Hrishikesh Muruk | 17 Sep 14:44 2014

Freescale iMX6 SABRE Smart Devices Board


I am trying to boot OpenBSD on a Freescale iMX6 SABRE Smart Devices board.
This is not the same as SABRE Lite.

I followed instructions at:

I copied the miniroot-imx-55.fs file my SD card using dd. I don't see any
output on uart when the board is turned on.

I have confirmed that the board works by installing and running uboot from
the Freescale BSP.

Has anyone had success booting OpenBSD on this board?

If not, any pointers on creating a fs file would be very helpful.

Thank you,

Mike Talley | 13 Sep 14:42 2014

subscribe arm

*subscribe arm*

Archzilon Eshun-Davies | 5 Sep 14:58 2014

OpenBSD on Samsung Chromebook Exynos5


I recently acquired a chromebook and was wondering if I could port openbsd
to it,
I read on undeadly that patrick <at>  was planning to dev for it, my question
is\has it started and how do I join because I dont see it in the src tree.



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Alexandr_St_ | 5 Sep 12:16 2014

working with Qualcomm

    Hi everyone,

 Interested in working with Qualcomm processors (Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, APQ8064, Krait™ 300) and
graphics cards Adreno 3xx, and other equipment Qualcomm. Particular VAR-SOM-SD600. 
Maybe someone working, write please.

 Thank you.

trondd | 4 Sep 14:04 2014

Re: X broken on Zaurus

Appreciate it.

I didn't have time to grab the log last night, but it crashes right after
loading the wsfb driver.  Signal 11, address 0x10.  Was working on trying
to build with debug symbols and getting a core dump.


On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 5:14 AM, Alexandre Ratchov <alex <at>> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 04:44:48PM -0400, trondd wrote:
> > Just tried a recent snapshot and X still crashes at startup.  It's been
> > broken since the 5.5 release on the Zaurus.
> >
> > Someone had mentioned it was fixed [1], but it isn't as of Aug 28th.
> >
> > Is there someone able to look into this?  I can help debug.  It'd be
> great
> > if X was working again for 5.6.
> >
> May be it was broken again, or maybe you're seeing another bug. I
> tested the code tagged for 5.6, and X worked fine on my C3200. I'll
> try a recent snapshot when I get some time.

trondd | 3 Sep 22:44 2014

X broken on Zaurus

Just tried a recent snapshot and X still crashes at startup.  It's been
broken since the 5.5 release on the Zaurus.

Someone had mentioned it was fixed [1], but it isn't as of Aug 28th.

Is there someone able to look into this?  I can help debug.  It'd be great
if X was working again for 5.6.

I can add the X log when I get home.



Matthieu Herrb | 3 Sep 20:12 2014

delete misc/omconsole ?


since Open Moko support was removed from base, there is little chance
that the misc/omconsole port is still useful.

I'm sure that the OpenMoko developper have come up with better tools
under Linux and I don't plan to maintain that software. 

So unless someone is actively using it and volunteers to take over its
maintainace, I'm going to delete that port in a couple of days


Matthieu Herrb

Laurence Rochfort | 18 Aug 11:45 2014

Cubietruck/Cubieboard 3 support

Hello all,

I can't find reference to Cubietruck/Cubieboard 3 in the mailing list
archive, or on the OpenBSD website.

Has this been tested at all? Is it likely that it would work enough to
provide gigabit ethernet and SATA?


Sacha El Masry | 13 Aug 16:50 2014

Zaurus: current level of support

I have had OpenBSD 4.2 on the Zaurus C3100 for years now, and in need of
further (latest) software, I decided to upgrade.

There are at least three problems that did not exist on 4.2:

1. When the system gets to the 'boot>' prompt, it fails, as it's unable
to find /bsd, for whatever reason. Of course, I just load the Linux
partition with the 'b' and 'd' key combination, and run:

  $ insmod zbsd...
  $ cp bsd /proc/zboot

and it's off, booting as it always used to, after which everything works
as usual.

2. When the device comes out of sleep/suspend, it never brings back the
backlight, forcing the following:

  $ wsconsctl display.backlight=100

which is a tad inconvenient, as I may not be in a shell (having
suspended with the lid), and as the keyboard isn't exactly accurate,
often sending more than one character for one keypress.

3. X just doesn't work-it tries to load, returning half a minute later
with an error message.

While none of these are complete show-stoppers, the booting always
worked fine, in all the versions up to 4.2, the backlight wasn't a
problem, and X worked. On the other hand, it is nice that the SD card is
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Laurence Rochfort | 8 Aug 16:50 2014

Video support in armv7


I don't see reference to any kind of video support for the devices
listed on the armv7 page. Is there support of any kind?


Mike Bregg | 1 Aug 19:35 2014

Beaglebone Black Rev C internal mmc I/O errors


I'm trying to install the latest armv7 snapshot (June 18) on the 
internal 4GB mmc of a Beaglebone Black Rev C.  The mmc is recognized by 
the installer, but when the installer tries to create the disklabel, it 
spits out a bunch of I/O errors.

Installing on an SDCard (sd0) works perfectly fine, and I should note 
that installing Arch Linux on the internal nand works as well, so I 
don't think it's a hardware issue.  I also tried 5.5 release with the 
same results.

Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers?  I found a similar thread 
on Google, but it was from Dec 2013, and there didn't appear to be a 

Relevant info from the serial console below.


Available disks are: sd0 sd1.
Which disk is the root disk? ('?' for details) [sd0] sd1
Use DUIDs rather than device names in fstab? [yes]
fdisk: sd1: Input/output error
MBR has invalid signature; not showing it.
Use (W)hole disk or (E)dit the MBR? [whole]
Creating a msdos partition and an OpenBSD partition for rest of 
sd1...fdisk: sd1: Input/output error
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