Craig Sernotti | 8 Jul 22:41 2014

Unix job post

To Whom It May Concern -

I was given this email address by Alfred Perlstein to send a job posting for a Unix position. Below are all the
details. Thanks:

International Knowledge Measurement ( is currently seeking Subject Matter Experts to
serve as authors and reviewers to create a web-based assessment test for Unix System Programming. This
assessment is designed for Unix professionals to measure proficiency in Unix Programming. It should
everything required for developers to work in a Unix environment. Note: this test will not really get into
shell scripting; we currently have a separate test for shell scripting.

These are part-time, contract, telecommuting positions where you work from home. Our authors and
reviewers typically work nights and weekends over a 6-8 week period to prepare an assessment that, on
average, consists of a pool of 150 questions. All work is done in an online tool, which is accessed through
the company's website. Authors write original test questions and reviewers validate these for
technical correctness. Some creative thinking and creative writing is involved. Compensation is based
on the number of questions developed.

This work is to develop test questions that measure a candidate’s knowledge of the technology. It is NOT
to work on our company’s system, or do develop software for us. Please understand this when applying.

Complete lists of tests we are currently developing and hoping to develop are available on our website:

Please have more than 5 years of experience with this technology. Previous teaching and/or writing
experience are big pluses.

Contact me with a resume if you are interested in this test or another at craig <at>

Best regards,
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Wojciech Koszek | 19 Jun 01:13 2014

Xilinx has 2 full-time openings for people with interest in embedded systems/software and Open Source


[This isn't strictly FreeBSD-related, but Xilinx uses a lot of open-source stuff around and I know some of
you like embedded systems; my group is supportive for all sorts of side projects; e.g.: I'm doing Google
Summer Of Code organizing/mentoring as a side project now]

Xilinx (San Jose, California) has 2 full-time openings for people interested in software development,
embedded systems, SoC chips, ARM architecture and FPGAs.

Ideal candidate would love seeing hardware and software cooperate. As a member of our team you'll spend
most of your time with Vim/Emacs, designing, writing, testing and breaking our proprietary OS. It's
written in BSD-style ANSI C and assembler, has 101k lines of code and is used across the company in all sorts
of unusual ways.

If that sounds interesting to you, here are the links:


If you think you qualify, send an e-mail with attached resume in the PDF file to:

        pssa_hiring <at>

E-mail should have a format:

        To:             pssa_hiring (at)
        From:           you <at> mail.domain
        Subject:        IRC104504 or IRC104645

Otherwise it'll go to spam.
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Julian Elischer | 14 Jun 17:21 2014

jobs in San Jose

FreeBSD related but not entirely.

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Alfred Perlstein | 11 Jun 16:24 2014

technical manager/lead (FreeBSD)

Hello FreeBSD jobs.

At Norse we are building a number of very exciting products based on FreeBSD.

We are looking for a key person to as a hands-on technical lead to build our support organization.

The support organization will field all of our products and hence is a pivotal role within Norse. 

This is a great opportunity as you will be growing the support organization, helping us to bring in future
talent and setting the direction for the organization.

Ability to lead a team.
Knowledge of FreeBSD.
Ability to script, preferably python.
Clear communication skills.
Full time.
Loves to code, loves customers and most importantly wants to be part of a successful team bringing great
products to the networking and security space.

Has worked on a FreeBSD based appliance before.
BSD development as a committer for a BSD project with a focus on FreeBSD.

Location: San Mateo, CA
Telecommute: possible after 6 months.
Role: full time.

About Norse: 

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Alfred Perlstein | 8 May 23:48 2014

Tech writer needed, FreeBSD friendlies please apply!

Hey folks,

We at Norse ( are looking for an experienced tech writer for a number of our products.

Norse is building the Darklist (  Darklist is a
comprehensive list of information used by large companies to filter ingress and egress traffic to
prevent abuse, fraud and hacking on their networks.  We are also building many products based on Darklist
and the response in the security industry has been amazing.

For the tech writer position we are looking for people with strong technical knowledge, concise
communication and ability to work with a team.

Our development is in San Mateo, California.

Please send me a note along with a resume and a pointer to a portfolio.

thank you,
Alfred Perlstein 
Sr. Director, Appliance & Kernel Engineering 
cell: 415 312 3931 
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Daniel Calvo | 5 May 16:18 2014

Symfony guru <at> Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Hey fellas.

trivago is looking for two senior software engineers to join us on
here on our team in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Our primary requirement is that you can fill the role of Symfony 2.x
guru. The rest is mostly open ended to what you are also good doing
with software and people.

Your desired atributes would include:
- The hability to work on a noisy team
- International background, and/or experience working with people from
all over the world, all the time.
- A willingness to relocate to sunny Palma de Mallorca in Spain. This
offer is onsite only.

If you are confident in your experience, I'd like to hear from you.
Drop me a line with your CV and anything else you may consider
relevant for this position.

You can take a peek at our office in this video:

Cheers all,
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Sean Bruno | 6 May 04:22 2014

Hacker available, USA, California, Bay Area (San Francisco)

In the event you are looking for a journeyman hacker for your freebsd
systems, I'm in the market for pretty much anything.  I've been focusing
mostly on AMD64 performance and maintenance for the last 4 years, ports,
pkgng, storage drivers and even some ZFS things.

I've been taking a more recent journey though MIPS24k and 74k
architectures courtesy of our friendly neighborhood embedded developers
as well.

CV -->

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Alfred Perlstein | 25 Apr 23:37 2014

Looking for senior FreeBSD kernel developer. VM, networking, performance. contract/FT

We are looking for a senior FreeBSD kernel developer with experience in 
performance of the VM.

Position can be contract, contract-to-hire or full time.

Specifically we are looking for said changes to enhance database 
performance and stability (mysql and postgresql) on FreeBSD-current and 
FreeBSD-10 with said patches being upstreamed into the FreeBSD kernel.  
We are also looking for large memory fixes and other "big iron" work to 
be done.

Please email me directly.  Remote and telecommute is possible for 
qualified candidates.

Our engineering team is in San Mateo, CA.

Alfred Perlstein
Sr. Director, Appliance & Kernel Engineering

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Alfred Perlstein | 17 Apr 19:27 2014

Looking for javascript/django/freebsd developer. Norse Corp, San Mateo CA.

Hello all.

We have a number of very cool products coming out all of which are based 
on a FreeBSD platform.  If you fire up a copy of Chrome you can check 
out our threat map here:

We are looking for a talented Javascript and Django developer who would 
like to work on a variety of products running on FreeBSD. Knowledge of 
d3, jQuery, bootstrap, Django would be great.

We are located in San Mateo, right off of the 101/92 interchange, a 
brisk walk from caltrain, 20 minutes by car from SF or 30 from San Jose.

Drop me a line if you are interested, or send me people you think would 
be a fit.  I would love to meet with you.

We are always looking for great FreeBSD talent in other areas as well, 
so drop me a line if you are looking.

thank you,
Alfred Perlstein
Norse Corp
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Chad Stovern | 15 Apr 15:47 2014

Seeking experienced FreeBSD Sysadmin in the Milwaukee, WI Area

Do you love working with Unix / FreeBSD<>, networking, & light
programming? Do you live (or want to live) near the Milwaukee, WI area?  Polish up your resume & read on
The information in this email, and any attachments, may contain confidential information and is intended
for the attention and use of the named addressee(s). It must not be disclosed to any person without
authorization. If you are not the intended recipient, or a person responsible for delivering it to the
intended recipient, you are not authorized to and must not disclose, copy, distribute, or retain this
message or any part of it.
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Brian Brandon | 14 Apr 08:49 2014

Multipath TCP


We're a Los Angeles based Broadband Internet Service Provider working to redevelop TCP multipath to
support middle boxes and additional features. We have a fairly complete specification and network
engineers to assist in development. We need a good C programmer with senior level experience in TCP.

Please contact me on Skype via

Thank You,


Brian J. Brandon
[Description: Description: Description: Description: vUnity Logo-from screencap]
Bandwidth | Reliability | Efficiency | Unified

(310) 734-8309 (direct)
(877) 248-5354
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