Chris Zimman | 2 Mar 18:08 2009

RE: [ECOS] Redboot run issues when HAL_MMU_OFF is issued

> I am trying to do a rom update to update the redboot  and in the
> process, i need to do a run.
> But "run"'s getting stuck as you saw.
> What is  " _heap1" with reference to the linker script.  How does the
> "start address" in the  line "RAM: 0x00000000-0x0ff00000,
> [0x00014020-0x0fed1000] available" get populated. In my case it points
> to _heap1. My golden working redboot image had a different  "start
> address" and it worked fine without issues.

Hi Joe

Without seeing the sources, I can't really say too much more, but I can tell
you in principle that you're making this way too hard if all you're trying to
do is update Redboot.

Freescale tends to do their own versions of Redboot, and (no offense
Freescale folks) they aren't the cleanest ports.

I don't really have cycles to dig through their tree right now unfortunately.
You may consider talking to eCosCentric if you want a supported port to the