Gabor PALI | 1 Mar 23:27 2012

BSD-Day 2012

Dear All,

I am glad to inform you that we are again organizing a "DanuBSDCon"
(aka. BSD-Day) [1].  It is going to be held at the UAS Technikum Wien
[2] in Vienna, Austria [3] on May 5, 2012 as part of the Austrian
Linuxweeks (Linuxwochen Österreich).

We are inviting all developers to spread the word on NetBSD -- anybody
who is just looking for an excuse to make a short trip to Central
Europe, spend a nice weekend in Vienna, join us for a beer, talk about
her favorite topic, or meet fellow developers from the region (and
from other BSD flavours), or accidentally will not be able to make it
to Canada :-)

So, please contact me if you would be interested in doing a talk!


Joerg Sonnenberger | 4 Mar 17:07 2012

Announcing EuroBSDcon 2012 & Call for Proposals

EuroBSDcon 2012

EuroBSDcon is the European technical conference for users and
developers on BSD-based systems. The EuroBSDcon 2012 conference
will be held in Warsaw, Poland from Thursday 18 October 2012
to Sunday 21 October 2012, with tutorials on Thursday and Friday
and talks on Saturday and Sunday.

Call for Proposals

The EuroBSDcon conference is inviting developers and users of
BSD-based systems to submit innovative and original papers not
submitted to other European conferences on BSD-related topics.

Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited
to applications, architecture, implementation, performance and
security of BSD-based operating systems, as well as topics
concerning the economic or organizational aspects of BSD use.

Presentations are expected to be 45 minutes.

Call for Tutorial Proposals

The EuroBSDcon conference is inviting qualified practitioners in
their field to submit proposals for half or full day tutorials on
topics relevant to development, implementation and use of BSD-based
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Manuel Bouyer | 6 Mar 19:22 2012

NetBSD/xen available for Multi-Processor machines

*** NetBSD/xen available for Multi-Processor machines

The NetBSD Foundation is pleased to announce completion of
Multiprocessing Support for the port of its Open Source Operating
System to the Xen hypervisor.

The NetBSD Fundation started the Xen MP project 8 month ago; the goal
was to add SMP support to NetBSD/Xen domU kernels. This project has
officially completed, and after a few bug fixes in the pmap(9) code it
is now considered stable on both i386 and amd64. NetBSD 6.0 will ship
with option MULTIPROCESSOR enabled by default for Xen domU kernels.

The availability of Xen MP support in NetBSD allows to run the NetBSD
Open Source Operating Systems on a range of available infrastructure
providers' systems. Amazon's Web Services with their Elastic Cloud
Computing is a prominent examples here.

Xen is a virtualization software that enables several independent
operating system instances ("domains") to run concurrently on the same
computer hardware. The hardware is managed by the first domain (dom0),
and further guest/user domains (domU) are spawned and managed by dom0.
Operating systems available for running as dom0 and domU guests
include Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Linux besides NetBSD.

NetBSD is a free, fast, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open
Source operating system. It is available for a wide range of
platforms, from large-scale servers and powerful desktop systems to
handheld and embedded devices. Its clean design and advanced features
make it excellent for use in both production and research
environments, and the source code is freely available under a
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riz | 13 Mar 20:46 2012

NetBSD 6.0_BETA binaries available for testing

On behalf of NetBSD developers, I'm happy to announce the availability 
of a public beta of NetBSD 6.0, for your testing pleasure.

(For a more-marked-up version of this announcment, see
the NetBSD blog: )

This beta is substantially feature-complete; there may be some 
additional changes to the installer and possibly some additional 
hardware support if some is found missing and is easily added, but the 
major changes are done.  What we need now is for you, the end users, to 
test it in your preferred configuration.

Please DO keep in mind, however, that this is a beta release;  we fully 
expect there are some lurking bugs, so use with caution.

Binaries of NetBSD 6.0_BETA are available for download at:

Bootable (for many arches) ISO images are also available, in

Here are some highlighted changes since NetBSD 5.0.  As always, full 
details can be found in doc/CHANGES and doc/CHANGES-6.0:

time_t is now 64 bits.
syslog improvements: Reliable TCP connections, encryption, syslog protocol API.
LKMs removed; superseded by the new module(7) framework.
Boot loaders on some arches (i386, amd64) support loading modules at boot.
Added crash(8) a new utility based on ddb(4) to diagnose kernel crashes.
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