Nikolai Lifanov | 22 May 03:55 2015

xargs -P0 suport

Hi current <at> !

Can someone take a look at Bugzilla #199976 please?
It's a pretty trivial patch that adds -P0 support to xargs.

If there is any feedback or the patch is wrong, I can rework it.
I've been running CURRENT with it for a bit now with no problems.

I would like very much for it to make it to 10.2-RELEASE.
It would make it much easier for me to convert some systems to FreeBSD
as many custom scripts that use it will be able to port as-is.

Thank you!

- Nikolai Lifanov

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Luigi Rizzo | 21 May 18:02 2015

heads up: netmap code update next week.

some time next week we will push to head (and hopefully, to stable/10
before the code slush) an update to the netmap code.  There will
be no API changes, and the changes are mostly internal restructuring
of the netmap kernel code and simplification of device drivers (we
will ll handle most of them ourselves and talk to Navdeep for the
chelsio bits).

These changes are needed to ease upcoming work on separate memory
allocators, and the passthrough code which we are working on.

If anyone has local diffs that would like to submit, please let us know
so we can merge them as well if appropriate


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jenkins-admin | 21 May 13:42 2015

Jenkins build became unstable: FreeBSD_HEAD-tests #1045

See <>

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Daniel Braniss | 21 May 08:41 2015

OF_getprop weirdness - raspberry pi

I’m running current as of last week on a raspberry pi B.

i don’t know if this only related to arm, but this is what I have in my rpi-b.dts:
		spi0 {
		     rfid0 {
		     	   compatible = "rfid,mfrc5";
			   spi-chipselect = <0>;
			   reset {
			   	 compatible = "pcd-reset";
				 gpios = <&gpio 6 2>;
			   lock {
			   	compatible = "lock-1";
				gpios = <&gpio 13 2>;
			   sense {
			   	 compatible = "sense-1";
				 gpios = <&gpio 19 1>;
and a call to
	uint32_t data[3];
	OF_getprop(node, “gpios”, data, sizeof(data)); // node is ‘pcd-reset'
		data[0]: 0x03000000
		data[1]: 0x06000000
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Kenneth D. Merry | 21 May 01:26 2015

camcontrol(8) attrib patches available

I have put patches to camcontrol(8) to implement the attrib subcommand

FreeBSD/head as of SVN revision 283160:

FreeBSD stable/10 as of SVN revision 283161:

The patches also add libcam support for handling SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE data,
and adds a new sbuf_hexdump(3)/(9) routine.

The SCSI READ ATTRIBUTE command is used to read Medium Auxiliary Memory on
SCSI devices.  This is usually found in the small (4KB-16KB) flash chips on
LTO and other similar tapes.

I have not yet implemented attribute writing support.

Here is an abbreviated example of the output:

[root <at> black-pearl ~]# camcontrol attrib sa0 -r attr_val
Remaining Capacity in Partition (0x0000)[8](RO): 35048 MB
Maximum Capacity in Partition (0x0001)[8](RO): 35060 MB
TapeAlert Flags (0x0002)[8](RO): 0x0
Load Count (0x0003)[8](RO): 29
MAM Space Remaining (0x0004)[8](RO): 2321 bytes
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jenkins-admin | 21 May 00:04 2015

Build failed in Jenkins: FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc4.9 #3

See <>


[bapt] Make kerberos use the same sqlite libraries as other sqlite consumer.

This reduces the number of copy of sqlite we have to just one and easier
tracking version of sqlite

Differential Revision:
Reviewed by:	imp, stas, bjk

[ngie] Fix breakage I didn't fully solve in r283151 by depending on the .PHONY
target, not the directory when building libctf for libproc

Reported by: many, Jenkins
Submitted by: rodrigc

[oshogbo] Fix memory leak.

Approved by:	pjd (mentor)

[oshogbo] Style.

Approved by:	pjd (mentor)

[oshogbo] Always use the nv_free function.

Approved by:	pjd (mentor)

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Ryan Stone | 20 May 17:42 2015

Re: ixl and BOOTP

Oh, I bet that you have a bunch of CPUs and ixl is consuming all of your
interrupt vectors.   Does setting this tunable fix the issue?

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jenkins-admin | 20 May 09:58 2015

Build failed in Jenkins: FreeBSD_HEAD #2778

See <>


[ganbold] D2432 (Patch for Amlogic single core PIC) moved the SMP option out
of AML8726 and into board specific config files since some boards
(e.g. YYHD18) use the aml8726-m3 which only have a single core.

r283057 applied most of D2432, however while it removed SMP from
AML8726, it missed adding the SMP option to the board specific
config files.

Differential Revision:
Submitted by:	John Wehle

[hiren] Add a new sysctl net.inet.tcp.hostcache.purgenow=1 to expire and purge all
entries in hostcache immediately.

In collaboration with:	bz, rwatson
MFC after:	1 week
Relnotes:	yes
Sponsored by:	Limelight Networks

[bapt] Reduce overlinking.
Because of libdtrace there is still a bit a overlinking but nothing we can deal
with easily

[bapt] Correctly link libdtrace and convert to LIBADD
Make dtrace only link to libdtrace

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Adrian Chadd | 20 May 09:11 2015

libc/gen: unused variables


here's a patch against -head that eliminates gcc-4.9 complaining about
set-but-unused variables. It just comments them out for now - are
these okay to eliminate, or is there something else that's



adrian <at> lucy-11i386:~/work/freebsd/head-embedded/src/lib % svn diff
Index: libc/gen/dlfcn.c
--- libc/gen/dlfcn.c    (revision 282934)
+++ libc/gen/dlfcn.c    (working copy)
 <at>  <at>  -149,10 +149,10  <at>  <at> 
     Elf_Auxinfo *auxp;
-    size_t phent;
+//    size_t phent;
     unsigned int i;

-    phent = 0;
+//    phent = 0;
     for (auxp = __elf_aux_vector; auxp->a_type != AT_NULL; auxp++) {
         switch (auxp->a_type) {
         case AT_BASE:
 <at>  <at>  -166,7 +166,7  <at>  <at> 
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Adrian Chadd | 20 May 09:09 2015

libiconv: compile error with gcc-4.9


I have the following compile error with gcc-4.9. Is there an issue
with the macro/inline, or is it just dead code?

--- citrus_prop.So ---
/usr/local/bin/mips-portbld-freebsd11.0-gcc -isystem
-B/usr/local/mips-freebsd/bin/ -fpic -DPIC  -O -pipe -G0 -march=mips32
-I/usr/home/adrian/work/freebsd/head-embedded/src/lib/libc/mips -DNLS
-DINET6 -I/home/adrian/work/freebsd/head-embedded/obj-gcc/mips.mips/usr/home/adrian/work/freebsd/head-embedded/src/lib/libc
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O. Hartmann | 20 May 06:50 2015

[283136]: buildworld failure: usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lproc

Current sources (r283136) die on buildworld with the following error:

--- cddl/lib__L ---
/usr/obj/usr/src/tmp/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lproc
cc: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
*** [] Error code 1
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