Johannes Meixner | 19 Sep 13:14 2014

freebsd-jobs <at>

Dear all,

I'm looking for two to three new contracts concerning short-term projects
and/or retainer-based recurring sysadmin/maintenance work.

I'm member of the FreeBSD Ports team, made its Linux emulation layer use CentOS
6.5 instead of Fedora 10, am in the progress of porting GitLab and will do more
ports i'm interested in when time allows (I have a list... it's long).

I've worked with FreeBSD mostly in web server environments, setting up
jails to handle NGINX to serve static content, php-fpm to run wordpress, uwsgi
for Django, along with MySQL and postgresql for their respective backends.

Fun things included migrating a client off apache towards NGINX, thereby
doubling page load speed and tripling concurrent requests.

On top of that I've managed FreeNAS boxes running off enterprise hardware
(taken over and kept alive zpools with 20 Seagate SAS drives, set up and
maintained 48TB zpools for another client) as well maintained the backup

Smaller things included setting up OpenVPN servers and tunnels, tending to 
OpenLDAP/Kerberos installations, creating Salt config files for a large system
of (CentOS) containers with various software pieces inside, and continous
integration using Jenkins.

Github profile:


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Frank Mayhar | 10 Sep 02:57 2014

Looking for a contractor for a small FreeBSD-related job.

Rather than doing it myself, I'm looking for someone who is willing and
able to be paid to set up DNSSEC for my domain.  The server is
FreeBSD-based; you'll have access to it long enough to test it and make
sure it works as advertised.  I'll also need detailed maintenance
instructions and a set of automated scripts to do things like generate
keys and regen config files.  If you already have the expertise it
shouldn't take long and I really need it done.  I'm willing to negotiate
rates.  If you're interested, contact me at frank <at> or
fmayhar <at>


Frank Mayhar
frank <at>
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Chern Lee | 14 Aug 22:58 2014

FreeBSD System Administrator in San Diego, CA

Title: UNIX/FreeBSD System Administrator
Company: Iconic Industry, Inc.

Location: Downtown San Diego, CA, 92101
Salary: $50,000-$70,000 DOE + Performance Bonuses

Are you looking to join one of the fastest growing, local tech companies?

Do you want to be challenged and rewarded for the projects you work on?

Do you want to work at a company where management lives and breathes
technology?  (Two of the founders served on the FreeBSD doc team!)

If you said yes to the questions above, then we want to hear from you!
 Iconic Industry is a well funded, quickly growing digital marketing
company headquartered in downtown San Diego.

We are looking for an experienced Unix system administrator to manage our
high availability web cluster, consisting of 30 servers (and growing)
spread across a local datacenter and Amazon AWS.

The ideal candidate should have intermediate to expert level expertise in
the following:

- FreeBSD/Linux/Unix Administration (FreeBSD preferred)
- Managing a high availability web cluster
- Datacenter environment
- Rackmount servers
- Amazon AWS – EC2, S3, Route53, CloudFront
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Elder, Zach R | 14 Aug 14:55 2014

FreeBSD Engineer opportunitty Richmond, CA

I'm a corporate recruiter with FIS (World's largest financial technology firm) and we are hiring a
fulltime/permanent FreeBSD engineer to be onsite at our location in Richmond, CA, and will be supporting
our Vicor Business unit. Exciting opportunity to work with a great team and be a part of application that is
responsible for the processing of over $1.5 Trillion in deposits per year. Please contact me directly
with any questions. Thanks!

Vicor business unit within FIS is seeking a Unix engineer to help develop and support the image lockbox
application.  The application is running at 4 of the top 5 banks in the country, and processed over $1.5T in
deposits.  The largest of the installations are hosted on FreeBSD workstations and servers.


- Apply expertise, knowledge, and troubleshooting for FreeBSD, running on servers and workstations in
the Lab and at customer production locations

- provide software updates using the Vicor Patch tools, for kernels, libraries, configuration files

- provide research and guidance on operating system settings for optimal performance

- provide research and guidance on vulnerabilities and security updates from, Mitre, and
other agencies as appropriate

- Maintain a local copy of FreeBSD source, using FreeBSD tools (svn), and be able to pull in source code
patches and updates as needed to resolve problems and issues

- Be in touch with members of the FreeBSD community, to get help and provide help


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Ganbold Tsagaankhuu | 12 Aug 13:10 2014

Looking for remote FreeBSD work


I'm looking for remote work related to FreeBSD. It can be either full time
or part time job, as well as contract based work. I can work from home in
Mongolia and anything related to FreeBSD including system administration,
developing codes etc. would be great.

I'm FreeBSD src and doc committer and long time FreeBSD user. Since 1998
I've been doing system administration work on FreeBSD servers including
installing, updating and configuring various stuffs such as:

- Updating FreeBSD from src, building custom kernel, installing and
updating ports
- Web (apache, nginx, lighttpd),
- Database (mysql, postgresql),
- Messenger (jabber etc)
- Proxy (squid),
- DNS (bind)
- Flow export using netgraph
- PPPoE (mpd)
- IDS (snort)
- Firewalling (ipfw, pf)
- Jails
- Asterisk, gnu gatekeeper installation and configuration
- Hardening FreeBSD etc.

For last year and half I've been contributing to src tree, mainly trying to
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Darryle Merlette | 7 Aug 13:11 2014

Immediate need for build engineer at NIKSUN in Princeton, NJ!

Please see attached PDF for details.

Darryle Merlette, CISSP        NIKSUN, Inc.
Tel: +1 770-772-1613 
Cel: +1 908 510-3574           100 Nassau Park Blvd.
HQ:  +1 609 936-9999 x3324     Princeton, NJ 08540 USA

This electronic mail message (and/or documents accompanying it) is the
property of NIKSUN, Inc. and may contain confidential material for the
sole use of NIKSUN and the intended recipient(s).  Any review, use,
distribution or disclosure by anyone other than an intended recipient
is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in
error, please contact the sender by e-mail and delete all copies of
the message.
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Dan Langille | 22 Jul 00:21 2014

Looking for devops work

I am looking for devop work. My software development background seems to mesh very well with my
love of sysadmin work and because of that, I’m told I should be in devops.

My resume is at

I am located in Media, PA, and I do not wish to relocate.  That limits me to work in and around the 
Philadelphia, PA area or jobs which are remote-friendly.

Thank you.

Dan Langille

Craig Sernotti | 8 Jul 22:41 2014

Unix job post

To Whom It May Concern -

I was given this email address by Alfred Perlstein to send a job posting for a Unix position. Below are all the
details. Thanks:

International Knowledge Measurement ( is currently seeking Subject Matter Experts to
serve as authors and reviewers to create a web-based assessment test for Unix System Programming. This
assessment is designed for Unix professionals to measure proficiency in Unix Programming. It should
everything required for developers to work in a Unix environment. Note: this test will not really get into
shell scripting; we currently have a separate test for shell scripting.

These are part-time, contract, telecommuting positions where you work from home. Our authors and
reviewers typically work nights and weekends over a 6-8 week period to prepare an assessment that, on
average, consists of a pool of 150 questions. All work is done in an online tool, which is accessed through
the company's website. Authors write original test questions and reviewers validate these for
technical correctness. Some creative thinking and creative writing is involved. Compensation is based
on the number of questions developed.

This work is to develop test questions that measure a candidate’s knowledge of the technology. It is NOT
to work on our company’s system, or do develop software for us. Please understand this when applying.

Complete lists of tests we are currently developing and hoping to develop are available on our website:

Please have more than 5 years of experience with this technology. Previous teaching and/or writing
experience are big pluses.

Contact me with a resume if you are interested in this test or another at craig <at>

Best regards,
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Wojciech Koszek | 19 Jun 01:13 2014

Xilinx has 2 full-time openings for people with interest in embedded systems/software and Open Source


[This isn't strictly FreeBSD-related, but Xilinx uses a lot of open-source stuff around and I know some of
you like embedded systems; my group is supportive for all sorts of side projects; e.g.: I'm doing Google
Summer Of Code organizing/mentoring as a side project now]

Xilinx (San Jose, California) has 2 full-time openings for people interested in software development,
embedded systems, SoC chips, ARM architecture and FPGAs.

Ideal candidate would love seeing hardware and software cooperate. As a member of our team you'll spend
most of your time with Vim/Emacs, designing, writing, testing and breaking our proprietary OS. It's
written in BSD-style ANSI C and assembler, has 101k lines of code and is used across the company in all sorts
of unusual ways.

If that sounds interesting to you, here are the links:


If you think you qualify, send an e-mail with attached resume in the PDF file to:

        pssa_hiring <at>

E-mail should have a format:

        To:             pssa_hiring (at)
        From:           you <at> mail.domain
        Subject:        IRC104504 or IRC104645

Otherwise it'll go to spam.
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Julian Elischer | 14 Jun 17:21 2014

jobs in San Jose

FreeBSD related but not entirely.

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Alfred Perlstein | 11 Jun 16:24 2014

technical manager/lead (FreeBSD)

Hello FreeBSD jobs.

At Norse we are building a number of very exciting products based on FreeBSD.

We are looking for a key person to as a hands-on technical lead to build our support organization.

The support organization will field all of our products and hence is a pivotal role within Norse. 

This is a great opportunity as you will be growing the support organization, helping us to bring in future
talent and setting the direction for the organization.

Ability to lead a team.
Knowledge of FreeBSD.
Ability to script, preferably python.
Clear communication skills.
Full time.
Loves to code, loves customers and most importantly wants to be part of a successful team bringing great
products to the networking and security space.

Has worked on a FreeBSD based appliance before.
BSD development as a committer for a BSD project with a focus on FreeBSD.

Location: San Mateo, CA
Telecommute: possible after 6 months.
Role: full time.

About Norse: 

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