Thomas Schwinge | 6 Dec 00:30 2006

GNU MIG released, pre-release of GNU MIG 1.3.2


A pre-release of the upcoming GNU MIG 1.3.2 (called is now
available from <≥.  Please test and report

GNU MIG is the GNU distribution of the Mach 3.0 interface generator
`MIG', as maintained by the GNU Hurd developers for the GNU project.

The interface generator produces stub code from interface definition
(`.defs') files.  The stub code makes it easy to implement and use Mach
interfaces as remote procedure calls (RPC).

You need this tool to compile the GNU Mach and GNU Hurd distributions,
and to compile the GNU C library for the Hurd.  Also, you will need it
for other software in the GNU system that uses Mach-based inter-process

Bug reports relating to this distribution or requests for assistance
should be sent to <bug-hurd <at>> or filed on
<> or

The distributed files are available from
<> with the detached
signature <> or
<> with the detached
signature <>.  They
are signed with my 7E5D4D35 signing subkey (main key is 91A707E4) which
is available from a keyserver that properly handles subkeys, like the
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