Michael C. Ibarra | 10 Sep 15:16 2002

Re: Status of 2.1?

Quoting Ken <krice <at> suspicious.org>:

> well heres the status boys and girls....
> I had takena  little vacation from the digital world pretty much... but

What!!! How dare you take time to be with your newborn and family ;-)

I for one am happy that you've taken this approach, it certainly 
helps with continuing to do the same quality of work as you have
in the past. 

Welcome back, and thank you.



Chuck Yerkes | 28 Aug 06:21 2002

Wireless cards

Soekris 4521.  Want to stick a wireless into it that's
not the Orinoco that I borrowed to see that it would work.

Obvious needs are:
  PCMCIA (vs. mini PCI)
  External Antenna

SHOULD be able to go promiscuous and whatever's needed for
snagging traffic.

Thoughts/recommendations/URLs that sell them?



ken | 2 Aug 04:20 2002

Greetings and whatsup...

I'm writting to appologize to all the people that feel they are getting 
screwed over... there have been some delays in shipping things out lately and 
I am trying to rectify that immediatly...

I have not been around the computer as of late for personal/family reasons.

Any "issues" that you are seeing should be cleared up shortly. Please do not 
hold Truman responsible for any of them. These issues are mine and mine 

On other notes...

There is an emBSD source forge project that was set up some time ago, but the 
source tree there is a bit out of date... feel free to fetch the cvs as you 
normally would... there are some errors in that tree that fixes were never 
commited to... I will be commiting updated source to it soon. 

As for anything else, I will be addressing individuals shortly via pivate 

I know this email does little to resolve issues that some of you feel you 
have, However I will correct these issues as quickly as I possibly can...

To everyone that has supported emBSD I say thanks! 


Chuck Yerkes | 2 Aug 03:37 2002

LibUtil patch

Quoting Michael (kazin <at> thismetalsky.org):
> On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 17:14:42, Steve Pearlmutter said...
> > With several of us doing this sort of thing, it's unfortunate we don't
> > have a place to combine our changes.  I know that Chuck has some
> > library changes etc. that would be most likely be useful to
> > everybody.

Couple things, attached is the patch to libutil I did.
It's not perfect, I haven't shared it because it needs more.
But it works.

It COULD make sure /dev/term exists before it tries to use
devices in there.   You must create /dev/term and create the
devices for terminals.  (cd /dev/term;sh /dev/MAKEDEV ptyp)

Now non-root users can log in, the chown/chmod that login
wants takes care of it.

w and tty and a couple other commands complain.  utmp doesn't
have enough space to store /dev/term/ptyp1, so it truncates.

The RIGHT answer is to use devfs.  It's in FreeBSD 5.x.

> Well we could certainly start a project on sourceforge or something.  I'd
> offer space, but I don't have the upstream bandwidth to really do it.
> I've been considering striping down an OpenBSD install myself lately.

Right answer (to me) make the OS able to understand subsystems.
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Leevon Reaves | 31 Jul 20:14 2002

a brief story about your alternatives

I was at the time working on a large project involving small embedded routers.    In my professional opinion
openbsd on soekris is awesome.   I highly reccomend the soekris products, which can be  purchased from
www.soekris.com.   openbsd proper can fit on a 128meg cf  with 64 m left over....  thats what I personally
ended up doing.  the only piece of advice I have for anyone is to not undersetimate how hard it is to get cf
geometry correct.

Leevon Reaves | 31 Jul 19:54 2002

an important story about purchasing hardware from the embsd project

Goodmorning everyone.

I ordered some hardware from ken rice in november of last year.

after a couple weeks, I started wondering where my hardware was.  so I  mailed Ken Rice and Truman Boyles.

after  being ignored for another couple of weeks, I finally managed to get mr. Rice to respond.   "just another
couple of days," he said.

after another few weeks of being alternately ignored, and being promised things like "just wait, your
hardware will ship tomorrow,"  I realized that I didn't have time to wait for these guys and asked for a refund.

I happily passed off my problem of dealing with these people to the finance department.

they still have not given me my cash back.

after threatening Mr. Rice with legal action about a month  and a half ago, he agreed to send me a check.    The
check has not yet arrived.

these people evidently have a very long  "payment cycle."

we'll send it at the end of the next "payment cycle" he said.  in about a week.

Draw your own conclusions.

thanks for your time,


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Ken | 16 Jul 08:03 2002

New Test Build

new Test Build of 2.1 is on the mail FTP server... Check it out and report
bugs... This is defiantly ALPHA work and does not include a 4501 specific
kernel as of yet.. This is mainly for testing the base21.tgz package and
generic kernel.

note: changes for Serial Console Support have not been migrated into the
install scripts so you'll have to set that by hand if you need it.

Also, on the main website I have added a man page CGI that will allow you
to look up man pages and 2.1 now includes lynx and will soon include a
/usr/bin/man replacement that will provide a simple man like interface to
call lynx, and send the correct URL to pull that man page you want.

URL Directly to this cgi is http://www.embsd.org/cgi-bin/man.cgi

appending ?command or ?chapter+command (ie: ?4+wi or just ?wi ) will take
you directly to the page you want.


"Lies, Damned Lies, And Micro$oft Press Releases" - Tilda, From TechTV

Justin Honold | 9 Jul 22:03 2002

new kid on the block...

i just got a via epia 5000 integrated mini-itx motherboard - fanless 533mhz c3 cpu, 1 pci, 2 ide, 2
pc100/pc133 sdram, 2 ps2, 1 parallel, 1 dsub video, 1 composite tvout, 1 svideo tvout, 1 ethernet, 2 usb
1.1, 1 9-pin serial, and audio.  awesome and cheap.

i got off the phone with casetronic and they're producing the sequel to the cupid 2677 (
http://www.caseoutlet.com/case/2677/CS-2677.html ) with support for a pci riser.  the power supply is
external, so if you run the system using compactflash on an ide-to-cf adapter from pcengines.com you have
a way faster (albeit larger) competitor to the net4501.

Peter Bako | 3 Jul 19:17 2002

Adding "mail" function?

I've just installed the emBSD 1.1 onto my 4501 unit and in general I love
it!  About the only function I am missing is the "mail" command which I'd
like to use for sending copies of various logs to an email address before
flusing them.  Since I'm still a bit new to this *BSD world, can anyone
offer me tips on how to get the mail command (and all of its associated
files) moved over?


Henry E. Thorpe | 25 Jun 04:01 2002

Best way to update OpenSSH on 1.1?


As I eagerly await Theo's and ISS's release on the next (real,
honest-to-goodness) OpenSSH hole that will require us all to use
privilege separation, I can't help but wonder how to update the
OpenSSH on my 4501 to 3.3.

Any suggestions as to the best way to do this?  Can I just move the
binaries from a Pentium box?  How to compile them to target the 4501?

Any hints very appreciated.


Zach | 21 Jun 19:24 2002

Re: emBSD on VMware HOWTO

This email was sent to you by Zach at zach <at> zachlowry.net because they thought you might be interested it
this article from http://www.zachlowry.net.  This is not SPAM and the email addresses involved in this
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Zach wrote: Here\'s the HOWTO for VMware installs, if anyone else\'s interested.

emBSD on VMware HOWTO
Wednesday, December 31 1969  <at>  06:00 PM CST
Contributed by: 

I've just added my rather short HOWTO on how to install emBSD onto a CF card using VMware. No rebooting required!

Comment on this story at http://www.zachlowry.net/article.php?story=20020621121750330#comments