Bart Veer | 1 Aug 17:36 2005

Re: eCos compiled with gcc-3.4

>>>>> "Chao" == =?gb2312?B?z/Igs6w=?=  <gb2312> writes:

    Chao> I want to compile the eCos for MCF5272EVB which is supported
    Chao> by eCos.

The version in anoncvs is not supported. clearly lists the target as
non-functional, as does



Bart Veer                       eCos Configuration Architect     The eCos and RedBoot experts

ywc02 | 10 Aug 05:56 2005

How to debug my redboot_RAM.elf step by step ?

Hi All,

	I'm a new learner in the eCos world and in progress of porting eCos to ARM
Versatile Platform(ARM926EJ-S),with Integrator(ARM966E) as my baseline.

	I have built a redboot_RAM.elf. When it run on platform, only one character, '+'
,output on my hyperterminal. 

	I have following issues:
	(1) How to debug redboot_RAM.elf step by step? I failed to debug it with AXD.
Does AXD just support .axf file?

	(2)Does RedBoot output the just character? Where is the corresponding code?   

	My development environment is listed as belowing: 
	Target: VPB926EJS Boot_Monitor_V2.0.2
	Host  : ecos_config_tool_2.11 Cygwin gnutools-arm-elf-1.4-2.cygwin 
	Tools : ADS Multi-ICE
	 -Thanks a lot !!
	 Tim Yin¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

vijay.peshkar | 26 Aug 10:44 2005

ecos has template for coyote..?

Dear Friends,

I have been using your coyote board with redbood and linux.
Now I plan to migrate to ecos.

On running the latest 2.0 ecos configuration tool, I observed that
there does not exist a template for IXP425 coyote while the 'supported
hardware' list on ecos ( 
confirms that coyote and IXP425 processor is supported.
Any pointers on how to get the support for coyote onto ecos 'configtool'?


Vijay Kumar .P
Wipro Technologies,
Tel: 30295119