Bobby Mozumder | 27 Mar 08:49 2015

Single-page apps without Javascript W3C proposal interest?


I submitted a proposal to W3C & WHATWG to enhance HTML to support single-page apps without using Javascript:

And here’s a document on Github that’s clearer than that email:

This proposal somehow went viral:

and lots more, in different languages around the world. If you search “html6” on Twitter, you’ll see. There are hundreds or thousands of shares, upvotes, comments, etc.  

So it looks like a lot of people want something like this to happen.  I believe it represents web developers’ dissatisfaction in having to use these Javascript frameworks to do something basic that should have been a part of the HTML spec, that is, dynamic loading of content.  I put this proposal out there as a result of my own frustrations with these frameworks being constantly redesigned.

I’m checking if there’s any interest from the Webkit team on this?  I’m trying to plan the next steps and probably wouldn’t proceed without at least some sort of interest or guidance from the browser vendors.  (maybe this is technically impossible, etc..) Next steps would probably include working on a full spec, and possibly implementation.  I have built WebKit nightly before, but haven’t modified any of its code, and I suspect something like this would be way beyond me time-wise to fully implement myself, but if there’s interest, I could possibly figure out some options.

Anyways do let me know of any interest.

Bobby Mozumder
FutureClaw Magazine

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Benjamin Poulain | 23 Mar 06:10 2015

Request for feedback: Status page for WebKit

Hi ,

For those who were not at that session at the contributor meeting: some
web developers have asked for a better way to follow what is being done
in WebKit without having to follow every WebKit engineers on Twitter.

On our end, having more visibility on what is enabled in Nightly could
help getting more feedback and bug reports.

Google maintains a status page for the features enabled in chrome
( and it seems to be useful. We
could try doing something similar for WebKit.

Since Webkit's engineering is distributed with all the ports and various
prototypes, the idea would be to let every contributor maintain the
status page. We would have JSON files in the tree describing features
and their states, and would pull that information from the
repository to publish that in a nicer way.

My current plan is to have 2 files, named "features.json", with the
information about our features. The files would be in
Source/JavaScriptCore/features.json and Source/WebCore/features.json.

From the feedback at the contributor meeting, I drafted the following
format for the files:
I am still not sure how to best format the list of releases where a
feature has shipped for the first time. In the draft, I used a list of
strings with a custom format.

Please have a look. Send me your feedback. If everyone still think it is
a good idea in a week, I'll start working toward putting something like
that in the tree.

ChangSeok Oh | 20 Mar 05:38 2015

Modern image formats for WebKit

Hi WebKittens.

I just saw apng support landed on webkit main stream. [1] (even it works 
for gtk port only now)
So I suddenly wonder if webkit community is getting interested in 
bringing other modern image formats like webp or jpeg-xr into webkit.
If so, I can lend my hands for it.

For webp support, as you know, we can reuse blink's codebase. [2]
For jpeg-xr supprot, I have a rough sketch for it [3] (it might be 
outdated or not fit tot of webkit though, bringing it to webkit is just 
a piece of cake. ;))

My intention is not to argue which format is better, just to ask 
community's thoughts, preferences  or like that.




Sasi San | 19 Mar 17:35 2015

Safari browser on Mac OSX complains "AudioContext.createMediaStreamSource" is undefined !


I am trying to get the live audio input from microphone using AudioContext. Safari browser complains that the "createMediaStreamSource" is undefined. here is my sample of JavaScript code. It's not able to create Audio source node. So I am not able to get the audio sample from microphone in the OnAudioProcess event handler.

        var micGain = audioContext.createGain();
            micAudioProcessor = audioContext.createJavaScriptNode(bufferSize, 1, 1);
            console.log('createJavaScriptNode Done');
        } else {
            micAudioProcessor = audioContext.createScriptProcessor(bufferSize, 1, 1);
           console.log('createScriptProcessor Done');
        // Create an AudioNode from the stream.
        if(typeof(audioContext.createMediaStreamSource) === 'function') {
            micInput = audioContext.createMediaStreamSource(inAudioStream);
        else {
            console.log('method createMediaStreamSource unavailable');

Please let me know why Safari is complaining on this API "createMediaStreamSource ". Is there any other way I can get the live audio sample from microphone on Safari browser???


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youenn fablet | 19 Mar 16:46 2015

Running new/modified tests on EWS bots


Related to the webkit contributor meeting discussion related to ports,
I would find it useful if EWS bots (gtk, efl, win, ios) were running
the tests that are modified/created by a patch.

The idea would be to turn yellow the port bubble whenever one of these
tests do not pass. Results would be uploaded to bugzilla.

This would give an incentive for patch developers to try fixing the
tests on these ports.
That may reduce (slightly? noticeably?) port maintainers gardening effort.
That would also be valuable when importing test suites.

Any potential issue? objection to move that forward?
Anyone willing to help? Thoughts?

Myles C. Maxfield | 19 Mar 05:43 2015

WebCore/platform standalone library

Hello, all,

I’d like to announce that I intend to create a standalone static library from the current contents of
WebCore/platform over the coming months. This will involve creating a “Platform" top-level
directory and moving source files into it, one by one. 

There are a few reasons for this:

1. Enforcing the layering between Platform and WebCore. Moving Platform into its own target/directory
can guarantee that nothing inside it knows about anything in WebCore.
2. Being able to test code in the Platform directory with TestWebKitAPI (without exporting Platform
symbols from the WebCore library)
3. Managing conceptual complexity.

Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback?

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Adam Bergkvist | 17 Mar 16:28 2015

WebKit Meeting: Network Cache session


Perhaps I should have posted this to the webkit-meeting list, but it 
seems pretty dead.

Anyways.. does anyone have any notes or slides from the Network Cache 
session that they would like to share? I missed that session at the meeting.

Antti or Chris?

Paul Preibisch | 13 Mar 08:54 2015

Question regarding video on canvas

Hi there,  I am working on a mobile web app which
requires videos to be displayed within an iframe or on a canvase, and NOT displayed full-screen
on the iphone when played.

I've searched the web, but am unclear whether this is actually possible or not.

I assume this feature is currently NOT available, as every browser video I have come across always plays in full screen mode.

1) I'd be grateful If you could let me know IF playing a video within an iframe or on canvas IS in fact possible (without going full screen) ON an iphone.

2) If it is NOT possible, is this feature on the roadmap? If so, what is the release date?

Thanks a lot for your information,

Kind regards

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Jiho Choi | 12 Mar 05:25 2015

Why using structure address for inline caching in LLInt?


I was wondering why structure address is compared instead of structure ID for inline caching in LLInt. I thought about the case when structure table entry is garbage-collected, but it shouldn't be collected if there is bytecode instruction pointing to the entry. In addition, Baseline JIT is using structure ID.

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Jonathan Davis | 11 Mar 23:35 2015

Contributors Meeting Details

Hi WebKit Contributors!

I’m Jonathan Davis, the new Web Technology Evangelist on the WebKit team. I have some details for you
about the Contributors Meeting starting tomorrow.

We will be starting at 9:30 AM on Thursday morning to set the agenda. Be sure to add your ideas for discussion
topics at:

When you arrive at 1 Infinite Loop you’ll want to drive around to IL4 and park in the lots in front of the
building. Next head in through the front entrance of IL4. Once inside, take the stairs on the left to the
second floor. Name tags will be available for you there. Find yours and head to conference room Garage I.

If you have any questions, or need help with anything, feel free to reach out to me at jond <at> or ping
me on Twitter  <at> jonathandavis.

Thanks for attending and contributing to WebKit!

Jon Davis
 Web Technology Evangelist
jond <at>
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Ryosuke Niwa | 10 Mar 03:27 2015

Add topics for 2015 WebKit Contributors meeting

Hi all,

Here's a wiki page for this year's contributors meeting:

Add a topic of your choice as usual!

- R. Niwa
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