Valeriy E. Ushakov | 3 Apr 07:16 2009

Retiring apmdev(4)

We have apm(4), that uses pmf(9), and apmdev(4), that uses
dopowerhooks(9).  They are mostly identical otherwise.  My
understanding is that powerhooks API is being deprecated.  The only
two remaining users are apmdev(4) used by zaurus all hpc* ports and
arch/arm/xscale/pxa2x0_apm.c that doesn't seem to be mentioned in any
config files.*

I want to have zaurus and hpc* ports switched to apm(4) so that we can
retire apmdev(4) and powerhooks API.

I brought over changes from apm to apmdev so that now they only differ
in pmf vs powerhooks bits and in trivial s/apm/apmdev/ naming diffs.
Now that they are demonstrably congruent we can do the switch knowing
that effectively we only change power management hooks.

After my recent commits you can just replace "apmdev0 at hpcapm0" with
"apm0 at hpcapm0" in your kernel config to give it a try.  My Jornada
complains about

  Devices without power management support: mainbus0 cpu0 btnmgr0 shb0
  rtc0 scif0 adc0 j6x0pwr0 j6x0tp0 j6x0lcd0 hd64461if0 hd64461video0
  hpcfb0 hd64461pcmcia0 pfckbd0 hpckbd0 hpcapm0 ne0 wdc0

but seems to suspend and resume fine otherwise.

We need to properly convert all drivers to pmf.  For most of them a
no-op hook is probably sufficient for now as hpcapm(4) uses its own
config_hook(9) hooks to manage power.

So if you can help with this task it would be greatly appreciated.  I
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Scott Lawrence | 3 Apr 22:49 2009

configuring wifi on the z50 + BSD

Just thought i'd post this here in one central place.  I just got a D-Link 650 and got it working on my z50 running NetBSD 4.0.

I had heard it is just "plug it in and it works"... well not quite... I needed to configure a few things... my home network is a mixed 802.11b/g router (WRT 54g) with a WEP password...  Once I plugged in the card, BSD's console showed that it connected it as "wi0"

(all as root)
To list the access points (make sure it finds the right one "monkey")

wiconfig wi0 -D

Then, tell it to set this up with the right ssid and password (0xdeadc0ffee)

ifconfig wi0 ssid monkey nwkey 0xdeadc0ffee up

then make sure there's a route to the host (the gateway router is configured as

route add

then I added a few nameservers to /etc/resolv.conf


Now, i can ping, which is fun to do for those of you haven't done it before.

the power button turns off the wifi card, which is nice, (the backlight and LCD remain on for me. fun) to find a good web browser for the platform... thoughts?