Yoav Weiss | 29 May 20:23 2015

Content-DPR header

As a first step towards the Client-Hints implementation, I submitted a patch for Content-DPR support.
A discussion followed on the thread, so I'd like to move it to the list, in order for it to get higher exposure.

Content-DPR is an HTTP response header that enables style-agnostic image resizing, by enabling the server to adapt the image's intrinsic size so that layout will not break, even if the image's dimensions are not defined in style.

Opinions welcome! :)
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Matt | 27 May 20:27 2015

Implementing Media Session API

Hi WebKit Developers!

I plan on implementing the Media Session API in WebKit. The Media Session API provides web developers the ability to respond to media keys on hardware such as keyboards and remote controls. The tentative spec can be found here: https://mediasession.spec.whatwg.org and my work on this will be behind a feature flag.

The main Bugzilla issue tracking the implementation can be found here: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=145411



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Max Hentschel | 27 May 14:47 2015

JavaScriptCore: Garbage Collector Issue


I watched the WWDC 2013 session on integrating JavaScript into native apps and so I implemented a JavaScript library for a Swift iOS app connecting via JavaScriptCore. Although I don’t really know if this mail list is the correct place to ask, I thought I’d give it a shot.
I really liked how easy it was to get Swift to work with JavaScript and vice versa. But I stumbled upon a problem when I was testing the performance of my app. I wrote a XCTest in Xcode which performs multiple calls of the JavaScript library (with loops) but it always stops or freezes after the 292nd call.
I guess that the JavaScriptCore context (or virtual machine) are not deinitialized after the method call was successful. I even tried a manual deinitialize but it still freezes. I looked up the allocations in Instruments and it shows multiple VM: JS garbage collector allocations which are still active in the app.
I wrote a question on StackOverflow with some code examples and the Instruments log:
but I haven’t received a single answer yet. I guess JavaScriptCore on iOS is still something that is not being used very much.

I would be very happy if someone could take a look into my problem and share thoughts on it. This is part of my bachelor thesis so it would really help me a lot.

Thank you in advance and best regards,
Max Hentschel
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Gyuyoung Kim | 20 May 03:31 2015

Support "registerProtocolHandler" in WebKit2


I would like to listen what do you think to support 'registerProtocolHandler' in WebKit2.

This feature is to execute web content through registered custom protocol.
- For example, web content can register "mailto" custom protocol using this feature,
                                          "Web Mail");

        <title>Web Protocol Handler Sample - Test</title>
            <p>Send an email : <a href="mailto://">this !</a></p>

Besides this feature has been supported by Mozilla and Chromium (From Mozilla 3.0, Chromium 13).

The feature is included in the W3C recommendation 28 released on Oct. 2014.

IIRC, some WebKit1 ports supported this feature though, those ports were deprecated. Now WebKit port supports this feature no more.

There is a very old bug to support this feature though, it wasn't maintained so far. Recently I updated it based on latest WebKit.

Feel free to give me any feedback about this feature.

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Osztrogon√°c Csaba | 18 May 18:03 2015

*.webkit.org network issues


*.webkit.org sites (trac,bugs,build) are extremely slow
from here (Europe/Hungary) and I didn't get any bugzilla
mail 2 days ago, but I should have got many.

Is it a known issue and/or is anybody working on the fix?

Michael Catanzaro | 13 May 00:47 2015

CMake dependency bump?


For bug #144747 it would be helpful to require CMake 2.8.12, so that I
can use the SYSTEM argument to target_include_directories. Would this
be a problem for anyone (in particular, the EFL port)? It was released
October 2013 and it's present in Ubuntu 14.04.


Jonathan Rimmer | 8 May 11:25 2015

Force Click events

[I originally posted this to webkit-help, but Benjamin suggested 
suggested I post here instead]

Hi all,

On Twitter, I was bemoaning the lack of communication re. the recently 
added Force Click events to Benjamin Poulain, and he suggested, probably 
correctly, that I am out of the loop with respect to WebKit development. 
There had, he said, been dicussion of this feature on the mailing lists, 
bugzilla, and the recent contributors meeting.

This therefore, is my attempt to get in the loop on this issue. I was 
wondering if anyone could help me find the following:

Mailing list posts: I have tried searching with the Gmane archive, but 
have been unable to find any dicussions on this issue. It doesn't help 
that Gmane does not support phrasal searches, meaning I cannot easily 
search for "force click", "force touch", "pointer events", etc. Can 
anyone suggest what words I should search for, or direct me to the 
relevant threads?

Contributors meeting: There was apparently a 1 hour discussion at the 
contributor's meeting that lead to the agreement that the Force Click 
experiment should be upstreamed. Is there a video or sound recording of 
this dicussion available? Is there a set of minutes or other summary 
available? A blog post?

Documentation: Benjamin said the feature has been upstreamed to gather 
feedback. Can anyone point me to developer documentation that would 
assist in using/testing the feature? Or something like the Surfin' 
Safari blog posts that introduced the CSS gradient feature?[1]

I am also curious about the decision to develop a non-standard feature 
instead of implementing Pointer Events? The Point Events spec defines a 
"pressure" property on pointer events that seems analagous to the 
"force" property introduced by this feature. Why was a proprietary 
solution pursued instead of adopting the W3C standard? What does the 
Force Click events offer that Pointer Events do not?

Also, how does the development of this feature relate to the WebKit 
project's stated goal of standards compliance? [2]. Is there a plan to 
standardise this events with the W3C? Is it wise to name this feature 
after a marketing term used by a single contributor organisation? Is it 
intended that these features will be interopable with pressure-sensitive 
hardware other than Apple's Force Touch trackpad?

[1] https://www.webkit.org/blog/175/introducing-css-gradients/
[2] https://www.webkit.org/projects/goals.html

Yoav Weiss | 8 May 10:51 2015

Removing the srcset/sizes flag


Currently the srcset `w` descriptor and the `sizes` attribute implementation is behind an on-by-default flag.
After a twitter exchange with Ben, I've added a bunch of tests and bug fixes and would now like to go ahead and remove the build time flag.
Please let me know of any objections.

Thanks :)

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Benjamin Poulain | 5 May 22:44 2015

Yusuke Suzuki is now a WebKit Reviewer

Hi WebKittens,

I am happy to announce that Yusuke is now a WebKit Reviewer :)

Yusuke is very active in all the WebKit compilers. Lately, he has been 
working hard on implementing new ES6 features and improving the spec 
compliance of existing features.

He is also familiar with our style subsystem and has greatly improved 
the CSS JIT.

Congratulation Yusuke!

Jerry Geis | 4 May 16:43 2015

migrating from 2.4.6 to 2.8.1

I am migrating from 2.4.6 to 2.8.1...

under 2.4.6 there was a ./configure script - that appears to be gone.
(Not sure why, thought that was a standard thing).

So then I searched for building webkit and I found 

So I looked in that directory in 2.8.1 and that file is not present.

This is what I see after extracting the 2.8.1 tree:
[root <at> devgeis Scripts]# ls
run-gtk-tests  VCSUtils.pm  webkit-build-directory  webkitdirs.pm

What is the correct method to build webkit now?

Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

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Jerry Geis | 1 May 22:23 2015

webkit browser always minimzed on CentOS 7.1

Hi all,

I had a project that worked great under CentOS 6.6.
I basically took webkitgtk-2.4.6 and compiled then took a small
browser.c file to great a browser. Worked great.

So now I'm trying to migrate that to CentOS 7.1 
did the same thing - same steps as above and when I run 
the webkit browser it is ALWAYS minimized. 
If I right click on it, and say unminimize - it does for a brief second 
I see the page and then it becomes minimized again.

Any thoughts on what might be happening here?


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