nemysis | 22 Oct 23:49 2012

PBI submissions GPA, GNU Privacy Assistant

GPA, GNU Privacy Assistant

The GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) is a graphical user interface for GnuPG

The GNU Privacy Assistant is a graphical frontend to GnuPG and may be used to manage the keys and
encrypt/decrypt/sign/check files. It is much like Seahorse.


Only needed is what is Makefile for GPA

requires gpgsm. (Re)Install security/gnupg with the GPGSM option ON, then rebuild security/gpgme if installed

Also need some scripting, and i don't knew how to make this for this PBI modul, sorry.
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unix_lists | 22 Oct 23:41 2012

xombrero pbi

I built this pbi with EasyPBI. I've been using it for the past few days
with no issues. It's actually the rebranded replacement for xxxterm Web

donald cooley
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Gour | 14 Oct 21:49 2012

problem with claws-mail PBI


Sometime ago i submitted feature request to add bogofilter to the
claws-mail plugin as well for some other currently missing plugins
which I usually packaged on Linux as claws-mail-extra-plugins package.

Unfortunately, I marked the wrong plugin thinking that bsfilter is the
right one, but later discovered that bogofilter is actually shipping
with claws-mail itself, but it's not enabled by default in the ports

Here is my attempt to adjust PBI according to my needs:

# PBI Build Configuration

# -- Program Information --

# -- Port Information --
PBI_MKPORTAFTER=" mail/claws-mail-archiver mail/claws-mail-att_remover
mail/claws-mail-attach_warner mail/claws-mail-clamd mail/claws-mail-fancy
mail/claws-mail-fetchinfo mail/claws-mail-gtkhtml2_viewer mail/claws-mail-perl
mail/claws-mail-rssyl mail/claws-mail-rssyl mail/claws-mail-spamreport mail/claws-mail-tnef
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nemysis | 14 Oct 00:11 2012

PBI submissions Bomb-her-man, Rescue! Max, Puck-Man, Smash Battle, Barbie Seahorse Adventures, patapizza Tetris, Speaking Hangman, NetWalk, Swine, FreetuxTV, EOS Camera Movie Record, LianLianKan

This are mine new commited FreeBSD Ports


A Bomberman clone written in C++, student project for SUPINFO, France


Rescue! Max

Rescue Max is a Action Adventure in Space written in java. It is based on a old mac game called Rescue! by Tom Spreen.

A 2D space real-time, action/strategy game. You are in control of a ship that you fly around space fighting
enemies and making friends on your way.
The main objective is to rescue people from planets and take them to star bases.



This game is an unofficial clone of the original Pac-Man game and is
not endorsed by the registered trademark owners Namco, Inc.
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Bridger Dyson-Smith | 24 Sep 21:46 2012

PBI Submission: Turpial

Hi all, 


-- -- 
Turpial is a microblogging client written in Python for social networks like Twitter &

-- --
Pbi-dev mailing list
patrick dudjalija | 17 Sep 09:36 2012

problem reporting - pbi bubble bubbross


I've just installed pbi bubbross via appacafe on PCBSD 9.0.

The icon is installed on the Desktop, but when it's clicked the program doesn't start.

Also, the icon is installed on the menu "other", although menu "games" is more adequate.

Thanks a lot for the follow up.

With kind regards,

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patrick dudjalija | 17 Sep 09:35 2012

problem reporting - pbi audacity


I've just installed pbi audacity via appcafe, on PCBSD 9.0.

Two (minor) problems :
- No icon is available on the Desktop (only name Audacity).
- Also, audacity is installed in menu "other", although imho it would be better to install it under menu Sound & Video.

Thanks a lot for your follow up.

With kind regards,


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nemysis | 14 Sep 16:31 2012

PBI submissions Vectoroids, ICBM3D, Bug Squish, Mad Bomber, TTT, 3D Pong, Gem Drop X, Abuse-SDL

This are mine new adopted FreeBSD Ports


Vectoroids is a vector-based rock-shooting game similar to the arcade classic Asteroids.  It is an SDL game
based on the source for Agendaroids, an X-Window game written for the Agenda VR3 Linux-based PDA written
by the same author.


ICBM3D, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D

A 3D vector-based clone of Dave Theurer's classic Atari arcade game Missile Command.

ICBM3D ("Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D") is a 3D game of defense.

Like the original Missile Command and its clones, this game places you in control of
Anti-ICBM weapons which you use to destroy an onslaught of missiles (and other nasties) which are dropping
onto your nation.

The game ends when your cities have all been destroyed. You only gain replacement cities by acheiving
certain score thresholds during each attack (level).

The main difference between this game and Missile Command is that ICBM3D, as the name suggests, provides a
3D perspective. You take advantage of X-Window's 3-button mouse to control your firing sight
("cross-hair") in 3-dimensions, and change your viewpoint


Bug Squish

In Bug Squish, you must defend your arm from an onslaught of
blood-sucking insects. Use your fly-swatter to squish them before they
suck you dry.

Bug Squish is based on the shareware game "Blood Suckers" for MacOS,
by Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software.


Mad Bomber

The Mad Bomber is loose in the city and he's dropping bombs everywhere!
It's your job to catch them before they hit the ground and explode.
Luckily, you have a set of trusty buckets to extinguish them with.

A clone of the excellent 1981 Atari 2600 video game Kaboom! by Larry Kaplan of Activision.  (Kaboom! was
originally going to be an Atari produced 2600 port of their 1978 arcade game, Avalanche.)



A very simple one- or two-player Tic Tac Toe game played using a mouse.


3D Pong

A one- or two-player, three dimensional sports game,
based on the first arcade game ever made, Pong from Atari.

Slična je igri Pung. Pročitajte dobro README.txt!


Gem Drop X

Gem Drop X is an interesting one-player puzzle game using the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) libraries.

It is a direct port of "Gem Drop," an Atari 8-bit game written in Action!
(a very fast C- and Pascal-like compiled language for the Atari).

It was originally ported to X11, using SDL for sound and music.
Eventually, the Xlib graphics calls were removed and replaced with SDL calls.

The concept of the game "Gem Drop" is based on an arcade game for the NeoGeo system called "Magical Drop III"
by SNK.

If you're familiar with games like Jewels, Klax, Bust-A-Move or Tetris, this game is similar to them all.  I
consider it closest to Klax. Some people have compared it to "Tetris meets Space Invaders."



Is a port of Abuse by Crack Dot Com to Linux using the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. This allows Abuse to
run at screen depths greater than 8bpp as well as fullscreen.

Abuse-SDL has the following extra features over the original Abuse:

 - Run at any screen depth from 8bpp to 32bpp.
 - Run fullscreen or in a window.
 - Lock the mouse to the window.
 - Mousewheel support for changing weapons.
 - Stereo sound.

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nemysis | 4 Sep 11:29 2012

PBI submissions Primate Plunge, Defendguin

Primate Plunge

Primate Plunge is an arcade game, you have help poor Monkey navigate his way down through trecherous
jungles, canyons, towering waterfalls, into the heart of a volcano and through the driving rain of a cold
industrial city.

Monkey will find help along the way in the form of exciting powerups, including parachutes and jetpacks.



A clone of the arcade game Defender, but with a Linux theme.
Your mission is to defend little penguinoids from being captured and mutated.


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nemysis | 3 Sep 17:49 2012

PBI submissions Windstille


In Windstille the player will be placed in a foreign alien world and has to find its way back into safety.
Special focus will be on getting the foreign world and the players character itself believable.
Exploration will be more needed than plain shoot action, even so the players-character will be equipped
with a multifunctional war-suit, so he will be far from defenseless. The game will have slow placed
explore and seak sequences as well as more rough section that will feature fast shoot and jump action. The
game world should be presented in a consistent state, enemies once destroyed should not respawn
automatically. The player is free to go forward and backward in the world as long as the level design allows it.

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Sean Rees | 2 Sep 14:46 2012

PBI submission: net/mediatomb

Hey there,

Attached is a PBI config for net/mediatomb.

I didn't think to add a desktop bit for it, since it's a web service.


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