G B | 17 Apr 13:55 2014

The state of OI

Presently I'm using SmartOS to serve my domains and use OpenBSD on KVM on SmartOS as my mail server. 

Last weekend I installed OI 151a8 since I used it prior to moving to SmartOS and wanted to see what changes had been made, etc, to OI.

OI has always been very stable, but I've never understood the hipster development.  OI always had a development/experimental repo and hipster seems to break things.  Why isn't the effort with hipster being put into 151a8 and future releases?

I've noticed a wiki comment by Gary Mills on March 16, 2014, "The git commit for illumos is dated Fri Sep 6 09:20:56 2013.  That's several months before this version of OI was released.  Is there a problem tracking illumos versions, or did it really take that long?" 

That is fundamentally flawed.  What is the point of a 151a9 and other releases if the commit is months older than the current illumos-gate?
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Alexander Pyhalov | 17 Apr 11:44 2014

[HEADSUP] openssl is updated to 1.0.1

Hello, people.

OpenSSL provided in /hipster was rebuilt and updated to 1.0.1 version.
Now package library/security/openssl will provide OpenSSL 1.0.1g and old 
compatibility bits from OpenSSL 0.9.8y. Old libraries are rebuilt.
libssl.so/libcrypto.so links point to OpenSSL 1.0 versions, so new 
software can be compiled only against OpenSSL 1.0.1.
All packages provided by /hipster, including illumos-gate, were rebuilt 
against OpenSSL 1.0.1 library. Old software should be able to use 
OpenSSL 0.9.8 compatibility bits.

Build server was updated, so to use new packages you have to update 
packages provided by illumos-gate.

If you find any breakages, please report.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Computer Center of Southern Federal University
Alexander Pyhalov | 14 Apr 17:31 2014

review openssl-1.0

I'm working on enabling openssl-1.0 in oi-userland.

Please, review this work:

The main issue is that we
a) should support legacy software which depends on openssl 0.9.8,
b) can't rebuild the whole OI /hipster .
So, we should provide compatibility package.

The things I've done:
1) resync our code with userland one,
2) added openssl 0.9.8 auxiliary component (the only target used is 
It's used to build libssl.so.0.9.8 and libcrypto.so.0.9.8 after 
compiling openssl 1.0.
3) massaged openssl 1.0 so that it uses gcc.

I'm a bit worried that gcc and sun cc build options in Configure script 
are different. I can't predict how it affects resulting binaries.

Old Sun Studio config:
"solaris-x86-cc-sunw","cc:-m32 -xO3 -xspace -g 
-Xa::-D_REENTRANT::-lsocket -lnsl -lc:BN_LLONG RC4_CHAR RC4_CHUNK 
BF_PTR:${x86_elf_asm_sunw}:dlfcn:solaris-shared:-KPIC:-m32 -G -dy -z 
text -zdefs -Bdirect -zignore -M/usr/lib/ld/map.pagealign 
"solaris64-x86_64-cc-sunw","cc:-xO3 -m64 -g -xstrconst -Xa 
DES_UNROLL:${x86_64_asm_sunw}:dlfcn:solaris-shared:-KPIC:-m64 -G -dy -z 
text -zdefs -Bdirect -zignore -M/usr/lib/ld/map.pagealign 

default gcc config:
"solaris-x86-gcc","gcc:-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -march=pentium -Wall 
-ldl:BN_LLONG ${x86_gcc_des} 
"solaris64-x86_64-gcc","gcc:-m64 -O3 -Wall -DL_ENDIAN 
-DMD32_REG_T=int::-D_REENTRANT::-lsocket -lnsl -ldl:SIXTY_FOUR_BIT_LONG 
DES_UNROLL:${x86_64_asm}:dlfcn:solaris-shared:-fPIC:-m64 -shared 

"-ldl" and "-lc" difference doesn't matter, as libdl is just a proxy 
library for libc. However I can't estimate the influence of other options.

Testing done:
1) successfully run apache 2.2 (not recompiled) with new openssl 0.9.8 bits,
2) rebuilt and successfully booted latest illumos-gate
3) oi-build rebuild on-going now, so far no surprises
4) found out that apache 2.4 https doesn't work with any openssl (so 
it's a serious separate issue)

Waiting for your comments. If I don't receive any negative feedback and 
userland build completes without issues, I'm going to commit these bits 
in several few days.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Computer Center of Southern Federal University
Arhipkin Ilya | 3 Apr 15:06 2014

Re: beginners customized distro_const question

And it is possible more in detail about the installer, I understand the local repository installer and start the service pkgdepod?
http://forum.arhipkin.com - Miass OpenSolaris Team Leader
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Randy S | 3 Apr 12:29 2014

beginners customized distro_const question

maybe someone can tell me where I went wrong and what I should have done?

I'm trying to make a customized version of the automatic installer .

- created a custom test package and added it to a local private local repo (separate second local repo)
- created a local copy of the official repo with the officical packages (first local repo)
- tested the installation of this test package on a normal oi system. Package should install into /etc/test and it does.
- in the ai_x86_image_JMC.xml I placed the first repo in the </pkg_repo_default_authority> section
- in the ai_x86_image_JMC.xml I added the second repo in the </pkg_repo_addl_authority> section
- added the test package to the <packages> section

Started the build process and iso is created correctly

Now, when I start the iso according to the instructions on the wiki: http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Automated+Installer+and+Networked+Installation
and I go to the command prompt , I do not see the test package in the /etc/.
I however do find it in /mnt/misc/etc/test

Maybe someone can explain to me why this happens, where I went wrong and how to do the above correctly ?

Thanks in advance.


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Alasdair Lumsden | 24 Mar 20:19 2014

Re: [OpenIndiana-New-developers] Greetings

> I'm not exactly sure. I've been using a UNIX-like operating systems for the past 15 years personally and
professionally in one form or another. I've followed the free and open source movement for as long. I've
always wanted to contribute to a FOSS project but I've never had the time. Now, I find myself with a lot of
time and was looking for a project that I could contribute to. I can program in: Shell, C and Lisp relatively
well; I'm a quick study. I poked around the OpenIndiana site for where help was needed but didn't find
anything. Perhaps you could point me in the right direction?

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

The OpenIndiana site is quite out of date. The wiki is a bit better, but it's also very out of date.

So I'd say the quickest way to get involved is probably to hop onto #oi-dev and #illumos on irc.freenode.net
- this way you can chat in real time with the devs.

I myself aren't involved at all as a developer although I hang around pointing people in the right direction occasionally.

The main area of development is on the /hipster branch (not sure if you're familiar with this). You can see
the Git repo here:



Dang Zhiqiang | 21 Mar 07:47 2014

how to fix it? Entries present in proto area but not manifests.

See below, how to fix it?

./nightly.sh illumos.sh
cd ./log/log.2014-03-21.13\:54/
vim mail_msg

==== Validating manifests against proto area ====

Entries present in proto area but not manifests:
        dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/LC_COLLATE
        dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/LC_CTYPE
        dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/LC_MESSAGES
        dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/LC_MONETARY
        dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/LC_NUMERIC
        dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/LC_TIME
        file usr/lib/locale/POSIX/locale_description group=group mode=0444 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX/locale_description

Entries that differ between manifests and proto area:
     manifests hardlink path=kernel/strmod/amd64/sdpib target=kernel/drv/amd64/sdpib
    proto area file kernel/strmod/amd64/sdpib group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=kernel/strmod/amd64/sdpib
     manifests hardlink path=kernel/strmod/sdpib target=kernel/drv/sdpib
    proto area file kernel/strmod/sdpib group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=kernel/strmod/sdpib
     manifests hardlink path=platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 target=platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.46
    proto area file platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47
     manifests hardlink path=platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 target=platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.46
    proto area file platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47 group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.47
     manifests link path=usr/lib/fwflash/verify/ses-LSILOGIC.so target=ses-SUN.so
    proto area file usr/lib/fwflash/verify/ses-LSILOGIC.so group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/fwflash/verify/ses-LSILOGIC.so
     manifests link path=usr/lib/fwflash/verify/sgen-LSILOGIC.so target=ses-SUN.so
    proto area file usr/lib/fwflash/verify/sgen-LSILOGIC.so group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/fwflash/verify/sgen-LSILOGIC.so
     manifests link path=usr/lib/fwflash/verify/sgen-SUN.so target=ses-SUN.so
    proto area file usr/lib/fwflash/verify/sgen-SUN.so group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/fwflash/verify/sgen-SUN.so
     manifests link path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX target=C
    proto area dir group=group mode=0755 owner=owner path=usr/lib/locale/POSIX

==== Check versioning and ABI information ====

usr/lib/amd64/libike.so: does not have a versioned name
usr/lib/libike.so: does not have a versioned name

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Dang Zhiqiang | 19 Mar 06:19 2014

An error in building with oi-build wiki

I found an error in http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Building+with+oi-build.
Current version, need change oi-build to illumos-userland:
# pkg publisher
PUBLISHER                             TYPE     STATUS   URI
illumos-userland                      origin   online   file:///home/dzq/workspace/oi-build/i386/repo/

Adding the local repository to your publisher list
sudo /usr/bin/pkg set-publisher -p file://$HOME/oi-build/i386/repo
sudo /usr/bin/pkg set-publisher -P oi-build
You will now be able to pkg install the software you have built and published via oi-build.

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Alexander Pyhalov | 17 Mar 22:16 2014

[HEADSUP] gstreamer is rebuilt, gstreamer/plugin/base and gstreamer/plugin/good are separate packages now

This changes affects almost all desktop OI Hipster users. Gstreamer is 
rebuilt. library/audio/gstreamer/plugin/base and 
library/audio/gstreamer/plugin/good earlier were parts of 
library/audio/gstreamer package. Now they are not. On update you are 
likely have to manually install them.


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Jim Klimov | 13 Mar 16:45 2014

Git or Mercurial?

Hello all,

   Many instructions on both the illumos and OI wikis (including some
pages compiled by myself a couple of years ago) describe Mercurial
(hg) as the way to fetch the illumos-gate sources. How up-to-date is
this information? I believe the active development repository for both
projects has gone over to GitHub, with its simplicity of forks etc.,
and the hg.illumos.org replicates (checks out/updates) from the Git
master version. Is this understanding correct?

   In consequence, should the Wiki instructions be updated to promote
the GitHub (original gate or private forks) as the suggested way to
go (in particular, to easily publish and share fixes and developments
made by this developer), with HG being a legacy option?

//Jim Klimov
Alexander Pyhalov | 12 Mar 09:44 2014

slim_source in /hipster

Hello, people.

I have a component for building slim_source on /hipster .

The component itself: 

slim_source consolidation modified so that it can be built with gcc 
without warnings: https://github.com/pyhalov/slim_source

Please, review.
I'm going to create OpenIndiana fork of 
https://github.com/pyhalov/slim_source , update GIT_REPO in slim_source 
component and publish it today if there are no objections.

To install slim source-produced packages I have to relax 
install_incorporation. Perhaps, it's worth just creating an empty 
package for it or even just obsolete it?

Testing done: installed new distribution constructor. From repository 
containing new packages produced by slim_source, created text install 
ISO, installed it in VM.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Computer Center of Southern Federal University