Luposian | 22 May 20:21 2015

Re: Leaving

What on earth is all this Ying-yang yammering about?  This type of bickering gets HaikuOS no further, it
benefits no one.  It hampers morale, and slows down productivity.

If this is to do with the loss of Haikuware/Bebits, we need to stop arguing about it and simply DO something
about it.

The only question I have is WHY did he (name escapes me at the moment) take down those two sites and replace
them with some Senryu page?  What is his beef with Haiku?

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> On May 22, 2015, at 7:17 AM, RogerClemons@... wrote:
> I'm not leaving. You can keep trying to block the truth and call it trolling. Its nit going to work. I'm not
going to ket your users be censored.

RogerClemons | 22 May 16:22 2015



RogerClemons | 22 May 16:17 2015


I'm not leaving. You can keep trying to block the truth and call it trolling. Its nit going to work. I'm not
going to ket your users be censored.

humdinger | 21 May 17:17 2015

I apologize

I apologize for trolling this list. I assumed that everyone just knew it was me because I always let
everyone know when I was friendly trolling. Now I just want to be clear. It was me.

So if anyone new comes by with an idea, criticism or suggestion for improvement for Haiku, you can be rest
assured that it is me and that I am only joking around. Because I am your friendly troll.


Richie Nyhus-Smith | 16 May 11:54 2015

Initiative to open source Refraction image editor

Hi all,

Just a quick message to notify everyone that there is an Initiative to open source the Refraction image editor.

They need money to pay someone to remove the 3rd party code, so if anyone is intrested in pledging support, then you can do so here on the crowdfunding page:

Post on fourms with more info:


che.guevara | 16 May 09:30 2015

Haiku Revolution

Hello. My name is not Che Gueverra. I am not a general field marshall in the Haiku Liberation Organization.
Instead all that information is irrelevant and my other fake name is Yessir Haikufat.

The picture below looks cool.

François Revol | 14 May 12:35 2015

RMLL/LSM booth and talks


I've been confirmed that we will have a booth at RMLL (the Libre
Software Meeting) that is held this year in Beauvais :

We need to be at least 2 or 3 to handle the booth from July 6th to 10th,
volunteers welcome.

I also have 2 Haiku-related talks:
- the ARM and PPC port status (hopefully we'll see some progress before
July :p)
- making Haiku accessible (as in, for disabled: screen reader,


Luposian | 2 May 12:19 2015

Re: Do we need a webstore for HaikuDepot to replace HaikuWare?

What happened to HaikuWare?  It's now talking about Senryu... was it hijacked or did the guy quit or lose interest or what?

On May 2, 2015, at 12:43 AM, Richie Nyhus-Smith wrote:

This message has already been posted to the Haiku Development Mailing List, however it turns out HaikuDepot has already been future proofed to allow for this. So it now just a question of whether this is an endeavour we want to follow.

> Hi all.
> The Ubuntu Software Center (which inspired HaikuDepot) has a web frontend which is aimed at end users. Could this help us make up for the loss of HaikuWare?
> The website can be found here:
> Their end user frontend is open source and I have talked to a few people about the possibility of us forking it and converting it to communicate with HaikuDepot Server. With these modifications it could be used to pull the icons, screenshots, rating and other such information housed on HaikuDepot Server.
> This user frontend would help people who are not running Haiku check out what applications are available for Haiku, would help application developers with their web presence (for search engine optimisation) and would stop HaikuDepot Server from losing its clean focus on maintenance and administration of the pacakage management system by us adding feature creep for end users.
> How it works for Ubuntu: When a user is at the Ubuntu Apps website and are visting a page for an application that they wish to download, then they can click the "Download this with the Ubuntu Software Center" button found on that page. When a user clicks on this download link,  it links to a special uniform resource identifier (for example: apt://banshee), which opens up the Ubuntu Software Center. The name of the requested package is extracted from the uniform resource name and the user can install the software (in the Ubuntu Software Center) with only a confirmation of their request.
> I have created a ticket for it (, but I have been asked to post the idea on here for critique.
> Regards,
> Richard.

LuckEEEE.Dynamyte | 1 May 12:24 2015

Vote For Pedro

Haiku Liberation Organization


LuckEEEEE Dynamyte

Chris Hanson | 26 Apr 00:31 2015

PowerPC BeOS R5 binary compatibility?

Does Haiku maintain binary compatibility with BeOS R5 for PowerPC CPUs, or just Intel CPUs?

Some cursory searches haven’t provided a direct answer. I’m mostly interested because it would also
mean it should be possible to cross-compile… (Compiling anything on a 66 MHz BeBox feels pretty slow
these days.)

  -- Chris

Andrew Hudson | 25 Apr 16:22 2015

Draft in progress of Haiku B1/A5 announcement

Here is a link on Google docs to a draft of the next release announcement. It will need some updates before the release,
and the tail section needs to be filled out.

I would appreciate any feedback. Please feel free to leave your comments in the document. If for some reason 
you cannot access the document I can either post the contents to the list or mail a copy.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this so far.