Rafael Rodrigues Nakano | 28 May 02:07 2016

UEFI boot problem

From BIOS mode it boots fine, which is pretty strange. How can I load it
from the loader prompt at the boot screen?
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Rafael Rodrigues Nakano | 28 May 01:48 2016

Fwd: UEFI boot problem

I emailed at work so I could not provide more detailed information at the
moment. I got a picture from the screen booting, see the link below. The
system isn't installed yet, so I don't know which packages are installed on
the live installation media.

Picture from the problem: http://imgur.com/WHMsVPk
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Eric McCorkle | 28 May 01:39 2016

EFI GELI support ready for testers

I am pleased to announce that my work to add support for GELI in the EFI boot loader (as well as perform more
general refactoring) is now ready for testing.  I am able to successfully detect multiple GELI partitions
in boot1 and pass the keys into the kernel.

My work can be found here: https://github.com/emc2/freebsd/tree/geli_efi

Also of note is the efize branch, which I posted about two weeks ago.  I have not yet merged this with master,
but I will begin doing so on a regular schedule.

I have left the LOADER_PATH variable as "/boot/loader.tst"  If you plan on testing this, I *strongly*
recommend the following procedure:

* Be aware that because of the nature of this patch, A PROBLEM COULD RESULT IN YOUR FILES BEING INACCESSIBLE! 
Take necessary precautions to protect your data, read carefully, ask before you leap, and proceed with caution!
* Read and understand thoroughly the basics of EFI and the FreeBSD boot architecture before you do anything.
* Install an EFI shell program on your ESP.
* Install the modified boot1 to something like /efi/boot/bootx64.tst on your ESP
* Install the modified loader to /boot/loader.tst
* Try creating an auxiliary encrypted partition containing unimportant data first
* After this, try a minimal root image on the auxiliary partition.
* Only move to an encrypted root once you have tried the above steps, and BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST.

I have personally done the following tests on this:

* Detect ZFS filesystem at boot (ZFS checksum verification gives a high level of certainty that decryption
is correct)
* Load a kernel and multiple modules from a ZFS partition and boot them.
* AES CBC and XTS encryption (see notes on limited GELI feature support)
* Multiple encrypted partitions with different keys, both shared and different pass phrases.
* Ensure that keys are passed into the kernel properly.
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Rafael Rodrigues Nakano | 27 May 16:09 2016

UEFI boot problem


I am trying to reinstall my FreeBSD in UEFI mode, primarly because I
dual-boot with Windows 10 and for GPT partioned disks it must be UEFI, I
need more than 4 partitions for both operating systems.

So, the problem is, I got Windows 10, Ubuntu Linux and Debian Linux to boot
(from USB and from DVD) on UEFI mode, also installed ubuntu this way to
make sure its not my computer's fault or USB stick problem (also DVD), but
when I try to boot from FreeBSD (I'm trying 11-CURRENT, but fails exactly
the same way -RELEASE does.

In my BIOS boot screen I select "UEFI: SanDisk USB ..." and it shows the
FreeBSD boot screen (1: MultiUser [Enter] etc, with the beastie logo), and
whatever option I try (multi or single user) it fails the same. The pc
simply hangs with a message "UEFI FrameBuffer information", something like
that with some hex values, but no response at all. Keyboard is dead, mouse
is dead, on/off button does nothing, need force shutdown.

I tried with dd (on both Linux and in a FreeBSD bios installation), tried
Linux's unetbootin, tried Rufus, Unetbootin, USI on Windows and none works.
What could be wrong? Thanks in advance
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javocado | 25 May 01:40 2016

UEFI support in bhyve (Solaris VM possible?)

What is the status of UEFI support for bhyve in FreeBSD-10.3-RELEASE? I am
looking to run a Solaris VM and I believe this (UEFI) is the only way it
can be done.

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outro pessoa | 24 May 22:33 2016

We have a problem here

It seems that some of you are willing to accuse one of speaking and writing
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You speak to me and of me as if I were a piece of shit on your shoe.
You disrespect me.
And when I react and warn you, you start crying and you try to muscle up
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All of you are behind your computers picking on the homeless guy who is
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And you go from there to insult me and my family to no end.
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If I had done the same to you, I would have been arrested and put in jail.
And yet, you people are still free to annoy and harass me again.

I am homeless.
I was given equipment and I want to use it as an animation station for
You will go out of your way -as you already have - to degrade me just for
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You laugh at me when I try to aid others.

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Joe Nosay | 23 May 22:33 2016

Re: contributing to open source

I am on the Chesapeake peninsula in the city of Salisbury, Maryland if you
wish to approach me and call me a liar face to face about what I wrote.
Any of you who want to make a statement to me about anything I write should
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You call me a liar; yet, you are not willing to visit me to prove that I am
a liar.
You say that I do not know that of which I write; yet, you are not willing
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Every single time that I print the truth, the lot of you make it out to be
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So, why don't all of you come here and visit me to prove that I am a liar.
I have proof and documentation to back up my claims. I am willing to take a
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It is easy for you to laugh at me from the comfort and security of your own
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You could pay for me to visit you. If you are right, then there is no
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You are not bullet proof nor are you stab proof.
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If you bother me enough times and continue to call me a liar, I will remove
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You can be traced to the city in which you live. You can be traced to your
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sangeeta Manikonda | 23 May 11:07 2016

FreeBSD CIFS share authentication using FreeIPA


I'm resending this mail, sorry that I posted without subscribing to the 
mailing list.

I'm trying to configure FreeBSD to authenticate CIFS using LDAP + 
Kerberos exposed by FreeIPA.
To achieve it, I started with configuration of FreeIPA client on FreeBSD 
9.3, added it as a host on the freeIPA server on CentOS6.
Second step was creating a CIFS share on FreeBSD and related 
configuration on FreeBSD.

I'm stuck at this point and need some help to achieve it.

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Dirk Engling | 22 May 22:54 2016

read(2) and thus bsdiff is limited to 2^31 bytes

When trying to bsdiff two DVD images, I noticed it failing due to
read(2) returning EINVAL to the tool. man 2 read says, this would only
happen for a negative value for fildes, which clearly was not true.

After more digging I found that read internally wraps a single call to
readv, preparing a temporary struct iovec. man 2 readv in turn says that
it will fail with EINVAL, if

The sum of the iov_len values in the iov array overflowed a 32-bit integer.

I saw the same behaviour on a linux system, so I kind of assume there is
a standard that allows read(2) doing that. Still I think that

1) the man page must be corrected to match this behaviour, or
2) the read(2) syscall must wrap multiple calls to readv

However, the http://www.daemonology.net/bsdiff/ page claims that:

Providing that off_t is defined properly, bsdiff and bspatch support
files of up to 2^61-1 = 2Ei-1 bytes.

which I could not confirm on any system. I could easily fix this by
using mmap instead of read to get pointers to file contents.

Now, where should I start?

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Kefeh Collins | 22 May 14:40 2016

contributing to open source

 i am a second year computer science student, program in c and c++ and am
interested in contributing in operating system (kernel) directed projects
please i need guidance

thanks in advance
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Wojciech Puchar | 21 May 15:19 2016

arp proxy question

i added pub entry in ARP table

? (XX.YY.ZZ.92) at d4:ae:52:bb:82:4f on bge0 permanent published [ethernet]

(normal server addresses are .90 and .91)

and run vtun tunnel to other computer from this server tunneling this .92 
address there.

tunnel works fine

tun2: flags=8051<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
         inet XX.YY.ZZ.90 --> XX.YY.ZZ.92 netmask 0xffffffff
         Opened by PID 81626

the result is as below:

# ping XX.YY.ZZ.92
PING XX.YY.ZZ.92 (XX.YY.ZZ.92): 56 data bytes
36 bytes from XX.YY.ZZ.92: Destination Host Unreachable
Vr HL TOS  Len   ID Flg  off TTL Pro  cks      Src      Dst
  4  5  00 0054 ee9c   0 0000  40  01 e752 XX.YY.ZZ.90  XX.YY.ZZ.92

64 bytes from XX.YY.ZZ.92: icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=10.788 ms
64 bytes from XX.YY.ZZ.92: icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=12.254 ms

except this above everything is OK.

what i do wrong?
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