Luposian | 31 Jan 21:28 2015

Re: Cleaning out unneeded state?

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> On Jan 31, 2015, at 12:08 PM, Axel Dörfler <axeld@...> wrote:
>> On 01/30/2015 07:24 PM, Chris Hanson wrote:
>> Thanks. Is there a straightforward way (a query or command line,
>> rather than eyeballing) to tell which are in use and which can be
>> eliminated?
> To put Humdinger's words differently: none of those are actually needed. They are just a safety measure
for being able to restore an older version.
> Bye,
>   Axel.
Wait a sec... Haiku now has a roll back feature, too?  Haiku is turning into Windows before our very eyes! 
First updates, now roll-back!  Head for the hills! :-D

Chris Hanson | 30 Jan 08:13 2015

Cleaning out unneeded state?

I’ve run “pkgman update” quite a few times to migrate to a new nightly build.

As a user, how should I go about cleaning out the old state that I’m not going to roll back to? It’s
starting to build up: My /system/packages/administrative directory is now over 3.2GB in size.

  -- Chris

Sevan / Venture37 | 9 Jan 00:18 2015

pkgsrc on Haiku

Hi guys,
Long time lurker here, I recently came across some content related to
pkgsrc on Haiku & was hoping to get in touch with the author, with the
aim to upstream their changes to the pkgsrc tree.
There seems to be two separate efforts? on this, one is
& the other is someone posting videos on youtube with the username
DisneyDumbazz e.g

Either of you guys here or anyone who is able to put me in touch with them?
As I said before, it would be cool to have the patches in the pkgsrc
tree so that the haiku support could be improved.

Sevan / Venture37

Andrew Hudson | 2 Jan 17:51 2015

List of supported languages?

Is there a list of officially supported languages for haiku? Can someone please point me to it?

Alexander G. M. Smith | 30 Dec 17:23 2014

Re: haiku Digest V14 #129

waddlesplash wrote on Tue, 30 Dec 2014 09:42:22 -0500:
 > No, we have a working GUI, where did you hear that we didn't?
 > Swing works, so NetBeans is almost perfectly usable [...]

Didn't realize it was that far ahead.  So maybe the RealVNC downloadable 
Java viewer would work, or 
you could use the rival TightVNC Java viewer,

- Alex

Alexander G. M. Smith | 30 Dec 15:38 2014

Re: is there a working VNC viewer for Haiku ?

On 25/12/2014 09:17, Adrien Destugues wrote:
 > > Use instead.
 > Currently, there are no better solutions known (to me).

There are also a couple of Java VNC viewers, though our Java port 
doesn't have a working GUI so that's not useful.

There's also a Javascript version, which needs HTML5.  I haven't tried 
it, but it may work.  and you can test it directly at

- Alex

Michael Mounteney | 25 Dec 01:19 2014

is there a working VNC viewer for Haiku ?

I tried to build
but ran into problems.  I think it was designed for gcc2 only.


jimmy | 21 Dec 17:40 2014

Quote from documentary "The Final Demonstration of the Xerox 'Star' computer"


Interesting quote from documentary "The Final Demonstration of the Xerox 'Star' computer" ( ) At about 27 minutes in :

 "Personal interactive software like Star was unknown outside the research facilities in 1978 the year Dandelion (Xerox Star) was started. Apple Macintosh began to catch up, perhaps, to Star's capability about a decade later. Microsoft Windows took almost 15 years." 

Looks like we're right on track..

Those guys did alright.. ;-)



Adrien Destugues | 18 Nov 10:09 2014

Update of credits in AboutSystem

In hrev48328 I updated the credits in AboutSystem from the contributor
list in Pootle. However, this list is not as good as it could be, as not
everyone is mentionned by real name.

So, please review the contributor list and send me any corrections on
for example:
* Duplicate entries (same person mentionned by name and nickname)
* People mentionned by nickname when they should be mentionned by real
name (real names are preferred, but nicknames are acceptable if someone
wants to remain anonymous)
* Missing credits (I know some language groups work outside Pootle and
have only one person sending the final translations to it)
* Incorrect credits (if your name is mentionned in a language you didn't
work on, for example)
* Wrong sorting or writing of items (we try to use first/last name rules
from english, even if this is unusual for some languages), missing
transliterations (I think only Greek gets a non-Latin writing currently,
but I see no reason for this)



François Revol | 17 Nov 00:16 2014

website out of order !?


I was saving my blog post when suddently the website went out of business...

First it failed to save, then it said I never created any blog post.

And then I noticed the front page was gone as well:

Welcome to your new Drupal website!

Looks like the database is likely gone.


Łukasz Kapica | 20 Oct 23:09 2014

Hello everyone.


I'm student and in this and the following semester I'm having a course 
in which my task is to get involved to a chosen open-source project. 
What I'm offering to you is:
- 6h of work per week until the end of this semester and optionally if 
everything would be fine until the end of the second semester.
- 6-year (hobby/academical) C++ experience.
- Basic knowledge of OS-like concepts (I had OS course in the previous 
- Broken english ;) (Sense of humor?)

I would be happy if you had some special tasks for me (and let me know).

Thanks in advance