Luposian | 26 Jul 07:09 2015

How do I "git" a specific previous revision of Haiku?

I know how to "git" the latest revision, but don't know how to "git" a specific previous revision.


miqlas | 17 Jun 10:05 2015

Haiku boot on UEFI system

Hi Guys,

i got an UEFI based computer, and i'm using it happily 2 years ago. It
works very well, my primary OS also installed in EUFI mode.

But Haiku have no UEFI bootloader yet (hopefully soon). I can install
Haiku in Legacy mode, but i don't want to go into BIOS everytime to
change the boot type from UEFI to Legacy everytime, when i want to
boot into Haiku.
I've seen, the Clover bootloader develoeprs made a big progress, so i
thinkig about to let Clover boot Haiku, but my Haiku partition isn't
listed in Clover (maybe user error). Is there any way to boot a legacy
system from UEFI? A bootloader, or something like it, what can create
a "legacy enviroment" to boot Haiku? Any idea?

Thank you!

Mizsei Zolt√°n
(aka. miqlas)

Dominic Caffey | 15 Jun 05:36 2015

Query regarding beta1 status for Haiku

The March activity report hinted at the closeness of the beta 1 release because the outstanding ticket threshold of 50 had been reached.  Haven't heard about anything since then. Can anyone comment on the beta 1 status and its  time frame for release?



Mark Hellegers | 6 Jun 18:55 2015

Disabling SSL popup for WebPositive

Hello all,

is there a way to disable the SSL certificate warning popups for 
I understand why it is there, but the current implementation is very 
annoying and makes some sites nearly unusable as it seems to warn for 
every element it loads from a site it doesn't trust or can't get the 
certificate from. For example, if I visit the website, I 
get a lot of those popups (42, just loading the front page). Also, is 
there a reason why it can't get the certificate? Perhaps there is 
something wrong with my installation?

Kind regards,

Mark Hellegers

Spangalese for beginners

`Maloya coy hoba huba.'
`My tapeworm washed the car.'

Thomas Mueller | 31 May 12:18 2015

Printer/printing status in Haiku?

What is the status of printing, especially laser and ink-jet, in Haiku, compared to Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD?

I have a printer, HP LaserJet Professional 1212nf MFP, that refuses to set up in NetBSD and FreeBSD with
hplip.  All I have left is to see if it will set up in NetBSD with wine, using the MS-Windows way (small chance,
but leave no stone unturned).

My question for this list is how Haiku compares in this general area with Linux and BSD.

I don't think there is any wine build for Haiku (

Should I have sent this query to another list, like haiku-devel or one of the lists dealing with haikuports
and 3rd party, or is this the appropriate place to start?


Luposian | 22 May 20:21 2015

Re: Leaving

What on earth is all this Ying-yang yammering about?  This type of bickering gets HaikuOS no further, it
benefits no one.  It hampers morale, and slows down productivity.

If this is to do with the loss of Haikuware/Bebits, we need to stop arguing about it and simply DO something
about it.

The only question I have is WHY did he (name escapes me at the moment) take down those two sites and replace
them with some Senryu page?  What is his beef with Haiku?

Sent from my iPhone 5c.

> On May 22, 2015, at 7:17 AM, RogerClemons@... wrote:
> I'm not leaving. You can keep trying to block the truth and call it trolling. Its nit going to work. I'm not
going to ket your users be censored.

RogerClemons | 22 May 16:22 2015



RogerClemons | 22 May 16:17 2015


I'm not leaving. You can keep trying to block the truth and call it trolling. Its nit going to work. I'm not
going to ket your users be censored.

humdinger | 21 May 17:17 2015

I apologize

I apologize for trolling this list. I assumed that everyone just knew it was me because I always let
everyone know when I was friendly trolling. Now I just want to be clear. It was me.

So if anyone new comes by with an idea, criticism or suggestion for improvement for Haiku, you can be rest
assured that it is me and that I am only joking around. Because I am your friendly troll.


Richie Nyhus-Smith | 16 May 11:54 2015

Initiative to open source Refraction image editor

Hi all,

Just a quick message to notify everyone that there is an Initiative to open source the Refraction image editor.

They need money to pay someone to remove the 3rd party code, so if anyone is intrested in pledging support, then you can do so here on the crowdfunding page:

Post on fourms with more info:


che.guevara | 16 May 09:30 2015

Haiku Revolution

Hello. My name is not Che Gueverra. I am not a general field marshall in the Haiku Liberation Organization.
Instead all that information is irrelevant and my other fake name is Yessir Haikufat.

The picture below looks cool.