Chris Hanson | 9 Nov 05:24 2015

Haiku on Intel Compute Stick?

Is anyone running Haiku on the Intel Compute Stick?

I figure a 1.33GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU with 1-2GB of RAM and 8-32GB of eMMC should be pretty nice for running
Haiku full-time, assuming the driver support is there.

  -- Chris

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Pete Goodeve | 8 Nov 04:55 2015

Website down...?

I haven't been able to get into the Haiku website for
a few hours.  The browser says "Connected" (eventually)
but nothing happens.

	-- Pete --

g4 | 1 Nov 20:23 2015

openssh/launch daemon questions ...

Building direct from GIT master rev49716.


Pkgman install openssh. Generates key as expected and runs sshd. Whoami reports ‘user’ as expected. Password has been set.


Ps shows /path/to/sshs –D


If I login using putty or somesuch I get access denied.


If I ‘cat boot/system/data/launch/system’ I can find no references at all to sshd? How is this supposed to get run at boot time?


What am I missing here?


Finally can I add run any daemon type process by adding an entry to ‘boot/system/data/launch/system’ ?






Stewart Woods | 25 Oct 23:20 2015


Stewart Woods | 25 Oct 16:53 2015

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g4 | 24 Oct 16:33 2015

booting with bochs?



I’ve successfully built various images on Linux (Mint) with the gcc4 tools. I’m now trying to boot the image in Bochs. The instructions here ( almost work but Bochs complains about the disk geometry being incorrect. 2 questions arising if I may:


1. The haiku-minimum image is 314,572,800 bytes. The closest matching values of 16heads, 63 sectors, 512 byte sector size implies that the number of cylinders is 609 which results in an expected size of 314,302,464 byte. Does anyone know what the geometry settings should be?


2. Irrespective of the above does anyone know which part of the jam scripts generates the image? Presumably it can be tweaked to create something a bit more digestible for Bochs?


If there is a better list on which to ask please let me know.


Many thanks



miqlas | 21 Oct 16:28 2015

Question about partitioning in Haiku

Hi Guys,

i have a question and i hope somebody can give me an short explnation:
I've seen in mailing list and forums, that there are some peoples, who
doesn't creating any partitioning systems on his drives, just using
the whole disk as BFS disk.

I never did it yet,  first, because i had always multi-boot
environment, second: i always thought it is a requiment, so i was a
bitsurprised to hear, that it is actually possible.

But i have some question:
- what are the benefits to using the whole disk as BFS? Is there any gains?
- are the Haiku bootloader capable too boot a disk without partition scheme?
- doesn't make it the recovery impossible? (there is plenty good disk
diag-recovery tools in the wild and i'm not sure if they can work with

Something else: is there any plan for improving the BFS? I heard, many
people like to see ZFS in Haiku. Is it possible (theoretically) to
swap the BFS code to ZFS [hex 42 -> 5a :) ].

Thanks and keep up this good work!

Best Regards,

miqlas | 15 Oct 16:50 2015

BeGeistert 029 registration

Hi Guys,

can somebody tell me how can i register for the BeGeistert 029? I
tried to write an email to the info@..., but haven't got
any answer.

Thank you!

Mizsei Zoltán
(aka. miqlas)

miqlas | 30 Sep 13:22 2015

Be Book from 2010?

Hi guys,

have somebody met in reality with this book? Is it real? Google Books says yes:

I’m really interested, why would somebody write a book about BeOS in
2010… Should i buy it?


Mizsei Zoltán
(aka. miqlas)

Joacim Melin | 30 Aug 14:40 2015

Status of IMAP?

Hi all,

just wanted to ask - is the IMAP support back in the email client?   I haven’t kept up with any potential
progress and can’t find any info about it. 


Dominic Caffey | 29 Aug 21:51 2015

Networking problems with nightly builds for ethernet and wireless

Dear Haiku-os,

I can't seem to get networking working for either ethernet nor wireless with multiple nightly builds after having successfully installed to system harddrive and rebooted into desktop. I've done the following:

- Verified that ethernet and wifi hardware are supported and they are:

- D-Link, RTL8139 Ethernet listed supported on

- Qualcomm Atheros AR2413/AR2414 wireless listed as supported on

- Have followed instructions "Connecting to wireless (Wi-Fi, 802.11) networks" at, including the offline firmware install instructions. 

- After following above instructions, including offline firmware install, AND shutdown/reboot, doing "ipconfig -a" shows nothing but the loopback device.

Any suggestions regarding what I might be missing? Are the nightlies missing something related to networking?

Please advise.



P.S.:  Any idea when "beta" is going to come out?  I really like what I see in the nightlies except for the networking.

| Dominic Caffey
| Email: