John Klos | 25 Nov 18:30 2015

Lockup issue with NetBSD 7


I just upgraded a PowerMac 9600 from NetBSD 5 to NetBSD 7 (netbsd-7 from 
11-November-2015) and so far I've had two lockups. The first time I didn't 
have anything plugged in to the serial port. Plugging in a cable to try to 
see what was wrong before rebooting gave a spontaneous reboot. I left the 
serial cable installed, just in case, and when the second lockup happened 
it was unresponsive. Sending a break to get to ddb caused an immediate 
reboot. No crash dump ever occurred.

Here's the reboot when sending a break after lockup:

~Stopped in pid 0.2 (system) at  netbsd:zstty_stint+0x1b8:       b       netbsd:z
0x10003dc0: at zsc_intr_hard+0xfc
0x10003de0: at zshard+0x18
0x10003df0: at pic_handle_intr+0x18c
0x10003e30: at trapstart+0x6b0
0x10003f00: at idle_loop+0xdc
0x10003f20: at cpu_lwp_bootstrap+0xc
0x10003fe8: at 0xfffffc
saved LR(0x4141413d) is invalid.rebooting

Is anyone else having lockup or ddb issues with NetBSD 7?


Havard Eidnes | 1 Nov 12:03 2015

2015Q3 package binaries for NetBSD/macppc 7.0


I've finished building and have uploaded the result of a bulk
build of pkgsrc-2015Q3 for NetBSD/macppc 7.0 to

and I've re-pointed the 7.0 symlink to this set of packages.

A total of 18GB of packages have been uploaded, consisting of
14208 packages.

The build was done with sources from September 28 2015.

For the packages which are not architecture-specific (should be
the vast majority), these packages should also be usable on other
powerpc ports.


- Håvard

Havard Eidnes | 7 Oct 19:47 2015

2015Q2 package binaries for NetBSD/macppc 6.0


I've finished building and have uploaded the result of a bulk
build of pkgsrc-2015Q2 for NetBSD/macppc 6.0 to

and I've re-pointed the 6.0 symlink to this set of packages.

A total of 17GB of packages have been uploaded, consisting of
13268 packages.

The build was done with sources from August 23 2015.

For the packages which are not architecture-specific (should be
the vast majority), these packages should also be usable on other
powerpc ports.

I will shortly retire the binary packages in


The next build for 6.0 will be based on the 2015Q3 package branch.


- Håvard

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worsleygarfield | 16 Sep 00:22 2015


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miltoncsl | 24 Aug 02:04 2015

Support for every PowerMac G5!!


How can I contribute for NetBSD project to support every PowerMac G5?
I recently bought one PowerMac G5 2.0 Ghz late 2005 and I am frustrated by
not be able to install NetBSD on my computer!
What tasks Can I to do for to help the project?

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Adrian Christiansen | 19 Jul 19:16 2015

Issues booting kernels in 7.0_RC1 (201507190150Z build)

Hi guys!,

I've had no luck with booting NetBSD 7.0_RC1 on my eMac G4 with ATi
(1GHz, PC-133 SDRAM variant). First I wanted to boot NetBSD of a
usb-stick instead of burning a cd. Using a smaller than 16MB FAT12
partition which OpenFirmware 3 can read. The NetBSD-GENERIC_MD kernel
just halted during loading, doing nothing, gunzippped or not. The
NetBSD-GENERIC does boot but crash shortly after the console switch
over to the faster framebuffer, so there's at least some signs of hope
but no progress.

So I gave up and tried to install it from the
NetBSD-7.0_RC1-macppc.iso, and I only get this:
0 > boot cd:,\ofwboot.xcf netbsd.macppc load-size=559 adler32=5590001
unrecognized Client Program format

0 >

Out of curiosity I tried replacing the ofwboot.xcf and kernel to the
working installation on disk, and tried booting that. Which is also
booting with ofwboot.xcf and kernel inside a FAT12 partition. The new
ofwboot.xcf and boot the old 6.1.4 kernel just fine, but no luck with
the NetBSD-7.0_RC1 one:

>>> NetBSD/macppc OpenFirmware Boot, Revision 1.12
5922276+130584|seek symbols: invalid file offset
Boot: _

Since it was almost some 2.5MB in size I tried using netbsd-GENERIC.gz
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Erik Fair | 18 May 02:15 2015

status of NetBSD/macppc support for the PowerPC 970 (G5) CPU

What’s the current status of NetBSD/macppc support for the PowerPC 970 (G5) CPU? Does NetBSD run on it at
all, and if not, what’s left to do?


	Erik Fair