Matt Samudio | 26 May 22:35 2015

Review for new package - abook

Hi all,

This is my first attempt at contributing, so I selected something
fairly easy - introducing a new package for a simple piece of
software called "abook", which is a console-based program for
address books, used frequently with the mutt email client.

Would someone like to review what I've done, to make sure its
ready for me to make a pull request ?

My github login is rk4n3, and I checked my work into my fork
of hipster oi-userland on a branch named "rk4n3dev_abook".

I tested my work by performing the build in a build zone, publishing
the package to a publisher running in my build zone, installing
in a clean test zone by pointing the test zone at the build zone's
publisher, and running the program from a normal (non-root) login,
trying basic functionality that I know about from using the
program.  There is no test suite delivered with the software.

Please advise me if I've made any mistakes, or not completed
everything I should ...

Matt Samudio
Nikola M | 22 May 12:26 2015

What happened to hipster-2014 repo? Who is who in OI?

I would like to know where is hipster-2014 repo?
Who deleted it (was it using too much space?) and who is managing OI 
infastructure, anyway?

I would also like to know who is ATM available inside OI for various duties,
who does what and who is doing what.
That is main people infrastructure of people and that is the info i was 
always missing in OI to know what is going on.
(And to be able to move it further)

Nikola M.
Jon Tibble | 4 May 15:55 2015

OI updates

I've just pushed a collection of illumos-gate CVE fixes for a9.
This covers:
- 5378 CVE-2014-3158 ppp: integer overflow in option parsing
- 5480 CVE-2012-3165 mailx(1) buffer overflow vulnerability
- 5481 CVE-2012-1750 mailx(1) tilde expansion vulnerability
- 5853 pfexec_call() error handling could be improved
   5854 pfexecd should initialize pfexec response buffers
   (Not sure what CVE this actually was assigned.)

I've also pushed the NVIDIA driver update to 304.125 and the missing 
pieces of the Delphix vmxnet3s driver patchset.

The new packages are:
SUNWcs <at> 0.5.11,5.11-
system/network/ppp <at> 0.5.11,5.11-
consolidation/nvidia/nvidia-incorporation <at> 0.5.11,5.11-
driver/graphics/nvidia <at> 0.304.125,5.11-
driver/network/vmxnet3s <at> 0.5.11,5.11-

For those interested in an up to date OI branded illumos-gate, I've 
finished getting the OI patches done so anyone wishing to work with that 
can grab it here:

That should build fine with GCC on hipster.  If you build it with Studio 
on a9 you'll get a warning about clog 
( and warnings about pointers that 
can be fixed with

I've deliberately left out any broadcom patches that we had as there 
(Continue reading)

Arhipkin Ilya | 24 Apr 13:47 2015

OpenSolaris 2009.06 Release Repository

I hasten to inform on the implementation of the promises to run the repository for users who have not switched to a different operating system, my Russian is not so easy was given a permanent address on the Internet. But now I can say with certainty about their freedom to create programs and add-ons. I am independent of hosting!
address storage &
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Alexander Pyhalov | 15 Apr 12:34 2015

Re: sysidtool

On 04/15/2015 08:36, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
> Dan McDonald писал 14.04.2015 18:22:

> I'll look at removing admin-incorporation dependencies from different
> our packages and will write back later.

The main issue is installer. slim_source library libict depends on 
libadmutil and libadmldb from admin incorporation. It seems we have to 
preserve it for now.
On other hand I found CDDL-licensed 
usr/src/cmd/slim-install/svc/live-sysidtool.xml, which I'm going to 
transform to sysidtool manifest. It could be OK as temporary solution, 
but I still dislike our dependency on admin incorporation 

BTW, I could successfully build illumos-gate without 
system/management/product-registry. Perhaps, you can add

diff --git a/usr/src/pkg/manifests/ 
index 15b37a4..2ba0b4d 100644
--- a/usr/src/pkg/manifests/
+++ b/usr/src/pkg/manifests/
 <at>  <at>  -56,7 +56,6  <at>  <at>  depend fmri=system/library/libdbus-glib <at> 0.5.11-0.133 
  depend fmri=system/library/libdbus <at> 0.5.11-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=system/library/math/header-math <at> 0.5.11-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=system/library/mozilla-nss/header-nss <at> 0.5.11-0.133 
-depend fmri=system/management/product-registry <at> 0.5.11-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=system/management/snmp/net-snmp <at> 5.4.1-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=text/gnu-gettext <at> 0.16.1-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=web/server/apache-22 type=require

to your patch.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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Alexander Pyhalov | 15 Apr 08:08 2015

admin incorporation removal

Hi, all.
I'd like to discuss removal of the whole admin incorporation.

The code is closed and aimed to support initial system/zone 
(also it has some rudiments from Jump Start).

I think we can import something like OmniOS initial-boot service

to do unattended zone/system configuration (this script performs initial 
configuration executing /.initialboot).

The issue which I see is support for /etc/sysidcfg. What do you think?


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 11 Apr 20:07 2015


What are  drm.bz2 and i915.bz2 files attached to ?


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Fred Kimball via oi-dev | 11 Apr 04:46 2015

Evince can't open PDF files with Hipster 2015.0.1.xx branch

On my system, the Evince document viewer is unable to open PDF files with the 2015.0.1.xx branch of Hipster.
Currently booted into 2015.0.1.15003. It says: File type PDF document (application/pdf) is not
supported. I am, however, able to open Postscript (.ps) files.

Fred Kimball
Udo Grabowski (IMK | 8 Apr 11:55 2015

Certificate expired

Just a note: The certificate for is expired.

Dr.Udo Grabowski   Inst.f.Meteorology & Climate Research IMK-ASF-SAT
KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 
Postfach 3640,76021 Karlsruhe,Germany T:(+49)721 608-26026 F:-926026

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Gary Gendel | 3 Apr 22:08 2015

Hipster update, no network

The last pkg update for hipster leaves me with a standalone machine.  
The bge devices are up but I only see local ( addresses on the 
LAN (bge1, with static address) and the WAN (bge0) doesn't get an ip via 

Rolling back to my previous BE restores functionality.

I'm not sure where to begin debugging.  "dladm show-phys" output looks 
good.  Has something changed for the bge driver or ipadm setup?

I didn't look but I don't remember the tun device showing up.  Could 
this be part of the problem?

FYI, this machine is the router between my ISP and SOHO LAN.  I use the 
tunnel to do IPV6 via hurricane electric.


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Adam Števko | 31 Mar 19:27 2015

Hipster 2015.03.30 ISOs torrents


torrents for new hipster ISO images are published on


I am seeding from single machine, so the initial download might take some time to start, but speeds should be reasonable.


PGP Fingerprint: 00EF 547B 63CC 8FB0 02F4 C654 6843 7E0C F3E7 FCC1

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