Jan Schaumann | 31 Jan 16:01 2006

NetBSD Status Report: July - December 2005

NetBSD Quarterly Status Report

NetBSD is an actively developed operating system. With fifty seven
different system architectures in total and binary support of 53
architectures in our last official release (NetBSD 3.0), our widely
portable Packages Collection "pkgsrc" and large userbase there is a lot
going on within the project. In order to allow our users to follow the
most important changes over the last few months, we provide a brief
summary in these official status reports on a regular basis. These
status reports are suitable for reproduction and publication in part or
in whole as long as the source is clearly indicated.

This is the first quarterly status report of 2006.  However, since there
was no status report for the last quarter of 2005, this report
summarizes the changes within NetBSD over the last six months, which
includes the release of both NetBSD 2.1 and NetBSD 3.0, a summary of the
NetBSD Project's participation in Google's Summer of Code and the
release of two stable pkgsrc branches, among many other things.

-Jan Schaumann <jschauma <at> NetBSD.org>

July 2005 - December 2005:

	- New NetBSD Core Team [20050803]
	- New Developers [20060101]
	- Donation results [20051108]

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