Kevin Cole | 17 Jun 14:28 2016

Re: Intro

On Jun 17, 2016 02:35, "Humdinger" <> wrote:
> Hi Kevin!
> You post did come through. :)

Thanks. I also eventually got confirmation on the IRC channel last night. I'm still not certain why my buddy Jeff, who signed up at the same time, appears to be having troubles. He's now registeted with a second address, and maybe that will do the trick.

> Development in general has slowed down a bit at the moment. An
> enduser-ready ARM port seems a long way off. I'm pretty sure that if
> Haiku ever fully supports ARM, the Raspberry Pi will be in its nth
> generation...

Would a dedicated Kickstarter / Indiegogo "Paiku" (pronounced "Pi-koo") campaign generate sufficient motivation? I'm curious about how many people on the Pi side of the fence are aware of Haiku OS.

Kevin Cole | 17 Jun 00:07 2016



The Haiku OS web site wasn't very clear regarding how one can post to
the mailing list. So, this is a bit of a test in order to see if I'm
actually posting.

I'm a long-time advocate of Free Open Source Software, but I did
purchase a copy of Be OS many moons ago. I'm hoping that eventually
I'll be able to run Haiku OS native on a Raspberry Pi. Currently, I'm
running it in a virtual machine under Ubuntu Studio, using the Python

Kevin Cole
Washington, DC (US)
GPG Key ID:0x3E696927

Richie Nyhus-Smith | 16 Jun 15:03 2016

Anyone got the source code for 'Where's My Mouse' App ?

Hi all,

Has anyone got the accessibility application 'Where's My Mouse?' on their computer somewhere?  The source code was bundled with the application, possibly in an archive called "Where's My".

The application provides visual clues when the mouse is moved for people with low vision problems and would make a good component of an optional (via download) accessibility preflet for Haiku.

If not, then it is another application that we have lost due to Bebits/HaikuWare being shutdown.


Giovanni Mugnai | 2 Jun 23:17 2016

Remember, A small app to remember scheduled events (my "improved" version)

Hi everyone,

I write here, since I heard of the fact that not everyone visit the
official forum.

Well, I recently worked on the enhancements of this app:

Which is also available on Haikuports (but is not yet added to HaikuDepot).

I used this app since my BeOS days, more than a decade ago, and I
always felt the lack of an easy way to organize the Events, due to the
fact that you have to manually edit the advanced attributes inside
Tracker, and you also have to mess when you have to insert dates. So,
around this app (the *.hpkg is available for download below) I made
some utilities, like eg an event maker (a GUI script based on hdialog)
which also check and suggests the current status of the Remember app:

In the following *.hpkg I also implemented the making of advanced
attributes for these event files, so you can easily and precisely find
the content of your events (I also added a dedicated query template):

I didn't touched excessively the source code: I just added another
icon and i removed the annoying notification which was showed every
time that Remeber is started.

You can download the app from here:
You need any recent nightly build x86_gcc2 hybrid.

Be aware to this bug:
maybe you need to reboot to "activate" the identification of the event files.

All credits goes to Michael Lotz, to which I want to say thank you for
this simple and useful application!

Some more screenshots:

Kid regards,


Richie Nyhus-Smith | 2 Jun 11:18 2016

Anyone getting an Up-Board?

Hi all,

Are there any developers or other people in the community who are getting an Up-Board? (

How far along is UEFI support now? Will Haiku boot on the board or is there still along way to go before it runs?



Luposian | 31 May 05:31 2016

Re: As the Saying goes, what goes Around, ...

On May 30, 2016, at 2:53 PM, Mark Hellegers <mark@...> wrote:

> [snip example]
> Haiku does not prevent anything like this happening.
> You basically run as root/administrator on your system, so any 
> application you run has full access to your system and can mess with it 
> however it wants.
> The trick is not to run software that messes with your system.
> I guess the haikuports archive of software at least prevents this a 
> bit, but everyone is still free to download and install whatever they 
> want. At least as long as Haiku is not very popular this threat is 
> relatively small.

Would anyone (developer) be interested in making the above problem null and void?  It will totally break
Haiku as it is today and render the user/OS and software/OS interaction completely different, but the
above problem will be completely non-issue ever again.

Gordonjcp | 30 May 23:54 2016

Re: As the Saying goes, what goes Around, ...

On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 11:53:14PM +0200, Mark Hellegers wrote:
> > 
> > Could You please write/explain, what's Your
> > solution to that social aspect?
> > 

I don't think Haiku *is* an OS for "the average user".  It's not going to replace Linux on the desktop, or even
this new Windows thing.


Gordonjcp MM0YEQ

waddlesplash | 28 May 04:26 2016

Prototype of new Mandelbrot app


I've been working on a rewrite of the Mandelbrot app in my off-time
for a while now, and it's at the point where I'm looking for feedback.
It's a complete rewrite from the ground up of the old one. At the
moment, it supports various different fractal sets and palettes, and
looks much nicer than the old one, as well as supporting rendering in
HD, but it only runs on one thread, and it could use some

You can see screenshots and download a prebuilt binary here:
The source code is here:

Thoughts, comments, etc. welcome, of course.

Sean Burke | 17 May 15:17 2016

Re: Dial widget

Dear Sirs,

Love Haiku but How do cancel the daily emails? 

Thank You


Dario Casalinuovo | 17 May 00:34 2016

Re: Dial widget


On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 10:40 AM, PulkoMandy <pulkomandy <at>> wrote:

> I can understand this perspective in regards to an input knob widget, which
> is the worst type of skeuomorph and should generally be avoided.

Thing is, skeumorphic controls *do* have their place.  Look at most audio apps - lots of softsynths and effects use "realistic" control panels.  Whether that's a good thing or not is debateable, but it's what the expensive commercial stuff does so it's what a lot of people want.  My view is that it should look like something you want to play with - you could just use a grid of numbers and sliders to program your softsynth but then you might as well be sitting there doing your accounts.

I don't agree with these people then.
for audio, on-screen knobs are useless.

I could agree too that they might be useless, while not in all cases. I don't think Haiku should commit the same error of it's predecessor of being a geeky os. Customers matter IMO.

Don't expect anyone to use what you provide just because the Haiku devs are saying it's the Right Thing™.

I don't think everything should always be completely reasonable from a design point of view or that preferences should win vs a user need. Others already pointed out more than one reason for why the widget should be provided.
> However when it comes to a gauge/meter display widget, although it is a
> skeuomorph in some regards, it is quite diffrent as provides a lot of
> information at a quick glance. For instance, modern digital car dashboards
> still have gauges, even if they could easily display information in some
> other digital native manner.

Even with LCD dashboards (some of the buses I work on have LCDs bigger than my laptop screen) display things as analogue gauges, because it's easier to get a visual "read" on whether it's showing more or less than you want.  If the pointer is up *there* then you're doing 40mph, you don't need to read something that's flicking between 39/40/39/40/39/40 all the time and distracting you.

Yes, I did not suggest using plain digits for this. My point is using an horzontal or vertical bar rather than a "rotating" dial.

I don't see the point here. Someone might want to use knobs, others a slider then why the decision should be to avoid providing one instead of both?

Generally, the potential here is to losing credibility among other platforms.
Richie Nyhus-Smith | 16 May 11:30 2016

Re: Dial widget

How on earth did I double reply ?