Jan Schaumann | 15 Jul 05:50 2002


Hi all,

I've been poking around cdio.h, and here's what I determined:

o There is no simple CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS or some such.  I can't determine
  if a tray is open or closed unless I try to open or close it.

o In order to open a tray that does not contain a cdrom, I need to specify
  the raw device.

o If there is a cd in the drive, I am allowed to not specify the raw

o If the tray is open, I need to specify the raw device

Now, am I correct with these conclusions?  How can I poll the drive and
determine conclusively that (a) it's open, (b) it's closed AND contains
a CD or (c) it's closed and does NOT contain a CD?

Thanks in advance for all pointers...



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