Alexander Pyhalov | 11 Feb 07:14 2016

[HEADSUP] DNS server runs under named now

The following change affects OI Hipster users.

Recent fix to dns server makes dns/serer run 
as named user (adds -u named switch).
The fix is availabe in service/network/dns/bind <at> and 
Check that all bind config files are accessible to named.


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 10 Feb 21:11 2016

Re: Remove IPS dependency on sys-unconfig (was Re: Userland dev, Zone and processes )

Dan McDonald писал 10.02.2016 22:32:
>> On Feb 10, 2016, at 2:31 PM, Alexander Pyhalov <alp <at>> wrote:
>> There are  several questions about this sollution.
>> I'm OK with it, but
>> a) how do you handle lipkg zones?
> Same as ipkg ones.  Look at our version of common.ksh, e.g.
>> b) what about cloning zones when GZ pkg is newer than zone's pkg?

This should be OK. As zone is in mounted state we actually call for GZ's 
/usr/lib/brand/ipkg/system-unconfigure .
System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

oi-dev mailing list
oi-dev <at>
Alexander Pyhalov | 10 Feb 20:31 2016

Re: Remove IPS dependency on sys-unconfig (was Re: Userland dev, Zone and processes )


Dan McDonald писал 10.02.2016 22:05:
>> On Feb 10, 2016, at 1:53 PM, Dan McDonald <danmcd <at>> wrote:
>> We had a different, hackier, solution in the OmniOS child.  I hope 
>> this change can eliminate that hackery.
> Actually, it may be less hackier and more complete.  Here's our
> replacement specifically for zones:

There are  several questions about this sollution.
I'm OK with it, but
a) how do you handle lipkg zones?
b) what about cloning zones when GZ pkg is newer than zone's pkg?

System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

oi-dev mailing list
oi-dev <at>
ken mays via oi-dev | 8 Feb 16:36 2016

XDC 2016 - Developer Conference - Sept 21-23 - Helsinki, Finland


September 21-23, 2016


Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences - Haaga campus is located at Pajuniityntie 11, 00320

The Haaga campus has approximately 1,100 students and a staff of about 70. 

Registration Cost:

Martin Peres - Intel Finland

The 2016 X.Org Developers Conference (3-day event) is the annual technical meeting for X Window System and
Free Desktop developers. The attendees will gather to discuss outstanding technical issues related to
the Open Source Graphics stack (X, Wayland, Mesa, DRI, ...) and its software ecosystem. The event is free
of charge and open to the general public.

See: (topics usually discussed at event)
If you are willing to give a talk at XDC2016 and require travel 
(Continue reading)

Aurélien Larcher | 8 Feb 02:09 2016

Update on XNV and JDS consolidation migrations

since not everyone follows what happens in oi-userland I figured that I could give a short description of the work regarding consolidations.

As you know, one important milestone is to be able to build OpenIndiana using oi-userland, which required migrating consolidations: the JDS (Java Desktop System) and XNV (X11) consolidations are basically the last on the list.
I decided to spend some time this week end to move forward on this track.

Some time ago I listed packages which needed love:

I came up with a list of 124 packages: some of them are obsolete, some of them are closed source and the rest is largely divided between JDS, XNV and some localization packages.

In short:

- about 20 packages for JDS, 15 still relevant out of which 11 are migrated.

- about 74 packages for XNV, 70 still relevant out of which 52 are migrated.

- XNV components were based on the x-S12 tree from the X Window System for Solaris Project at Oracle:

and since this latter consists of modules delivering possibly several components, we actually have about 90 components to be added to oi-userland right now.

- there are 24 components left for packaging in x-S12, some of them not present in OI, I do not know if some of them are irrelevant:

./libepoxy (some fixes needed)
./libxkbcommon (some fixes needed)

and about 70 font-related packages which I do not know if they are all meaningful:


A few packages (e.g xrandr and xclipboard) could not be built yet because I could not bypass x-incorporation even after disabling facet.version-lock on components and facet.require on the incorporation.

If you are interested in working on some of the remaining components, your help will be very appreciated and warmly thanked :)

The next stage would certainly consist in reviewing the components and testing X libraries one by one and in the correct order using this branch.
Best regards,


Praise the Caffeine embeddings
oi-dev mailing list
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bentahyr | 5 Feb 01:48 2016

Userland dev, Zone and processes


I created a zone with oi-userland dev and tools and I finally made my 2 first packages.
I gave up on cloning the dev zone (zoneadm clone doesn't work) to try to install the package and relied VBox as
I don't need much power to test the package.

Now I would like to install these packages on my dev zone so I can work on a third package depending on the 2
first ones but here I am with a new issue. I can't seem to add publisher and use packages from my dev zone.
Adding publisher is ok but when I issue the pkg install command I get :

-pkg install: Invalid child image publisher configuration.  Child image publisher
-configuration must be a superset of the parent image publisher configuration.
-Please update the child publisher configuration to match the parent.  If the
-child image is a zone this can be done automatically by detaching and
-attaching the zone.
-The parent image has the following enabled publishers:
-    PUBLISHER 1: hipster-encumbered
-The child image has the following enabled publishers:
-    PUBLISHER 0: userland
-    PUBLISHER 2: hipster-encumbered
-    PUBLISHER 3: localhostoih

So I was wondering what am I doing wrong in the zone as it seems IPS is highly tighten to the global zone. Is
there a more independent way to set the zone ?

Second question is what should be the process to add new packages to userland on github ?
- open feature request on OI bug tracker ?
- pull request on github oi-userland repo ?
- mail to oi-dev ?

Best regards.
johan Sanchez | 31 Jan 19:12 2016

Re: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Updated OpenIndiana FAQ

-------- Message d'origine --------
De : Alexander Pyhalov
Date :31/01/2016 18:54 (GMT+01:00)
A : Discussion list for OpenIndiana
Cc : OpenIndiana Developer mailing list
Objet : Re: [oi-dev] [OpenIndiana-discuss] Updated OpenIndiana FAQ

> Sounds better. But perhaps Bob is correct and we can write "to provide a
> free and open source alternative to Unix"

I don t find the comparizon useful ... i mean how useful is it ...?
Linux was written from scratch ... by Hp Ibm SGI and lot 
of companies .
This is absolutely irrelevant and could only lead to flamewar...
Documentation is not a fair place for any kind of propaganda...
My 2 cts


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oi-dev <at>
oi-dev mailing list
oi-dev <at>
Andreas Wacknitz | 19 Jan 20:18 2016

Question regarding userland-incorporation in build zone

Hi all,

I had problems compiling some packages and found out that my build zone 
had an
ancient atk package (version 1.32.00) installed while my global zone has 

Further I found out that my build zone had 
userland-incorporation <at> 0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151113T170730Z
while my global zone has 
userland-incorporation <at> 0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20160119T140404Z.

I did the following in the build zone:

pkg uninstall entire
pkg uninstall userland-incorporation
pkg update

That brought userland-incorporation <at> 0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20160119T140404Z 
into the build zone and
with it came the newest atk package. After that I re-installed package 

My question is: was that the right way to solve the problem of outdated 
packages in my buildzone?
Furthermore, I thought the build zone would be updated together with the 
global zone. That is obviously
wrong. So, shall I update the build zone manually after I updated the 
global zone?

bentahyr | 19 Jan 04:35 2016

oi-userland component build and directory structure

I'm trying to build simple software as packages.
If I understand correctly, the way the oi-userland works is package is compiled in a build directory
different from the source tarball extraction.

My issue is that some include files are not transferred from the source to the build directory and the code
refer to "#include <myfile.h>" so the make fails whereas going into the source directory and perform the
build works fine.

How would be the oi way to tackle this ?

Andreas Wacknitz | 18 Jan 19:58 2016

libpthread-stubs is needed in the build environment

Hi all,

As a small note to anybody interested in userland builds:
I had problems to compile a lot of packages until today: The release of 
the package "libpthread-stubs" into userland solved
my problems. It has to be installed manually (maybe we should add it to 

Alexander Pyhalov | 14 Jan 09:15 2016

new year

What do you think about naming conventions?
We currently have 2015.0.2.X package version to mark RELEASE_MAJOR and 
UPDATENUM . I think we'll preserve them until new snapshot (which will 
become 2016.0.0.X). What about repository name?
Initially multiple repositories were created to avoid having 
repositories with too many packages, as this slows down IPS.
Now we usually pkgsend/pkgrecv repository to temporary place and move 
back. So  I don't think /hipster-XXXX repositories  are necessary or 
convenient. Perhaps, it's a good idea to move repository to /hipster and 
preserve it there?

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department