Super Bisquit | 29 Aug 19:12 2010

Status of NetBSD on HTC Apache

I'm able to get a boot screen on the device using htc boot executable and the hpcarm.

Richard Earnshaw | 13 Feb 19:16 2003

Time to decommission this port-arm mailing list?

I think we agreed that once 1.6 was out that the port-arm32 mailing list 
should be decommissioned in favour of port-arm and the other more relevant 
lists.  How do we go about this?


Ken Woodhams | 25 Jan 23:28 2003

Netwinder installation suggestions

Hi everyone. I've been monitoring the following website for a while 

To my despair there aren't any installation or help documents available
for this platform so I'm resorting to anyone on these lists who are 
successfully running Netwinder servers with NetBSD 1.6

It is my understanding that in order for the Netwinder firmware to boot
NetBSD, the boot partition must be linux ex2fs. Is it a good idea to 
make the entire root / partition ex2fs (which will contain the netbsd
kernel)? If not then what do you guys recommend? Should it just contain
the kernel, anything else? 

I also remember reading that one of the network interfaces isn't 
supported by NetBSD. Is that still the case?

Any other help or tips would be greatly appreciated, especially stories
about any (in)stability issues. I would like to use this Netwinder as a

small mail server (5-6 users) running Postfix and Cyrus-IMAPD.

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toddpw | 19 Jan 12:17 2003

Proposal to fix booted_kernel on shark.

NetBSD/shark is now ELF, but the firmware only reads a.out. Copy both kernels
to /, no problem.  Understandably, machdep.booted_kernel reports "netbsd.aout"
however, and groveling programs now fail because they expected an ELF kernel.

Proposed solution is to strip the .aout suffix, under the assumption that an
ELF kernel without that suffix will usually be available in the same place,
and if it isn't, we're probably screwed anyway.

--- shark_machdep.c.orig	Fri May  3 14:28:11 2002
+++ shark_machdep.c	Sat Jan 18 21:21:06 2003
 <at>  <at>  -392,10 +392,17  <at>  <at> 
 		cp = strrchr(boot_component, ':');
 		if (cp != NULL) {
+			int cplen;
 			*cp++ = '\0';
 			if (cp[0] == '\\')
 			booted_kernel = cp; 
+			/* Zap ".aout" suffix since we only grok ELF now. */
+			cplen = strlen(cp);
+			if (cplen > 5 && !strcmp(&cp[cplen-5], ".aout")) {
+				cp[cplen-5] = '\0';
+			}

Tested good against 1.6 on my shark.  The diff above is against -current
from this evening, after applying the 1.6 diff successfully using patch.

Any suggestions before I commit?


Todd Whitesel
toddpw  <at>

Steve Woodford | 13 Jan 13:14 2003

Improving the arm32 pmap


I'm sure this is something which has a number of people have toyed with
for quite some time now, with varying degrees of success.

As it happens, Wasabi have allocated a bunch of my time and given me the
resources to have a good crack at optimising the arm32 pmap, whether
through a wholesale re-write or just bending the existing code into shape.

I know some of you have already whacked on the pmap a bit, and Chris
Gilbert has already given me some of his experimental changes to look

So, I'm soliciting opinions on what's wrong with the existing pmap, and
suggestions on either how to bend existing code into shape, or how to do
things differently/better with new code.

For example:

  - L1 page tables are "per process", and their allocation requires 16KB
    contig/aligned RAM. It's hard to allocate new L1 tables, given those
    constraints, which often leads to L1 starvation.
  - L1 page tables are also zeroed whenever they are allocated to a pmap.
    The kernel's descriptors are also copied over every time.

  - Make use of the mmu's "domain" feature as a primitive form of ASID.
    This allows L1 tables to be shared between multiple pmaps by doing
    "lazy" fixup of user L1 entries at fault time.
  - Allocate a fixed, smaller, number of static L1 tables at boot time.
  - Kernel always uses domain "0", which is always enabled. The kernel's
    L1 descriptors are hardwired in all L1s at boot time.

Of course, if someone has tried the "domain" approach before, I'm all
ears. ;-)

Cheers, Steve



Wasabi Systems Inc. - The NetBSD Company -

shubha mr | 13 Jan 08:13 2003

Help,am a newbee!

I have an ARM evaluation board(HBI-0011B).I want to
install NETBSD on the same and want to write PCMCIA
based network driver on the same.Can you please tell
me how to install the same,what all devices do I need
for this installation and where do I find information
to get started for this journey?

Please help urgent!

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shubha shree | 13 Jan 07:49 2003


Insomnius Abominus | 10 Nov 19:59 2002

more information

the platform:  shark
the OS: new 1.6 netboot

the config:

Section "Pointer"
   Protocol        "MouseSystems"
   # Protocol        "PS/2"
   # Protocol        "wsmouse"
   Device          "/dev/pms0"
   BaudRate        1200
   ZAxisMapping    4 5
   # Emulate3Timeout 25
   # SampleRate      0
   # Emulate3Buttons

the error:

Fatal server error:
Cannot open mouse (Device not configured)

X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Insomnius Abominus | 10 Nov 19:53 2002

the frickin mouse

can anyone please tell me how to get either:

 a. x to start up with a normal ps2 mouse on a shark


 b. how to tell the thing it has no mouse, start x anyway
    ( for what imj using it for, i need no mouse. just want x to start )

i get the ol' device not configured crap and i've used every setting i can
think of... using pms0, qms0, wsmouse0, myMasApplePie0 and PS/2 for the proto
and all kindsa stuff. this is a stock 1.6 install FOR SHARK, and it doesn't
work.... what the hell am i doing wrong.

Phil | 3 Nov 09:43 2002

Thank You

A quick 'Thank You' from my part of the Show Organisation team (Fillin
Ltd) on behalf of both SASAUG and Fillin for the success of the show

The Show website continues, and has now changed to a 'Thank You message'
and CONTACTS link to standholders pages from the revised banner on the

A new email address feedback <at> has just been created to channel
feedback from both standholders and visitors to enable a future show to be
even more successful.

John Sawer will be announcing this via 'announce' shortly, in a 'thank
you' from the SASAUG paet of the team.

My personal thanks to my fellow club menbers for assisting so well in
halping set up the 'theatre'/'tv studio' is such a short space of time on
Friday/Saturday!, and such a speedy derig too!

If anyone finds Derek's took kit amongst their chattels, please contact me
directly on phil <at>  (We will be checking amongst our gear when
we unload later)

t5hanks again

Phil Spiegelhalter
Fillin Ltd   for RiscOs SE Show: SASAUG and Fillin Ltd


            Phil Spiegelhalter: Phil <at> 
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Phil/Lin Spiegelhalter | 28 Oct 13:35 2002

Fillin Ltd back on-line (RiscOS SE Show)

Greetings again
After a cable fault in the wet afternoon of Friday 18th, all lines
into/out of FIllin Ltd are now working again, courtesy of a new trench and
cable run. 
Therefore the Web site will be updated shortly to include a link from the
NewsFlash page to the Iyonix website.
Once I have caught up with the backlog of incoming emails, any other
updates will be made asap.
Thankfully most of the 18th's updates had been completed before the

Phil Spiegelhalter
Fillin Ltd


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Alternative  Emails:  Lin <at>       Phil <at>