Stephen Borrill | 1 Nov 13:01 2005

Re: inetd losing sockets

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005, Neil Walker wrote:
>> If you look in /var/log/messages, you'll probably see it complaining that 
>> the service is looping and so will be terminated. This is down to the 
>> number of requests per minute. Up this by putting a number after the 
>> wait/nowait, e.g.:
> That was precisely the problem.
> Seems a bit odd, though. Here am I, a theoretical program running a denial of 
> service attack on your server. If I launch enough requests, inetd is going to 
> close the socket, thereby making the service permanently unavailable. Doesn't 
> that mean that I win?

Yes, but you have to weigh this up against DoS down to resources being 
exhausted and insulation from a brute-force password attack (for example), 
both of which could cause more major damage. Perhaps inetd should restart the service 
after a while (exactly as init does with gettys). Or perhaps it does, but 
is undocumented.

(CC: set to netbsd-users).



Stephen Borrill | 25 Nov 11:32 2005

FS: Brand new Acorn NCs and CATS boards/systems

Hope you don't mind the blatant advert, but due to an office move, I got a 
lot of kit to get rid off!


16MB Ethernet Acorn NCs (actually Proton clones):
48MHz ARM 7500FE.
Run NetBSD like a dream once you set up your boot server.
Make good X terms!
Can run in 800x600x32k or 1024x768x256 (use shared memory, so higher modes 
make the machine run a little slower).
UK power supply, but not too choosy

45ukp + carriage


I've a number of CATS motherboards and systems (including some brand new 
ones!). Simtec are still selling this board for 199ukp + VAT

I can supply either bare boards or anything up to whole systems with 
disks, RAM, ethernet and video cards. I can even pre-install NetBSD for 

Run NetBSD (since 1.3F) and Linux, plus others.

50ukp + carriage.
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