Andrey Chernov | 19 Oct 22:26 2014

/etc/rc: WARNING: $kerberos5_server_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5).

I don't have kerberos compiled in (WITHOUT_KERBEROS=yes) and don't touch
$kerberos5_server_enable but still having this diagnostic from /etc/rc.
Why it is not set properly in /etc/defaults/rc.conf by default?


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Glen Barber | 16 Oct 20:06 2014

Heads-up: ABI incompatibility fix in releng/10.1

It was brought to our attention a few days ago that there was an ABI
incompatibility introduced in the stable/10 branch about two months ago
(prior to the code freeze for the 10.1-RELEASE cycle).

This incompatibility was reverted in releng/10.1 as of r273169.  This
change was not reverted in the stable/10 branch, pending a more long
term solution for situations where we must bump a shared library version
in a stable/ branch.

After upgrading an existing 10.1 system after r273169, third-party
applications that link against will need to be reinstalled
to link against the corrected version,  If using binary
packages from the official FreeBSD pkg(8) repositories, no action should
be necessary.

This information will also be included in the 10.1-RC3 announcement
email when the builds are ready in a few days.



Alnis Morics | 16 Oct 16:10 2014

"msk0: watchdog timeout" still present in 10.1-RC2


Several months ago we were talking about Marvell NIC not working, and 
the problem remained unsolved. So far, I have experienced it only in 
FreeBSD 10 (no problem in 9.X-RELEASE or 11-CURRENT), and only in amd64. 
So I hoped in 10.1 it would be solved but no: suffice to scp a 5MB file 
through this interface, and the "watchdog timeout" is there.

uname -a:
FreeBSD myhost.mydomain.tld 10.1-RC2 FreeBSD 10.1-RC2 #0 r272876: Fri 
Oct 10 01:12:21 UTC 2014 
root <at>  amd64

pciconf -lv:
mskc0 <at> pci0:9:0:0:    class=0x020000 card=0xc072144d chip=0x435411ab 
rev=0x00 hdr=0x00
     vendor     = 'Marvell Technology Group Ltd.'
     device     = '88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller'
     class      = network
     subclass   = ethernet

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Ben Woods | 16 Oct 12:32 2014

UEFI boot on Mac for 10.1 USB img?

Unfortunately, the FreeBSD 10.1-RC2 USB image does not boot properly on
Mac. All loader messages are seen, but once it has loaded the kernel you
don't see any more boot messages. The system has loaded (as evidenced by
flashing lights / noises / ctrl+alt+dlt working), but the screen still
shows the last kernel loading messages.
Refer to

How can we help testing? Is this targeted for fixing prior to 10.1-RELEASE?

From: Benjamin Woods
woodsb02 <at>
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Benjamin Kaduk | 14 Oct 23:59 2014

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report - Third Quarter 2014

FreeBSD Project Quarterly Status Report: July - September 2014

   This report covers FreeBSD-related projects between July and September
   2014. This is the third of four reports planned for 2014.

   The third quarter of 2014 was another productive quarter for the
   FreeBSD project. A lot of work has been done on various ARM platforms,
   with the goal of bringing them to Tier 1 status in FreeBSD 11. The
   various ports teams have also worked hard to improve the state of
   FreeBSD as a desktop operating system. As usual, performance
   improvements feature in several places in this report and many of these
   can benefit from user benchmarking to validate our results.

   Thanks to all the reporters for the excellent work!

   The deadline for submissions covering the period from October to
   December 2014 is January 7th, 2015.

FreeBSD Team Reports

     * FreeBSD Cluster Administration Team
     * FreeBSD Release Engineering Team
     * Ports Collection
     * The FreeBSD Core Team


     * Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)
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Kevin Oberman | 14 Oct 19:09 2014

System hang on shutdown when running freebsd-update

I thought that this was just a fluke, but it has now happened three times,
so I guess it's now out of the "fluke" class.

I have upgraded several times recently to each 10.1 BETA and RC. After the
first install pass t install the kernel and modules, the system shutdown
freezes at the very end. I see the buffers synced to the disks and get the
"All buffers synced" message. Then it just hangs. The disks are not marked
as clean and are fscked after a reset and boot.

There is not much between the "All buffers synced" message and the call to
vfs_unmountall(), so I suspect it is hanging in that call. I admit that I
am pretty much lost whenever I look at the VFS code and I have not put a
lot of effort going further. Just hoping that someone familiar with it
might have an idea.

I have tried several reboots and all run normally. The problem only seems
to appear when upgrading the OS. It happened repeatedly when I tried to
reboot before doing the second "install" pass of freebsd-update, but not
after, so the kernel and world are not in sync. I am baffled as to what
could be going on, but it means I need to be at the system (a baby server)
when I upgrade, but not every time I upgrade. I know it happened on the
10.0-RELEAASE to 10.1-BETA1 and 10.1-RC1 to 10.1-RC2 upgrades.

Has anyone else seen this?

The system is an Asus VivoPC VM40B-2.
CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1007U  <at>  1.50GHz (1496.63-MHz K8-class CPU)
  Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0x306a9  Family = 0x6  Model = 0x3a
Stepping =9

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Pete French | 14 Oct 16:06 2014

STMicroelectronics USB serial controller

Has anybody got any expereinec with these ? I am
playing around with a small device (an scrypt ASIC)
which presents itself to the OS as a serial port, using
this chipset. When I plug it in I get this:

ugen0.2: <STMicroelectronics> at usbus0
umodem0: <STMicroelectronics STM32 Virtual COM Port, class 2/0, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 2> on usbus0
umodem0: data interface 1, has no CM over data, has no break

So it thinks it is a USB modem as far as I can make out ?
I get a /dev/ttyU) device in /dev, but I do not think
the device should present istelf as a modem. I have
Linux software which is supposed to talk to
the chip via a tty, and this does nothing when
presented with the /dev/ttyU0 device. I also
cannot get anything out of it.

I havent dug very far into it yet, but was wondering
if anyone had any ideas - this is the first time I've seen
'umodem' come up.



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KOT MATPOCKuH | 14 Oct 14:53 2014

Poll timeouts on Marvell 88SE9123

Hi all!

After upgrading from r251990 I got unusable all my HDD that connected to
Marvell 88SE9123 PCI-E card.
Probing fails with messages like this:
Oct 14 06:58:17 green kernel: ahcich7: is 00000000 cs 00000001 ss 00000000
rs 00000001 tfd 50 serr 00000000 cmd 10000016
Oct 14 06:58:17 green kernel: (aprobe2:ahcich7:0:0:0): NOP. ACB: 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Oct 14 06:58:17 green kernel: (aprobe2:ahcich7:0:0:0): CAM status: Command
Oct 14 06:58:17 green kernel: (aprobe2:ahcich7:0:0:0): Error 5, Retries

How I can debug or solve this problem?
Full boot log from messages and pciconf -lv output attached.


Attachment (messages): application/octet-stream, 28 KiB
Attachment (pciconf-lv.out): application/octet-stream, 10 KiB
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Matthieu Volat | 14 Oct 11:50 2014

VT switch to console disabled once X starts


I've had this problem with a HP Z400 workstation which is currently running 10.1-RC2, but had it since I put
FreeBSD 10 on it: using either syscons or vt, I can see the console output when the system boots.

But once the X server start (through xdm, using the nvidia driver), if I try to switch to another screen, I get
only a black screen, but I can get back to vt #9 and get my X session back. If I don't set xdm in /etc/ttys, I can
use the consoles...

I have no relevant information in dmesg and little in syslog: only messages from console-kit-daemon
giving up on the consoles (Device not configured) and devd messages:
devd: check_clients: dropping disconnected clients
when switching.

Does anybody have an idea of what is wrong with my setup?


-- Matthieu Volat

Maikel Verheijen | 14 Oct 10:47 2014

nvd disk on nvme controller not detected at boot-time

Hi list!

We recently purchased a HP DL380e G8 server to serve as our backup server with an Intel P3600 that uses the
nvme interface. We added load_nvme="YES" and load_nvd="YES" to our loader.conf, and they both get
loaded, however the ssd disk device is not detected at boot. When we unload and reload the nvd module the
disk does get detected. Is there a way to see if the load-order is correct? We added verbose_loading="YES"
to the loader.conf, but dmesg doesn't show me the actual loading.

One thing I did see related to the nvme in the dmesg (full dmesg attached) output is this:

nvme0: <Generic NVMe Device> mem 0xfbdf0000-0xfbdf3fff irq 16 at device 0.0 on pci3
nvme0: SET FEATURES (09) sqid:0 cid:9 nsid:0 cdw10:00000080 cdw11:00000000
nvme0: INTERNAL DEVICE ERROR (00/06) sqid:0 cid:9 cdw0:0

After unloading and reloading  the nvd module the disk does get detected:

nvd0: <INTEL SSDPEDME400G4> NVMe namespace
nvd0: 381554MB (781422768 512 byte sectors)

Is there anyone that might give me some pointers on how to get the nvd0 device loaded consistently at boot time?

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,
Maikel Verheijen

Copyright (c) 1992-2014 The FreeBSD Project.
Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
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Glen Barber | 13 Oct 18:52 2014

FreeBSD 10.1-RC2 Now Available

The second RC build of the 10.1-RELEASE release cycle is now available
on the FTP servers for the amd64, armv6, i386, ia64, powerpc, powerpc64
and sparc64 architectures.

The image checksums follow at the end of this email.

Installer images and memory stick images are available here:

If you notice problems you can report them through the Bugzilla PR
system or on the -stable mailing list.

If you would like to use SVN to do a source based update of an existing
system, use the "releng/10.1" branch.

A list of changes since 10.0-RELEASE are available here:

Important note to ZFS users on the i386 architecture:  A regression has
been discovered that affects multi-disk (mirror, raidz-1, raidz-2, etc.)
installations that may cause a kernel panic on boot.  If using
a multi-disk ZFS setup, adding 'options KSTACK_PAGES=4' is suspected to
resolve the problem.  Please *do* *not* upgrade your system with
freebsd-update(8) if using a multi-disk ZFS setup, since this will
override the kernel configuration with the GENERIC kernel.

Note to consumers of the i386 DVD installer:  As result of a package
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