Alexander Pyhalov | 18 Jul 17:31 2016

OpenJDK 8

Hi, people.

Does someone want to review or test OpenJDK 8 changeset?

I could run toy programs and build OpenJDK 8 with OpenJDK 8.
Additional testing is welcome.

OpenJDK 7 stays default one for now.

System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 17 Jul 09:07 2016

mate components

Hi, Till.

I'd like to know current Mate state. Do you have more components ready? 
If you do, what prevents us from shipping them? If you don't I'd like to 
look at remaining mate components.


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 7 Jul 17:43 2016

Switch to python 2.7


I'm going to merge 

Efficiently it's:
1) switching all oi-userland python consumers to use python 2.7
2) deliver python 2.7 versions for all python modules which we deliver
3) dropping of several python 2.6 python modules, which are unlikely to 
be used by something besides GUI (and it's switched to 2.7)
4) making python 2.7 default python version on user systems and in 

One thing which is missing is modifying server_install and gui-install 
meta-packages to deliver python 2.7 versions of software on install 
media. This thing is much easier to test when this change is landed.

Another thing to note: we still need python 2.6 for illumos-gate scripts 
and tools, and this sucks...

Reviews and opinions are welcome.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department
Alexander Pyhalov | 7 Jul 10:53 2016

AI ISO images

Hi, people.
I want to ask if someone tried creating and using AI or AI ISO images 
with OpenIndiana Hipster.
Do we want to start preparing them again? Has someone real need in such 

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department
Till Wegmüller | 6 Jul 11:33 2016

Error Compiling marco

Hello Community.

I am currently trying to compile the mate window manager marco.
But unfortunatly i get the attached error.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks and Greetings
(cd /export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86 ; /usr/bin/env
LD_OPTIONS="-M /usr/lib/ld/map.noexstk -M /usr/lib/ld/map.noexdata -M
/usr/lib/ld/map.pagealign -Bdirect -z ignore" LD_EXEC_OPTIONS="-z aslr=disable" 
"ac_cv_func_realloc_0_nonnull=yes" CC="/usr/gcc/4.9/bin/gcc" CFLAGS="-m32 -O3 " \
        /usr/gnu/bin/make   \
make[1]: Entering directory '/export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86'
/usr/gnu/bin/make  all-recursive
make[2]: Entering directory '/export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86'
Making all in src
make[3]: Entering directory '/export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86/src'
/usr/gnu/bin/make  all-recursive
make[4]: Entering directory '/export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86/src'
Making all in wm-tester
make[5]: Entering directory '/export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86/src/wm-tester'
depbase=`echo main.o | sed 's|[^/]*$|.deps/&|;s|\.o$||'`;\
/usr/gcc/4.9/bin/gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.
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Theodore Seán Tubbs | 6 Jul 00:54 2016

Possible "Bug" when running OpenIndiana in KVM

I noticed after doing a fresh install of OpenIndiana Hipster GIO
20160421, I booted into OpenIndiana just fine, then proceeded to do
updates, `pkg update`. After updates are done installing I pressed the
`shutdown` button and do a reboot to the new ZFS root pool, skipping the
bootloader, OpenIndiana boots just fine again. Though later that day
when I turned the VM on once again, and chose the root pool with updates
(`openindiana-1`) everything seemed for a while to proceed as normal.
Though after a while I just got a blank black screen with nothing on it,
upon doing a hard reboot of the VM and choosing the original root pool
(`OI Hipster`) everything went fine. I then again used the `shutdown`
button to choose the other root pool and skip the bootloader, and
OpenIndiana loaded just fine. Thought I'd bring this to your attention. 

To summarize:

1 Boot fresh install
2 Do updates
3 Restart and skip bootloader to new root pool with updates
4 Shutdown VM
5 Turn VM back on, choose the new root pool
6 Seems to load up, but I only get a black screen
7 Boot into original root pool
8 Repeat step 3
9 I'm in the new root pool just fine.
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oi-dev <at>
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Sergey Ryabinin via oi-dev | 13 Jun 21:48 2016


Hi All!
Valid if such mistake ?

root <at> oi-t:~# zonecfg -z wp
zonecfg:wp> set zfs-io-priority=100
syntax error at '='

add <resource-type>
(global scope)
add <property-name> <property-value>
(resource scope)
clear <property-name>
create [-f] [ -a <path> | -b | -t <template> ]
delete [-f]
exit [-f]
export [-f output-file]
help [commands] [syntax] [usage] [<command-name>]
info [<resource-type> [property-name=property-value]*]
remove [-f] <resource-type> [ <property-name>=<property-value> ]*
(global scope)
remove <property-name> <property-value>
(resource scope)
revert [-f]
select <resource-type> { <property-name>=<property-value> }
set <property-name>=<property-value>
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Nikola M | 8 Jun 12:37 2016

Testing request for firefox <at> 45.2.0

Testing requiest for
pkg://userland/web/browser/firefox <at> 45.2.0,5.11-2016.0.0.0:20160608T095701Z
has been received.

See at Wiki page:
for testing procedure using local per-package mirror.

Make sure you create backup BE without new publisher, you can come back to after testing.

Alternatively doing per-package testing, one can temporarely add userland publisher,
but I think that per-package testing is more precise.

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oi-dev <at>
mlist_brigar via oi-dev | 7 Jun 23:36 2016

how to reg ?

Hi all!

How to reg ?
I would like to participate, and it is possible to make a small
bentahyr | 25 May 00:00 2016

Re: Wine 1.9.10 : compilation trial

Thanks for the link but DirectX installation went fine, and since 2010, winetricks appeared and helped to
automate quite a lot of these tiedous tasks.

What I had no luck with is that with or without DirectX native implementation, I have the same memory error.
I'll keep that under the hood when have some time amd try to see with the Wine guys if we can get it to work.

As it used to work on opensolaris, I though it should work but I tried wine 1.7.7 on OI151a9 and if it doesn't
expose the same issue, it doesn't render (this is a very quick test with a very limited number of software so
someone might have different results).

Just as a ref, wine is quite used to have access to proprietary music software and one may want to use it for
picture/photo manipulation software as well (I known, I kind of lost my sense of humor lately but I'm
working on it).

I personally use wine for Win32 legacy software so I'm glad with the current situation but I'd like to
propose a complete solution. I'm running out of time regarding this so I'll pile it up with the other things
I would like to port/package to OI.

Best regards.

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 11:37:41AM +0000, ken mays via oi-dev wrote:
> Ben,
> Read this:
> Ken 
> On Tuesday, May 24, 2016 12:15 AM, Alexander Pyhalov <alp <at>> wrote:
> On 05/24/2016 08:27, bentahyr <at> wrote:
> > After a few tests it appears that every 3d stuff do not run.
> > I tried a few Windows Application (SumatraPDF, LibreOffice,
> > other minor application) and when I switched to some DirectX things, it
> > crashes with error :
> > fixme:ddraw:DirectDrawEnumerateExA flags 0x00000006 not handled
> > (0) : fatal error C9008: out of memory - malloc failed
> > Cg compiler terminated due to fatal error
> >
> > I tried to install DX9 using winetricks but no luck.
> >
> > OpenGL works fine on the test machine as glxgear does work and various
> > webgl demos on firefox work as well.
> >
> > I will check if I need to specify some configure switches later on.
> > 2D stuff seems ok so far.
> >
> Yes, last time I've compiled wine on OI it was useless for directx 
> games. And why else do you need wine? :)
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Alexander Pyhalov,
> system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department
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Adam Števko | 24 May 13:03 2016


Hello guys,

while working on OI infra I came across a need to rapidly provision OI hipster boxes. 

I'd be interested in how many people actually use vagrant and would do on Oi hipster. If there is enough
interest, I might package it and bring it to Oi. I'll also need testers. We will be able to build VirtualBox
base boxes only (I don't use vmware on OS X).

I'll also start producing official OI vagrant boxes.

Let me know the interest in the package and how many people are to help test vagrant on Oi.