Dan Langille | 1 May 04:30 2009

BSDCan 2009 preliminary schedule

BSDCan 2009 starts next week.

see http://www.bsdcan.org/2009/schedule/


Dan Langille

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Guillaume Lasmayous | 11 May 20:58 2009

NetBSDfr booth at RBLL 2009


Please find below a short report of RBLL 2009, Rencontres Bretonnes du 
Logiciel Libre (Britany Free Software Meeting), held in St-Brieuc on the 
18th and 19th of April 2009.
NetBSDfr was holding a booth together with BSDFrance.

Here are the few major points:

- Most of the people coming to the booth have never heard about NetBSD, 
nor BSD. They do know Linux, and think it's the only alternative to Windows.
- Interested people are impressed by the capabilities of the OS, but run 
away when they learn installer is text mode, or that immediate after 
boot configuration is done in command-line.
- One recurring question is how does NetBSD compare to Linux (the same 
kind of questions we saw at Solutions Linux) (read Linux as Fedora or 

No idea yet if this will happen again next year or not. We'll see.

Guillaume Lasmayous, for NetBSDfr.

Daniel Seuffert | 29 May 13:57 2009

FroSCon 2009 Sankt Augustin 22. + 23.08.2009

Hallo NetBSD-Schwestern und Brüder,

wer macht mit bei der FrosCon dieses Jahr?

Meldung hier, Stand ist erldigt. Flyer + CDs bringe ich mit,
sind bedruckt, kommt aktuelles Jibbed drauf.

Liebe Grüße, Daniel