Alistair Crooks | 4 Jan 23:40 2005

Summary of Changes to the Packages Collection in December 2004

[For the full details on the changes mentioned below, please refer to
the tech-pkg mailing list - agc]

Summary of Changes to the Packages Collection in December 2004

By my calculations, at the end of December 2004, there were 5266
packages in the NetBSD Packages Collection, up from 5190 the previous
month, a rise of 76.

In December, there was a freeze on new functionality, and following
that, the pkgsrc-2004Q4 branch was made.  The freeze started on 6th
December, and lasted 2 weeks.  The old pkgsrc-2004Q3 branch has now
been deprecated, and continuing engineering now takes place on
pkgsrc-2004Q4. My thanks to all pkgsrc developers and users for
their help in making the new branch.

We also had new versions of kde, gnome, and an addition of a wiki. 
The first annual Alistair Crooks "My Login on All Files" award goes to
Grant Beattie for his updates of perl5 packages.

As part of the infrastructure, we've modified the pkg_install utilities,
so that they use a large buffer for full path names, even on operating
systems which don't use the Berkeley FFS.

Notable additions include:  anthy, anthy-elisp, ap-rivet, ap2-chroot,
bglibs, bmp-musepack, easymenu, ec-fonts-mftraced, edcommon, elscreen,
epeg, exult, figlet-fonts, firefox-gtk2-bin-acroread, flac2mp3,
freepats, getopt, gimp-docs, glade2-gnome, gnumeric, gob2,
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Jan Schaumann | 11 Jan 18:28 2005

Quarterly Status Report: October - December 2004

NetBSD Quarterly Status Report - 2004Q4

NetBSD is an actively developed operating system.  With fifty four
different system architectures in total and binary support of over 48
architectures in our last official release (NetBSD 2.0), our widely
portable Packages Collection ``pkgsrc'' and large userbase there is a
lot going on within the project.  In order to allow our users to
follow the most important changes over the last few months, we provide
a brief summary in these official status reports on a regular basis.
These status reports are suitable for reproduction and publication in
part or in whole as long as the source is clearly indicated.

-Jan Schaumann <jschauma <at>>

October - December 2004:

The last three months of 2004 were full of exciting developments
within the NetBSD Project.  Not only did the new official NetBSD Logo
get announced (with all the hoopla and discussions about the choice
this bikeshed-prone topic solicits), but we also released the much
anticipated NetBSD 2.0 and the pkgsrc team created a new stable
branch, pkgsrc-2004Q4.

But the last quarter also brought some problems:  the 2.0 release went
through several Release Candidates in October and November before the
final release was unfortunately held back by a hardware failure of the
main release engineering server.  Together with the recent failure of
the anoncvs server this meant significant expenses for this volunteer
project.  If you would like to help us out with a tax-deductible
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James Chacon | 13 Jan 07:08 2005

NetBSD branches and upcoming changes

Moving forward releases for NetBSD are planned to continue in their
current fashion but also have the addition of a new branch tracking each
release that is designated for security/critical fixes only. This will allow
users who are tracking a given release to be able to update for critical
fixes without also having to update and/or merge other fixes that may be
applied to a release branch as part of it's ongoing maintainence.

As such, the branch naming scheme will be: (with a special note for 2.0)

CVS branch names:

   Branch leading
   up to     branch tag     release tag            branch from

   2.0       netbsd-2-0     netbsd-2-0-RELEASE     HEAD
   2.1       netbsd-2       netbsd-2-1-RELEASE     netbsd-2-0-RELEASE
   2.2       netbsd-2       netbsd-2-2-RELEASE     (no new branch)   
   2.0.1     netbsd-2-0     netbsd-2-0-1-RELEASE   (no new branch)   
   M.0       netbsd-M       netbsd-M-0-RELEASE     HEAD
   M.0.p     netbsd-M-0     netbsd-M-0-p-RELEASE   netbsd-M-0-RELEASE
   M.m       netbsd-M       netbsd-M-m-RELEASE     (no new branch)   
   M.m.p     netbsd-M-m     netbsd-M-m-p-RELEASE   netbsd-M-m-RELEASE
   M.m.p+1   netbsd-M-m     netbsd-M-m-p+1-RELEASE (no new branch)   

NOTE: NetBSD 2.0 started with a different branch name (netbsd-2-0) as it
was originally following the historical naming scheme before the new branches
were added.

What this means is anyone tracking NetBSD 2.0 today on the branch who wants
to track all changes going into 2.1 should update their cvs tree's with
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Christos Zoulas | 14 Jan 21:19 2005

anoncvs server is back on line


We are pleased to announce that the anonymous cvs service is
working again.

We'd like to thank S. P. Zeidler, Tracy Di Marco White, Jason
Thorpe, and Thor Lancelot Simon for their work in testing the
hardware, determining the cause of the corruption, and replacing
the raid controller which ended up being the cause of the problem.

In addition, we'd also like to thank everyone for their offers to
help and for their patience while we investigated and repaired the
cause of the corruption.

Finally we'd like to take this opportunity to ask those who benefit
from this service or any of the other services that we offer to
consider donating to improve the reliability of our services.

Please see for ways to contribute.

Best Regards,

Christos Zoulas

On behalf of the NetBSD Systems Administration Executive Committee.

James Chacon | 27 Jan 05:04 2005

End of life for the NetBSD 1.5 branch

In keeping with NetBSD's policy of maintaining only the current (2.0) and
most recent (1.6) release branches, the release of NetBSD 2.0 marks the 
end-of-life for NetBSD 1.5.  This means that the netbsd-1-5 branch will no 
longer be actively maintained.

For example:

- There will be no more pullups to the branch (even for security issues)
- There will be no security advisories made for 1.5 
- The current 1.5 releases on will be moved into    


Jeremy C. Reed | 29 Jan 00:30 2005

NetBSD now has an online store selling various products to help raise
funds at

We are currently selling shirts, sweatshirts, a mug, wall clock, mousepad,
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All profits from this online store will be used to directly fund NetBSD,
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Please visit for more information on how
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    Jeremy C. Reed
                        ``Of course it runs NetBSD.''

p.s. If you are interested in other products, have questions, or can help
provide images for auto bumper stickers, calendar (13 images), or other
products, please let me know (off-list).