Markus Rosjat | 19 Sep 15:10 2014

tools for monitoring network traffic


just a simple question with a properbly more complicated answer. Are 
there tools out there to simply monitor the network traffic for a 
webserver so you get information about which domain caused which traffic 
over a week or a day?

I know I could go and reinvent the wheel by using pf and other tools but 
since Im a lazy guy I want to look for a solution that is already out there.

Thx for the help :)



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Tony Sarendal | 19 Sep 14:22 2014

4k graphics and openbsd

Good afternoon,

Friday question:
Does anyone have recommendation on graphics hardware to use for 4k screens
and OpenBSD ?

I'm thinking about improving my workstation. I run lots of terminal
windows, a web browser,
and the default window manager. As I like eye candy I may even do "xsetroot
-solid black".

What I want is a stable work environment where I can reboot my workstation
6 months or so. This with a 4k screen. Doable ?



repays95130 | 19 Sep 01:31 2014

SATA & USB 3.0 PCI support

I've installed OpenBSD 5.5/amd64 on an HP workstation. I'd like to add additional SATA drives and add USB
3.0 (for backup to umass) to the HP but I'm having difficulty finding the OpenBSD supported
hardware/chipset page (I thought there was a page for this). I found a "SYBA Combo USB 3.0 + SATA III 6Gbps,
v2.0 PCI Express, x4 Slot Controller Card" (on newegg) that has the "Etron EJ168a & ASMedia ASM1061"
chips. Would this work with OpenBSD 5.5? If not, does anyone have a recommendation for a singe or multiple
PCI boards?



Marc Espie | 19 Sep 12:48 2014

videos in the browser

with a recent configuration, videos work fine in the browser.
*however* a lot of websites still give you only flash videos.
Or do they ?

There's this nifty extension in chrome to fudge the user-agent 
(called user-agent switcher) where you can play at browsing from
a tablet. Surprise: those video sites work again (in some cases,
you have to fight a bit more, go explicitly to the mobile version
and not let them switch you back to the desktop mode).

It's obvious those guys aren't testing on OpenBSD. It's also obvious
they know how to switch to a non flash version on given user-agents.

So what about a little "mail your favorite website campaign". Figure out
one website where you can't watch videos, and send some kind of email
feedback to them.  Tell them in no uncertain terms that "flash does not
exist on OpenBSD, and if they see OpenBSD in the user-agent, then they
should go to plain h264 videos, which they have".

Offenders include youtube (sometimes, mostly VEVO stuff),, facebook.
Probably some others.

I don't think they will notice if I'm the only guy doing that. But if they
get a few pointed emails over the coming weeks, maybe they might fix their
act, and hey, maybe we'll get videos mostly everywhere...

Krzysztof Strzeszewski | 19 Sep 12:28 2014



I want add my global domain in my serwer dns unbound... How to do? I 
don't add local domain:

local-data: " 10800 IN A local_IP"

but I want add mu global domain end record A for public_IP in global 

I konw how add my domain in named(bind):

zone "" {
         type master;
         file "";
         allow-update { none; };
         allow-transfer {; };
         notify yes;

end add record A in

but I don't konw add in unbount

I greet

ML mail | 18 Sep 18:27 2014

Available disks are: none at installation of OpenBSD 5.5


I'm trying to install OpenBSD 5.5 (amd64) to use as a firewall on a SATA flash drive of 8 GB. Unfortuantely the
drive does not get detected by OpenBSD at the installation so I am unable to install OpenBSD.

The relevant output of the dmesg would be the following:

"Intel C226 LPC" rev 0x05 at pci0 dev 31 function 0 not configured
ahci0 at pci0 dev 31 function 2 "Intel 8 Series AHCI" rev 0x05: msi, AHCI 1.3
ahci0: device on port 1 didn't come ready, TFD: 0x80<BSY>
ahci0: stopping the port, softreset slot 31 was still active.
ahci0: unable to communicate with device on port 1

Any ideas for a workaround or fix?


Gregory Edigarov | 18 Sep 10:28 2014



Is boot from zalman's virtual cd (a hard disc case that can store many 
ISO images and then  represent itself as a cd) still unsupported?

nearly every other .iso works correctly, but not openbsd.

With best regards,
          Gregory Edigarov

misc nick | 17 Sep 18:15 2014

mount fails with a micro sd

When i try to mount (via a card adapter) a specific Kingston 32GB micro sd card i get:

mount_msdos: /dev/sdXi on /mnt: Inappropriate file type or format

(X is the device number)

It is strange because i can mount it in windows and linux. I have other micro sd
cards that mount normally on my OpenBSD 5.5-Release/amd64.

What am i looking at here: hardware failure, driver problem, something else?
If there is a way i can diagnose this, let me know. 

Matti Karnaattu | 17 Sep 12:52 2014

signal.h interfaces


man page says:

"signal - simplified software signal facilities"

And the interfaces differs a lot from this:

No sigset, sigignore etc.

Is this intentional?

Laurence Rochfort | 17 Sep 11:14 2014

acpi0: PM1 stuck (en 0x121 st 0x1), clearing

Hello all,

I'm running 5.5 on amd64 and am seeing the following message a few seconds
after the system has booted to the login prompt:

acpi0: PM1 stuck (en 0x121 st 0x1), clearing

Does this matter? Can anybody suggest a resolution? AHCI is enabled in the
BIOS and apmd seems to be throttling the CPU correctly.



OpenBSD 5.5 (GENERIC.MP) #315: Wed Mar  5 09:37:46 MST 2014
    deraadt <at>
real mem = 3990814720 (3805MB)
avail mem = 3875966976 (3696MB)
mainbus0 at root
bios0 at mainbus0: SMBIOS rev. 2.4  <at>  0xf0100 (45 entries)
bios0: vendor Award Software International, Inc. version "F1" date
bios0: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-E350N
acpi0 at bios0: rev 0
acpi0: sleep states S0 S3 S4 S5
acpi0: wakeup devices USB0(S3) USB1(S3) USB2(S3) USB3(S3) USB4(S3) USB5(S3)
USB6(S3) SBAZ(S4) PEX0(S5) PEX1(S5) PEX2(S5) PEX3(S5) P2P_(S5) PCE2(S4)
PCE3(S4) PCE4(S4) [...]
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Kaya Saman | 17 Sep 01:27 2014

Dansguardian not working after updating OBSD Current


I'm not sure what happened but after updating OpenBSD today, then 
updating the installed packages Dansguardian seems to not be working.....

My OpenBSD version is: 5.6 GENERIC.MP#376 amd64

as stated just been updated today.

then used: pkg_add -vui

to update the packages.

Just checking one of the mirrors, it seems all packages were "synced" 
recently, so not sure if that actually refers to being updated.

The version available seems to be, though checking the 
Sourceforge page:

it seems that the code hasn't been updated since 2012....

The only error in the logs that I can see is:

dansguardian[11832]: Error polling child process sockets: Invalid argument

dansguardian[11832]: Error polling child process sockets: Invalid argument

Upon researching the error I found:

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