Brian M | 21 Aug 18:11 2015

Qube 2 and 6.1.5

Hi all;

I am going to try again to build a install CD, this time for 6.1.5.
Has anyone been experimenting on their own?
Are the old instructions to make an instal CD for 5.x expected to be
correct for 6.x?

Thank you;


Brian M | 23 Oct 02:17 2014

6.1.4 kernel and Qube2

(did this get out?  I  don't see that gmane updated with the new
message I sent yesterday).

Hi all;

I built the 6.1.4 kernel with SCSI removed, ddb enabled, placed it
over my 5.2.1 base, and it ran OK for a few days.  I packed/ unpacked
a few big tar files, no issues.  No need yet for those debug flags I

It looks like July 2014 some PR's were resolved related to i/o that
addressed the stability issues.

I'm partway through building 6.1.5 with the restoreCD script, but I
ran into some issues on my part as the lcd patch directories have been
moved.  Nothing serious but I didn't get it right the first couple
times.  I'm traveling for work now and won't be back at this for a

Anyway- this looks like it could be ready to roll up into a .iso and work fine.


Bart Stouder | 31 Mar 21:26 2014


s down in tha

Mark Smith | 11 Mar 10:15 2014

Packages for Cobalt NetBSD 5.2.2 ?

Hi there,

I’ve been away from NetBSD/Cobalt for a while so forgotten far too much! :-)

I just installed 5.2.2 onto my Qube2, which went nicely, but where do I find the package repository for 5.2.2
for when I use “pkg_add” ?

I added "“ but apart from not
being for “5.2.2” it doesn’t have things like “wget” and other utils.

Is there a proper repository I should be using ?

Basically I want to get the Qube2 up and going to use as a dumping ground for files (DR target basically, will
locate it 800m away in my other property)



webmaster | 7 Mar 05:12 2014


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Izumi Tsutsui | 2 Feb 19:00 2014

NetBSD 5.2.2 Cobalt RestoreCD/RestoreUSB

As usual, I've built 5.2.2 based NetBSD/cobalt RestoreCD/USB images
and put them to ftp:

No functional changes in RestoreCD/USB script itself
(only ftp dirs in Makefile and CHANGES file are updated).

See release announcements for 5.2.2 changes:

restorecd-5.2.2-20140201.iso.gz is a gzipped RestoreCD ISO9660 image.

restoreusb-5.2.2-20140201.img.gz is a gzipped RestoreUSB image
for >=512MB USB memory sticks on USB bootable PCs.

See also "Restore CD/USB Howto" for actual installation procedures:
and previous 5.2.1's restorecd announcement:

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

John Klos | 24 Dec 23:31 2013

NetBSD 6 on Cobalt still broken


It seems that NetBSD 6 on Cobalt is still broken. I don't have a serial 
console, but after upgrading I was getting tons of core dumps if I tried 
to use the system for more than a handful of minutes at a time. I was 
finally able to untargzip each of the sets after a number of restarts, but 
it's still problematic. This may still be the problem experienced in PR 

I'm about to try current to see if the problem is there, too.

(netbsd-6, sources from today, Cobalt Raq 2 with 256 megs which has been 
stable with netbsd-5 compiling for hundreds of days)

Is anyone running netbsd-6 on a Cobalt Raq or Cube? Or on any MIPS?


Cheung, Williams | 25 Nov 00:02 2013


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Izumi Tsutsui | 19 Oct 14:53 2013

NetBSD 5.2.1 Cobalt RestoreCD/RestoreUSB

NetBSD 5.2.1 has been released recently, so I've built and put
5.2.1 based NetBSD/cobalt RestoreCD/USB images:

No visible functional changes in RestoreCD/USB script itself,
and only NetBSD binaries (and CHANGES file) are updated from
the previous 5.2 ones. See release announcements for 5.2.1 changes:

restorecd-5.2.1-20131019.iso.gz is a gzipped RestoreCD ISO9660 image.

restoreusb-5.2.1-20131019.img.gz is a gzipped RestoreUSB image
for >=512MB USB memory sticks on USB bootable PCs.

You can write the image using gzip(1) + dd(1) on Unix like OSes:
  # gzcat restoreusb-5.2.1-20131019.img.gz | dd of=/dev/rsd0d bs=64k
    (replace the device name as per your kernel dmesg)
  # fdisk -l
    (check a device name of your USB memory)
  # gunzip restoreusb-5.2.1-20131019.img.gz
  # dd if=restoreusb-5.2.1-20131019.img of=/dev/sdX oflag=direct bs=1048576
 or use imageWriter etc.
 Mac OS X:
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