Michael Kruger | 4 May 07:00 2016

OpenIndiana Docs (proof of concept) - What is it all about?

Now that the dust has settled a little bit after my initial 
presentation, perhaps I should elaborate a bit about my motivations and 
intentions in creating this little proof of concept.

In the responses and discussions that followed, some feathers were 
ruffled, and a number of points where raised, many of which could be 
distilled into at least 3 distinct themes.

I'll start by talking about the first theme as everything else hinges 
upon it.

* Community conduct
* Project visibility
* Proof of concepts

* Version control
* Hosting infrastructure
* Project marketing, SEO

* Existing docs (OSOL Docs)
* Viability/Usability of Wiki
* dlc.openindiana.org/docs
* Documentation Standards (media types, etc.)
* Licensing/Contributer agreements/copyrights, branding etc.

It's now been about 3 months since I volunteered to help the project 
with documentation. I have learned quite a bit and overall it's been 
very interesting. I chose this project because it was very small, needed 
people, and I thought I might be able to make a meaningful difference. I 
still believe that.
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Alexander Pyhalov | 21 Apr 18:15 2016

OI Hipster 2016.04 snapshot


OI Hipster 2016.04 snapshot is ready.




SHA 256 checksums are available at ${link}.sha256sum

Release notes: http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/2016.04+Release+notes


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Alexander Pyhalov | 19 Apr 01:00 2016

issues with dir action in IPS

Hi, all.
Jim raised interesting question, and I have no good answer so far. So I 
would like to get more opinions and ideas.

The issue is that when we deliver dir action with package, on package 
uninstall, all unpackaged contents will be moved to /var/pkg/lost+found. 
Now consider it was several-GB log file, database files or some cache. 
Perhaps, you want to preserve content in its usual place, so that 
administrator could somehow use it after package deinstallation. 
Currently you have two options to achieve it:
a) use separate package to deliver dir action, so that, for example, 
service uninstallation didn't removed its log directory,
b) deliver service which would create necessary directories on the first 

B) seems saner... until you end up with dozen services, executing 
essentially the same...

So, it seems natural to have single service to automate 
post-installation tasks. In OpenSolaris/OI we had such service for the 
long time, system/postrun:default. Unfortunately, it had a lot of 
lu-upgrade-related legacy, and I suppose wasn't usable last several 
years on OI (and so was dropped). What do you think about recreating 
similar service, which would execute once generic scripts, delivered by 

I see two issues: 1) this defeats IPS no-scripting approach :), 2) there 
can be difficulties with non-active images...

Want to listen to your opinions.
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Alexander Pyhalov | 18 Apr 23:33 2016

OI Hipster repository location has been changed

Hi, OI Hipster users.

Our package repository was relocated once again. This time I hope it'll 
stay here for long time.
New location is http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster

To change it, do

pkg set-publisher -G  http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-2015 -g 
http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster  openindiana.org


System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center
Andreas Wacknitz | 16 Apr 11:55 2016

strange file in /var

Hi list,

I updated a machine today to the newest Hipster and found this:

Is this intentionally installed in /var/info or by mistake? For me it's 

Alexander Pyhalov | 14 Apr 02:09 2016

[CFT] libnotify update


I'm going to update libnotify to 0.7.6, as it is required by Mate, 
Webkit2, Gnome 3 and who knows what else.

It's ABI-incompatible update, which affects following applications from 

and pkg:/media/vlc from /hipster-encumbered

So far I've tested in some manner only notification-daemon, 
gnome-settings-daemon, updated tracker  and python-notify.
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bentahyr | 12 Apr 07:11 2016

P5M dir action and other questions


I see that I don't have to put dir action in p5m so I was wondering when should I use it and when I shouldn't ?
Should I assume that if a file action point to a directory that doesn't exist, IPS will create the dir ?

I started to package gCompris but it is 267M tar.bz2, so it will be a big package (prototype directory is
355M). Is there any strategy or policy around separating progs from data, from regional data sets ?

I started to package elinks unstable because the v0.11 doesn't work properly, it seems and I have the
following issue.
The archive file is elinks-current-0.13.tar.bz2 but once unpacked, the source directory is
elinks-0.13-20160323/ (change the date every day). I tried a few tricks in the Makefile but none of them
seems to be robust. What would be the proper strategy to tackle the fact that every download might lead to a
changing source directory name ?

Finally is there a way to have 2 packages offering the same binaries but you can't install both of them ? The
example would be to have 2 packages elinks and elinks-unstable packages both offering /bin/elinks but
being unable to install both of them.

Thanks  for answering all my questions again and again and....

Best regards.
bentahyr | 12 Apr 07:07 2016

Publishing package requiring python

But which version...

The scripts require python3.
I made a patch to replace python3 to python3.4 as there is no python3 binary or link in OI. But when I do a gmake
publish :

The file to be installed in usr/bin/lensfun-update-data does not specify a specific version of python
either in its installed path nor in its text.  Such a file cannot be analyzed for dependencies since the
version of python it will be used with is unknown.  The text of the file is here: /export/oi-project/benf33/oi-userland/components/library/lensfun/build/prototype/i386/usr/bin/lensfun-update-data.
The file to be installed in usr/bin/lensfun-add-adapter does not specify a specific version of python
either in its installed path nor in its text.  Such a file cannot be analyzed for dependencies since the
version of python it will be used with is unknown.  The text of the file is here: /export/oi-project/benf33/oi-userland/components/library/lensfun/build/prototype/i386/usr/bin/lensfun-add-adapter.

$ head -n1 /export/oi-project/benf33/oi-userland/components/library/lensfun/build/prototype/i386/usr/bin/lensfun-update-data
#!/usr/bin/env python3.4

How can I work around it ?
Full path to python3.4 instead of env ? I tried... doesn't work.
Manual dependancy in p5m ?

Best regards.
Krishna | 11 Apr 20:18 2016

Basic question about memseg datastructure

Hi everyone,

I have a basic question about how pages are added to the  memseg data structure used by Indiana to store contiguous page frames. While looking through the code, I came across the page_free function which seems to say that the page is added to the head of the list. This seems inefficient given that memseg nodes typically hold contiguous pages. Is there a function where the pages in memseg are sorted? And isn't that very time consuming?

Please feel free to point me out to any code/documentation/book that might be relevant.


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Michael Kruger | 10 Apr 05:59 2016

Updated FAQ has been published

Hello all,

The FAQ that I have been working on has now been published. Being a 
living document, it will improve and grow along with the project.

You can find the updated FAQ here:


Also, our Wordpress instance now has an interpreter for the Asciidoc 
text markup. And this document is the first written in this new markup.

Comments are always welcome.

Michael Kruger | 11 Apr 10:56 2016

Re: [CFR] kvmadm need testers


On 04/07/2016 10:23 PM, Michael Kruger wrote:
> On 03/22/2016 06:11 PM, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
>> Alexander Pyhalov писал 23.03.2016 01:07:
>>> Hello. Currently I don't have server installations suitable for
>>> testing KVM, so I need testers.
>> And binary package is here:
>> pkg://userland/system/qemu/kvmadm <at> 0.10.3,5.11-2015.0.2.0:20160322T221009Z
>> at
>> http://buildzone.oi-build.r61.net:1000/
> Looks like another dependency issue. I was able to get past my earlier
> error by doing a cpan JSON, but can't seem to find a perl module for
> this one.
> Can't locate Illumos/SMF.pm in  <at> INC (you may need to install the
> Illumos::SMF module) ( <at> INC contains: /opt/kvmadm/lib
> /usr/perl5/site_perl/5.22/i86pc-solaris-64int /usr/perl5/site_perl/5.22
> /usr/perl5/vendor_perl/5.22/i86pc-solaris-64int
> /usr/perl5/vendor_perl/5.22 /usr/perl5/5.22/lib/i86pc-solaris-64int
> /usr/perl5/5.22/lib .) at /opt/kvmadm/lib/KVMadm/Config.pm line 8.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /opt/kvmadm/lib/KVMadm/Config.pm
> line 8.
> Compilation failed in require at /usr/bin/kvmadm line 14.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/kvmadm line 14.

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