Alan Corey | 30 Apr 16:10 2016

Re: Which BLOB did OpenBSD object to in the Raspberry Pi?

Hmm, you mean documentation from ARM or from Broadcom?  There seems to
be a ton of stuff at but the URL's funky or
blocked by my ISP.  I can go there in Lynx from my account
but I'm a little out of practice with Lynx.  I was seeing tables of
contents in documents, but I wanted a PDF or ten.  Try
as an example.

The Cortex family of processors made Wikipedia: who says the amount of
documentation is daunting.

The Pi's probably unique in being manufactured by essentially a
non-profit organization.  The
forums at seem pretty good.  I
don't know if they have any non-disclosure agreements with Broadcom or
not.  The foundation seems mostly academically oriented, I would think
they'd cooperate with any open source organization.


Credit is the root of all evil.  - AB1JX

Karel W. Dingeldey | 22 Apr 12:10 2016

OpenBSD 5.9 on Beaglebone Black

Hi everyone,

I'm currently using OpenBSD 5.7 and 5.8 on a couple of BBBs -- works
like a charm.

Since 5.9 came out a couple of days ago, I wanted to use it on another
BBB (new install).

When it comes to stating which hard drive it should install to (eMMC in
this instance), I can only select sd0, which is the SD card. For some
reason the eMMC isn't recognised anymore in this version.

In the change log I saw that some amendments were made to the sdmmc
driver (supposedly to improve eMMC support on devices like the BBB). In
my case it has quite the contrary effect.

Anyone a similar experience? Maybe a hint how to sort it out?


Artturi Alm | 20 Apr 03:22 2016

cleanup diffs?


would anyone care to look at diffs aiming to make diffs like below possible
for armv7 too? doesn't take 'much' fixing beyond removing cruft, and can
be done mostly w/o touching the files/headers shared with armish/zaurus, if


 sys/arch/arm/arm/cpuswitch7.S | 224 +++++++-----------------------------------
 1 file changed, 38 insertions(+), 186 deletions(-)

diff --git a/sys/arch/arm/arm/cpuswitch7.S b/sys/arch/arm/arm/cpuswitch7.S
index 43bf7da..a5cc631 100644
--- a/sys/arch/arm/arm/cpuswitch7.S
+++ b/sys/arch/arm/arm/cpuswitch7.S
 <at>  <at>  -83,6 +83,7  <at>  <at> 
 #include <machine/frame.h>
 #include <machine/intr.h>
 #include <machine/asm.h>
+#include <machine/sysreg.h>

 /* LINTSTUB: include <sys/param.h> */
 <at>  <at>  -157,27 +158,25  <at>  <at>  ENTRY(cpu_idle_leave)

-	stmfd	sp!, {r4-r7, lr}
+	push	{r4-r7, lr}
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Ruslanas Gžibovskis | 7 Apr 21:57 2016

Raspberry PI B and OpenBSD for learning

Hi team,

sorry for a spam email, but I am willing to learn OpenBSD, and I would like
to use my Raspberry PI B (with 256MB RAM) for this purpose :)

maybe you know if it works and with wich ARCH I should start? fast search
was not very successful :(

thank you.

Thank you for your reply's.

Good $day_time :)


Ruslanas Gžibovskis
+370 6030 7030
RHCE: 130-192-255

Olivier Cherrier | 24 Feb 01:34 2016

cubieboard2 support


Trying to install a cubieboard2, I get :

	OpenBSD/sunxi booting ...
	arg0 0x0 arg1 0x10bb arg2 0x40000100
	atag core flags 0 pagesize 0 rootdev 0
	atag mem start 0x40000000 size 0x40000000
	memory size derived from u-boot
	bootconf.mem[0].address = 40000000 pages 262144/0x40000000
	Allocating page tables
	freestart = 0x40aaa000, free_pages = 259414 (0x0003f556)
	IRQ stack: p0x40ad8000 v0xc0ad8000
	ABT stack: p0x40ad9000 v0xc0ad9000
	UND stack: p0x40ada000 v0xc0ada000
	SVC stack: p0x40adb000 v0xc0adb000
	Creating L1 page table at 0x40aac000
	Mapping kernel
	Constructing L2 page tables
	undefined page pmap board type: 4283
	Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
	The Regents of the University of California.  All rights
	Copyright (c) 1995-2016 OpenBSD. All rights reserved.

	OpenBSD 5.9 (RAMDISK) #41: Thu Feb 18 11:26:25 AEDT 2016
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andreas.oster | 11 Feb 07:15 2016

Fw: important message


New message, please read <>

andreas.oster <at>

Ryan Lester | 22 Jan 15:55 2016

/dev/bio support?

Is /dev/bio currently supported on ARM, and if not is it planned to be?

For more context, I recently tried to set up full disk encryption on a
Beaglebone Black, and bioctl exited with the error that /dev/bio
couldn't be opened. Is this expected behaviour, and is there any
known workaround?


Jan Stary | 15 Dec 11:08 2015

upgrading packages

There are no precompiled packages for ARM, right?
(The fruits of my BBB's labor are at )

So there is no point in pkg_add -u
- what is the preferred way to upgrade packages
after upgrading a snapshot?

I would say recompile everything, hence
# /usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/dpb -c `pkg_info -Paq`
Is this the right thing?

Sadly, dpb(1) fails for me at this BBB
(while it works everywhere else):

   Can't call method "enforce_local" on an undefined value at
/usr/ports/infrastructure/lib/DPB/ line 186.
   DPB::Config::parse_command_line(DPB::Config, DPB::State=HASH(0x493a77e0)) called at
/usr/ports/infrastructure/lib/DPB/ line 182
   DPB::State::handle_options(DPB::State=HASH(0x493a77e0)) called at
/usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/dpb line 75

This happens with any pkgpath.
Am I missing something obvious?


OpenBSD 5.8-current (GENERIC) #157: Mon Dec  7 23:31:55 AEDT 2015
    jsg <at>
real mem  = 536870912 (512MB)
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andreas.oster | 6 Dec 05:51 2015

Fw: new message


New message, please read <>

andreas.oster <at>

andreas.oster | 27 Nov 12:14 2015

Fw: new message


New message, please read <>

andreas.oster <at>

游俊德 | 20 Nov 07:21 2015

Question about armv7_icache_sync_range function


I have a question for armv7_icache_sync_range function in

        ldr     ip, .Larmv7_line_size
        cmp     r1, #0x8000
        movcs   r1, #0x8000

The register r1 is the size of range to sync.
My question is, why it is limited to 0x8000 (32K bytes) ?

Similar limitation also existed in following functions:

It's so strange!

The function armv5_ec_icache_sync_range in

        ldr     ip, .Larmv5_ec_line_size
        cmp     r1, #0x4000
        bcs     .Larmv5_ec_icache_sync_all

It will use icache_sync_all function if size greater than 0x4000,
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