Raymond Malekian | 6 Feb 01:52 2016


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Sergei G | 5 Feb 19:20 2016

A: ezjail to qjail migration


If for watever (in)sane reason you need to migrate your ezjail installation
to qjail, here is what appears have worked for me.

* stop jails
* pkg remove ezjail
* comment out your jail related, IP management related /etc/rc.conf entries
* move content of /usr/jails/ to some other location.  I moved it to /mnt,
because of the file system remount.
* pkg install qjail    (not qjail2)
* qjail install

Actual jail migration

I created a Makefile (it is my personal preference due to ease of named
parameters, auto quit on error and ability to create new task quickly) in

Here is a relevant Makefile content:


        cat Makefile

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Alberto Mijares | 5 Feb 02:46 2016

Sendmail submission as client

Hi guys,

I'm working on FreeBSD 10.2 amd64, Sendmail 8.15.2. This are the
changes I've made so far:

define(`SMART_HOST', `relay.domain.tld')
define(`RELAY_MAILER_ARGS', `TCP $h 587')

the file /etc/mail/authinfo has this line:

AuthInfo:relay.domain.tld  "U:user" "P=base64encodedpassword" "M:PLAIN LOGIN"

and created the hash with

# cd /etc/mail; makemap hash authinfo.db < authinfo; make restart

However, when sending mail, the server relay.domain.tld says:

530 5.5.1 Invalid command: Must issue an AUTH command first

So, Sendmail is not sending credentials, is not honoring authinfo feature.

This is a configuration I've accomplished before, long time ago, so I
wonder if anything has changed from that time (about 3 years).

Any hint on how to debug this issue?

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Marius Schamschula | 5 Feb 02:26 2016

mysql57 upgrade issue

While running portmaster I found this failure:

===>   Registering installation for mysql57-client-5.7.10_2
Installing mysql57-client-5.7.10_2...
pkg-static: mysql57-client-5.7.10_2 conflicts with mysql57-server-5.7.10_1 (installs files into
the same place).  Problematic file: /usr/local/include/mysql/binary_log_types.h
*** Error code 70


What to do? Manually, uninstall mysql57-server-5.7.10_1?

Marius Schamschula

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Daniel Jenkins | 4 Feb 19:13 2016

Customized SAP User Detail For Your Marketing Initiatives


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William A. Mahaffey III | 4 Feb 16:01 2016

rxvt question

I have been using rxvt w/ XFCE under FreeBSD 9.3R for CLI tasks on my 
daily-driver desktop for about 18 mos. now, love it. Since I use this 
box for web access as well as LAN access to other boxen on my LAN, it 
doesn't get refreshed very often, since I like the continuity of being 
able to return to tasks by just clicking back to the window I was 
working in earlier. I always have 4 desktops, with about a dozen RXVT 
shells each open in 2 of the desktops, sometimes a few more, usually a 
few xterms as well. The other 2 desktops are used for GUI stuff, 
browsers, e-mail client, etc.

I did a full system upgrade this A.M. (freebsd-update + 'pkg upgrade 
-y') & rebooted & logged back in. I have noticed over the last few 
months that whenever I log out & back in, most of the RXVT windows are 
re-opened as they were when I logged out, fonts OK, text rendered OK, 
etc., but some are recreated in an oddball state such that when I open 
them up to full screen size, they still render text in only about 70 
columns, rather than full 132-ish. I usually just shut those windows & 
open new ones, since I always use them 'full screen'. This A.M., when I 
clicked on the 'RXVT shell' button on my desktop lower menu, nothing 
happened. I tried from the CLI of another open shell & same story:

[wam <at> kabini1, ~, 10:17:07am] 301 % hrxvt
    107  9:00    ( rxvt -sl 5000 -fn 
-*-lucidatypewriter-bold-r-normal-sans-17-*-100-100-*-100-*-* & )
    108  9:00    ( rxvt -rv & )
    109  9:00    rxvt -sl 5000 -title "System Terminal" -fg red -bg 
darkred -e su -l root
    110  9:00    rxvt -sl 5000 -title "System Terminal" -fg red -bg 
black -e su -l root
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Sergei G | 4 Feb 18:48 2016

confused about dump/restore levels


I had to use my backup to restore the system and it generally worked.
However, I run into an issue that made me question if I understood dump

On Feb 1 I had a level 0 backup of root file system.
On Feb 2 and Feb 3 I had level 2 backups of the same file system.

In all cases I used newfs prior to restore.

I then tried to restore (Case A):

Feb 1 Level 0, ok
Feb 3 Level 2, reported errors (don't error message; got prompt y/n, then
message with option to abort and report core dump)

I tried again (Case B):

Feb 1 Level 0, ok
Feb 2 Level 2, ok
Feb 3 Level 2, error: Incremental dump too high

So, I got my system restored, but I am confused why Feb 3 backup did not
restore in Case A.

It has nothing to do with corrupted files, because I had the same issue on
other file system and it worked the same way.
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Nikos Vassiliadis | 4 Feb 16:46 2016

pkg(8) doesn't work properly in chroot anymore


I have several jails and in one of them pkg doesn't seem
to function properly anymore

> root <at> clio:~ # pkg -c /jails/sa/ info
> pkg-1.6.2                      Package manager
 > root <at> clio:~ #


> root <at> clio:~ # chroot /jails/sa/ pkg info
> pkg-1.6.2                      Package manager
> root <at> clio:~ #

This is not true. There is a spamassassin installation in that jail.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,
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Manish Jain | 4 Feb 14:50 2016

Is alacarte ever going to be fixed ?

Hi all,

While FreeBSD (10.2 amd64, in my case) is looking more and more of what 
an ideal OS should be, I wish the hiccup with alacarte is somehow fixed. 
For at least the last 3 FreeBSD+GNOME releases I have tried, trying to 
launch alacarte yields something like the following greeting :

# alacarte
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/local/bin/alacarte", line 21, in <module>
     from Alacarte.MainWindow import main
ImportError: No module named 'Alacarte'



Manish Jain

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Matthew Seaman | 4 Feb 14:14 2016

Re: Unable to login to bigpink through secureCRT

On 2016/02/04 07:01, Amrutha Deshpande wrote:
> I am getting the following error on logging into bigpink
> "Hostname lookup failed: host not found"
> My user id is: amruthav
> Could you please help me fix this.

Did you mean to send that to freebsd-questions <at>  ?  It looks more like a
matter for your internal IT department -- something needing attention in
the DNS presumably.



Ruben Schade | 4 Feb 01:01 2016

Migrating ZFS on Linux pools to FreeBSD

Hi everyone,

I'm migrating a home HP Gen8 Microserver from Debian Jessie to FreeBSD 
10.2. I have two mirrored ZFS pools created with the ZFS on Linux port, 
and want to access them on FreeBSD.

I understand FreeBSD's ZFS implementation is more mature and pre-dates 
the Linux port, and some web searches indicate the two may not be 
entirely compatible. Most recommendations seem to be not to run Linux 
and FreeBSD off the same pools, for example:


Does the same hold true for just data stores, and ones that are being 
migrated over without being accessed by Linux again? Are there any 
practical limitations to just using a ZFS pool created on Linux?

If there’s reasonable doubt of issues I'll just rebuilt the pools under 
FreeBSD, but would be great if I didn't need to do that. It'd be cool if 
it’s just a # zpool upgrade away hah :)



Ruben Schade in s/Singapore/Sydney/

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