John D. Baker | 1 Jun 04:37 2016

gem(4)-related panic?

My PowerMac G4 (AGP Graphics) recently panicked with (transcribed by
hand from console):

trap: pid 239.1 (make): user read DSI trap  <at>  0x2b3 by 0x181c460 *DSISR 0x40000000, err=14)
gem0: can't load rx DMA map 79, error = 22
panic: gem_add_rxbuf
Stopped in pid 0.2 (system) at  netbsd:vpanic+0x140:    addi    r4, r0, 0x0
0x10003cf0: at panic+0x4c
0x10003d30: at gem_add_rxbuf+0x2a8
0x10003d50: at gem_rint+0x170
0x10003db0: at bem_intr+0x184
0x10003df0: at pic_handle_intr+0x190
0x10003e30: at trapstart+0x6b0
0x10003f00: at idle_loop+0xdc
0x10003f20: at cpu_lwp_bootstrap+0xc
saved LR(0x5a5a5a56) is invalid.

Issuing "reboot" at DDB prompt seemed to hang.  Upon pressing the reset
switch, the machine sounded its startup chord, but the display remained
blank.  Power-cycle has same effect.  There is no indication that it
has probed for the USB keyboard even after significant time since reset
or power-up.

Potential hardware issues aside, has anyone seen anything like this
since the recent changes to gem(4)?


|/"\ John D. Baker, KN5UKS               NetBSD     Darwin/MacOS X
|\ / jdbaker[snail]mylinuxisp[flyspeck]com    OpenBSD            FreeBSD
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John Klos | 12 May 22:39 2016

port-macppc officially dead


I hate to say it, but it seems that macppc is officially not usable for 
production any longer. NetBSD 5 was the last macppc release that was 
consistent and stable for any length of time. Anything newer will lock up 
in tstile after a few weeks to a month at most.

It's sad when hardware has to retire before its time!


John Klos | 31 Mar 22:00 2016

DKWEDGE_METHOD_APPLE not working as expected


With DKWEDGE_METHOD_APPLE in the default kernel, partitions created using 
the old A/UX partition types (Apple_UNIX_SVR2) now are thought to be sysv 
partitions and are not automounted. I can't really imagine a scenario 
where this is a desirable result. Can anyone explain? Or should I fix it 
to properly identify such partitions as ffs?


Don Lee | 18 Mar 16:45 2016

package problem - atf-0.20 - pkgin says it is available, but it's not.

I'd like to update my MacPPC system, but there is a bug somewhere in the binary packages.

I really like the new pkgin command. It makes like SO much easier.

When I go to upgrade, I get this:

+mercy$ pkgin upgrade
calculating dependencies... done.

3 packages to be upgraded:

sysupgrade-1.4 atf-0.18

3 packages to be installed (0B to download, 1745K to install):

sysupgrade-1.5nb1 atf-0.20

proceed ? [Y/n] n

If I go ahead and say "yes", the install of atf-0.20 fails.

Something in the packages is not built, or the database is wrong.

Where is the appropriate place to report this problem?


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John_94501 | 8 Mar 20:36 2016

hi port

Greetings port

john_94501 <at>

DeCoteau, Melodee | 9 Feb 15:17 2016

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aaron_milwaukee | 4 Feb 17:02 2016

Hello NetBSD

Good morning NetBSD

My best to you

John Gordon | 27 Jan 05:49 2016

Hi port

good morning port

John Gordon
john_94501 <at>

Hauke Fath | 25 Dec 19:51 2015

Wifi USB dongle usable on macppc?


what options are there for using a USB wifi dongle with a USB 1.1 Power 
Mac (G3 Pismo, G4 Titanium, or B/W G3/300) running NetBSD?

Yes, I understand the speed limitation, but I'd like to use WPA2 over 



Hauke Fath                        <hauke <at> Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
Ernst-Ludwig-Straße 15
64625 Bensheim

John Klos | 4 Dec 03:45 2015

TSTILE lockups - not dead yet

Got ddb working after my last lockups:

When moving from NetBSD 5 to NetBSD 7, the only change I made was I 
enabled WAPBL for the root filesystem. For whatever reason, I didn't 
enable it in the past.

db> ps
PID    LID S CPU     FLAGS       STRUCT LWP *               NAME WAIT
16828    1 3   0         0           524915a0              inetd tstile
3259     1 3   0         0           52491860              inetd tstile
10426    1 3   0         0           52491b20              inetd tstile
18361    1 3   0         0           48dd9000              inetd tstile
696      1 3   0         0           48dd92c0              inetd tstile
16311    1 3   0         0           48dd9580              inetd tstile
22966    1 3   0         0           48dd9840              inetd tstile
693      1 3   0         0           48dd9b00              inetd tstile
692      1 3   0         0           2725b220              inetd tstile
8115     1 3   0         0           2725b4e0              inetd tstile
26034    1 3   0         0           2725b7a0              inetd tstile
17073    1 3   0         0           2725ba60              inetd tstile
1456     1 3   0         0           2725bd20              inetd tstile
1199     1 3   0         0           4015f200              inetd tstile
14254    1 3   0         0           4015f4c0              inetd tstile
1709     1 3   0         0           4015f780              inetd tstile
26540    1 3   0         0           4015fa40              inetd tstile
16043    1 3   0         0           4015fd00              inetd tstile
13738    1 3   0         0           579b31e0           sendmail tstile
28073    1 3   0         0           579b34a0           sendmail tstile
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John Klos | 25 Nov 18:30 2015

Lockup issue with NetBSD 7


I just upgraded a PowerMac 9600 from NetBSD 5 to NetBSD 7 (netbsd-7 from 
11-November-2015) and so far I've had two lockups. The first time I didn't 
have anything plugged in to the serial port. Plugging in a cable to try to 
see what was wrong before rebooting gave a spontaneous reboot. I left the 
serial cable installed, just in case, and when the second lockup happened 
it was unresponsive. Sending a break to get to ddb caused an immediate 
reboot. No crash dump ever occurred.

Here's the reboot when sending a break after lockup:

~Stopped in pid 0.2 (system) at  netbsd:zstty_stint+0x1b8:       b       netbsd:z
0x10003dc0: at zsc_intr_hard+0xfc
0x10003de0: at zshard+0x18
0x10003df0: at pic_handle_intr+0x18c
0x10003e30: at trapstart+0x6b0
0x10003f00: at idle_loop+0xdc
0x10003f20: at cpu_lwp_bootstrap+0xc
0x10003fe8: at 0xfffffc
saved LR(0x4141413d) is invalid.rebooting

Is anyone else having lockup or ddb issues with NetBSD 7?