Alfred Perlstein | 17 Apr 19:27 2014

Looking for javascript/django/freebsd developer. Norse Corp, San Mateo CA.

Hello all.

We have a number of very cool products coming out all of which are based 
on a FreeBSD platform.  If you fire up a copy of Chrome you can check 
out our threat map here:

We are looking for a talented Javascript and Django developer who would 
like to work on a variety of products running on FreeBSD. Knowledge of 
d3, jQuery, bootstrap, Django would be great.

We are located in San Mateo, right off of the 101/92 interchange, a 
brisk walk from caltrain, 20 minutes by car from SF or 30 from San Jose.

Drop me a line if you are interested, or send me people you think would 
be a fit.  I would love to meet with you.

We are always looking for great FreeBSD talent in other areas as well, 
so drop me a line if you are looking.

thank you,
Alfred Perlstein
Norse Corp
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Chad Stovern | 15 Apr 15:47 2014

Seeking experienced FreeBSD Sysadmin in the Milwaukee, WI Area

Do you love working with Unix / FreeBSD<>, networking, & light
programming? Do you live (or want to live) near the Milwaukee, WI area?  Polish up your resume & read on
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intended recipient, you are not authorized to and must not disclose, copy, distribute, or retain this
message or any part of it.
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Brian Brandon | 14 Apr 08:49 2014

Multipath TCP


We're a Los Angeles based Broadband Internet Service Provider working to redevelop TCP multipath to
support middle boxes and additional features. We have a fairly complete specification and network
engineers to assist in development. We need a good C programmer with senior level experience in TCP.

Please contact me on Skype via

Thank You,


Brian J. Brandon
[Description: Description: Description: Description: vUnity Logo-from screencap]
Bandwidth | Reliability | Efficiency | Unified

(310) 734-8309 (direct)
(877) 248-5354
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Tony Li | 12 Apr 00:45 2014

Startup looking for system programmer

Silicon Valley-based Stealthy startup seeking a FreeBSD systems
programmer with a proven track record designing and implementing
systems infrastructure.  Must be able to work closely with our
in-house engineering team and take the lead with system utilities, new
software tools, and enhancements to existing tools.  Familiarity with
multiple DVCS systems (mercurial, git, p4) highly desirable.  Must be
proficient in C, shell scripting, Perl, and Python.

You will be expected to generate new ideas and implement them under
extreme pressure and with short timelines.  Great pressure and heat
are used to forge the sharpest implements on the planet: If you think
you're able to work with some of the best innovators in Silicon
Valley, with a track record of success at other startup companies, and
hold your own, you should apply.

Candidate requirements - minimum of 7+ years design experience,
extensive FreeBSD experience, self-motivated, and ability to work

Willing to consider on a contract or full-time employment basis.

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Ryan Steinmetz | 11 Mar 14:32 2014

FreeBSD operations position at Sourcefire/Cisco

Sourcefire, now part of Cisco, is looking to expand our
infrastructure/operations team.  This is a full-time position with work
being primarily completed on-site at the office in Columbia, MD.  We're
mostly a FreeBSD shop, so you should have a solid UNIX background and
have an interest in networking as well.  Perl experience a plus!

You'll be working with FreeBSD, VMware, MySQL, ActiveMQ, Apache,
memcached, Elastic Search, NetApp, Cisco switches/routers, perl and
more!  We're looking for those with at least 3 years of experience and
who are not afraid to learn new things.

Interested?  Please send me a current resume and we'll take things from



Ryan Steinmetz
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Matt Olney | 7 Mar 17:41 2014

Security-Oriented Perl Developer

Sourcefire, now part of Cisco, is looking for perl developers with a
background and interest and understanding of current security topics.  The
position involves building interfaces to security products, connecting data
sources and creating new views into security data.  A background in Web API
development, SQL and data indexing integration and queuing services would
be beneficial.

Our primary working environment is FreeBSD and an understanding of that
environment is necessary.

If you are interested, please email me directly and I will get you details.


Matt Olney
Manager, VRT Research Development
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Alan Bryan | 7 Mar 01:09 2014

Senior Systems Engineer / Dev Ops Engineer

Central Desktop is looking to expand our Web Operations team.  We work with an interesting open source
stack, largely riding on top of FreeBSD.

This role would be based in Irvine, California.

Full details are available here:

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Robert N. M. Watson | 26 Feb 14:36 2014

Research assistants/postdocs on the Cambridge/SRI CTSRD Project - Cambridge, UK

Dear all:

We are pleased to announce a job ad for two new research assistants or post-doctoral research associates
working on the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory's CTSRD Project, whose target research
areas include OS, compiler, and CPU security. This is a joint project between the University of
Cambridge’s Security, NetOS, and Computer Architecture research groups, as well as the Computer
Science Laboratory at SRI International. (Astute FreeBSD-facing observers will have seen a pretty
large number of commits as part of this project over the last few years -- Capsicum, MIPS, LLVM, LLDB, Qemu
userspace emulation, mature OS/ports cross-build, etc -- exciting stuff!).

Research Assistants and Associates in OS, Compiler and CPU Security
Fixed-term: The funds for this post are available for 18 months in the first instance.

We are seeking multiple Research Assistants and Post-Doctoral Research Associates to join the CTSRD
Project, which is investigating fundamental improvements to CPU-architecture, operating-system
(OS), program-analysis, and programming-language structure in support of computer security. The
CTSRD Project is a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and SRI International, and part of
the DARPA CRASH research programme on clean-slate computer system design for security. More
information may be found at:

This position will be an integral part of an international team of researchers spanning multiple
institutions in academia and industry. Successful candidates will contribute to the larger research
effort by performing system-software, compiler, and hardware implementation and experimentation,
developing and evaluating novel hypotheses about refinements to the vertical hardware-software
stack. Possible areas of responsibility include: modifying OS kernels (e.g., FreeBSD), adapting
compiler suites (e.g., Clang/LLVM); extending an open-source Bluespec-based research-processor
design (CHERI); supporting an early-adopter user community for open-source hardware and software; and
improving the quality and performance of hardware-software prototypes. The successful candidate must
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Hans Petter Selasky | 30 Jan 09:22 2014

Looking for work


The company where I'm working currently is facing a hard time in Norway 
getting embedded assignments in the area where I live. I've decided to 
try and see if there are some remote working possibilities available, 
where I can work from home or small office in Norway, preferably having 
the possibility to contribute directly to OpenSource projects like 
FreeBSD as part of the job.

My FreeBSD competence is very diverse. The last few years I've been 
contributing a lot to the FreeBSD USB stack, I've ported a bunch of 
Linux drivers to FreeBSD and I even have my own FreeBSD ISDN stack. You 
can for example search Google for "Hans Petter Selasky" to find out some 
of my projects.

== Areas of competence ==

- C programming language (Total expert)
- C++ programming language (Starting to learn)
- QT 4/5 (Pretty good, multiple platforms)
- FreeBSD Kernel development (A lot of C-coding, 700-800 commits)
- Linux Kernel development (After porting Linux drivers to FreeBSD I 
know a lot about Linux kernel internals too)
- USB (Total expert, protocols, host, device, encoding, testing and bug 
- ISDN (protocols, encoding, Asterisk, chan_capi)
- Signal Processing (DSP algorithms, DTMF, Echo Cancelling)
- Binary mathematics (I've got a formula printed in Knut's book, the Art 
of Computer programming latest edition)
- Piano (Interested in music playing, see "Midi Player Pro" software in 
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Alfred Perlstein | 11 Dec 01:20 2013

Looking for FreeBSD developer with experience in performance, network driver, SMP experience.

I've been getting some pretty attractive leads for FreeBSD developers 
who have experience in drivers, SMP and networking.  Good interpersonal 
and mentoring ability required.  Remote is OK. Compensation is good.  
Being able to understand Linux a plus.  (note this is a FreeBSD job!)

Drop me a line please.

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XipLink Careers | 22 Nov 23:48 2013

BSD Kernel Developer (Montreal, Canada)

Job Description

XipLink is looking for an intermediate level BSD kernel developer (preferably
FreeBSD) to help develop our IP accelerators for satellite and wireless
networks.  The candidate would integrate into a highly synergistic core team
with over 5 years of experience building solutions for wireless link

Skills & Requirements

 * Two years or more developing in a Unix-like kernel environment.
Experience with a kernel network stack is a plus.

 * Very good knowledge of C.  Assembly is a plus.

 * Experience writing networking applications, NIC drivers, firewall, etc
(Socket API).

 * High interest in operating system architecture.

About XipLink

XipLink is a fast paced, cutting edge software R&D company composed of highly
motivated individuals from all over the world.  Our focus is in protocol
development and optimization for wireless networks.  We are looking for
people who love networking and love making networks better.

XipLink is located in the beautiful plateau of Montreal (Canada) with offices
overlooking the Mont-Royal. The company offers very advantageous benefits,
flexible hours with stimulating salaries and bonuses based on personal and
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