Gary Gendel | 22 Aug 18:33 2014

smtp-notify with postfix or other MTA

On my machines I use postfix and qmail as MTAs.  Both provide 
/usr/lib/sendmail to make them sendmail compatible however, smtp-notify 
requires the sendmail package

I've got the sendmail service disabled and /usr/lib/sendmail is the 
appropriate replacement.  The problem is that, whenever sendmail is 
updated, it overwrites /usr/lib/sendmail which I then have to replace 

I'd like to completely remove the sendmail package so this doesn't 
happen, but I don't want to remove smtp-notify.  There is no "force 
uninstall" that I can see to do this or a way to say that postfix, etc. 
is equivalent to sendmail.  Is there a better way to get notified of 
failures so I don't use smtp-notify?

Any suggestions?


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Aurélien Larcher | 22 Aug 15:13 2014

Any interest for Qt 4.8.6 in hipster ?

Hi everyone,
in order to update Paraview on my machine I just built and installed Qt 4.8.6 (32bit version built with g++ with some help from SFE patches) so I am wondering if there is any interest in having Qt in hipster ?
If it is the case I can take some time to add a component.
Best regards


LARCHER Aurélien          | KTH, School of Computer Science and Communication
Work: +46 (0) 8 790 71 42 | Lindstedtsvägen 5, Plan 4, 100 44 Stockholm, SWEDEN
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Aurélien Larcher | 21 Aug 18:48 2014

CMake 2.8.6 oi-userland patchset question

after several month of standby, I am looking looking at bumping CMake to and just skimmed through the current patchset in oi-userland.
Most of it consists in removing /usr/local and /opt/csw from the search path of Find***.cmake files.
How crucial is it ?
Best regards,


LARCHER Aurélien          | KTH, School of Computer Science and Communication
Work: +46 (0) 8 790 71 42 | Lindstedtsvägen 5, Plan 4, 100 44 Stockholm, SWEDEN
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Arhipkin Ilya | 21 Aug 07:55 2014

keep all die OpenSolaris project

Hi all I have an idea to keep all die OpenSolaris project have the opportunity to buy an account private cloud Joent. Install the server version OpenIindiana with the repository. The point is, I give you in general use repository Opensolaris 2009.06 to make changes there. Your comments and suggestions are welcome
Miass OpenSolaris Team Leader
tel: +79080696426
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Milan Jurik | 11 Aug 20:22 2014



based on the current situation with OI - lack of old OI non-hipster
branch - and because of bad situation (according my view) of Illumos -
like stupid ideas to include large chunks of 3rd party code to ON gate
which makes it unmaintainable (why did Sun and Oracle invest so much to
remove OpenSSL, SunSSH and ksh from ON gate? See how bad is ksh in
Illumos and how old is Illumos SSH) I have to finalize my decision about
my participation. Illumos and its distros are not for me anymore. will be up for some time but no more updates to JDS and
SFE. Do not hestitate to contact me in private if you think I still know
something but I will not spend more time on the lists.
If anybody is interested in some older bits then:

Time to go

Alexander Pyhalov | 4 Aug 20:05 2014

[HEADSUP] /usr/perl5/bin/perl was switched to perl-516

To reduce costs of supporting multiple perl versions we are reducing 
Perl 5.10 support in OpenIndiana Hipster.

This mostly affects people, compiling illumos-gate on /hipster.
Also it can affect you if you have 
runtime/perl-516/module/sun-solaris <at> 5.11* installed. If you have this 
package installed (and this can happen only if you have installed it by 
hands), please, uninstall this package before updating (so that 
runtime/perl-516/module/sun-solaris <at> 0.5.11 can be installed).

If you compiled your perl modules for perl 5.16, possibly you have to 
recompile them. New perl 5.16 version was compiled without 
-Dperl_static_inline="static" flag to avoid creating one more patch for 
illumos-gate (this can affect perl ABI).

We have two perl versions - Perl 5.10 and Perl 5.16. If you haven't 
changed perl mediator, your /usr/bin/perl should be Perl 5.16 for about 
a year.

Now we have marked obsolete most of the perl-510 modules. There are 
several modules which are not obsolete now and will stay as is for some 
time to allow you compile unmodified illumos-gate. These are

This should be enough to compile illumos-gate. However, we will not 
provide any updates to these packages and are going to drop them as soon 
as illumos-gate officially bumps required perl version.

You can build unmodified illumos-gate version on updated /hipster. 
However, if you install runtime/perl-510/module/sun-solaris from 
unmodified illumos-gate, system services (like intrd) are likely to 
continue using runtime/perl-516/module/sun-solaris from /hipster.

To facilitate building of unmodified illumos-gate new mediator 
"system-perl" was introduced. If you want to use perl 5.10 as system 
perl just set this mediator to 5.10. This will make possible for system 
services to use runtime/perl-510/module/sun-solaris from unmodified 
illumos-gate build.

If you want to  build modified illumos-gate as used by /hipster, you 
should add to your

export PERL_VERSION="5.16";
export PERL_PKGVERS="-516";

usr/src/cmd/perl/Makefile.targ (look at 

Also note, that patching capability was added to illumos-gate 
oi-userland component. So, if you want to build illumos-gate with 
specific patches, just drop them to 
components/illumos/illumos-gate/patches directory.
This doesn't mean that we are going to add additional patches to 
oi-userland illumos-gate version. This will be done only for small 
packaging-related patches.


Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Computer Center of Southern Federal University
Alexander Pyhalov | 1 Aug 20:56 2014

Apache OpenOffice package

I'm glad to inform you that Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1 
(desktop/office/openoffice) package is available in OpenIndiana 
Thanks to Apostolos Syropoulos (his work was a base of this component) 
and to Alasdair Lumsden (his prototype component from ec-userland
was a starting point).
All are welcome to use and to test it.
If you find major issues, please, report. (However, I'm not sure that 
I'll be able to solve all of them :)).

System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 1 Aug 10:36 2014

Review OpenOffice component

Please, review OpenOffice component - .
It is based on Apostolos Syropoulos work and 
ec-userland openoffice component draft made by Alasdair Lumsden.
The main distinctions - we use GCC 4.8 and illumos ld linker to compile OO.

Patches necessary to compile it:

OpenOffice configure script doesn't like illumos ld and GCC on Solaris.

Patches to main solenv/* make files are mostly taken from Apostolos blog 
(perhaps, with some corrections) and IIRC are based on Linux makefiles. 
They are necessary to introduce Solaris/GCC platform.

Our boost live in /usr/g++, so we have to teach OO to search it there. 
We can't use CPPFLAGS, because this breaks icu compilation.

dmake is supposed to call gmake in several cases. But sometimes it calls 
dmake or make and it doesn't like "-j" flags.

Without this patch some symbols are hidden during sc compilation.

Some mapfiles introduce symbols which are not present in OpenIndiana.

Missing <cstring> includes

Complements 06.ignore_mapfiles.patch. _ZTI* symbols are not present in 
result libraries.

LDFLAGS are not passed during libxmlsec build

Two issues - 1) saldisp defines MAXFRAMEBUFFERS  only for XSUN.
2) neither USE_XINERAMA_XORG nor USE_XINERAMA_XSUN are defined.

It seems just gcc 4.8 doesn't like &const_cast<char*>(pText) construction.

Some symbols used by OO are defined in our headers. Undefine them.

Studio flags are unconditionally passed to the compiler. Fix this.

On OI we have /usr/apr/include, not /usr/include/apr. Also runpaths for 
APR and APR-UTIL are missing. (in fact, patch to patch :))
There are two issues. 1) in uperf.cpp _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED is defined. 
So, we don't receive _XPG6 and get an error
"Compiler or options invalid for pre-UNIX 03 X/Open applications \
         and pre-2001 POSIX applications"
2) We should add runpath to binaries, else compiling icu is linked to 
system icu in /usr/lib (compiled with Studio) and we receive binaries 
which are linked to both Studio and GCC C++ runtime simultaneously.

Binaries are unconditionally linked to lCstd on Solaris. Fix this.

OpenOffice has hardcoded paths for nss libraries and headers. Set paths 
to our paths.

1) One more define supposing that the only Solaris compiler is Studio
2) We (as MACOSX) also have posix_madvise (just cut&paste Apostolos' 
change, don't know, why usual madvise fails to work, perhaps, missing 

Post-install processing:

We have to copy some desktop-specific files from OO distribution (icons, 
mime-info, etc). bootstraprc has incorrect UserInstallation setting and 
tries to write user configs to installation directory (fix was taken 
from FreeBSD port).  Some binaries have incorrect runpaths. Fix this.


Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Computer Center of Southern Federal University
Alexander Pyhalov | 31 Jul 18:57 2014

Re: Update ftp package to Proftpd 1.3.5

On 07/28/2014 10:13, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
> On 07/27/2014 21:38, ken mays wrote:
>> Alex,
>> We are using WU-ftpd which is the legacy ftp server used for the
>> service/network/ftp package.
>> Upstream replaced it with Proftpd awhile ago in userland.
>> Ref:
>> service/network/ftp


I'd like to ask the following question. illumos-gate provides 
service/network/ftp and related packages (sources are in 
usr/src/cmd/cmd-inet/usr.sbin/in.ftpd). What do you think about it? I 
mean, for example, we can replace service/network/ftp with proftpd. Or 
add one more service/network/proftpd package, perhaps moving some 
proftpd files so that they don't conflict with wu-ftpd. Or perhaps, just 
ignore it and wait until illumos folk replace it with proftpd...

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Computer Center of Southern Federal University
Liam Slusser | 9 Jul 11:51 2014

Running a debug kernel

OI Developers -

Does running a debug kernel cause a performance impact?  Basically I build a nightly image with debugging enabled (defaults) and all seems to work great but I'm wondering if there is a performance penalty and I should rebuild without debugging?

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Cedric Blancher | 7 Jul 18:24 2014

Import Illumos vmware image into Amazon EC2 cloud?

Has anyone tried to cheat AWS OS choice limitations and import a
vmware disk image with Illumos installed into the AWS cloud? Did it
work? Which problems did you encounter?


Cedric Blancher <cedric.blancher <at>>
Institute Pasteur