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Marcus Overhagen | 24 Jul 10:59 2007

List info


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the above rules.


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Salvatore Benedetto | 23 Jul 00:10 2007

Re: media adds on

I still haven't figured out how to display the debug messages
of the PRINT macro in the usb_webcam.media_addon. Apparently
they are not routed to the media_server. Perhaps they are router to
the media_addon_server, but if I try to kill it and start it it crashes.

Any suggestions?


Salvatore Benedetto | 14 Jul 14:02 2007

Media bug or usb bug?


I found out that the usb_webcam.addon is loaded randomly.
I realized that if I plug the webcam, after seeing the Haiku logo,
the addon gets loaded, while most of the time, if the webcam
is already plugged before booting, the addon is not loaded, and therefore
there is not webcam entry in the Media windows as I stated in my previous

Is this a Media bug or usb one?


Salvatore Benedetto (a.k.a. emitrax)
Student of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering
University of Messina (Italy)

Salvatore Benedetto | 12 Jul 12:54 2007

media adds on


is this mailing list still alive? :)

I wanted to know how to reload a media addons, in order
to see its debugging messages.


Salvatore Benedetto (a.k.a. emitrax)
Student of Computer and Telecommunications Engineering
University of Messina (Italy)

David McPaul | 3 Jun 00:57 2005



	Are my e-mails getting through to you?


All this wheeling and dealing around, why, it isn't for money, it's for
fun.  Money's just the way we keep score.

David McPaul | 12 Mar 00:24 2005

Re: Aw: MOV reader for Haiku media kit


	Here is the stack crawl.

loading symbols
Can't register system time source
+0007  ec084853:   *            c3    retn
   frame         retaddr
fd001604   80005741  MediaAddonServer::ReadyToRun(void) + 00000099
fd0016ac   ec15feab  BApplication::DispatchMessage(BMessage *, BHandler 
*) + 000001cf
fd0018cc   ec168c49  BLooper::task_looper(void) + 0000029d
fd001b58   ec1620ec  BApplication::Run(void) + 0000005c
fd001b6c   800074c1  main + 0000006d
fd001b84   800050b5  _start + 00000061                    

	The error is from this code

	BMediaNode *ts = new SystemTimeSource;
	status_t result = mediaroster->RegisterNode(ts);
	if (result != B_OK)
		debugger("Can't register system time source");

But I think this is not really the problem.  I removed the code to 
launch the media_addon_server from the media_server and did it manually 
and there was no problem running the media_addon_server.  I then 
changed the code to launch the media_addon_server from using the mime 
type to using the directory again.  This also works fine.  So I think 
the problem above is just that the launching with mime type is not 
working on my machine.

Now everything runs but I don't get any sound.  Looking at the Media 
prefs I have no output control to assign to the sound card (I have an 
input control though).

Anyway, this is enough for me to debug my mov reader so I can work with 

Any thoughts on the no sound issue?

cc'ing to the mailing list in case anyone is listening.


On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:49:30 +0100 (CET) Marcus Overhagen <
marcusoverhagen@...> said
> Hi David,
> i think this is a media kit error, which I couldn't fix because I 
> don't own the hardware.
> If it crashes, you could send me a stack crawl. We should really go 
> and fix this bug.
> I can also try to buy a card with emu10k, they shouldn't be that 
> expensive.
> Perhaps someone on the mailingst has a spare card.
> Workaround would be to use another soundcard.
> ----- Original Nachricht ----
> Von:     David McPaul <dmcpaul@...>
> An:      Marcus Overhagen <Marcus@...>
> Datum:   12.03.2005 04:04
> Betreff: MOV reader for Haiku media kit
> > Marcus,
> > 
> > 	I am developing a Quicktime MOV file reader for Haiku with the 
> > expectation of adding MP4 file reading functionality as well.
> > 
> > 	I now have the code to a state where I want to start testing it 
> > within the haiku media kit.
> > 
> > 	Unfortunately I can no longer run the media_addon_server 
> > because of 
> > this problem:
> > 
> > Emu10k chipset based soundcards (SoundBlaster Live, SoundBlaster 
> > 512PCI) will crash the media_addon_server
> > 
> > 	Is there anything I can look at to fix this?
> > 	Or a workaround?
> > 
> > 	Otherwise I can continue developing the parser side of the code 
> > and 
> > leave it to someone else to create/test the haiku side.

Veni, Vidi, Visa.

Marcus Overhagen | 14 Sep 16:16 2004

haiku media kit progress delayed


since I've failed the deadlines of publishing the BSoundPlayer 
changes, as well as the new MediaPlayer that I announce last 
time, I think I should explain why.

I'll take up another job on October 1st.

After I got the confirmation of the job, I also quickly decided 
to move to Duesseldorf (Germany), which will happen on 
October 2nd.

Preparations for this are taking nearly all of my free time, 
and I'm still working full time right now, so thre is no time
for haiku development.

Development will continue as planed, but about 1 month

Marcus Overhagen

Arcor-DSL: jetzt ohne Einrichtungspreis einsteigen oder wechseln
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Marcus Overhagen | 25 Aug 13:12 2004

Current media kit development


small progress report on the haiku media kit.

I recently managed to get haiku media kit working with Zeta RC3,
which I'm using because of it's better network stack.

To have a better integration, I changed the MIME signature of the 
media kit server applications to match those of BeOS/Zeta.
This way, media_server can now be restarted by BeOS/Zeta media
preferences properly.

I removed the icons from media_server and media_addon_server,
since they are most likely copyrighted and can't be used.

I changed the deskbar media kit link replicant  (desklink) to allow
starting of Haiku, Zeta or BeOS Media and Sound Preference 

I started fixing some bugs in BSoundPlayer and at the same time will 
convert it into OpenTracker coding style. It should be ready in 2 or 3

For some time now I've been developing a replacement for MediaPlayer
that allowes proper timing with Haiku media kit. It's not finished, but a
test version should be ready until end of next week. I'm not making the
sourcecode public at the moment.

The AVI reader doesn't allow seeking, this will be implemented as soon as
my MediaPlayer is working.

A new media kit preview version is scheduled to be available on 1st October 2004.

Missing features:

AVI doesn't support seek.
MPC doesn't support seek.
OGM doesn't seek to key frames.

Write support for media files is completely missing.
Audio/Video encoding support is completely missing.

System sound events are reported to the media_addon_server,
but are not played back.

Anything more missing? Please report!

Some recently found bugs (still not fixed):

The BeOS R5 and Zeta legacy.media_addon doesn't answer on BParameter
GetValue requests, and will timeout. This is annoying for media preferences,
and most likely cause by a bug in the media kits instantiating of add-ons that 
prevents starting the messaging thread inside the add-on.

The DefaultManager in media server does write media addon ids to its config
file, and thus will not work properly after a restart if any media node has been
added or removed.

raw_decoder doesn't reorder AIFF samples into the BeOS channel order.

There are more which I don't remember right now. If you found bugs, please
report them here.

Recent versions of Soundplay do not work because it's accessing media
kit internal functions which are undocumented and we can't replicate. 
The last version that was working is 4.7.3. Unfortunately the author didn't 
respond to my emails, so there seems to be no way to get recent version 
working. Please don't report this as a bug, as it's no mediakit bug.

Marcus Overhagen

Arcor-DSL: jetzt ohne Einrichtungspreis einsteigen oder wechseln
Sie sparen 99,95 Euro. Arcor-DSL ist in vielen Anschlussgebieten

David McPaul | 15 Aug 08:33 2004

3ivx decoder and Haiku


Just thought I would let everyone know I spent some time this weekend 
porting the 3ivx decoder to the Haiku media kit.

It went quite well with only a few adjustments that needed to be made.

The main problem I had was that the new codec code seems to be 
expecting the avi fourcc to be swapped using B_SWAP_INT32 and this is 
different to the R5 media kit.

Seeking seems to not work correctly but I think that is currently an 
issue with the extractor not yet implementing seeking yet.

Since the 3ivx decoder handles many different MPEG-4 content it clashes 
with the avcodec and the codec's it registers for.  Are we looking at 
adding functionality to let the user choose the decoder using some sort 
of priority or niceness factor?

But hey, my 3ivx movies play under Haiku and thats exciting :-)


Ask Not for whom the Bell Tolls, and You will Pay only the
Station-to-Station rate.

Jérôme Duval | 26 Feb 15:38 2004

format conversion


i was wondering about format conversions for supporting more output formats. I 
just fell on this. I don't know if float to other formats conversions should be 
inspired by this or not.
BTW should the OBOS mixer support int32 output ?

"If you want to convert from 16 to 8 bit without dither, there are two 

The first method is to simply chop off the least significant byte of the 16bit 
word, leaving you with only the most significant byte (8bits). The wavestrip 
application, a.o. Sounddesigner (with use dither set to of) S/Link and SoundEdit 
do this. In this way everything between the (vertical) 16-bitsample-values 0 to 
128 will result in 8 bit zeros, but everything between 16-bit sample-values -128 
to 0 will go to an 8 bit -1.Even the slightest studio background noise (at say, 
-90dB) during a 16 bit voice recording will result, when converting to 8 bits 
with the chop method, in what seems like a random square wave below the 0 axis 
with an amplitude of 1 (8bit) Qunit. The noise thus produced is very audible.

The second method is to round the least significant byte to the nearest most 
significant byte value. This is what Soundhack, WaveConvert, Deck (optional) and 
BarbaBatch do. The most important difference is that everything between the 16 
bit values -128 to +128 will round to an 8-bit zero, thus eliminating every 
signal present in that area. (the area below-48dB or -99.6%). This way you will 
loose the hiss described in the chop case. Hope this helps..."