Артур Истомин | 31 Jul 02:02 2015

Support wifi-dongle Asus USB-N10 NANO in OpenBSD

Is it supported? I mean exactly USB-N10 NANO, not USB-N10


Alexander Shendi | 30 Jul 21:29 2015

Audio problems with OpenBSD-current/amd64 on Acer C720p Chromebook

Dear list subscribers,
I have installed OpenBSD-current on my Acer C720p Chromebook.  
I am using -current because I had problems with X11 with 
the 5.7 release.
Audio used to work out of the box on that device with earlier 
versions of -current, but has stopped working in the most recent 
version I have installed (Playback of an MP3-file with either 
VLC or mpg123 produced no sound)
$ uname -a
OpenBSD alex-acer-720p.my.domain 5.8 GENERIC.MP#1206 amd64

Excerpt from dmesg follows:
azalia0 at pci0 dev 3 function 0 "Intel Core 4G HD Audio" rev 0x09: msi
azalia0: No codecs found
azalia1 at pci0 dev 27 function 0 "Intel 8 Series HD Audio" rev 0x04: msi
azalia1: codecs: Realtek/0x0283
audio0 at azalia1

(The entire dmesg can be found at: 

However I had some success in getting sound to work: I added the line:

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Joel Rees | 30 Jul 16:42 2015

newfs_ext2fs vs e2fsprogs package mke2fs

Which is preferred, newfs_ext2fs or mke2fs from the e2fsprogs package?

Joel Rees

Computer memory is just fancy paper,
CPUs just fancy pens.
All is a stream of text
flowing from the past into the future.

averlane | 30 Jul 14:11 2015

OpenBSD httpd version

Hi All.

How do I hide OpenBSD webserver name info from clients? 
I do not want to show the world what operating system and web server is used.

So I made a few changes on the 5.7-stable.

[demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type text/x-diff which had a name of httpd.patch]

trondd | 30 Jul 02:02 2015

Maintaining CAs not in cert.pem

I have my own CA for home use and my work also has their own CA and
intermediate certificates.  What is the correct way of maintaining the
certificates so that the system always knows about them?  I've been
appending them to /etc/ssl/cert.pem but it gets replaced every update (not
even maintained with sysmerge since it comes for libcrypto and not the etc

Is there a place to put them that is automatically read in addition to


Steve Fairhead | 30 Jul 00:12 2015

new (nasty) spam pattern

Hi folks,

Am now seeing a recent (last few months) HEEEUUGE increase in spam to my 
(redirected mail) users with the following pattern:

  - spam sent to many email addresses with one-time-only domain, each of 
which has a barely traceable and mobile (and maybe temporary) IP, but 
with a whois record going back to a few repeating registrants (Batista 
Network, WhoisGuard in Panama, MXSPORT LLC, SHOUTMEDIA INC. being a few 
of several). Am happy to publish the list if this helps anyone else.

I'm not sure I can do better than what I do now: record the domains (or 
email patterns) to a database, from which I derive an access db for 
sendmail, and reject them with a fairly polite message - which doesn't 
happen often.

But when it does, I'd like to hurt them. I also run spamd; can't seem to 
find a way to tarpit based on domain rather than IP...

This is happening often enough now that gmail and yahoo are 
rate-limiting my servers because of spam... meep! Seems hugely unfair, 
and I shall cry.

Any cluebats?




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Atanas Vladimirov | 29 Jul 22:16 2015

Re: Collect logs with syslog +hostname

> On 29.07.2015 16:31, Gregory Edigarov wrote:
>> On 07/29/2015 03:46 PM, Atanas Vladimirov wrote:
>> Thanks for the hint.
>> Actually I modified syslog.conf to begin with
>> ++wdr4900
>> *.* /var/log/w4900
>> +*
>> because I wanted all records from OpenWRT router to be in one place 
>> (/var/log/w4900).
>> It seems that the real problem/misunderstanding was the part with 
>> /etc/hosts.
>> Why syslogd doesn't use /etc/resolve.conf?
> Because at the time of developing the patch (I was developing it for
> myself) I wanted it to be as small and as less invasive as possible.
> I could have made it work with the resolver, but that was:
> 1. more invasive
> 2. less secure
> 3. it wouldn't be accepted
I got it. Thanks for your work.

> If you need more complex log processing, you _should_ look at
> different projects like rsyslog, syslog-ng or nxlog.
I don't need anything more complex. That's why I use OpenBSD.
I think that it *may* be a good idea to add a note in SYSLOG.CONF(5) 
about /etc/hosts.
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Mohammad BadieZadegan | 29 Jul 20:50 2015

OpenBSD vs Notebook Speaker.

Hi everybody,
I'm using multimedia on my OpenBSD with headphone but my Notebook speaker
don't sound!
How can I use my notebook speaker?
Is that any mixerctl  command to turn on built-in notebook speaker?
This is my mixerctl output:

$ mixerctl
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Jan Vlach | 29 Jul 18:53 2015

lidsuspend does not work anymore on 5.8 snapshot, garbles screen, zzz suspend works fine (longer)

Hello misc <at>  team,

I'm running 5.8-current and closing the lid does not suspend the system
anymore, but garbles the screen and it's not possible to switch to text
console to do proper shutdown. suspending & resuming the system via zzz
works fine. 
Shutdown is only possible holding the powerbutton. Fsck is necesarry on
new boot. dmesg at the end of mail.

Power, wifi and battery leds all stay on if the lid is closed now. (with
zzz command, power starts to blink and wifi turns off)

The hardware is i386 netbook with intel atom. I have hyperthreading
because of heat production, but this is reproducible with GENERIC.MP too.
also, at the moment I have machdep.lidsuspend=0, so I don't kill the
system if I just close the lid.

I've experienced this at least on last 3 builds, I haven't upgraded for
quite some time before than.

if you imagine excel/calc sheet overlay on displayed image, then the
garbling looks like "cell" in every second row is moved down one row.
There are at least 8 collumns ... 

I'm in vacation now with netbook & dumb phone, so I have no way of
sending the photo I took. (Can do this on saturday earliest)

Is this known? Anything else I can do to track this further?

Thank you,
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Craig Skinner | 29 Jul 14:13 2015

sa(8) cpu time?

Hi there,

When checking the system accounting per-user stats,
is the cpu time decimal, or minutes.seconds?


$ sa -mi
root           825         9.13cpu        67188tio           0k*sec
operator       106         0.04cpu           77tio           0k*sec
sshd            62         0.16cpu            0tio           0k*sec
_spamd         682         0.10cpu          153tio           0k*sec

Is root's cpu time 9 minutes & 13 seconds,
or 9.13 minutes (i.e. 9 minutes & ~22 seconds)?


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David Coppa | 29 Jul 12:24 2015

Re: Sluggish/laggy browser behaviour

---------- Messaggio inoltrato ----------
Da: "David Coppa" <dcoppa <at> gmail.com>
Data: 29/lug/2015 12:21
Oggetto: Re: Sluggish/laggy browser behaviour
A: "Nathan Van Ymeren" <nathan <at> vany.ca>

Il 24/lug/2015 19:23, "Nathan Van Ymeren" <nathan <at> vany.ca> ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I'm running the 19 July snapshot and am experiencing laggy tab
> behaviour in both Chromium and Firefox.  Specifically, when opening and
> closing tabs I regularly experience noticeable and irritating pauses.
> The system is a thinkpad X220T with an i7 and 8 GB of memory, and under
> different operating systems tabbing performance is acceptable.
> Has anyone experienced similar?
> dmesg follows:
> OpenBSD 5.8-beta (GENERIC.MP) #1171: Sun Jul 19 19:03:27 MDT 2015


> cpu0: Enhanced SpeedStep 2691 MHz: speeds: 2701, 2700, 2400, 2200,
> 2000, 1800, 1600, 1400, 1200, 1000, 800 MHz pci0 at mainbus0 bus 0
> pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0 "Intel Core 2G Host" rev 0x09
> vga1 at pci0 dev 2 function 0 "Intel HD Graphics 3000" rev 0x09
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