David Kilzer | 24 Oct 20:20 2014

bugs.webkit.org email outage; asynchronous mail queue enabled


The bugs.webkit.org site experienced a mail server outage from at least 10:55 PM PDT on Thursday, October
23 (possibly earlier) until about 11:08 AM PDT today (Friday, October 24).

During this time, we enabled Bugzilla's asynchronous mail queue to unblock all other interaction with bugs.webkit.org.

All of the queued mail should now be delivered.

Please let us know if you experience any issues with mail delivery going forward.  Thanks!

Renata Hodovan | 23 Oct 19:56 2014

Fuzzinator reloaded

Hi Folks,

I only needed a year to write the second chapter of the first Fuzzinator 
blogpost, but now it is out! If you are interested you can read it here:


Darin Adler | 23 Oct 18:42 2014

Keep ResourceBuffer?

Hi folks.

I’ve noticed that we have an unused abstraction in the loader code. ResourceBuffer is a cover for a
SharedBuffer, with comments and remnants of an older effort to make it some kind of abstraction. But at the
moment it’s just overhead and no abstraction.

Does anyone object to my eliminating ResourceBuffer for now and changing code to use SharedBuffer
directly instead?

— Darin
webkit-dev mailing list
webkit-dev <at> lists.webkit.org
Chris Dumez | 20 Oct 23:28 2014

Transition to is<>() / downcast<>() is complete

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that I have just landed the last patch porting the code base to using is<>() / downcast<>().
I have managed to remove the NODE_TYPE_CASTS() / TYPE_CASTS_BASE() macros so there should be no code using it anymore.

If you need to add is<>() / downcast<>() support for a specific class, please use the SPECIALIZE_TYPE_TRAITS_*() macro that is in
wtf/TypeCasts.h. Note however, that the template specializations are already generated for most HTML/SVG/MathML elements by
default so you rarely need manual traits specialization for those.

If you find remaining toXXX() casting functions in the code, please let me know as we don’t want to mix toXXX() and downcast<>().
Do let me know if you have improvement suggestions as well. One that is on my TODO list already is to support is<>(RefPtr), there are
not that many call sites that would benefit from this but it would be nice IMHO.

Chris Dumez - Apple Inc.
Cupertino, CA

webkit-dev mailing list
webkit-dev <at> lists.webkit.org
Dean Jackson | 18 Oct 01:55 2014

CSS4 Media Queries

Hi floks,

I'm going to start implementing a small part of CSS4 Media Queries. I'll put it behind a feature flag.

I'm starting with http://dev.w3.org/csswg/mediaqueries-4/#inverted because Apple wants to discuss
it at the W3C TPAC meetings. We don't have any intention to ship the feature yet - it's just for
experimentation and evaluation. I suggest other ports disable it if they plan on releasing from trunk.

David Kilzer | 16 Oct 10:48 2014

Downtime for Bugzilla upgrade on Thursday, October 16 from 8-10 AM PDT


We’re planning on upgrading Bugzilla (bugs.webkit.org) from 3.2.3 to 4.2.11 on Thursday, October 16 from 8-10 AM PDT.

Sorry for the short notice.  I sent this message from the wrong address, and didn't see he bounce message until now.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks!


webkit-dev mailing list
webkit-dev <at> lists.webkit.org
Pascal Jacquemart | 14 Oct 12:25 2014

Removing CUSTOM_PROTOCOLS compile guard?


I was wondering if we could remove the CUSTOM_PROTOCOLS compile guard?

I believe this is the default code path for all ports now since we moved EFL to use it last week

At least, it is mandatory for GTK and EFL builds, I don't know much about other ports
I checked with EWS Bot that it won't break the build https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=128169 (first patch)

Also CUSTOM_PROTOCOLS can be confusing against another real feature called CUSTOM_SCHEME_HANDLER

Do you agree?

webkit-dev mailing list
webkit-dev <at> lists.webkit.org
Alexey Proskuryakov | 11 Oct 02:01 2014

EWS statistics at dashboard metrics page


There is now a section at build.webkit.org/dashboard/metrics.html with statistics for EWS, style queue and commit queue. I hope that it will be useful for making the queues faster.

Presenting this information in a useful way was tricky, as an interactive nature of EWS makes it challenging to collapse everything down to a single number. So I went to another extreme, trying to explain various groups of results in detail. Hopefully, this will help demystify EWS logic a little bit.

The above screenshot is for October 7th, when we had Windows EWS broken, so it could only produce some results a couple days later. Mac WK2 EWS shows that the majority of patches were processed as quickly as the current hardware allows them to, and there was usually no backlog.

This page relies on some data that we only started storing on the server this week, so historical results are not available.

- Alexey

webkit-dev mailing list
webkit-dev <at> lists.webkit.org
陈浩 | 10 Oct 17:19 2014

Nesting Level of DOMTimer (non-one-shot timer)

Hi, all,

I am confused about the nesting level of DOMTimer.

First, there is a long story which come from:

Current situation is the timer could forward the gesture state only if 
the nesting level is zero. The problem is the nesting level is managed 
in the Document (ScriptExecutionContext), that means all timers in the 
same document share one nesting level. If one repeat timer was launched, 
all other timers after that could not forward the gesture state, due to 
all of them has a non-zero nesting level.

Below is my testing page, three images at the end of page could delay 
the onload event. You could follow below steps to reproduce what I met:
  1. Click "Start repeating timer" first
  2. After the text change to "Running...", click "Goto next page"
  3. When WebKit page come out, click back button.

What I see is the page before the testing page, because the 
NavigationScheduler::mustLockBackForwardList refused the creation of new 
history item.
   <input type="button" value="Goto next page" onclick="gotoNextPage();">
   <input type="button" value="Start repeating timer" 
   <div id="Timer">Paused</div>
   <script type="text/javascript">

   function gotoNextPage(){

   function startRepeatingTimer(){

width="640" height="480">
width="640" height="480">
width="640" height="480">

According to Web App APIs 
the nesting level of repeating timer will be increased in the loop. I 
doubt that the nesting level should owned by the timer itself, do not 
share with others. Just as described in the defintion, that is task's 
nesting level.

That's appreciate to get your comment!

Thanks & Best Regards!
Dean Jackson | 9 Oct 22:47 2014

Removing ENABLE guard for <at> supports (CSS3_CONDITIONAL_RULES)

We've had support for  <at> supports for a while. I'm planning to remove the compile-time guard for the feature.
(Note: Safari on iOS 8 and the public Yosemite builds currently have it turned off)

Does anyone disagree?


Osztrogonác Csaba | 8 Oct 13:35 2014

Apple Windows EWS bots having issues (again)

Hi All,

it seems the Apple Windows EWS doesn't work at all since 4 days
after http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/174315 , because it can't
find the generated JSInternals.h and cpp. Maybe they aren't
generated, but it's hard to determine without full logs.

I filed a bug report for it 2 days before, but the EWS is
still broken: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=137450

Will the bot maintainers have a chance to look into this bug?