udo.a.moeller | 22 Mar 18:19 2010

NetBSD with IDE drive is running !


NetBSD has booted on my PC532 emulation with a 2,5 inch IDE disk drive. I'm very impressed about how easy it
was to get NetBSD 
running. I used "disklabel" , "bim" and "newfs" to create the filesystem. After mounting the root
partition I downloaded 
base.tgz, kern.tgz and etc.tgz. I installed them and modified fstab with sed to my disk configuration.

Jon Buller gave me the hint to do "MAKEDEV all". Then I started the ROM monitor and this time I typed in "boot" 
... and it 
happend ! Great moment ! The system started in single-user mode. I only needed to set the root partition to
read/write because 
it was read-only. Downloading man.tgz and comp.tgz , writing the first C program with vi , compiling the
program and running it 
was just fun. The only remaining problems were caused by vi. This program uses vt100 terminal codes which
were not yet included 
in my host software. Now it looks ok.

I had expected to do a lot more things before I can use the system. But everything is configured right from the
beginning. Every 
path was ok. This software is perfect for a beginner like me. Some people did a great job and many thanks to
them for the 

The IDE drive has 160 GB capacity but I used only 1.5 GB for NefBSD. I think it is enough for the moment. The next
task will be 
compiling a kernel. The name will be LASTHERO (Maybe not everbody will like the LAST ...) The only things I
will modify at first 
are some messages and the scsi device list. I heared about some very long compilation times. Therefore I'm
curious to see what 
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