C. L. Martinez | 1 Jul 16:28 2016

I am not sure if it is a problem with OpenBSD's httpd

Hi all

 Recently, I have installed an OpenBSD virtual machine in my laptop with TT-RSS, and all works perfectlly.
Until I try to subscribe to a new feed. Every time, tt-rss returns the error "6 Couldn't resolve host". It is
strange, because all other feeds migrated from other linux host, works ok.

 For example, if I try to subscribe to http://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
feed, error is rturned. But when I try to resolve DNS googleprojectzero.blogspot.com name in the shell,
works ok:

Last login: Fri Jul  1 07:06:54 2016 from
OpenBSD 5.9 (GENERIC) #4: Thu May 19 08:23:10 CEST 2016

Welcome to OpenBSD: The proactively secure Unix-like operating system.

Please use the sendbug(1) utility to report bugs in the system.
Before reporting a bug, please try to reproduce it with the latest
version of the code.  With bug reports, please try to ensure that
enough information to reproduce the problem is enclosed, and if a
known fix for it exists, include that as well.

root <at> edinburgh:~# nslookup googleprojectzero.blogspot.com                                                                                                               

Non-authoritative answer:
googleprojectzero.blogspot.com  canonical name = blogspot.l.googleusercontent.com.
Name:   blogspot.l.googleusercontent.com

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Teng Zhang | 1 Jul 15:49 2016

empty directories under /usr/src/sys/gnu

hi,  why the empty directory /usr/src/sys/gnu didn't be removed ?
Is it the reason of the limit of GNU license or some other reasons ?

Stefan Wollny | 1 Jul 13:10 2016

firefox and thunderbird crashes

Hi there!

Trying to use the latest available snapshot of amd64-current I notice
that lately firefox and thunderbird crash way too often. Does s.o. else
experience this as well?

firefox-47.0        Mozilla web browser
firefox-i18n-de-47.0 de language pack for Firefox
thunderbird-45.1.1  Mozilla e-mail, rss and usenet client
thunderbird-i18n-de-45.1.1 de language pack for Thunderbird

'wxallowed' is set on /usr.

Might be some dependencies or add-ons...


OpenBSD 6.0-beta (GENERIC.MP) #2241: Fri Jul  1 00:22:57 MDT 2016
    deraadt <at> amd64.openbsd.org:/usr/src/sys/arch/amd64/compile/GENERIC.MP
real mem = 17082359808 (16291MB)
avail mem = 16560115712 (15792MB)
mpath0 at root
scsibus0 at mpath0: 256 targets
mainbus0 at root
bios0 at mainbus0: SMBIOS rev. 2.7  <at>  0xeb500 (35 entries)
bios0: vendor American Megatrends Inc. version "1.05.01" date 08/05/2015
bios0: Notebook W65_67SZ
acpi0 at bios0: rev 2
acpi0: sleep states S0 S3 S4 S5
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Leonardo Santagostini | 30 Jun 21:24 2016

Question about NTP server

Hi  <at> misc, i am about to mount 4 ntp servers.

Main goal is to serve approximately 300 servers and 300 hundreds

Servers are located at one datacenter and office in other place. I have a
couple of doubts for asking to you.

1) Is there some calculus for making those ntp boxes efficient in terms of
not overstate (sorry, but english is not my mothers tongue) or right size
the hardware.
2) Im wondering also to set up this boxes virtualized using KVM. I know
that using RTC its a really pain in the ass, but maybe you can give me some
advice for this config.

Thank you all,

Best regards/Saludos.-
Leonardo Santagostini


Bill Buhler | 30 Jun 20:30 2016

OpenBGPD traps and triggers


I've been through the man pages a couple of times and am not seeing what I'm
looking for. I have a couple of OpenBSD machines running BGP sessions with
my ISPs. Yesterday one of the IPv6 sessions went down and I didn't notice
for quite a while..

This got me looking for some kind of trigger / trap that would automatically
alert me if a BGP session went down, or was flapping. I couldn't see any
provision in the man page to execute a external script, and no mention of
SNMP. So is there such a feature I missed?

I the short term I hacked together a cron job that parses the output of:
bgpctl show status terse to send me email alerts, but I'd prefer to not be
depending on polling if at all possible.


Bill Buhler

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Dewey Hylton | 30 Jun 18:14 2016

pf / queuing / multiple ISP

hi all. queueing question here ...

what i have is an openbsd 5.9 firewall with one physical external interface
and one physical internal interface. i have two vlans on the external
interface, each connecting to a different ISP. each ISP provides different

in an attempt to provide a bit of qos, i've created queues and am assigning
conversations to those queues based on the their simple rules (eg. pass in
quick log proto tcp from <trustednets> to any port ssh queue ssh). however,
the queues are created on the external physical interface, which means the
queue definitions apply to both ISP connections but only properly fit one of

how would i go about correcting this?

if i create separate queues for each vlan interface to fit the different ISP
connections, it seems i would have to create multiple separate (and more
specific) rules for each allowed conversation. surely there is a smarter way ...

suggestions are welcomed.

Oriol Demaria | 30 Jun 17:02 2016

Issue with numbers of pty

Trying tmuxinator here I have noticed that I ran out of pty, according
to man pty(4) there is a kernel parameter specifiying the max
number. I'm running a snapshot from last Friday, and I don't seem to
have kern.tty.maxptys.

Is this a documentation error? Or that setting is not the one to look

Thanks in advance.


Oriol Demaria

Thuban | 30 Jun 16:01 2016

Re: bluetooth audio device

* Lars Noodén <lars.nooden <at> gmail.com> le [30-06-2016 16:56:01 +0300]:
> On 6/30/16, Thuban <thuban <at> yeuxdelibad.net> wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I'm trying to connect an audio device via bluetooth, but can't find any
> > intructions to do so on OpenBSD.
> > Do you have any advices/links?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > --
> > /Thuban/
> >
> > [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type application/pgp-signature
> > had a name of signature.asc]
> http://marc.info/?l=openbsd-cvs&m=140511572108715&w=2
> and
> http://www.openbsd.org/plus56.html
> Regards,
> Lars

ok, this answer my question.


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Friedrich Locke | 30 Jun 15:41 2016


Hi folks,

i would like to know if there is anyone in this list that is running
Windows and OBSD 5.9 amd 64 on the same machine with UEFI and doing,
naturally, multiboot.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

[]s fried.

Thuban | 30 Jun 15:22 2016

bluetooth audio device

I'm trying to connect an audio device via bluetooth, but can't find any
intructions to do so on OpenBSD.
Do you have any advices/links?



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Kapetanakis Giannis | 30 Jun 14:57 2016

DNS lookup utility with port


a) I'm asking if there is any program in base for dns lookups that support port for name server.

# dig -p 5678 example.com  <at>
;; Error, only port 53 supported

# nslookup 
> set port=5678
The port command has been disabled.

host(1) never had anything similar

Is there any other tool I don't know or do I have to install drill/isc_bind from packages?

b) would a patch for this in src/usr.sbin/bind/ be accepted or is there a reason for this to be out (except for
the ancient version)?

c) maybe adding libldns+drill in base would also be an option since both unbound/nsd are in now?