vwbug19 | 18 Aug 04:21 2003

problem booting in j680??

here's the serial console message as it boots see the error at last few lines

 CPU: SH7709A
MemoryManager: LockPages
FileManager: FAT
Memory Bank:
[0] 0x0c000000 size 0x02000000
[1] 0x0e000000 size 0x02000000
Windows CE 2.11
wProcessorArchitecture      0x4
dwPageSize                  0x400
dwAllocationGranularity     0x00010000
dwProcessorType             0x2713
wProcessorLevel             0x3
wProcessorRevision          0x0
Display: 640x240 8bpp
DEBUG BIT: ................................ [0x00000000] 0
open file "\Storage Card2\miniroot.fs"(4194304 byte).
open file "\Storage Card2\netbsd.gz"(700227 byte).
Loader: COFF
file size: text 0x117bb0 + data 0x7710 = 0x11f2c0 byte
address translation table 5376 pages.(43008 byte)
allocated 5376 page. mapped 5376 page.
2nd bootloader address U0: 0x005dfc00 P1: 0x8ce4e800
[text] ->load 0x8c001000+0x00117bb0=0x8c118bb0 ofs=0x000000d0+0x117bb0
[data] ->load 0x8c118bb0+0x00007710=0x8c1202c0 ofs=0x00117c80+0x7710
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