Anthony Mallet | 27 Nov 01:29 2015

ifconfig not waiting for DAD completion

When my wm(4) interface goes from down to up, it first enters a 'detached'
state for 1s or so, then the carrier is detected and the interface goes to the
ipv6 'tentative' state.

The detached state is long enough for ifconfig -w in /etc/rc.d/network to not
wait at all for DAD (the interface is still 'detached' when ifconfig -w runs).

This then leads to unexpected delays (~30s) in e.g. /etc/rc.d/mountall with an
NFS filesystem. (The machine is in ip6mode=host).

I tried the following quick patch to ifconfig(8) so that ifconfig -w waits for
DAD completion only once DAD has started. Does this look like the proper fix?

Index: sbin/ifconfig/af_inet6.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/src/sbin/ifconfig/af_inet6.c,v
retrieving revision 1.33
diff -u -r1.33 af_inet6.c
--- sbin/ifconfig/af_inet6.c  12 May 2015 14:05:29 -0000      1.33
+++ sbin/ifconfig/af_inet6.c  27 Nov 2015 00:05:46 -0000
 <at>  <at>  -489,7 +489,7  <at>  <at> 
        ifr.ifr_addr = *(struct sockaddr_in6 *)ifa->ifa_addr;
        if (prog_ioctl(s, SIOCGIFAFLAG_IN6, &ifr) == -1)
                err(EXIT_FAILURE, "SIOCGIFAFLAG_IN6");
-       return ifr.ifr_ifru.ifru_flags6 & IN6_IFF_TENTATIVE ? true : false;
+       return ifr.ifr_ifru.ifru_flags6 & (IN6_IFF_TENTATIVE|IN6_IFF_DETACHED) ? true : false;

 static void

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Edgar Fuß | 18 Nov 15:45 2015

page fault in fr_makefrip

On our gateway running 4.0.1/amd64, we yesterday hit (manual OCR):

kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped at	netbsd:fr_makefrip+0x13d:	cmpl	0x20(%rax),%edx
db> bt
fr_makefrip() at netbsd:fr_makefrip+0x13d
fr_checkicmp6matchingstate() at fr_checkicmp6matchingstatd+0xe3
fr_stlookup() at netbsd:fr_stlookup+0x684
fr_checkstate() at netbsd:fr_checkstate+0x44c
fr_check() at netbsd:fr_check+0x73e
pfil_run_hooks() at netbsd:pfil_run_hooks+0xa0
ip6_input() at netbsd:ip6_input+0x3d0
ip6intr() at netbsd:ip6intr+0x42
DDB lost frame for netbsd:Xsoftnet+0x58, trying 0xffffffff806aed10
Xsoftnet() at netbsd:Xsoftnet+0x58
--- interrupt ---
db> show reg
ds	0x7400
es	0x8402
fs	0x4
gs	0xbef7
rdi	0
rsi	0xffff80004cb6707a
rbp	0xffffffff806ae7b0	_prop_dictionary_keysym32_pool+0x8fc50
rbx	0x6a00
rdx	0x9228
rcx	0
rax	0
r8	0x38060120
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Robert Swindells | 28 Oct 17:14 2015


Anyone else having problems with wm(4) in current ?

Works fine in a kernel from Oct 5, doesn't do anything in latest version.

The dmesg lines are:

wm0 at pci3 dev 0 function 0: Intel i82574L (rev. 0x00)
wm0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 17
wm0: PCI-Express bus
wm0: 2048 words FLASH, version 1.8.0, Image Unique ID 0000ffff
wm0: Ethernet address 68:05:ca:28:b1:c7
makphy0 at wm0 phy 1: Marvell 88E1149 Gigabit PHY, rev. 1

Robert Swindells

Edgar Fuß | 15 Oct 11:00 2015

Limit on simultaneous NAT sessions?

Is there (other than availabe memory) any limit on the number of simultaneous 
sessions that ipnat(4) can handle? Anything configurable?

Frank Wille | 13 Oct 12:53 2015

Re: Removing ARCNET stuffs

On Thu, 30 Jul 2015 I wrote:

> My current status is that the A4000 is running again (in AGA), after I
> removed the graphics card. The A3000 still needs a rework of the PSU.

Done! Replacing the capacitors in the PSU fixed it. And I got two A2060
ARCnet cards and a cable last weekend.

The A2060 is recognized by the 7.0 kernel:

bah0 at zbus0 pa 0xea0000 man/pro 514/9: link addr 0x75(117)

ifconfig(8) shows:

        address: 75

But how do I configure an ARCnet network? Can I use "inet"? I tried this
without succuess:

# ifconfig bah0 up
ifconfig: SIOCAIFADDR: Inappropriate ioctl for device

And ifconfig(8) looks strange after that (double bah0: output?):

flags=8e63<SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 507
        address: 75


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phipo | 13 Oct 03:50 2015

deploy network

I've got 10 computer into VLAN with a switch management!
I want to access of my NAS (, my firewall and others ...
My VLAN are with IP's adress 192.168.0.x, 1<x<254.
i've saw while serch on google how to deploy network,
but there are a few documentation.
I want a URL link for use network ?


phipo | 13 Oct 03:40 2015

turn on display

I have a crazy question !
how to put display on always, my display turn off all 10 minutes !
Can i put the time to display turn off, i want an command line,
not tools bar parametres !


Ottavio Caruso | 9 Oct 08:10 2015

iwn - 5 ghz support in NetBSD7, was: kern/50187

On 23 September 2015 at 02:47, NONAKA Kimihiro <nonakap <at>> wrote:
>> I noticed that a pull up request for NetBSD 7 was made, I would also
>> request it for NetBSD 6, if possible.
> I've pullup to netbsd-6 and netbsd-7.
> Regards,
> --
> NONAKA Kimihiro

I don't see this improvement being incorporated into NetBSD 7.0:



BERTRAND Joël | 6 Oct 12:24 2015



	I believe I have found why my Blade2000 crashes (deadlocks, panics or 
some other bugs that trigger kernel debugger like alignment error). I 
have seen that all crashes occurs after a 'tap0 detached' message. I 
have modified openvpn configuration and I have seen that if I remove 
altqd from this configuration, system seems to be stable.

	I haven't filled a PR, as I cannot obtain usable information to debug. 
I haven't found any related PR on altqd. I'm not sure that this bug is 
triggered by /etc/rc.d/altqd onestop I have written in openvpn 
configuration or by altqd itself as tap0 was dropped by openvpn and used 
in /etc/altq.conf. I don't think if this bug is sparc64 specific.

	My altq configuration is very simple:

interface gem0 bandwidth 10M priq

class priq gem0 high_class NULL priority 1
class priq gem0 low_class NULL priority 0 default

filter gem0 high_class 0 1194 0 0 17
filter gem0 high_class 0 0 0 1194 17

interface tap0 bandwidth 2M priq

class priq tap0 high_class_vpn NULL priority 1
class priq tap0 low_class_vpn NULL priority 0 default

filter tap0 high_class_vpn 0 0 0 17
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John Klos | 15 Sep 19:08 2015

dhcpcd in netbsd-7 and -current


I'm curious if anyone is working on any of the known issues with dhcpcd. 
I've seen it mentioned in various other places that there are instances 
where dhcpcd doesn't work, but dhclient does. I've come across this 
myself, but not consistently enough to gather much data.

Two of the other issues I'm curious about is how to stop a running dhcpcd 
instance without deconfiguring the interface. Sure, the man page says to 
run it with -p or --persistent, but what happens if you have an already 
running dhcpcd which wasn't started with --persistent? While the man page 
weakly implies that the -p option can be used in conjunction with --exit, 
--exit can only be used if dhcpcd was launched in -M (master) mode, which 
isn't common if you're running a machine as a NAT router. I suppose I 
could just kill -9 it, but I'd like something nicer.

Note that I'm aware that /etc/dhcpcd.conf defaults to persistence. Perhaps 
this should be better framed as asking how one does stuff with dhcpcd when 
not in master mode.

Oh - /etc/rc.d/dhcpcd does not find a running dhcpcd daemon when it is run 
in non-master mode. I'm thinking I should file a PR, unless someone can 
explain why this is expected behavior. Or master mode should be made the 

Furthermore, it appears that dhcpcd doesn't run as expected on NetBSD-7 or 
current. On NetBSD-7 from two days ago, every third time or so that I send 
dhcpcd a signal (dhcpcd -p --exit, for instance) when it is in master 
mode, it pegs the CPU and fails to quit until a kill -9 is sent. Launching 
dhcpcd for the first time on -current (evbmips64-eb) works, sorta, but 
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John Klos | 15 Sep 00:23 2015

ipfilter broken in -current?

Kernel and userland compiled from today's current sources from about six 
hours ago on an evbmips-eb system:

ipf -f /etc/ipf.conf
115:ioctl(SIOCGETFS) unrecognised ipf ioctl
User/kernel version check failed