suresh gumpula | 12 Oct 22:11 2015

kernel pages superpage promotion/demotion

      I understand that user space VM map pages dynamically
promoted/demoted to super page
  if the kernel thinks that it gains the performance.
        The question is  , does this apply to kernel map pages too ?

And is it possible to write protect kernel address space VA with
 pmap_protect(9).   Since the protection is per 4k page,  I see this
routine tries to demote to 4k page.
Or this is only for user space maps to support  mprotect(2) and gdb
Do we have any other API to write protect kernel addresses which come from
UMA zone allocations ?

Could some one with VM expertise please comment on this ?

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Thomas Schmitt | 8 Oct 11:49 2015

What to do with triaged Coverity complaints about makefs ?


i now get to see the makefs complaints of Coverity.
(The trick was to try logging out, which failed, but then produced
 the list of complaints and made the GUI willing to show details.)

Many complaints are about the FFS aspect of makefs, of which i
have no clue.
Some more are about /usr.sbin/makefs/cd9660/cd9660_debug.c,
of which i do not really understand the purpose.
So i mainly cared for bugs related to ISO 9660 production.

Two ISO 9660 related complaints are easy to understand, but
i currently lack the makefs background to decide how to
react on the miserable failure to write to disk.

Meanwhile i got 9 diagnoses with remedy proposals (if real bug)
and 2 diagnoses without proposals.

Now what to do with my findings ?

File 6 PRs for 974635+974636, 976312, 977470, 978431, 1008927,
1305659 ?

Fill out the Coverity "Triage" window at the right side of the
GUI ? (Am i entitled to do more than reading there ?)


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NGie Cooper | 8 Oct 02:52 2015

Comparing behavior of test-fesetenv.c on AMD Opterons and Intel Xeons: running FNSTENV on Opteron -- should it zero out __x87.__other?

    I was recently given a bug where one of the tests on a
FreeBSD[-based] OS (it's close-ish to 10.0-RELEASE in some regards)
was failing when running test-fesetenv.c on AMD Opteron processors
using a VMware Hypervisor, because one of the memcmp asserts was being
    I did some checking in gdb and it turns out the Intel Xeon
processor was either zero'ing out or leaving alone __x87.__other, and
the AMD Opteron processor was populating __x87.__other with garbage.
Looking at the processor architecture manuals, it seems that the
values are undefined, i.e. can be non-determinate and should be
ignored when running the test, however, I'm not 100% sure if my
analysis is correct. I was wondering if someone who knew a bit more
about amd64 architecture and floating point could comment on this.
    I've included the context from my investigation of the bug at the
bottom of the email.
Thank you!

From lib/msun/amd64/fenv.c:

 40 const fenv_t __fe_dfl_env = {
 41         { 0xffff0000 | __INITIAL_FPUCW__,
 42           0xffff0000,
 43           0xffffffff,
 44           { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00,
 45             0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xff, 0xff }
 46         },
 47         __INITIAL_MXCSR__
 48 };
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Rui Paulo | 6 Oct 01:17 2015

boostrap target

Ian and I were trying to figure out how the boostrap target gets called
in usr.bin/lex/Makefile. It seems to be part of afterdepend, but I
couldn't figure out how it gets added.  Any ideas?


Rui Paulo

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Thomas Schmitt | 3 Oct 20:09 2015

Which program produces FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-amd64-*-disc1.iso ?


the image FreeBSD-11.0-CURRENT-amd64-20151001-r288459-disc1.iso
has some flaws or at least strange properties.

I wonder where to find the source code of the ISO 9660 producer

Problematic properties in detail:

- The root directory entry and also "/." show as "Recording Date
  and Time" the 7-byte string {165, ..., 165}, which except for the
  first byte violates ECMA-119 9.1.5. It restricts bytes 1 to 5 to
  reasonable values for month, day_of_month, hour, minute, second.
  Byte 6 shall be in the range of -48 to +52, whereas 165 as
  signed 8-byte value is -91.

- The Rock Ridge equipment of directory records of directories in
  their parent directory differs from the equipment of "." records
  in their own directory.
  E.g. "/bin" differs from "/bin/." not only by name.
  "/bin" has Rock Ridge entry TF, which gives timestamps.
    (At 2048-block 842 + offset 584 bytes)
  "/bin/." has no TF.
    (At 2048-block 844 + offset 0)
  The content of TF's Creation Time
    {115  10, 1, 21, 36, 58, 0}
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Ali Mashtizadeh | 3 Oct 01:48 2015

Anyone have patches for Intel E1000 I219-V NIC?

Hey Folks,

Does anyone have a patch to make the I219-V NIC work with FreeBSD? It seems
it's not supported on current. If it helps the PCI id is 0x15B88086.


Ali Mashtizadeh
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Cyril Vechera | 2 Oct 18:16 2015

rc(8) parallel tasks

Hi there.

We've got a small launcher script (~250 loc) for parallel services 
start/stop etc. It is used on our embedded systems and our users 
containers. And I've done a proof of concept for implanting it to the 
FreeBSD's standard /etc/rc for execution starting scripts in parallel. 
It gave me a boot time reduction of rc part from 27 to 7 seconds, mostly 
on eliminating jams for network or other long-latency resources waiting.

The launcher is written in pure POSIX shell and uses FIFOs (named pipes) 
as a mutexes for synchronization. So it is embedded into /etc/rc and 
/etc/rc.d preserving rc.subr preloading. As a primary requirement, it 
guarantees topological order (strict partial order) defined by 
dependencies. It requires only POSIX shell, FreeBSD or Linux kernel, 
mkfifo and a writeable file system. Due to last requirement, it can be 
run on the late stage or should be supplied by some kinf of writtable 
fs, ie tmpfs. The FreeBSD-integrated version uses standard rcorder 
annotations (REQUIRE, BEFORE and PROVIDE) and there's no need to change 
rc.d scripts

It's not a full init replacement or a kind of services supervision tool. 
It only starts or invokes a group of scripts in parallel with resolving 
and assuring execution in dependencies order.

Please take a look at the script and patch set for FreeBSD:


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rank1seeker | 1 Oct 19:13 2015

pkg-updating is buggy

# pkg updating -d 20150914
    Was supposed to show 4 entries, but has left out first and last one

# pkg updating -d 20150921
    Won't show:
  AFFECTS: users of mail/rspamd

# pkg updating -d 20150921 rspamd
    Will show it
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rank1seeker | 30 Sep 21:10 2015

NTFS and base, from 10.0 onward

Starting from 10.0, mount_fusefs is introduced and mount_ntfs is a no more.
Is it still posible to mount NTFS, ONLY via BASE by using mount_fusefs
directly? RO would suffice.

Forget ports and ntfs-3g for this purpose.

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deco33000 Jog | 30 Sep 20:22 2015

Freebsd and touchscreens


I plan to use freebsd as the system for a raspberry project.

But I need touch and multitouch support for lcd screens (any advices on the brand?)

There lies my fear. I don't know if freebsd is a risky path here or not..

I fundamentally prefer freebsd over anything else since we always use it.

Could you give me your feedback on this? Will it fit?

I will use freebsd 10.2 or 11 if necessary.


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deco33000 Jog | 30 Sep 07:59 2015

Freebsd, raspberry and touchscreen

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