Arhipkin Ilya | 24 Apr 13:47 2015

OpenSolaris 2009.06 Release Repository

I hasten to inform on the implementation of the promises to run the repository for users who have not switched to a different operating system, my Russian is not so easy was given a permanent address on the Internet. But now I can say with certainty about their freedom to create programs and add-ons. I am independent of hosting!
address storage &
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Alexander Pyhalov | 15 Apr 12:34 2015

Re: sysidtool

On 04/15/2015 08:36, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
> Dan McDonald писал 14.04.2015 18:22:

> I'll look at removing admin-incorporation dependencies from different
> our packages and will write back later.

The main issue is installer. slim_source library libict depends on 
libadmutil and libadmldb from admin incorporation. It seems we have to 
preserve it for now.
On other hand I found CDDL-licensed 
usr/src/cmd/slim-install/svc/live-sysidtool.xml, which I'm going to 
transform to sysidtool manifest. It could be OK as temporary solution, 
but I still dislike our dependency on admin incorporation 

BTW, I could successfully build illumos-gate without 
system/management/product-registry. Perhaps, you can add

diff --git a/usr/src/pkg/manifests/ 
index 15b37a4..2ba0b4d 100644
--- a/usr/src/pkg/manifests/
+++ b/usr/src/pkg/manifests/
 <at>  <at>  -56,7 +56,6  <at>  <at>  depend fmri=system/library/libdbus-glib <at> 0.5.11-0.133 
  depend fmri=system/library/libdbus <at> 0.5.11-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=system/library/math/header-math <at> 0.5.11-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=system/library/mozilla-nss/header-nss <at> 0.5.11-0.133 
-depend fmri=system/management/product-registry <at> 0.5.11-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=system/management/snmp/net-snmp <at> 5.4.1-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=text/gnu-gettext <at> 0.16.1-0.133 type=require
  depend fmri=web/server/apache-22 type=require

to your patch.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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Alexander Pyhalov | 15 Apr 08:08 2015

admin incorporation removal

Hi, all.
I'd like to discuss removal of the whole admin incorporation.

The code is closed and aimed to support initial system/zone 
(also it has some rudiments from Jump Start).

I think we can import something like OmniOS initial-boot service

to do unattended zone/system configuration (this script performs initial 
configuration executing /.initialboot).

The issue which I see is support for /etc/sysidcfg. What do you think?


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 11 Apr 20:07 2015


What are  drm.bz2 and i915.bz2 files attached to ?


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Fred Kimball via oi-dev | 11 Apr 04:46 2015

Evince can't open PDF files with Hipster 2015.0.1.xx branch

On my system, the Evince document viewer is unable to open PDF files with the 2015.0.1.xx branch of Hipster.
Currently booted into 2015.0.1.15003. It says: File type PDF document (application/pdf) is not
supported. I am, however, able to open Postscript (.ps) files.

Fred Kimball
Udo Grabowski (IMK | 8 Apr 11:55 2015

Certificate expired

Just a note: The certificate for is expired.

Dr.Udo Grabowski   Inst.f.Meteorology & Climate Research IMK-ASF-SAT
KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 
Postfach 3640,76021 Karlsruhe,Germany T:(+49)721 608-26026 F:-926026

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Gary Gendel | 3 Apr 22:08 2015

Hipster update, no network

The last pkg update for hipster leaves me with a standalone machine.  
The bge devices are up but I only see local ( addresses on the 
LAN (bge1, with static address) and the WAN (bge0) doesn't get an ip via 

Rolling back to my previous BE restores functionality.

I'm not sure where to begin debugging.  "dladm show-phys" output looks 
good.  Has something changed for the bge driver or ipadm setup?

I didn't look but I don't remember the tun device showing up.  Could 
this be part of the problem?

FYI, this machine is the router between my ISP and SOHO LAN.  I use the 
tunnel to do IPV6 via hurricane electric.


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Adam Števko | 31 Mar 19:27 2015

Hipster 2015.03.30 ISOs torrents


torrents for new hipster ISO images are published on


I am seeding from single machine, so the initial download might take some time to start, but speeds should be reasonable.


PGP Fingerprint: 00EF 547B 63CC 8FB0 02F4 C654 6843 7E0C F3E7 FCC1

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Alexander Pyhalov | 31 Mar 15:33 2015

New Hipster ISOs are available


We are ready to announce new OpenIndiana Hipster 2015.03.30 ISOs.


SHA256 Checksums:


I remind you, that you can pkg freeze entire to stay with this 
particular snapshot.

Snapshot notes:

Read at least about xorg video drivers update, Intel video cards issue 
and dropping Studio C++ libraries. On deesktop you also would like to 
remove  /etc/(amd64/)gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules .

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department
Martin Bochnig | 30 Mar 08:49 2015

UPDATE: New FF37 pkg uploaded, Flash Plugins 9/10/11.x ... do work now inside a gcc compiled Firefox now!

 <at>  <at>  <at>  <at>  <at> UPDATE <at>  <at>  <at>  <at>  <at> : Flash Plugin 9/10/11.x 
... works now inside this gcc compiled Firefox!
That's a complete Novum. This took another tough week
of work night and day and night.
Nobody has ever achieved this before.

It was tested and is known to work with:
(instabilities and freezes related to videos that are in a too new format can always happen, but are not
related to this port, while flash is closed src and I can only take their bins and make them work in FF as good
as technically possible)

drwxr-xr-x 2 martin other       4 Dec 27  2007 flash_player_9_solaris_r115_x86
drwx------ 2 martin other       3 Nov  8  2011 flash_player_solaris_10_3_183_11_x86
drwx------ 2 martin other       3 Nov  3  2011 flash_player_solaris_11_1_102_56_x86
-rw------- 1 martin other 4752427 Nov  9  2011 flashplayer10_3r183_11_solaris_x86.tar.bz2
-rw------- 1 martin other 4755108 Aug  9  2011 flashplayer10_3r183_5_solaris_x86.tar.bz2
-rw------- 1 martin other 4752536 Aug 23  2011 flashplayer10_3r183_7_solaris_x86.tar.bz2
-rw------- 1 martin other 6084262 Nov  4  2011 flashplayer11_1r102_55_solaris_x86.tar.bz2
-rw------- 1 martin other 6212851 Mar 20  2012 flashplayer11_2r202_228_solaris_x86.tar.bz2
-rw------- 1 martin other 2859276 Jun 10  2010 flashplayer9r115_solaris_x86.tar.bz2

BTW: Tell me a good reason why I should upload the src ...
(6 still unpaid weeks hard fulltime work for about 100 EUR "donations" all together  .....)

If OI needs "src code developers, hey: OpenSXCE also needs them (beyond myself).
OpenSXCE is based on MartUX which was born in 2006, almost 2 years before Sun-Indiana.
Who and what is OI (other than a re-branded BeleniX)?????

Attention: On all newer Illumos based Distros _except_ OpenSXCE you probably need some loading order
nonsense to get the Flash-Plugin 11.x initializing itself rather than crashing.


$ cd ~/Downloads
$ wget
$ bunzip2 ./SUNWfirefox37_supports_FlashPlugin__OpenSolaris_snv_130_i386.pkg.bz2
$ su
# pkgrm SUNWfirefox37
# pkgadd -d ./SUNWfirefox37_supports_FlashPlugin__OpenSolaris_snv_130_i386.pkg

FF37 can be started in 3 different ways, either of the following ...

$ /usr/bin/firefox37

$ /usr/lib/firefox37/bin/firefox

or under JDS/Gnome from {Start}->{All Applications}->{Internet}->{Firefox 37 Beta}

# pkgrm SUNWfirefox37

best regards, %m

email: mb1x <at>
(This would in theory also be my PAYPAL address, but you know the joke about theory vs. practice)

p.s.   I posted this last update here only, because I promised the 3 persons who donated a bit last week, to get
Flash working for them.

pp.s.  (Sorry for posting something OT, but every citizen of this planet has the duty to watch it!!!)

(German subtitles: UNFASSBAR!!! US Hauptziel IST kRIEG in Europa)
(watch and listen to one of their own so called "think tanks", and wonder about those idiots who react with
applause and almost standing ovations)
Martin Bochnig | 24 Mar 06:36 2015

EFI boot and also Xorg version vs. removal of 32bit modules

EDIT: Sorry again for the earlier html crap. It is 6:32am (after a long OpenSXCE night) and this html pain
here on webmailer is something that didn't need to be explicitly disabled for every emailuntil
recently, annoying.

Also reving up intel and radeon too high (KMS-only).
Back in 2013 I spent months backporting the then most recent S12 X11-gate to /usr/X11 plus to AMD64 _and_
IA32, which brought me to the conclusion, that Xorg xserver 1.12.2 is the way to go for the next years.
Once I had described these things in detail, but my blog contained to much politics and I eventually deleted
the entire thing.

All such things would require extensive responses.
But I thing I neither want to provide them, nor they would be welcome.

Fact is, we have different approaches (totally) in every important key question.
And maybe that's good.

I have EFI booting since last November and use Grub2 and a much newer slim_install checkout for it.
This was a big achievement back then, but I didn't complete the backport from IPS to SVR4/pkgutil.
However: I do have it working in my test env. All too new deps (requiring Oracle-only functionality) can be
replaced with what we have on snv_147!!! That was the toughest part.
Now I see your src and I'm scratching my head, why I chose the most difficult route.

Probably it is good to have two (completely) different distros, that offers more choice.
I must also say I'm glad to see so much key activity from Alexander Pyhalov .

Well, let's continue this thread after I finally have the long delayed OpenSXCE2014.11 ready my way.
Afterwards - I promise - we can have a fair technical comparison.


Regards from East-Berlin