Matt Dooner | 24 Mar 10:42 2015

Consulting: Embedded FreeBSD ARM Configuration / Development


I am currently looking for someone with experience with embedded FreeBSD on
ARM to help myself and a client get networking up on an am335x-based SoM.
We are based in Glasgow, UK and my client is a manufacturer of industrial
wireless equipment. An ideal candidate will be based in the UK or Europe,
but we will also consider candidates further afield based on experience. We
can make arrangements for remote working.

It's possible that we just need help getting the configuration correct, but
it is also possible that some driver development wil be required. You can
find more details about the issue on the freebsd-net mailing list:

Please get in touch if you'd be interested in taking on this work.

Matt Dooner
Dooner Consulting Ltd
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Charlie Qazi | 18 Mar 09:37 2015

FreeBSD four month contract - immediate start

Hi guys,

I’m currently looking for FreeBSD specialists, with development experience with; C/C++and high
security experience, to start immediately for an four month contract with an interactive game company
based in Berlin, Germany.

Excellent day rate and benefits available!

Please get in touch for more details!

Many thanks,

Charlie Qazi
Delivery Consultant

Jefferson Wolfe Ltd
7 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden

DDI:       0044 (0) 20 3056 5960
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Sean Schluntz | 11 Mar 21:13 2015

FreeBSD SysAdmin part time position opening in Berkeley CA


I'm searching for candidates to replace me in a part time contract gig I no
longer have the time to support. It is the non-profit radio station KPFA
and I average 4 hours a week. Most of the work is remote and can be done on
your own schedule, but it would need to be a SF Bay Area person so they
could respond in the case of system failure. Most of the systems are 5
blocks from downtown Berkeley BART and there is one colo server in the SF
Bay Area.

I took over the environment about 6 months ago, so I've been documenting
what is there but don't know everything by a long shot. I'll hand over all
documentation I've created so far and won't be disappearing so whoever
takes over the role can reach out if they have questions.

The systems I work with most are FreeBSD 7.4 and 8.4. Due to FCC
regulations some of the boxes need to be online during specific hours (when
new content is being broadcast) so upgrading them will require building a
new system, porting the tools and then switching over. It's something I've
investigated but not had the time to address. There is one Ubuntu box I
work with, but it's primary job is to be a desktop and host USB drives for

The person would need to know:

   - Standard networking (routing IP to multiple subnets)
   - FreeBSD 7, 8
   - Linux (generic)
   - Good enough at the following investigate issues and help/be hands on
   for external developers
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FreeBSD Kernel Developer - 6 Month Initial Contract - London

I'm forwarding an e-mail which has been sent to me regarding a position from the topic:

Hi Laszlo,I am writing to make you aware of a new CONTRACT vacancy that I am currently recruiting for. Please
see the details below and further instructions if you would like to apply for the position. If this role is
unsuitable for you, then please feel free to pass it on to someone you know.

What is the job title?
FreeBSD Kernel Developer

Where is the job?
Feltham, London

How long is the contract?
6 Month contract
What is the daily rate?
£350 to £425 per day

The role:
My client is a well-respected multinational organisation based in Feltham, and they require the services
of an experienced FreeBSD Kernel Developer on an initial 6 month contract. The area of the business you
will be working for specialises in; delivering collaboration infrastructure, call controls, gateways
and conferencing bridges in a tightly integrated solution, alongside clients and endpoints that
together produce an enterprise-grade collaboration experience.

Responsibilities of the role;
-    You will have strong knowledge and experience of developing, debugging and maintaining FreeBSD
kernel and drivers.
-    Be able to quickly adapt to work within a small, tightly knit team of high calibre engineers
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Charlie Qazi | 5 Mar 16:53 2015

FreeBSD Developer position in Berlin

Hi guys,

I’m currently looking for FreeBSD specialists, with development experience with; C/C++, for an
interactive game company based in Berlin, Germany.

Excellent salary and benefits available!

Many thanks,

Charlie Qazi
Delivery Consultant

Jefferson Wolfe Ltd
7 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden

DDI:       0044 (0) 20 3056 5960
Email:    c.qazi <at><mailto:c.qazi <at>>

[cid:image001.png <at> 01CF3DE8.1E9E94D0]<>[cid:image002.png <at> 01CF3DE8.1E9E94D0]<>[cid:AF6BAA4A-9EE9-46CB-834A-51093D6E6C4C <at> KeybridgeIT.local]<>
[cid:image003.png <at> 01CF3DE8.1E9E94D0]
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Matthias A. Stegner | 5 Mar 13:45 2015

FreeBSD Experts

We are looking for FreeBSD Experts in Germany:

the job description is as follows:

# Wir haben ein Beratungsprojekt und suchen Experten im Bereich FreeBSD.
# Wir möchten unsere Infrastruktur Email, FileServer und Backup vereinheitlichen und auf FreeBSD mit
ZFS umstellen.
# Ziel ist hier in erster Linie Robustheit und Ausfallsicherheit.
# Grundsätzlich haben wir 2 Mitarbeiter mit Linux/Windows Kenntnissen, jedoch ohne Kenntnisse und
Prasixerfahrung in FreeBSD.
# Projekt 1a: Installation Email Servers unter FreeBSD, Postfix Dovecot mit Integration in
ActiveDirectory (LDAP)
# Projekt 1b: Installation des WebServers mit MYSQL, Typo3, apache.
# Projekt 2: FileServer mit ca. 3 Terabyte Speicher auf FreeBSD mit ZFS und täglichen offsite Backups ca.
200 User
# Projekt 3: Backupserver als Destination für Netzwerkbackups der Arbeitsstationen, Server, etc.

Kind regards, Matthias Stegner


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Marko Petzold | 2 Mar 12:47 2015

FreeBSD Server setup project in Frankfurt, Germany

Hi everyone,

we are a startup located in Frankfurt, Germany and are looking for an expert who would like
to help us setting up our own data analytics hardware with FreeBSD + ZFS + PostgreSQL.

Starting right now, based on daily rates, no remote (it’s hardware).
Longer term startup job possible if you are a good fit.

For Details, please Email to 
marko.petzold <at> <mailto:marko.petzold <at>>

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Dr. Marko Petzold

Record Evolution
Katharina-Staritz-Str. 32
60438 Frankfurt am Main
mobil: +49 176 2195 9797
tel: +49 69 4699 4602
Twitter:  <at> RecordEvolution
email: marko.petzold <at>

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Michelle Ripsold | 27 Feb 12:44 2015

Job Opportunity - Contract - 6 months - Based at Cisco


I have a vacancy for a FreeBSD Kernel Developer based at Cisco. This is for a 6 month contract and we mainly
require someone with at least 5 years' experience of working with FreeBSD.

Please see the attached for more information.

Contact me directly if you are interested in this opportunity.

Many thanks

Michelle Ripsold
Client Relationship Manager

T: +44 02380 429429
M: +44 07979198231
E:  michelle.ripsold <at><mailto:michelle.ripsold <at>>
[cid:image001.png <at> 01CF7C19.7037B780]
IT MSPmentor 501 Global Awards 2014
Ranked 1st in UK, Europe, EMEA and 13th in the World
UK IT Awards Finalists For Service Desk and Security 2014

[cid:image003.png <at> 01CF7C19.DB1707E0]

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If the message is not intended for you, it must not be read, copied or used by you, or disclosed to anyone else.
Copyright in this message and any attachments remains with us.  If this email is not intended for your use
please notify
the sender immediately.  This email is not guaranteed to be free from viruses and does not bind Amicus ITS in
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Dave | 18 Feb 22:30 2015

I need a freelance sys admin

Good Afternoon All,

I have recently converted Simla, Colorado IT infrastructure to a OSS 

The server is FreeBSD 10.1 x64, hosting a Windows VM in which MS SQL 
Server resides.

FreeBSD is serving some NFS shares, and a couple of CIFS (samba) shares.

The workstations (6), are based on Linux Mint 17.1 x64, two of which 
have Windows 7 VM's with the city's proprietary accounting package 
serverd from the VM on the FreeBSD server's VM.

Two networked printers to manage.

I have completed my scope of the project (design, implementation, 
training, handoff)....In the original agreement I was not to be the 
servicing technician after install, that was to be done by others.

I have a 3-Ring binder that includes config files, etc, for all 
workstations and a nice-roadmap on how the small network is put together.

I am looking for someone in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Limon 
area to take over the account. Mainly, provide the tech support to the town.

I will meet with and perform a thorough walk-through with anyone 
interested, so that the handoff will be seamless.

The project is time & materials. Rates are to be negotiated directly 
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John-Mark Gurney | 13 Feb 21:17 2015

Available for contract work


I am available for contract work.  I've been working on FreeBSD for
over 20 years, and have been a committer for the last 18 years.  I have
diverse experience in both FreeBSD userland and kernel.  I recently
added AES-GCM and AES counter mode to the OpenCrypto framework with
sponsorship by the FreeBSD Foundation.

I am currently working on adding PCIe Hot plug support with support
from the FreeBSD Foundation.

Some the my interests and experience are (but not limited to):
        various security improvements (e.g. ciphers and randomness)
        other platform support (experience w/ arm and sparc64/sun4v)
	performance optimizations

Location: Oakland, CA USA



  John-Mark Gurney				Voice: +1 415 225 5579

     "All that I will do, has been done, All that I have, has not."
freebsd-jobs <at> mailing list
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Charlie Qazi | 29 Jan 14:47 2015

Free BSD jobs in Germany

Hi guys,

I’m currently looking to network with Free BSD specialists, as I'm working with industry leading
clients across innovative sectors across Europe, specializing in the German market.

If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more details, please either send an email
to: c.qazi <at><mailto:c.qazi <at>> or alternatively I’m always
available on Skype: charlie.qazi1.

Many thanks,

Charlie Qazi
Delivery Consultant

Jefferson Wolfe Ltd
7 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden

DDI:        0044 (0) 20 3056 5960
Email:    c.qazi <at><mailto:r.long <at>>
Skype:   charlie.qazi1

cid:image001.png <at> 01CF3DE8.1E9E94D0]<>[Description:
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