Marc Fournier | 4 Jul 06:23 2014

FreeBSD 10.x + LiquidSoap + NFS == Server Hang

Hi all …

	I have a jail running on FreeBSD 10-STABLE (svn update as of July 2nd  <at>  ~05:30 UTC:

Working Copy Root Path: /usr/src
Relative URL: ^/stable/10
Repository Root:
Repository UUID: ccf9f872-aa2e-dd11-9fc8-001c23d0bc1f
Revision: 268135
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: pfg
Last Changed Rev: 268132
Last Changed Date: 2014-07-02 01:28:38 +0000 (Wed, 02 Jul 2014)

	Currently it has 3 jail’d environments running off it, with the files for them NFS mounted from a NetApp
filer … and right now, the NFS mount that these jails are running from is “locked” … a ‘df’
hangs … trying to do a ‘jexec # /bin/tcsh’ into one of the jail’s hangs … etc.

	The same NFS file system is mounted and running on a half dozen other servers, and they are all operating
just fine, so the NetApp is operating properly.

	If I move the jail with liquidsoap running around to a different server, the hang will follow to the new
server, and the old server will once more become rock solid … 

	I’m not 100% certain it is liquidsoap, but the hang appears to always coincide with reloading a new
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John Marshall | 4 Jul 04:44 2014

Should 9.3 carry a warning about NEW_XORG

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my notebook (Pentium M - IBM T43) from
9.2-RELEASE to 9.3-RC1.  Upgrade was fine but then I did a regular
upgrade of ports and lost X functionality.  It turns out that the new ports which were "opt in" in 9.2 are now "opt out" in 9.3, so I
unintentionally upgraded

I had also upgraded a couple of desktop systems to 9.3-RC1 but had not
yet updated ports on those.  Having experienced the problem on the
notebook, I added WITHOUT_NEW_XORG= to /etc/make.conf on the desktops
and they continue to function following ports upgrades.

The purpose of this post to -stable <at>  is simply to suggest that there be
something done in connection with installation behaviour for
9.3-RELEASE (perhaps at least a warning in the Rlease Notes?) to incline
towards POLA and not have other folks land in this predicament.


John Marshall
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Warren Block | 2 Jul 17:50 2014

Re: Dump an Unmounted Journaled UFS Filesystem

On Wed, 2 Jul 2014, Brandon Allbery wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Warren Block <wblock <at>> wrote:
>> On Tue, 1 Jul 2014, Dan Plassche wrote:
>>  I understand that using dump is not currently recommended on a mounted
>>> journaled UFS2 filesystem.  I prefer to boot from a separate FreeBSD drive
>>> for cold backups anyway, so I'm wondering if there are any issues with
>>> running dump on an unmounted journaled filesystem?  All the discussions
>>> I've seen seem to focus on disabling journaling completely, which I would
>>> like to avoid.
>> The snapshot code in sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_snapshot.c still prevents making
>> snapshots on SUJ filesystems.
> What exactly is the point of a snapshot for an *unmounted* ("running dump
> on an unmounted journaled filesystem", from above quoted text) filesystem?

There isn't a reason to snapshot an unmounted filesystem, just trying to 
be complete.
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Bob Healey | 2 Jul 17:11 2014

Interactions with mxge, pf, nfsd, and the kernel


I've been wrestling with this on and off for a few months now.  I have 
an assortment of systems (some Dell Poweredge R515, R610, and IBM 
x3630M3) with 10 gig Myricom ethernet cards acting as nfs servers to 
Linux HPC compute clusters (12-36 nodes, 384 - 480 cores) connected via 
gigabit ethernet.  They are also connected to the outside world via 
onboard bce (Dell) or igb (IBM).  After a variable length of time, I 
will lose all network access to a host. Connecting via console, the 
machine tends to be fully responsive.  A reboot clears the problem, but 
I have yet to figure out any sysctls/loader.conf tunables to clear the 
problem and make it stay away.  PF is in use to restrict access to the 
host to a pair of public /24's, and to 10/8.  If there is a way in zfs's 
sharenfs property to make that restriction, I'd be happy to change, but 
I really don't like leaving nfs open to the university's quartet of 
/16's, so PF it is.  The vlan2 interface has mxge0 as its parent.

Thanks for any help.

This host is getting ready to crash soon, based on netstat.
root <at> husker:~ # netstat -i
Name    Mtu Network       Address              Ipkts Ierrs Idrop Opkts 
Oerrs  Coll
mxge0  9000 <Link#1>      00:60:dd:44:d2:0a  6358280   262 0  
4061637     0     0
mxge0  9000 fe80::260:ddf fe80::260:ddff:fe        0     - -        
2     -     -
bce0   1500 <Link#2>      08:9e:01:50:a1:ac   276391     0 0        
0     0     0
bce0   1500 fe80::a9e:1ff fe80::a9e:1ff:fe5        0     - -        
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Matthias Meyser | 2 Jul 14:42 2014

Re: svn commit: r267897 - in head: contrib/file contrib/file/Magdir contrib/file/doc contrib/file/m4 contrib/file/magic contrib/file/python contrib/file/src contrib/file/tests lib/libmagic usr.bin/file

Am 02.07.2014 10:53, schrieb Matthias Meyser:
> Am 02.07.2014 10:05, schrieb Xin Li:
>> Can't reproduce with today's -CURRENT.  Any further details?  (I tried
>> mounting /usr/src read-only and both /usr/src and /usr/obj read-only,
>> neither broke).
> I will retry with fresh source. (mine was 2 days old)
> and a fresh build an report.

After erasing "/usr/obj" everything works as expected.

"make clean" was not enougth.

Sorry for the noise.



Matthias Meyser            | XeNET GmbH
Tel.:  +49-5323-9489050    | 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Marktstrasse 40
Fax:   +49-5323-9489059    | Registergericht: Amtsgericht Braunschweig HRB 
Email: Meyser <at>     | Geschaeftsfuehrer: Matthias Meyser
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Dan Plassche | 2 Jul 04:15 2014

Dump an Unmounted Journaled UFS Filesystem


I understand that using dump is not currently recommended on a mounted
journaled UFS2 filesystem.  I prefer to boot from a separate FreeBSD drive
for cold backups anyway, so I'm wondering if there are any issues with
running dump on an unmounted journaled filesystem?  All the discussions
I've seen seem to focus on disabling journaling completely, which I would
like to avoid.


Dan Plassche
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Chris Ross | 1 Jul 18:37 2014

gpart(8) man page missing list documentation

  Looking at the man page for gpart(8) on a recent 10-stable system, I was trying to find out what the -a option
to list does.  (shown in the output of gpart when run with no parameters).  Interestingly, despite
“list” being highlighted in paragraph text as an action for the command, it does not appear in the
summary at the top of the page, nor in the detailed DESCRIPTION section that describes each of the actions.

  This appears to still be the case on HEAD, as well.  I assume this is worth fixing and MFC’ing?


                         - Chris

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Michael Gass | 1 Jul 16:15 2014

Will a screen saver work in newcons?

Am using newcons (vt)  at boot. Very nice. 
Can I activate a screen saver using newcons?

I last built world about 12 days ago.

FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE #0 r267555: Thu Jun 19 11:24:31 CDT 2014   amd64



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Rick Miller | 1 Jul 15:55 2014

mount root error while booting bootonly.iso

Hi all,

The FreeBSD 10.0 bootonly ISO is sporadically unable to boot on the DL360p
G8 running BIOS P-71 8/20/2012.  I initially thought this was due to
customizations being developed into the ISO until a stock ISO from was tested and also exhibited the same behavior suggesting
there may be a more low level problem afoot.  Oddly enough, the ISO booted
on the first attempt on two different chassis' while two subsequent
attempts failed as described in the screenshots below.  On a third attempt,
both DL360s did boot the ISO and I was able to perform an OS installation.
 It is worth noting here that the ISO is being mounted on the chassis via
the "virtual media" feature of the iLO.

Hoping that someone has experience with FreeBSD 10.0 on the DL360p G8
and/or seen anything similar and know a workaround/fix?  Is it more likely
behavior caused by the environment or a bug? In addition to the snapshots,
I captured dmesg output from a successful boot which is linked to below.

I checked/tested the following:

* Ensure /etc/fstab contains an entry suitable for booting the ISO
* Ensured AHCI was disabled on the storage controller
* Setting vfs.root.mountfrom and vfs.root.mountfrom.options as appropriate

I have considered updating the firmware provided a newer version exists,
but have yet to do so.

### Snapshots & dmesg output

The first snapshot shows the initial cam probe error, while the second
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Baptiste Daroussin | 1 Jul 13:56 2014

[HEADSUP] Ports 2014Q3 branched

hi all,

The 2014Q3 branch has just been branched and the package builder has been
updated to use that branch meaning that the next update on the quarterly
packages will be on the 2014Q3 branch

What happen during the last 3 months:
- 177 different committers have participated
- 9918 commits happened
- diffstat says:  23646 files changed, 554070 insertions(+), 577210 deletions(-)

What does that means for users:
- default Java is now 1.7
- massive conversion to stagedir (93% of the ports are now properly staged)
- massive improvement of the usage of libtool (which reduces a lot overlinking)
- new USES: mono, objc, drupal, gecko, cpe, gssapi, makeinfo
- new Keywords for plist:  <at> sample,  <at> shell
- LibreOffice has been updated to 4.2.5
- Firefox has been updated to 30.0
- Firefox-esr has been updated to 24.6
- Default postgresql has moved from 9.0 to 9.2
- nginx has been updated to 1.6.0
- Default lua is 5.2
- subversion has been split into multiple ports for each features
- On FreeBSD 9-STABLE and 10-STABLE the default xorg 1.12.4 (for default binary
  packages it is still 1.7.7)
- Improved QA checking in the infrastructure
- Info files are handle correctly even if base has been built WITHOUT_INFO
- Ancient emacs version has been cleaned out

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