David Brownlee | 5 May 00:46 2003

Wakefield Acorn RiscOS show, 10th May

	At the NetBSD stand we should have acorn32 NetBSD 1.6.1 and
	complete binary package CDs, plus potentially a CD of -current
	showing off the significant pmap and dynamic loader performance

	Anyone interested in helping (or maybe even portmasters
	considering turning up :), please let me know!


		David/absolute          -- www.netbsd.org: No hype required --

David Brownlee | 16 May 17:39 2003

Wakefield 2003 Acorn RISC OS (May 10) show report

	The show was slightly smaller than last year, but still busy.
	Microdigital were showing off their Omega (one in a standard PC
	case, and one in a rackmount 1U enclosure). Castle had a stand
	full of Iyonix machines, occasionally visible beyond the press of
	punters, and Simtec wandered by the NetBSD stand to wave a very
	nice looking ITX format ARM motherboard under our noses.

	Loan machines are being actively investigated!

	Only a couple of machines on the NetBSD stand - a PC running ogle
	playing DVDs, and a RiscPC with a PIC controlled servo operating
	the front door flap (all controlled from NetBSD of course).
	Hopefully we can persuade Gavan to clean up the small code
	changes and put the build instructions online :)

	We sold several 1.6.1 CDs, and would have sold some package CDs
	had we them ready. A notable change from last year was the number
	of people working on embedded projects interested in NetBSD.
	For next year we may want to see if Wasabi have some spare


		David Brownlee