SODA Noriyuki | 2 May 13:25 2005

cvsweb maintenance ( will be down at times in this week
for software maintenance.

You are welcome to use one of the following mirrors during the outage:

This also affects the Japanese mailing lists ( <at> and the
following Japanese mirror services


Sorry for the inconvenience.


James Chacon | 2 May 19:31 2005

Regular daily builds

The regular daily builds for NetBSD have begun again and are available for
public consumption.

Currently these will run on a continuous basis and provide builds of all
major branches and the main trunk. Builds take approx. 30 hours to complete
for a given cycle so it's expected 5-6 may be done during any given week.

At this time -current (the HEAD of the main CVS tree) will be built most often
but all branches will be built within a 2.5 week run of the cycle.

Output can be found on in

and logs + summarys can be found at:

If there are questions/comments/concerns please feel free to send mail to
releng <at> with these.



James Chacon | 3 May 00:51 2005

Timelines for upcoming releases

Listed below are the prospective timeframes for upcoming NetBSD releases.

Please keep in mind that none of the branches for these are currently in
a release candidate state so these dates are subject to move.

NetBSD 3.0 - Planned for late July 2005 release

             This was originally branched on March 16, 2005 and is in BETA 
             today. It will become the next major release for NetBSD.

NetBSD 2.1 - Planned for late June 2005 release 

             This will be the first minor release of the NetBSD 2 branch and
             will incorporate all changes from the NetBSD 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 
             security/critical updates as well as new feature additions/fixes.

NetBSD 1.6.3 - Planned for August/September 2005 release

             This will be the final minor release of the NetBSD 1.6 branch
             and will close out any existing fixes submitted. After this has
             been released the 1.6 branch will be closed.

As release times gets closer on each of these, additional announcements will
go out to let folks know about possible changes in the release dates.

As usual, if there are any questions/concerns about the releases please feel
free to mail us at releng <at>


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Jan Schaumann | 9 May 17:00 2005

Sun Hardware Donation

The NetBSD Foundation is pleased to announce the generous donation of
two machines from Sun Microsystems for the purpose of advancing the
development of The NetBSD Packages Collection under Solaris.

The NetBSD Packages Collection, also known as ``pkgsrc'', is a
framework for building third-party software on NetBSD and other
UNIX-like systems, currently containing over 5400 packages.  The
pkgsrc framework was derived from FreeBSD's ports system, and
initially developed for NetBSD only, but has since been ported to a
number of operating systems with Solaris being the oldest non-NetBSD
platform supported by pkgsrc.

Sun Microsystems recognizes the NetBSD Project's portability efforts
and noticed the various advantages of pkgsrc's cross-platform package
management capabilities.  The results of the bulk-builds run by
various volunteers show that already there are over 2000 packages that
build flawlessly under Solaris.

In order to support and further the development efforts of the NetBSD
Packages team, to promote the build of binary packages for Solaris 8,
Solaris 9 and Solaris 10 and to enhance the support of the Sun Forte
Compiler chain, Sun Microsystems has donated one SunBlade 1000 with
2x600mhz SPARCIII processors and one Dell Precision 2650 with 2 x 3GHz
Xeon Processors to the NetBSD Project.  Both machines are running
Solaris 8;  Sun also provided licenses for SunOne Studio 9.

``We are very glad to have received this donation,'' said Jan
Schaumann, a NetBSD developer and System Administrator at Stevens
Institute of Technology, where the machines are hosted. ``Trying to
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Alistair Crooks | 10 May 17:19 2005

Summary of Changes to the Packages Collection in March 2005

Summary of Changes to the Packages Collection in March 2005

By my calculations, at the end of March 2005, there were 5377 packages
in the Packages Collection, up from 5331 the previous month, a rise of
46. However, after a recount spurred upon me by Andrew Brown, who
pointed out that I'd been counting the number of distinct packages,
but missing out packages where was more than one version in pkgsrc, like
apache. So I now declare the number of packages in pkgsrc to be 5439 at
the end of March 2005. Until the next recount, that is.

Notable additions include:  arka, byacc, DatLib, DatUtil,
dsniff-nox11, e16menuedit2, gaim-otr, ggiterm, gnome-backgrounds,
gnome-doc-utils, gnome-menus, gopchop, gtk2-engines-clearlooks,
gtkhtml36, gxemul, ja-sazanami-ttf, kde3-i18n-br, kde3-i18n-fy,
kde3-i18n-ga, kde3-i18n-lt, kde3-i18n-mk, kde3-i18n-se, kochi-ttf,
koffice-i18n-ja, koffice-i18n-lo, koffice-i18n-mt, koffice-i18n-nb,
koffice-i18n-nn, koffice-i18n-pt, koffice-i18n-pt_BR, koffice-i18n-sl,
koffice-i18n-sr, koffice-i18n-tg, koffice-i18n-th, koffice-i18n-tr,
koffice-i18n-ven, koffice-i18n-xh, koffice-i18n-zh_CN,
koffice-i18n-zh_TW, koffice-i18n-zu, lbdb, libggimisc, libgiigic,
libotr, lucy, MAMEDiff, mdf2iso, openttd, p5-Carp-Clan,
p5-Class-Autouse, p5-Class-MakeMethods, p5-ExtUtils-AutoInstall,
p5-Net-Dev-MIBLoadOrder, ROMBuild, ROMInfo, ruby-doc-stdlib,
ruby-imlib2, ruby-redcloth, ruby-xmlscan, ruby16-base, ruby16-digest,
ruby18-base, shapelib, socket++, sparsehash, sqlite3-tcl,
sylpheed-devel, systrace-policies, totem, totem-xine, turba, wdic,
wiliki, xentools20, ximian-connector, xmms-wma, and ZIPIdent.

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Thor Lancelot Simon | 20 May 19:06 2005

AnonCVS outage 2005-05-21

The anonymous CVS server will be unavailable for much of tomorrow, May 21
2005, while we rework and simplify its configuration.  Among other less
immediately obvious benefits we hope this will allow us to begin offering
anonymous CVS access over IPv6.

Sorry about the short notice -- this was supposed to happen earlier in the
week, with more notice, but other pressing matters repeatedly stole its
time, and we'd like to get it done this week; we begin to lose some of our
admin manpower as the summer academic sessions start up at most U.S.
universities over the next couple of weeks.


 Thor Lancelot Simon	                                      tls <at>

"The inconsistency is startling, though admittedly, if consistency is to be
 abandoned or transcended, there is no problem."		- Noam Chomsky