Jeremy C. Reed | 19 Jul 02:09 2003

(Open)BSD System Administration Training

Puget Sound Technology is teaching fundamentals of BSD system
administration, Sept. 16 - 19, in the Seattle, Washington, USA
area.  The class will focus on generic BSD Unix skills while
mainly being taught using OpenBSD.

The four-day, hands-on training will include:

 - operating system installation
 - starting and stopping system services
 - file system hierarchy
 - user and group management
 - basics of networking
 - installing third-party software
 - system logging
 - customizing the kernel
 - intro to Postfix and SMTP
 - setting up BIND for DNS services
 - Apache web server basics
 - and various other skills

To enroll in this class or for further details, please see:

(Discount available for early payment.)

   Jeremy C. Reed

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