Kentaro KAWAMOTO | 12 Oct 15:54 2009

Instructions about cross compiling kernel


I tried cross compiling of NetBSD kernel for my netbook
following the instructions on

I had not booted my netbook with the crosscompiled kernel
before someone pointed me that
- I must copy kernel modules as well under /stand directory, and
- It couldn't boot with grub and I should let grub boot boot(8).

Chances are other people would confused with these point.
So It would be good to update the document.



kentaro.kawamoto <at>

Soren Jacobsen | 18 Oct 00:44 2009

Removing names from INSTALL

I propose to remove the "We are..." section from our INSTALL  
document.  It is generated by src/distrib/notes/common/main.

The entire (quite large!) section feels rather vain and adds nothing  
to the document other than size.  It is a relic from the days before  
our website was the main source of this kind of information.  All of  
the information given in "We are..." is quite easily found online,  
where people are more likely to be looking for that information.  I'd  
like to keep (or rather, make) INSTALL lean, so that it is simply a  
document about _INSTALL_ing NetBSD, like its name suggests.

Oh, and since we seem to think that people want to print this document  
out, please won't you think of the poor trees wasted by this extra  
fluff? ;)

I'd like to remove the section (and update the new-developer welcome  
text) in a week unless someone can think of a strong reason not to.