - (HTTP) from here:

Booted up the machine and launched the installer. I can't actually
install the OS but when reviewing the menus and hardware settings,
everything was green.

Does anyone have this laptop with pcbsd working on it? Are there any
issues with it?

Secondly, the link at for '10.2-RELEASE
DVD / USB' is broken.



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B J | 6 Dec 23:18 2015

Unable To Update To 10.1-RELEASE

I attempted to upgrade my system earlier today and, for some reason,
it got trashed.  I deleted the partition, made a fresh installation of
10.0, and now I can't update to 10.1.

I keep getting a message in the status window which says "ERROR:
Failed fetching:  ports-mgmt/pkg - .txz".

Did I miss something?  Please advise.  Thanks.

Dr. B. M. Jatzeck
Blake McBride | 24 Apr 03:59 2015

Re: svn with Cyrus SASL authentication

I got it working by building from source as follows:

Install packages




./configure --with-sasl=/usr/local


sudo make install

Works fine now.



On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 8:27 PM, Kris Moore <kris <at>> wrote:
On 04/23/2015 19:05, Blake McBride wrote:

I need subversion with Cyrus SASL authentication support.  Does it exist?


Blake McBride

_______________________________________________ Support mailing list Support <at>

Is that just the regular SASL option for the subversion port?

If so, we could probably just enable it here.

-- Kris Moore PC-BSD Software / iXsystems Enterprise Storage & Servers Driven By Open Source

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Blake McBride | 24 Apr 01:05 2015

svn with Cyrus SASL authentication


I need subversion with Cyrus SASL authentication support.  Does it exist?


Blake McBride

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Ralf Mardorf | 12 Apr 07:05 2015

Re: Link Question

On Sat, 11 Apr 2015 16:37:59 -0600, Possnfiffer wrote:
>I'm reporting this link I came across today while visiting to
>download the latest ISO.
> I came across that
>isn't showing any content. I'm curious what should go here?

There are no problems here with Firefox 37.0.1. and QupZilla 1.8.6. It
shows a download button that links to .
Possnfiffer | 12 Apr 00:37 2015
Gravatar Link Question

I'm reporting this link I came across today while visiting to download the latest ISO. I came across that isn't showing any content. I'm curious what should go here?

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Bret Busby | 5 Feb 09:21 2015

Extreme problem - was Re: [PC-BSD Announce] PC-BSD 10.1.1 Released

On 03/02/2015, Kris Moore <kris@...> wrote:
> The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of 10.1.1-RELEASE!


I have encounterd a problem, that I would class as extreme.

In having gone through the installation prodeure, and, followed the
instructions, I got a warning after the Disk summary dialogue box

Warning: The selected disk / partition is less than recommended 10GB.

in trying to install in a 93GB GPT partition.

Then, after clicking on <OK>, and continuing, the system apparently installed.

However, that is not the extreme problem.

I note that, at the end of the installation procedure, when saving the
installation configuration to a USB drive, it says to remove that and
then it will reboot.

So, I remove the USB drive.

But, it does not automatically eject the installation DVD, and,
reboots into the installation process on the DVD. With the difficulty
in opening the DVD drawer on the laptop (which is now how laptop
manufacturers design their computers - to make accessing the DVD
drawer, as difficult as possible), twenty minutes later, after having
had to shut the system down, a number of times, using the power button
(when everything goes wrong, and no other method is left, hold the
power button down for 12 seconds...), I managed to retrieve the
installation DVD.

But, that is not the extreme problem.

And, when the system boots, booting into PC-BSD, it gets to the
"starting X" message, then, that disappears, and a white rectangular
block sits in the top left corner of the screen, and, nothing else
happens, so, after 15 minues, the system has to be shut down, using
the emergency shutdown using the power button.

But, that is not the extreme problem.

What is the extreme problem, is this; the system upon which, the
installation was (yet again) unsuccessfully attempted, is a GPT
system, with two operating systems previously installed (and, the
original operating system, lost, as in not found by GRUB); Ubuntu
Linux 14.04 LTS, and, Debian Linux 7.x, and, they had been able to be
booted, using GRUB as the multiloader, and, both operating systems had
successfully been updated and rebooted, imediately before this PC-BSD
installation attempt, and, the GRUB option had been left unchanged as
the default selection, in the PC-BSD installation process;

Setup Mode
Advanced - checked as using GPT system

Selected Disk - whole of HDD - default - left unchanged
Selected Partition - ada0p10: 95367MB ms-basic-data) - selected
Force ZFS 4K block size - default unchecked - left unchecked
Boot-Loader - GRUB selected by default - left unchanged
ZFS Pool name - default unchecked - left unchanged

but, the PC-BSD installation, appears to have obliterated GRUB - and
now, whilst

GRUB Loading

Welcome to GRUB

is displayed on the screen, during bootup, no GRUB menu is displayed,
and the system will now only boot into the broken installation of
PC-BSD, and so, access to the previously installed operating systems,
of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and, Debian 7.x, is lost, and, the system is now,
broken across multiple operating systems.

If the installation of PC-BSD, being broken, was broken in its own
right, and did not interfere with the other installed operating
systems, then that would be one thing; it would be the status quo.

But, the PC-BSD installation, has broken the other operating systems,
and, the whole of the multi-boot operating system, in that, having
broken GRUB, it now prevents me from accessing the other operating

So, the whole of the computer is now unusable.

That is a problem that I class, not as critical, but as extreme.


Bret Busby
West Australia

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 you'll know what the answer means."
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Rodney D. Myers | 6 Dec 18:09 2014

usb wifi rtl8187l - bought via the web store

went through the pcBSD web store, to purchase an wifi adapter that just
works with pcBSD.


just recevied it, and does not appear to be initialized
by :10.1-RELEASE-p8 FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE-p8 #0"

took it a linux laptop, and it is initialized and functions.

When I plug the USB cable ino the computer, the hd light spins, and the
green led on the adapter does flash, very briefly. I have rebooted
twice with the usb plugged into the computer.

ifconfig shows;
urtw0: flags=8802<BROADCAST,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 2290
ether 00:c0:ca:81:90:cd
media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (autoselect)
status: no carrier

sudo ifconfig urtw0 up

does nothing

dmesg | grep urtw0
urtw0: <vendor 0x0bda product 0x8187, class 0/0, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 1>
on usbus0 urtw0: unknown RTL8187L type: 0x8000000
urtw0: rtl8187l rf rtl8225u hwrev none

my /etc/rc.conf;

# Auto-Enabled NICs from pc-sysinstall
ifconfig_re0=" netmask"
# Auto-Enabled NICs from pc-sysinstall
ifconfig_re0_ipv6="inet6 accept_rtadv"
ifconfig_ndis0="WPA SYNCDHCP"
ifconfig_urtw0="WPA netmask country us"

At this point, not sure which way to turn.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Rodney D. Myers <rod_dmyers@...>

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little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
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Dru Lavigne | 13 Nov 00:06 2014

Re: documentation suggestions

Hello Dan,

You can either send them directly to me, or if you prefer, make edit the wiki directly after creating a wiki
account. We see all wiki edits and can contact you if we have a question about an edit.




 Message: 1
 Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 23:20:46 -0800
 From: DWL <lddll@...>
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 Subject: [PC-BSD Support] documentation suggestions
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 This is a newb question. Who do I send mail to if I have
 suggestions for improving the user documentation? The



 Support mailing list

 End of Support Digest, Vol 80, Issue 3
DWL | 12 Nov 08:20 2014

documentation suggestions


This is a newb question. Who do I send mail to if I have suggestions for improving the user documentation? The website?