Linda O Shaughnessy | 19 Jan 18:29 2016

Software Developers who can port existing Linux drivers to FreeBSD

Hey guys and gals,

Are you considering a change and available ? I am looking for Software Developers who can port existing
Linux drivers to FreeBSD for a contract engagement in Ireland.

*FreeBSD Kernel & user space SW development
*FreeBSD driver development

If you are interested then please respond with a CV and I will call to discuss in detail.

If this vacancy is not suitable please feel free to forward this opportunity to any friends or colleagues
you think could be interested. A cash reward of €600 is on offer for successful referrals.

Live jobs available:

Kind Regards,

Linda O'Shaughnessy
Technical Consultant

Chipright Ltd.
Tel: ( 353) 91 444168
Fax: ( 353) 91 444210

Please consider the Environment before printing this e-mail
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Oleksandr Rybalko | 19 Jan 00:58 2016

Looking for job. One FreeBSD hacker in free-resource pool ready for allocation :)


I'm FreeBSD src developer since 2009. Love FreeBSD, Embedded and
Embedded FreeBSD :)

I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, and can't relocate for some reasons, so I
looking for remote work or local work, here in Kyiv. Trips to main
office is fine too (even frequent).

So, if you have position target of which - making FreeBSD more and
more better, let me know, please.

More details here in CV:

Thanks a lot!


Oleksandr Rybalko <ray <at>>
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Ganbold Tsagaankhuu | 5 Jan 13:14 2016

FreeBSD dev looking for work


I'm looking for remote work related to FreeBSD.
I've been working on FreeBSD since 1998 and
have been a committer for the last 7 years.

I'm interested in any type of job that is related to FreeBSD,
including (but not limited to) system administration
(both FreeBSD and linux), porting FreeBSD to ARM boards,
developing drivers as well as userland codes.



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PeerCorps Trust Fund | 25 Dec 11:25 2015

Porting Catfish and Autokey to FreeBSD

"Apologies for cross posting, this message was also sent to the FreeBSD-ports list."

Hello all!

We are a group of educators currently looking for someone capable of porting the open source applications
Catfish and Autokey to FreeBSD.

Catfish -

Autokey -

This is for a long term project for adding graphical search and automation tools for desktop users in
secondary schools in Tanzania (East Africa).

We would be supporting the work under a contract supported by external donors to the effort.

We very much look forward to hearing from interested persons. 


PeerCorps Trust Fund

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Julian Elischer | 16 Dec 08:06 2015

San francisco Bay FreeBSD job kernel/ZFS/etc also build/platform

Bay area, pre-IPO, growing, FreeBSD based.
Pay's good, need some people with real confidence about ZFS, 
Networking, Filesystems (NFS,SMB,ZFS)
Also build and testing people needed.

contact julian <at> for more info. (don't be shy there are 
actually more jobs too).

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Alfred Perlstein | 10 Sep 20:29 2015

Technical Writer needed. (Foster City, California US)

Hello FreeBSDers.

We have an immediate need for a tech writer at Norse.

Would like you, a strong tech writer, to join our team of elite kernel hackers, security hackers, designers
and ux engineers.  You will love our team.

We are open to full time and contract roles.

Requirements are:
1) Strong technical writer.
2) Good team player.
3) Ability to explore products and be self-sufficient to provide good documentation.
4) Experience with version control. (git preferred)
5) Work done with a form of style sheets so that changes to styling is manageable.  Example: use of CSS or Word
Styles or your style tool of choice. 
6) Some unix/FreeBSD knowledge a huge plus.
7) Flexibility to be on site at our location in Foster City, California USA.
8) Network and Security experience.

Look forward to seeing your resume.

thank you,
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Sujit K M | 26 Aug 05:39 2015

Looking For Work!!!

Hi All,

I am currently looking for work. I have good skills in product
development on Linux/Unix. I have indepth knowledge of
C/C++/Java/SQL/NoSQL/UI/Javascript. I have indepth knowledge
of Cent OS, Open Suse and Redhat Linux. I have indepth Knowledge
of FreeBSD/NetBSD/Solaris and Windows Operating Systems.

I have prior done consulting work on Linux Kernel on Vytta and
FreeBSD application Layer.

Resume/Work experience available on request.

Sujit K M
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Rui Paulo | 4 Aug 20:36 2015

FreeBSD hacker - San Jose, CA


The startup I work for is looking for FreeBSD hackers.  We're looking for competent engineers that can solve
performance, scalability and concurrency problems.  Please send me your CV if you're interested and
don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

Rui Paulo
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Luiz Gustavo S. Costa | 27 Jul 19:33 2015

My professional summary -- FreeBSD works !


My name is Luiz Gustavo (aka gugabsd), have been working for years with
Linux and BSD systems and always try to be active in the open source community
in general.

I participate in some projects and have several aid materials with FreeBSD
(mostly in portuguese)

I would like to take this email to promote my professional resume for
future consulting
opportunities in the area.

Any questions just call me



Luiz Gustavo Costa (Powered by BSD)
ICQ: 2890831 / Gtalk: gustavo.bsd <at>
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Jack Vogel | 24 Jul 19:52 2015

FreeBSD Src Committer Dev looking for New Position

I reside in the Portland Oregon area, and would prefer not to move, but
is possible for the right opportunity. While I have been doing network
drivers specifically
for FreeBSD for some time, I also work and use Linux on a daily basis, and
have worked
with many kernel subsystems on many major Unix variants in the past.


Thanks for your consideration.

Jack F. Vogel
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Wojciech A. Koszek | 11 Jul 01:31 2015

Twin Prime Inc.: 2 networking positions, startup, Redwood City, CA


Twin Prime Inc. is looking for 2 people in the networking space to help
our engineering team with some of the technical challenges we have
in building our infrastructure. Descriptions:

We have 2-digit headcount now. Team consists of ex-AT&T, ex-Cisco,
ex-Juniper networking engineers.

Technical work is in 3 spaces: mobile element talking to a distributed
network of accelerators around the world a database element.  It's all based
on the FreeBSD TCP/IP stack.

Feel free to contact me directly if you're interested.

---- From LinkedIn ----
Twin Prime, Inc. We are looking for a passionate platform engineer! Here is
a description: Provide technical leadership and actively build/design high
performance networking software spanning traditional backend Linux platforms
and mobile platforms. Some of the facets of the role include: -- developing
new innovations around transport technologies -- deep experience with packet
and protocol level issues -- ability to work with mobile and vanilla
Linux/BSD flavored transport protocol stacks -- experience with building
high performance proxies -- deep understanding of network performance
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