Luca Carlon | 23 Nov 00:20 2015

Video to Texture

I would like to implement video to texture in QtWebKit. I already did it for QtMultimedia and now I would like to do it in WebKit2 for Qt. The only useful doc that I could find is this:, but it simply says what I already know. Is there any other document that you can provide or sample implementation that I could follow?

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Allan Sandfeld Jensen | 29 Oct 10:20 2015

Re: QtWebkit JavaScript interpreter crash ( v.153112/ppc64le).

I just checked Platform.h and the usual suspects, it seems PPC64LE should be 
detected correctly and handled. Which means it should use the Cloop LLINT 
implementation for JavaScript. You could double-check if little-endian is 
correctly detected in Platform.h though. As for the page alignment, I would 
have assumed they would match ppc64 and should already work. So it could be a 
mismatch between what I tested on Debian-ppc64 and what you are using.

On Thursday 29 October 2015, Atul Sowani wrote:
> Hi Allan,
> Thanks for your response! It is good to know someone who's worked on
> PPC64.
> Yes, the qtwebkit did not work/compile on ppc64le. It crashes (assertion
> failure) in isPageAligned() macro. The page alignment is not correct on
> ppc64le. In addition to this, the page allocation logic and the frame
> stack functionality is not working as expected on this platform. The tried
> to modify the page alignment logic and the execution went ahead, only to
> hang in dtoa()/mult() functions in WTF. I think the page block and JS
> stack functionality needs particular attention.
> As you've already worked on ppc64be, your experience of porting the code
> would be precious to me. Could you please share your experience and advise
> on how I should proceed in this task of porting the code to ppc64le?
> Thanks,
> Atul.
> From:   Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde <at>>
> To:     webkit-qt <at>
> Cc:     Atul Sowani/Beaverton/Contr/IBM <at> IBMUS
> Date:   10/28/2015 06:08 PM
> Subject:        Re: [webkit-qt] QtWebkit JavaScript interpreter crash ( v.
> 153112/ppc64le).
> Sent by:        Allan Sandfeld Jensen <carewolf <at>>
> On Wednesday 28 October 2015, Atul Sowani wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am trying to port PhantomJS 2.0.1 to IBM PPC64LE platform. PhantomJS
> > uses qtwebkit version 153112 and I am facing a few crashes in the
> > JavaScript interpreter code. Is this the right forum to discuss qtwebkit
> > issues I am facing while porting the code?
> Yes.
> I haven't tried PPC64LE myself, when I last touched PPC64 it was to make
> big-
> endian 64bit work, so it might not configure correctly.
> `Allan
Atul Sowani | 28 Oct 12:26 2015

QtWebkit JavaScript interpreter crash (v. 153112/ppc64le).


I am trying to port PhantomJS 2.0.1 to IBM PPC64LE platform. PhantomJS uses qtwebkit version 153112 and I am facing a few crashes in the JavaScript interpreter code. Is this the right forum to discuss qtwebkit issues I am facing while porting the code?

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Konstantin Tokarev | 21 Sep 16:23 2015

Questions about Qt input method support in WebKit 2

Hi Kenneth,

I'm aware that you are not working on WebKit for a long time, however I'd like to ask you some questions about
your code.

1. In patch [1] what was the motivation for not sending surroundingText in case of
result.isInPasswordField? In this case code from patch [2] sets hints Qt::ImhHiddenText and
Qt::ImhSensitiveData for text coming from password fields. May !result.isInPasswordField check in
[1] be safely removed now?

2. I've found that Element::innerText() used to obtain surroundingText in [1] always returns empty
string at least for HTMLTextFormControlElement descendants (<input> and <textarea>). I've fixed it in
patch [3], however I've left fallback to innerText for other kinds of elements. Are there any other kinds
of editable elements where innerText() was known to work in past?

3. Have you tried to support text removal in WebKit2 via QInputMethodEvent ? I've tried to support event
constructed as

QInputMethodEvent event;

in QtWebPageEventHandler::handleInputMethodEvent() [4] by calling
m_webPageProxy->confirmComposition("", -1, 1), but that didn't work. For now I've surrendered to
sending key events with Qt::Key_Backspace.



Fabien R | 26 May 16:12 2015

build error of qtwebkit on debian


I'm trying to build qtwebkit for Qt 5.4.1 from gitorious on debian/wheezy.
The command I use is:
qtwebkit/Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --debug --qt --qmake=qmake-qt5 

The compilation ends with these warnings and error:
QtWebKit: created headers.pri file
QtWebKit: WARNING: /work/qt5/qtwebkit/Source/JavaScriptCore/config.h 
does not include QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
QtWebKit: WARNING: /work/qt5/qtwebkit/Source/WTF/config.h does not 
QtWebKit: WARNING: /work/qt5/qtwebkit/Source/WebCore/config.h does not 
QtWebKit: WARNING: /work/qt5/qtwebkit/Source/WebKit2/config.h does not 

does not include QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
does not include QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
does not include QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE

Project ERROR: Missing CMake tests. Either create tests in 
tests/auto/cmake, or disable cmake config file creation with 

Makefile.QtWebKit:41: recipe for target 'sub-api-pri-qmake_all' failed
make[2]: *** [sub-api-pri-qmake_all] Error 3
make[2]: Leaving directory '/work/qt5/qtwebkit/WebKitBuild/Debug/Source'
Makefile:301: recipe for target 'sub-Source-QtWebKit-pro-qmake_all' failed

The proposed fix seems to be related to cmake, not qmake.

Any hints ?

Ilija Boshkov | 19 Mar 12:38 2015

WebKit More than 2 embedded youtube videos result in WtfCrash

Has anyone else encountered this/any ideas how to fix it ?

Details and reproduction code:
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Rajiv | 1 Feb 20:49 2015

qt4.8.3 not building on HP-UX i64

Hi all,

While Building the Qt 4.8.3 from source code on HP-UX itanium 64 platform I am getting through without any errors but i didn't see the librarires of qtwebkit after the build process. I have configured -webkit in configure correctly.
Building with hpuxi-acc-64 mkspecs. Using qt-everywhere-commercial-src-4.8.3.
Can someone help me with the above situation.

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Bobby Philip | 31 Jan 08:26 2015

Unknown modules in QT webkitwidgets

 I have cross-compiled QT from source. I built it using the commands make module-qtwebkit && make module-qtwebkit-install_subtargets
My output folder has libQTWebkit and libQTWebkitWidgets libraries

My test application's .pro file has the line QT += sql gui widgets webkitwidgets
On running qmake for this test application, I see the Unknown module(s) in QT: webkitwidgets error message. It compiles fine if I dont use modules from webkit

I would like to know how to fix this, is there a path where my libraries has to be to get included?

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Bobby Philip | 3 Dec 17:05 2014

Building qtwebkit for mips

 I have successfully built qtwebkit from the qt5.3 source tarball for a mips based platform.
I see that the qtwebkit shared library size is around 600MB, which is an order of magnitude higher than what I remember for qt4.8
Is this an expected size? Is is possible to configure it so that I can reduce the size, by maybe removing unwanted modules?

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Florian Bruhin | 16 Nov 23:24 2014

Handling downloads with QtWebKit


I'm searching for some howto or example on how to handle downloads
with QtWebkit correctly, especially the unsupportedContent signal.

My main problem is what to do with the open QNetworkReply while asking
the user for a filename to save the file to. I've looked into some
existing projects using QtWebKit and I've seen these approaches so

- Just downloading to RAM (i.e. the default Qt behaviour, ignoring
  readRead with no buffer size set) -> RAM could fill up rather fast.
  I have a 250 MBit connection here, so potentially a gigabyte of RAM
  is filled if I take 30 seconds to enter a filename.

- Not downloading anything until the filename is entered -> server
  will probably close the connection after some seconds.

- Just re-doing the request using the URL from the reply -> Could lead
  to a lot of problems, e.g. with DRM-like "you may download this file
  N times" sites.

- Downloading to a temporary file until the user has entered the
  filename, then copying it over and deleting the temporary file.

The last approach seems to be the cleanest to me, and this seems to be
what Firefox/Chrome do as well. I've seen the Otter browser[1] doing
this, but not anything else yet.

Am I on the right track? Is there some documentation about how to do
this the right way anywhere?





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Jorge Fernandez Monteagudo | 9 Nov 10:25 2014

WebGL rendering offscreen

Hi all!

This is my first message in this list. Maybe this question has been asked before several times
but I've not been able to find a link with an answer, then I go to the source :)

I'm trying to embed a WebGL page render in my OpenGL application. I've develop a little test case
using Qt 5.3.2, when I'm able to show a static html page rendered in a OpenGL texture in a QGLWidget.
This texture comes from a QGLFramebufferObject. I use the QWebPage 'repaintRequested' signal to
do the FBO generation. This is the code:

QGLFramebufferObject *mp_fbo;
QWebPage *mp_Page;
QPainter m_Painter;

void TGSWebNavigator::onRepaintRequested(const QRect& _rect)
        // Paint the view in the FBO.
        m_Painter.begin( mp_fbo );
        mp_Page->mainFrame()->render( &m_Painter, _rect );

        // Repaint QGLWidget with the new FBO.

If I try to do the same with an URL pointing to a WebGL I get OpenGL errors. The problem I think is related
to OpenGL contexts because the OpenGL widget has his own context and the WebGL rendering is done
is another one. In a static html page no new context is created when rendering is done. I've set several
traces to show the current context:

        qDebug() << "[TGSWebNavigator] onRepaintRequested 1... ctx" << QGLContext::currentContext();
        m_Painter.begin( mp_fbo );
        qDebug() << "[TGSWebNavigator] onRepaintRequested 2... ctx" << QGLContext::currentContext();
        mp_Page->mainFrame()->render( &m_Painter, _rect );
        qDebug() << "[TGSWebNavigator] onRepaintRequested 3... ctx" << QGLContext::currentContext();
        qDebug() << "[TGSWebNavigator] onRepaintRequested 4... ctx" << QGLContext::currentContext();

When I start seeing different context in trace 2 and 3, the OpenGL errors begins.

I've tried using 'QGLPixelBuffer' because you can set a shared widget which you want to share textures
(my QGLWidget) with no luck. The only solution comes from replace the FBO with a QImage, render
on it and finally change the texture I use in the QGLWidget with the contents from the QImage but this
it's not an option, the perfomance is very affected.

Then my question is: are there any options? Can I set the context where the WebGL rendering is done?
Or, at least make it share with a given context? Maybe I'm totally wrong and there is other ways to do
what I'm trying to do... Any comment, link, info is welcome!

Best regards,

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