Amit Chaudhary | 25 Feb 05:06 2015

Re: [RFC] Volunteer recruitment

Is there anything a C ,C++ and javascript developer can contribute? I know these languages along with data structures and i want to contribute to haiku

On Feb 25, 2015 8:44 AM, "Richie Nyhus-Smith" <> wrote:

> It depends what kind of people we are trying to recruit, and what tasks
> we need done.

I think we need help with infrastructure more than anything.

We need a PHP developer to help us jump to Drupal 8 (or whatever PHP CMS we pick).  Catchafire can get us free help with the strategic/preliminary work [1][2][3][4], but we will need someone to manage and implement the change over.

We need a Python developer to work on HaikuPorter, optimising trac, investigating trac plugins [5], updating buildbot to 0.9 (when released) and to investigating buildbot plugins [6]. Preferably they would also have Django knowledge so they can help us with custom pootle plugins [7] (images & api) and maybe help us fork the Django based package management web frontend from Ubuntu to connect to HaikuDepot Server [8].

We also need another Ruby developer to work on the Haiku Package Build System and to investigate using Discourse [9].

I am sure there are a number of other infrastructure projects we need help on as well.



Augustin Cavalier | 25 Feb 04:36 2015

Re: [RFC] Volunteer recruitment

On 2/24/2015 10:13 PM, Richie Nyhus-Smith wrote:
> We need a PHP developer to help us jump to Drupal 8 (or whatever PHP CMS
> we pick).  Catchafire can get us free help with the
> strategic/preliminary work [1][2][3][4], but we will need someone to
> manage and implement the change over.

I'm pretty proficient in PHP. I'm busy ATM, but I do have a copy of 
vmweb to play around with and try to get working with Drupal 8. So I can 
handle of [1-4] as well as the change itself.

> We need a Python developer to work on HaikuPorter

What really needs to be done here?

> , optimising trac,


> investigating trac plugins [5]

I can probably handle this too.


Augustin Cavalier | 24 Feb 00:19 2015

Re: [RFC] Volunteer recruitment

On 2/23/2015 6:02 PM, Jerry Babione wrote:
> Use a corporate recruitment tool.  Haiku is almost ready for Beta.  That
> means it's time to start thinking about professional support staff.

Which we don't have the money to pay for.


Richie Nyhus-Smith | 23 Feb 02:43 2015

[RFC] Volunteer recruitment

Hi all,

When seeking volounteers in the past, we have either advertised positions on the website (only to get spam in reply [1]) or we have just hoped that someone will come along.

To better organise volunteer recruitment there are a few diffrent options that I have come up with:

A: Use a dedicated self-hosted website.
B: Use a volunteer recruitment tool
C: Use a corporate recruitment tool
D: Do nothing/keep the status quo

There are a number web tools to manage volunteering and other non profit needs, including the springboard [2] and campaignion [3] drupal modules. This gives us the most control, but incresses our infrastructure maintenance.  The Haiku Inc or HSA websites could be changed to a drupal install with one of these modules to handle this type of thing, but that would be a lot of work.

We could use a volunteer matching or volunteer recruitment tool. However many of the match making tools just ask the volunteer to email an address or to go another website [4] (thus putting us back to square one), while others want the volunteer to first sign up to their volunteer recruitment scheme [5].

Some of the websites are for micro volunteering [6], which might be good for somethings like translations, but not good for much else. Many websites are too local and would not suite Haiku's needs [7][8].

Other websites are more about getting one off support and advice on the likes of technical, design, legal matters and not long term volunteers [9][10].

We could just use corporate recruitment tools, as they are quite a bit more professional then the volunteer recruitment tools [11][12][13]. Linkedin gave the tip of using these types of websites and then just prefixing the tile with "Volunteer:" .

The corporate recruitment websites of course lack the specialised non-profit features , but these can be gained from other websites [14][15] and more importantly the corporate recruitment websites have some neat looking career pages that we could use [16][17][18].

The last option is just to do nothing. However do need to find a better way to recruitment new people.

Anyway which would be the preferred direction for us to take?



Luposian | 31 Jan 21:28 2015

Re: Cleaning out unneeded state?

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> On Jan 31, 2015, at 12:08 PM, Axel Dörfler <axeld@...> wrote:
>> On 01/30/2015 07:24 PM, Chris Hanson wrote:
>> Thanks. Is there a straightforward way (a query or command line,
>> rather than eyeballing) to tell which are in use and which can be
>> eliminated?
> To put Humdinger's words differently: none of those are actually needed. They are just a safety measure
for being able to restore an older version.
> Bye,
>   Axel.
Wait a sec... Haiku now has a roll back feature, too?  Haiku is turning into Windows before our very eyes! 
First updates, now roll-back!  Head for the hills! :-D

Chris Hanson | 30 Jan 08:13 2015

Cleaning out unneeded state?

I’ve run “pkgman update” quite a few times to migrate to a new nightly build.

As a user, how should I go about cleaning out the old state that I’m not going to roll back to? It’s
starting to build up: My /system/packages/administrative directory is now over 3.2GB in size.

  -- Chris

Sevan / Venture37 | 9 Jan 00:18 2015

pkgsrc on Haiku

Hi guys,
Long time lurker here, I recently came across some content related to
pkgsrc on Haiku & was hoping to get in touch with the author, with the
aim to upstream their changes to the pkgsrc tree.
There seems to be two separate efforts? on this, one is
& the other is someone posting videos on youtube with the username
DisneyDumbazz e.g

Either of you guys here or anyone who is able to put me in touch with them?
As I said before, it would be cool to have the patches in the pkgsrc
tree so that the haiku support could be improved.

Sevan / Venture37

Andrew Hudson | 2 Jan 17:51 2015

List of supported languages?

Is there a list of officially supported languages for haiku? Can someone please point me to it?

Alexander G. M. Smith | 30 Dec 17:23 2014

Re: haiku Digest V14 #129

waddlesplash wrote on Tue, 30 Dec 2014 09:42:22 -0500:
 > No, we have a working GUI, where did you hear that we didn't?
 > Swing works, so NetBeans is almost perfectly usable [...]

Didn't realize it was that far ahead.  So maybe the RealVNC downloadable 
Java viewer would work, or 
you could use the rival TightVNC Java viewer,

- Alex

Alexander G. M. Smith | 30 Dec 15:38 2014

Re: is there a working VNC viewer for Haiku ?

On 25/12/2014 09:17, Adrien Destugues wrote:
 > > Use instead.
 > Currently, there are no better solutions known (to me).

There are also a couple of Java VNC viewers, though our Java port 
doesn't have a working GUI so that's not useful.

There's also a Javascript version, which needs HTML5.  I haven't tried 
it, but it may work.  and you can test it directly at

- Alex

Michael Mounteney | 25 Dec 01:19 2014

is there a working VNC viewer for Haiku ?

I tried to build
but ran into problems.  I think it was designed for gcc2 only.