Naruaki.Etomi | 17 Dec 17:03 2014

Re: pm2fb driver

Dear Michael-san.


I carry out a test according to your instructions.


Bitmap font

Anti-aliased font


Bitmap font

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Frank Zerangue | 9 Dec 01:58 2014

L2 cache evbarm

Can anyone tell me what work would be needed to add L2 cache support to the evbarm port?

Frank Zerangue
Naruaki.Etomi | 8 Dec 18:05 2014

pm2fb driver

I was write Permedia2 ("TVP4020") chip driver.

NetBSD Problem Report #49229
pm2fb are not attached on Sparc64 and Alpha.

I still don't have a reply.

Is there a problem?

Please point it out if there are any mistakes in my code.

Ryota Ozaki | 8 Dec 09:47 2014

m_reclaim & ieee1394_drain


pr_ddain and if_drain memory reclaiming routines
are called from m_reclaim. Most of them are delayed,
i.e., it just sets a flag and does memory reclaiming
later in fasttimo callouts. However, only ieee1394_drain
(one and only of if_drain callbacks) tries to reclaim
memory there.

I'm thinking of ieee1394_drain delayed as well, like this:

It does almost the same as pr_domain callbacks;
ieee1394_drainstub just sets ic_drainwanted flag and
later ieee1394_watchdog calls ieee1394_drain if the flag
is set. (ieee1394_watchdog also does memory reclaiming,
but to keep the original behavior as much as possible,
we call ieee1394_drain.)

By doing so, we can make *_drain callbacks consistent,
make m_reclaim MP-safe and get rid of KERNEL_LOCK from

One drawback is that the behavior of m_reclaim
will be changed and somebody would be suffered
from it. (I'm not sure if it's serious or not.)

How about the change? ieee1394 guys?

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David Holland | 7 Dec 04:25 2014

shipping processes between ttys

Somebody mentioned reptyr ( in chat
tonight, and so I was thinking about how one might do it properly;
this is a topic I've looked at in the past from time to time, so I
think I have a viable plan for it. Which I'm going to post, both for
feedback and in the hope that I can trick someone into implementing it
for me. :-)

(1) It seems clear that the unit of transfer should be a whole process
group (or "job"); if you want to move your mailreader, it makes sense
for the editor it spawned to go with it, and so on.

(2) It also seems desirable as part of the same machinery to be able
to reconnect to jobs that have been lost because of a disconnect. For
that and some technical reasons I think moving a job should have two
parts: first detaching it from one tty and then attaching it to
another. It follows from Occam's razor that a job that's been detached
but not yet reattached should be in the same state as a background job
that's been hung up on; formally, an orphaned process group.

(3) Therefore, there are two actions. At the shell level, this should
look something like

   % detach %1
   [1]    Detached (pid 12345)         mutt
   % jobs


   % attach 12345
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Vinaykumar Bhat | 5 Dec 23:22 2014

Compressed Cache for NetBSD

Hi All,

So, I have been working on the Compressed Cache project for NetBSD ( I have a few things working. Anyone interested can look for it in the git repo - (

Any suggestions/feedback are welcome and appreciated! The main files of interest are sys/dev/zram/compcache.c

Maxime Villard | 5 Dec 19:18 2014

Brainy: Set of 9 potential bugs

here is another list of bugs, smaller this time:

Found by my code scanner.

Ryota Ozaki | 4 Dec 09:57 2014

pserialize & hw interrupt


Can we use pserialize for readers in hardware interrupt?
If we use splhigh instead of splsoftserial (pserialize_read_enter)
for critical sections of the readers, we can guarantee that
the readers don't touch a removed object anymore after
pserialize_perform. It this correct?


Microsoft Excel | 3 Dec 02:54 2014

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Alexander Nasonov | 1 Dec 18:27 2014

status of Linux ptrace on amd64?


While trying to make some Linux instrumentation tool work on -current
amd64 I noticed that ptrace support in compat_linux and compat_linux32
have some notable differences and compat_linux32 has a better support.
For instance, I can debug 32bit Linux binaries with NetBSD's gdb but
any attempt to set a breakpoint on 64bit Linux results in SIGTRAP.

Neither compat_linux32 nor compat_linux work for that particular tool
because they don't support LIUNX_PEEKUSER.

So, I wonder how much work it is to improve ptrace in compat_linux and


David Holland | 1 Dec 16:02 2014

driver concurrency

How many drivers are there (hardware-level drivers, not things like
raidframe) where it really matters for more than one lwp to be able to
be running (not stopped) in the driver at once?

I'm thinking probably network cards but not much else.

(This question is supposed to provoke a discussion; I have a reason
for asking, which I don't want to state to avoid skewing things.)

David A. Holland
dholland <at>