Guillaume Lasmayous | 6 Apr 19:42 2009

Solutions Linux 2009


Please find below a short summary of "Solutions Linux and Open Source"
2009 exhibition.

"Solutions Linux and Open Source" (hereafter noted as SL) is a yearly
exhibition held in Paris, France, made of two parts:
- corporate show, where all big players in the OpenSource market can
be found (SuSe, IBM, Sun, and a lot of services company).
The other   part is called - "village", constituting of many associations
dealing with Free Software in France: Lea-Linux, Da Linux French
Page,, and so on.
For the complete list of exhibitors, you can refer to

This year, together with my friends behind,
we decided to hold a booth during the 3 days of the exhibition, to
do some advertising around NetBSD.
All BSDs representations were located at the same place
in the village, next to each other: BSDFrance / FreeBSD / OpenBSD /
Minimal official representation though - only one developer -
we are not affiliated with the project, but just a group of users.

A few figures: 100 flyers (translations of the ones found here:, 60 Jibbed 5.0RC3
LiveCDs (both AMD64 and i386 versions) have been given to the
visitors during the 3 days. 5 new users joined the
#netbsdfr <at> freenode IRC channel.

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Scott Ellis | 16 Apr 00:51 2009

Free UDB (Multia) in San Diego

I'm doing some closet-cleaning, and am getting rid of my Multia.  It's 
free for the asking, and it's the 166MHz version with 64MB RAM, SCSI 
controller, and PCI slot (currently filled with a Matrox Millenium II, 
which is yours if you want it!).  I can throw in an NE2000 PCMCIA NIC if 
you like also.

The system works great under -current, including truecolor X11 using 
Xorg and the Matrox card.  The floppy drive sounds a little funny (I bet 
it doesn't work, but it probes okay!), and the CMOS battery has been 
replaced with three AA batteries (don't forget to change them!).  The 
300MB SCSI drive and netbooting both work fine, so it's easy to get up 
and running with NetBSD on it.

It's pretty heavy, so unless you want to pay exorbitant shipping fees, 
I'd prefer it go to a good home in San Diego, CA.  Shoot me an email if 
you're interested!

	scotte <at>

Pierre Pronchery | 18 Apr 03:12 2009

Pushing CVS commits to

			Dear NetBSD Advocacy,

I was playing recently with the CIA bot from, and 
realized that even though the NetBSD project is referenced there, the 
CVS commits are not pushed.

I think it could make some good publicity for the project, since the 
homepage is updated very frequently with active projects, where NetBSD 
would probably show up frequently :) This should have a nice effect on 
search engines' ranking as well.

Setting it up with a CVS repository requires the installation of a 
post-commit hook, and emission of an additional e-mail. There may be 
ways to do so without increasing the load on the server (custom script 
registered to cvs-commits <at> ).



Dan Langille | 1 May 04:30 2009

BSDCan 2009 preliminary schedule

BSDCan 2009 starts next week.



Dan Langille

BSDCan - The Technical BSD Conference :
PGCon  - The PostgreSQL Conference: