Arhipkin Ilya | 15 Oct 22:41 2011

Разработка бизнес - плана

Разрабатываю бизнес - план [1] по форме TASIC, как, мне быть нужны

Кому не понравиться может править разработку этим занимаюсь
около года, но я инвалид мне возможно открывать
коммерческую организацию
и возможно использовать OpenIndiana в коммерческих целях? 

С уважением,
Архипкин Илья [2] 

OpenIndiana-announce mailing list
OpenIndiana-announce <at>
Deirdre Straughan | 24 Sep 21:22 2011

Solaris Family Reunion

There's been a lot of news in the past few months about the progeny of
Solaris: Illumos, SmartOS, OpenIndiana, and the forthcoming Oracle Solaris
11. Since many of our old friends/colleagues will be in town for Oracle Open
World, we of the Illumos / SmartOS / OI community thought it would be a nice
opportunity to get together, hoist a few beers, talk about old times, and
maybe share our visions of the future.

Please join us:

Tuesday, Oct 4th

6 pm for beer and snacks


Joyent, 345 California St, 20th Floor

San Francisco CA 94107

RSVP to smartos <at> <deirdre.straughan <at>> so we make sure
you get in the door!

Looking forward to seeing you!



best regards,
Deirdré Straughan
SmartOS Community Manager
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Alasdair Lumsden | 15 Sep 17:13 2011

Announcing OpenIndiana Build 151a

(Reposting this as apparently it didn't get posted to the list - the release was actually yesterday rather
than today)

The wait is over.

Today, the OpenIndiana project is pleased to announce the next
development release of the open source, enterprise operating system.
OpenIndiana build 151a is now available for 32- and 64-bit x86
systems. We hope you're as excited as we are for the first complete
platform for servers and desktops that offers the full power of the
virtualisation, observability, management, networking, and storage
technologies from the illumos project.

Download it today:

Head over to the release notes for the full details:

This milestone also marks the one-year anniversary of our first
release. Look for our first stable release in the near future!

Congratulations to all involved, and thanks to everyone in the illumos
community for your support!
Alex Viskovatoff | 30 Jul 22:54 2011

OpenIndiana SFE repository: Call for testers

Hello everyone,

We plan to provide an add on IPS repository for OpenIndiana with a
selection of packages from the spec-files-extra (SFE) project
(  SFE has been
providing build recipes in the form of spec files for
OpenSolaris/Solaris Express/OpenIndiana for a long time but is
not affiliated with the OpenIndiana project.  Support for these
packages will only be provided on a best-effort basis and lies at
the discretion of the respective package maintainer from the SFE

Right now we need your help with testing preliminary packages
which are available in a temporary IPS repository at;
see for instructions
on how to use it. Be aware that these packages are mostly untested, so
they might not work and may even damage your system.  This repo is also
intended *for testing only* and might go away as soon as our testing
phase has ended and a new repository intended for general use has been
set up on  Please report any bugs you find on the
official OI SFE bugtracker at and only there, since
these packages are not maintained by the OpenIndiana project itself, and
SFE project bugs reported to the OI bugtracker will consequently be

If you would like to get involved in helping us to build and publish
packages on the OpenIndiana side, feel free to reply here.  If you would
like to get involved upstream with the SFE project and work on packages
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Alasdair Lumsden | 20 Jul 23:54 2011

Update for oi_147 and oi_148 in preperation for oi_151 release

The OpenIndiana team are pleased to announce we are about to publish an update to
for users of oi_147 and oi_148.

This update will address bug #547 (, which currently prevents
users upgrading from one release to the next.

After the update, users will find that the package publisher on their system has been set
non-sticky, which will allow future updates to proceed without issue.

This update is being pushed out ahead of the oi_151 release, which the team is currently finalising. No
fixed ETA is currently available for oi_151, however we anticipate a release within the next 2-6 weeks.

If users have any questions regarding this update, please get in touch via the discussion mailing list:

Kind Regards,

The OpenIndiana Team
胡萝卜 | 11 Jul 09:56 2011

need help

i met problem on compiling kernel.i know not much about openindiana.i need your help.thank you.
first,i don't know where the kernel be placed.someone say it should be at /usr/src/uts,but i can not find it there.
second,i don't know if exist ".h" and ".c" files which be used for compiling kernel when installing the
system completed.
then,i read some articles about compiling kernel,and i try to download some resource
from ,but i don't know how to use them to compile a kernel.
i really need help.look forward your reply.and thank you again.

Errol Forkner | 7 Feb 19:09 2011

Request Discussion to Perform Release Testing and Support Services


I would like to know if PARSEC Group could work with the community to
perform formal release testing and to offer telephone support.

This would allow us to collect a revenue which would provide the
community with a stream of revenue... to cover development and/or admin

Let me know your thoughts.


Errol Forkner, Business Development Manager


999 18th Street, Suite 1725

Denver, CO 80202

720-962-9573 direct

303-763-9600 ext.228

720-352-3407 mobile

303-763-9909 fax

1-888-4PARSEC (1-888-472-7732)
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Jean REY | 6 Feb 18:48 2011

header intact

  best regards,
Alasdair Lumsden | 22 Sep 02:10 2010

Two new OpenIndiana Mailing Lists - oi-dev and oi-infra

Hi All,

We've added two new mailing lists:

oi-dev - Development Mailing List

This is for people actively working on OpenIndiana to discuss development issues.

oi-infra - OpenIndiana Infrastructure Mailing List

This is for the maintainers of OpenIndiana related infrastructure such as build boxes, mirrors, etc.

If interested in the above mailing lists, you can subscribe here: