miqlas | 30 Sep 13:22 2015

Be Book from 2010?

Hi guys,

have somebody met in reality with this book? Is it real? Google Books says yes:


I’m really interested, why would somebody write a book about BeOS in
2010… Should i buy it?


Mizsei Zoltán
(aka. miqlas)

Joacim Melin | 30 Aug 14:40 2015

Status of IMAP?

Hi all,

just wanted to ask - is the IMAP support back in the email client?   I haven’t kept up with any potential
progress and can’t find any info about it. 


Dominic Caffey | 29 Aug 21:51 2015

Networking problems with nightly builds for ethernet and wireless

Dear Haiku-os,

I can't seem to get networking working for either ethernet nor wireless with multiple nightly builds after having successfully installed to system harddrive and rebooted into desktop. I've done the following:

- Verified that ethernet and wifi hardware are supported and they are:

- D-Link, RTL8139 Ethernet listed supported on https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/HardwareInfo

- Qualcomm Atheros AR2413/AR2414 wireless listed as supported on https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/daily-tasks/wireless

- Have followed instructions "Connecting to wireless (Wi-Fi, 802.11) networks" at https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/daily-tasks/wireless, including the offline firmware install instructions. 

- After following above instructions, including offline firmware install, AND shutdown/reboot, doing "ipconfig -a" shows nothing but the loopback device.

Any suggestions regarding what I might be missing? Are the nightlies missing something related to networking?

Please advise.



P.S.:  Any idea when "beta" is going to come out?  I really like what I see in the nightlies except for the networking.

| Dominic Caffey
| Email: DomCaf-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org
Sean | 25 Aug 13:24 2015

Functional usb midi adapter

Which ones work

C. Thomas Stover | 22 Aug 21:25 2015

Proceedure to build from Linux?

This is what I've done so far:

1) git clone buildtools and haiku repositories
2) built tool chain via instructions in INSTALL-as-haiku-cross-compiler-
3) build was successful, but does not yet build C or C++ hello world. 
Evidently reasons are:
 a) No default include paths (shown with i586-pc-haiku-gcc -v)
 b) haiku libc / libcxx not yet built

4) built jam, and installed for local user

5) now what? I went back into ./haiku and ran jam
 a) jam does not show what command is actually happening during the 
building of object files, so I'm not sure if it is using the host 
system's tool chain or the i586-pc-haiku-*
 b) eventually fails

It was mentioned in an other thread that nightly builds build tool chain 
and source tree from Linux, so this should be reasonably likely to work 
somehow. Is the script that drives this visible somewhere? Most likely 
man jam command needs some parameters. 

Also related to the other thread, the qemu image works acceptably fast on 
full system emulation (not kvm) even on 7+ year old hardware. This 
usefulness is self evident.

jimmy | 17 Aug 20:03 2015

Using the Debian model to help organize Haiku


Hi all,

After viewing the Debian developer page, https://www.debian.org/devel/  I thought it would be a great model for Haiku. They have very clear cut goals, a developer hierarchy and organization. I especially like the "Constitution" https://www.debian.org/devel/constitution

Check it out and let me know what you think.




Sean Collins | 14 Aug 03:38 2015

"Off Topic" need help from german member with car purchase

as stated, thanks


Pete Goodeve | 14 Aug 02:54 2015


Hi All,

Let me ask, how many folks are currently actually trying to *use*
Sequitur in Haiku?

I've been working on the source from HaikuArchives, to try to get
a fully working recompiled version, and have mde quite a bit of
progress.  It doesn't crash on exit now, for instance...

The source actually seems to be missing some code -- like save
and load(!) -- which I've had to add back in to function in the
same way as the BeOS version.  And I've improved its knowledge
of working directory and filetypes from the original.

So it's usable, but I keep finding things still missing, or odd.
Just noticed that it doesn't restore open windows when a file
is reloaded for example (the original did).  And icons in the Filters
window don't show correctly (the original is the same on Haiku).

The thing is, if people would like to have a non-crashing, but
still not quite complete, version, I can make it available for you
to play with and comment on.   However, if no-one else is actually
using it, this is not worth the effort.  I'll keep on hacking on it
until it at least matches the BeOS version.

Thanks for your opinions.

	-- Pete --

Thomas Stover | 11 Aug 05:38 2015

Idea for getting attention and possibly more ported software

I've been on a kick the last few days exploring the range of hosted continuous integration services that are
either entirely for open source software or are free for F/OSS projects. A typical implementation is
something along the lines of:

a) register a github or similar public repo; configure web hook etc
b) deploy a vm with a fresh os image, checkout code
c) run a build script; cap max run time e.g. 30-40min
d) capture output and email or post on web
e) destroy the vm

The technology for such a thing is either purpose made, or jenkins or something. Right now you can find
services for linux/windows/osx. (btw I'm looking for others)

Sure would be cool if people could configure their aiming-for-cross-platform open source project to do
test builds on a haiku instance along side others. I don't know anything about how the haiku downloads
builds are done now, but perhaps there are some unused hours a day of crunch time on what you have now. 

Don't mean to backseat drive. Just think of this a fan mail.


pete.goodeve | 11 Aug 05:16 2015



I posted about this in the Forums a few weeks ago, but this list may have
a slightly different readership, so I thought I ought to bring it up here, too.

With the loss of BeBits and HaikuWare, and the Repo system being rather
"in flux" at the moment, I'd like to offer BeShare as a useful alternative way
of distributing software and other files.  I see a small core of "BeSharers",
but I don't see why the user base couldn't be much wider.

To perhaps help the cause a bit, I upgraded BeShare with a couple of feature
improvements.  In particular, a sharer can now add informational text that
will be available with the query results.  This should make it easier to find
out what a shared file is actually *for*!  [Often a bit of a mystery, before...]
(Unfortynately you can't search on that text, but it still helps.)

The icons displayed in the query results have also been improved. Before,
only the icon associated with thebasic mimetype got shown, but now if
a file has its own custom icon, that is what gets shown.  It also now knows
vector icons.

I decided to also up the version to "3.00", to avoid confusion with a [not
quite working] vesion on HaikuDepot.  It has both BeOS and Haiku versions,
from the same source, as I (and some others) still need BeOS compatibility.
There is also now a "3.01" which is the same, except for the location of
the 'shared' and 'downloads' folders, so it can be used in an .hpkg, which
is going to put the app in a read-only folder.

The app is of course being shared on the main tycomsystems server --
depending who's on line.  It's also on my website at http://goodeveca.net/BeShare

Because I've found some not-so-obvious gotchas using BeShare, I've written
"The BeShare Handbook", which can be found in the same places.


	-- Pete --

Michael Mounteney | 7 Aug 12:38 2015

commercial software on Haiku

Hello, I'm going to have a stab at selling Haiku to my manager.  Was
there mention on this list a while ago, of a company recently porting
its software to Haiku?  Some media software, as I recall.

Michael Mounteney